Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ABA Leaks finds that another convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) officially "approves" high-voltage Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) high-voltage skin shock in Massachusetts, even as over 200,000 global citizens petitioned the FDA to finish its proposed ban on the device.

Does CEO Maria Malott understand how cold she seems?

This is not Psychiatry's ECT brain shock. ABA admits it intends to "effectively" cause pain, and it does, though ineffectively. Coerced Psychiatry is bad enough, but it doesn't want to hurt us, not officially and intentionally, at least, so they claim, the way ABA does.

Therefore and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of the JRC (Judge Rotenberg Center) subjected to Level III Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards (Méndez, 2013, p. 85, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).

Here's proof in the picture file and caption link below:

"44th annual convention. Meet our exhibitors and sponsors. Judge Rotenberg Education Center premier exhibit sponsor. Current exhibitors San Diego 2018" downloaded April 24, 2018 from ABAI's website.


They do it again this year. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) completely ignores the entire international community of more than 200,000 emancipated autistic adults, otherwise disabled adults, especially ADAPT, parents, professionals, and outraged citizens against them.

They are as predictable to us as a precisely set "Clockwork Orange" nightmare come true. The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) Annual Convention of ABAI 44th Annual Convention at San Diego dating from May 24 to May 28, 2018 has once again officially "approved" what the UN calls "torture," extremely painful electric skin shock by the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) based in Canton, Massachusetts. ABAI says JRC is "aligned" with ABAI's "mission." This as they have approved year after year even as JRC shocked innocent autistic children while binding their victims onto four-point ABA restraint at ankles and wrists into their immobilizing shackles.

ABAI CEO Maria Malott and her people said they have once again listed JRC as a "sponsor" late this May. Their site does not yet provide a downloadable .pdf of this year's convention Program Book in our Google query today, but in all the years in the past when ABAI made their Book available on their website, their Book has said, in their own words, that they officially "approve" their convention sponsors as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mission." See documented proof linked inside Altieri (2015, 2016, and 2017).

Maria Malott spearheads a vast behavioral network of "sheeple" who follow their guru, atheist B. F. Skinner and his freedom denying legacy (Skinner, 1974). She has once again turned her back on the decent people at the Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) who rapidly and willingly gave our ABA Leaks team of independent Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) specializing journalists a spreadsheet of 410 severe JRC/ABA abuse allegations, within which lies item 10 which exposed to the world the fact that death number seven at the JRC was an unborn baby of an expecting seventeen-year-old mother. A DPPC attorney told us her age at the time of the incident on the phone. See Altieri (February 16, 2017).

Maria Malott

Dr. Maria Martha Hübner, an ABA leader in Brazil, is Past President of ABAI's governing Executive Council from 2014 to 2017, according to the ABAI Program Book (2017, p. 9). It was mostly during her reign that we downloaded the files to show precisely how she presided over ABAI's official endorsement of what we certainly know is torture, and what we have clearly demonstrated is real torture. See Altieri (20152016, and 2017). And see, for example, the essay we highly regard by Quentin Davies (August 9, 2014). "Prisoners of the Apparatus": The Judge Rotenberg Center.

In the meanwhile, Malott reported to Hübner as her CEO, yet Malott will not talk on the phone with ABA Leaks nor will she send an email to us with her name. A few times they, however, they have sent us have anonymous Facebook messages and emails, but this stopped a few years ago. They cannot out-debate us in spite of their objections to what we consistently and undeniably expose about their PTSD-trauma provoking so-called "shock and aversion therapies" under their by-any-means-necessary, un-Christian, cruel and unusual punishments. They do not do unto others. They wouldn't do this unto themselves.

Dr. Maria Martha Hübner, an ABA leader in Brazil, was Past President of ABAI's governing Executive Council from 2014 to 2017, according to the ABAI Program Book (2017, p. 9). This was her role while ABAI approved skin shock torture as her organization officially "approved" ABA's skin shockers as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mission," her words, not ours. They did this year after year, even after the autistic community told them in no uncertain terms that ABAI must cease their unconscionable behavior, so now they leave us no option but to tell the world all about it despite their failed attempts to censor us in the social media. Is ABA a mass-scale international insurance coverage for bad treatments fraud? Stay tuned as we aim to find out.
So Maris Malott, CEO of ABAI, did it again this year, approving "torture" this May in San Diego, even after Quentin Davies (August 9, 2014) amassed and presented a large collection of  critically important facts about JRC, which clearly and effectively countered any and all ABA false dissemination claims that shock is supposed to be a good thing for autistic and other kinds of children and adults. 


