Monday, April 23, 2018

Autistics speak. We say:

"Red Instead" of "Light It Up Blue."

Boycott Autism Speaks. They don't even listen to us, let alone speak for us. Donate to groups which we own and operate. The only way you can take a job that helps us is to work for organizations which WE control, not the other way around.

"Autism Awareness" is a cognition that doesn't do anything. We demand "Autism Acceptance" and we're gaining it, slowly but surely. Now we want "Autism Appreciation."

We insist on "no Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), because ABA is abuse." We require true supports, not forced normality and obedience training drills by all manner of ABA reinforcer controls, cruel and unusual "shock and aversion therapies," and artificial praise paired with diabetic and obesity sugary treats under food deprivations.

We're not "people with autism." We're "autistic people." We don't "HAVE autism." We "ARE autistics."

Autism is not a disease or a family burden. We simply have a different operating system which gives us many amazing superpowers and some challenges which strengthen us. Among these are ultra-strong sensitivity and empathy. So our Emotional IQs (EIQs) are vastly superior to all parents and "professionals" who rule by force. Their EIQs are profoundly slow, in fact.

We run the computer industry.

Different is better. Normal is boring. We forgive neurotypicals for their dull existences. Trash the norms. Get over it if you don't like it. Our blunt speech is better. Subtle speech doesn't work well anyway.

Have a nice day! Ha ha.


See also:

Altieri (May 1, 2017). A Clockwork Orange in Denver. Association for Behavior Analysis International ABA) convention "approves" Canton, Massachusetts' high voltage ABA skin "shock therapy" after autistic advocates told them year after year to stop "approving" this torture. Is all ABA Empathy Disabled (ED)?

Altieri (February 16, 2017). ABA Leaks finds the seventh death with Canton, Massachusetts Rotenberg school of high-voltage ABA electric skin shock torture was an unborn baby of a seventeen-year-old girl, according to the Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission. Yet we have many Christian ABAers.

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