Davies' sources ranged from an array of governmental investigations into JRC, to other key advocacy reports, especially Ahern and Rosenthal (2010) Mental Disability Rights International "Urgent Appeal to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture," to some top-notch, fearless and professional investigative journalists, most notably Ms. Jennifer Gonnerman who wrote "The school of shock" (August 20, 2007), as well as "School of shock. Why are we treating autistic kids like enemy combatants?" And in Mother Jones, co-authored (Gonnerman and Sultan, September/October, 2007), "School of shock. Why are we treating autistic kids like enemy combatants?" And then in New York Magazine, Gonnerman wrote: "31 Shocks later. Andre McCollins' mother thought she’d finally found the right school for her son—one equipped to treat his behavioral and developmental problems. Then she took a closer look at that treatment" (September 2, 2012).

Andre McCollins later, photographed as he is suffering under his ABA-provoked PTSD traumas, no doubt.


Maria Malott has even decided to dismiss the findings of ABC Nightline Terry Moran:

Maria Malott, Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, which refuses to listen to the cries for help of autistic and otherwise disabled victims of extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock, contingent, upon, among other things, believe it or not, disobedience and classroom noise.  This is not the ECT brain shock of Psychiatry. As bad as that happens to be, at least they are not trying to cause pain. ABA does. In fact, the media calls ABA/Rotenberg skin shock founder Matthew Israel, Dr. Hurt.


Malott now once again this May dismisses the fine work of Fox News Mike Beaudet, who at court convinced McCollins' presiding judge, as the family sued the pants off of ABA, to release his skin shock video to the public.

Andre's mother Cheryl said, "I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorized, and abused. I had no idea, no idea that they tortured the children at the school." She testified she heard on the video of her son's day of shock JRC staffers were "laughing as her son was on the floor," said Beaudet.

Malott still today seems to muffle closed her ears so she will not hear Andre's screams of pain, "No! No! Aaahh! Help! No! No! Oww. No. Help me! AAAGH!" as Malott's peers shocked him 31 times in one day. Why? Because he refused to remove his coat, even though the ABA/JRC defense had a different story.

Malott would rather side with JRC's team who sent a representative to testify under oath that he wasn't there that day, so he didn't know whether or not it was cold in the room when he wouldn't remove his coat upon ABA demand for obedience. This JRC witness at court told the jury this in response to the right-on-target aggressive questioning by McCollins top-notch Medical Malpractice attorney, Mr. Benjamin  R. Novotny, esq., of Lubin and Meyer in Boston.


As far as we know, Malott has no reply to Anna Werner of CBS Evening News who interviewed another JRC skin shock survivor, Jennifer Msumba, who told Werner, "That was like being underground in hell."

And as Cheryl McCollins told Werner, "It doesn't work. Shock them out of autism? What is that gonna do? Inflicting pain. It's like you're making the injury worse."

Maria Malott prefers to hear JRC's ABAers who compare the shock to a mere bee sting, which is completely non-credible to us.

She will side with ABA/JRC Director Glenda Crookes, who told the FDA her people install her device electrodes all over the body including the "upper quadrant of the buttocks." ABA Leaks Special Education teacher Pam Zich sent a FOIA request to the FDA to obtain Crookes reply to her violation letter according to her use of unapproved and more powerful devices, whereby Zich, in blog, first exposed to the world that JRC attached electrodes to the buttocks, among other places all over the body.

Yet Crookes told Werner that the ABA/JRC victims are not afraid of shock. "It's not a fearful thing."

Jennifer got the shocks. Crookes didn't get the "treatment," at least not for decades carrying the heavy backpack full of shock equipment, as some of her victims have.

Jennifer, on the other hand, said, "It's so scary, I would ask God to make my heart stop. 'Cause I didn't want to live when that was happening to me. I just wanted to die to make it stop." Yet Jennifer states the obvious, with brilliant common sense logic, "It's easy to control people when you hurt them."

So who does Malott believe Crookes or her victim?


And how does Maria Malott respond to CNN's Anderson Cooper whose analyzed the behavior analysts, for a change, in the mainstream media, rather than accepting their dissemination reports without question, as the press usually does on behalf of ABA.

It is worth noting that Cooper mistakes JRC's Research Director's, Nathan Blenkush's title. He is not a "Board Certified Analyst." Blenkush doesn't tell him on camera that he's actually a "Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)."

Here is our exclusive ABA Leaks transcript of the first part of the CNN ABA/JRC skin shock program, quoting Cooper:

"Some of their claims don't seem to hold up to the facts. For example, on the website the school says the device they use to shock students is FDA 'approved.'

"It isn't. We checked with the FDA and they told us they 'cleared' the device. That's the word 'cleared' in 1994 for use by Judge Rotenberg Center on the basis that it was basically the same as an aversive conditioning device that was already on the market, but in 2010 the FDA inspectors discovered that the school was using a souped up version, a stronger version of the device that delivered much more powerful shocks. Inspectors were concerned among other things about the risk of burns. As a result the agency says it told the school back in 2010 the device was no longer quote, unquote "cleared" under its earlier ruling. It's not clear what's happened since then. The FDA declined to comment when we asked. They did say in no uncertain terms the school should not be referring to its skin shock device as FDA approved.

"In a statement the school provided us last week they also said, quote, 'Behavior modification techniques involving the use of aversive interventions including skin shock are heavily regulated in Massachusetts by the Massachusetts DDS and the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.'

"What the website doesn't mention is that skin shocks have been banned in Massachusetts since last September. The Massachusetts Health and Human Service Department told us quote,'The administration filed regulations last year to ban the use of aversive therapies for any student who was not already receiving aversive therapies by order of the Probate and Family Court. As a result, no new behavioral plans with aversive therapies have been put into place since September.'

"In other words, any student who enrolled at Judge Rotenberg Center after September, 2011 cannot be shocked under the new state guidelines. Students who were enrolled before then can still be shocked."

In the meanwhile Blenkush speaks of antipsychotics as dangerous and ineffective, but what ABA does not do is to ask their victims which they would rather receive, "aversion therapy" or medication. As it applies to my life, I've completely debunked the myth that antipsychotics are a terrible way to live. They're not. They are my savior. And the side effects are no big deal to me whatsoever. I've taken them voluntarily and happily since 2007.

[See also Altieri (May 1, 2015). My one day of electric skin shock was worse than 36 years of antipsychotics, which I happen to enjoy very much, just as many others appreciate them, according to my former non-coercive outpatient-only, private practice, non-clinical institution psychiatrists, while ABA claims its coercive methods are much better than medicine, which they ain't, not by a long-shot, if people would only listen to ABA's survivor victims instead of their biased, multibillion-dollar-operation dissemination groups.]

ABAI has yet to officially respond in a public manner, in a specific way, to any of these posts. They seem to want to ignore us or disregard our work until we publish in academic journals, which we find unnecessary. We have another name for "peer review." We call it "peer pressure." We don't care to go that route. Fearless, independent pinpointed investigative journalism Google Blogger suits our purpose perfectly well. Google backs us up. We buy their ads, too. With their support, we have had 259,721 total pageviews since 2007. Can their flagship Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis boast so many since 2007? We doubt it. We asked a JABA editor what standards they use to judge behavior as "problems of social importance" worthy of their decelerating rates. He had no clear answer. But we know what it is, mainly. It's the popular-norm-of-the-day. Once it's "deviant homosexuals in need of a cure" and now it's "deviant autistics" in need of a cure. They are both equivalent, and ABA has not yet even given up completely on their futile mission to take the gay out of the gays. And so it goes. They cannot take the autism out of the autistics, either. They can only make them pass as more or less typical, just as gays can pass in apparent heterosexual marriage, under Christian-led ABA domination and control, also equally as "Gay and Autistic Conversion Therapies."


And why does Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) allow Josh Pritchard and Jessica Frieder, of Autism Speaks, to keep their BCBA titles while sitting on the JRC Board of Directors? BACB also certificants work in staff, Blenkush, BCBA, for example.

JRC constantly advertises for BCBA help wanteds with salaries going as high as $95,000.

And those BCBAs who get on the high horse and say, "Oh no! Not me! I don't shock!" They are complicit to torture unless they publish a statement against it.

The only reason why it's only allowed in one state is the advocates have stopped it dead in its tracks. Over 50,000 have signed our still active petition to the FDA to finish its ban on ABA electroshock torture. Gregory Miller, former JRC assistant teacher turned whistleblower and TV personality, published a circa 2014 petition to the FDA that "had 197,285 supporters." We're going to win this, sooner or later, by one avenue or another. Love and Truth and always defeat Abuse and Obfuscation in the end. It takes time, however, unfortunately.


Anyhow, JRC uses their own victims in their promotional marketing materials. Did they truly consent? We'll be asking them to report in to us when they are free. We already have the escape from JRC self-report by Anna Kosovskaya. We have another JRC survivor interview report coming up in the near future, only at ABA Leaks this time again. And another one later, probably. We welcome more whistleblower reports from any ABA institution by victims, parents, or professionals.

See the works by Kipling Oren. He specifically challenges the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) who apparently gave just a slap on the wrist to a Texan ABA leader who lied about her credentials, he reported. She also abused his young boy, he reported. BACB has blocked my @RewardConsent in Twitter. We have attempted to reach them to ask why, but they have not replied.

ABAers might call BACB's verbal behavior here their attempt at "to extinguish of our verbal behavior," to make it go away. We wish to inform us that this strategy always fails with as massive a network as ABA. We know they read Reward and Consent blog more than any other category of our followers. We do not know exactly who is reading our work, but when we posted to their Facebook groups, before they banned us from them, too, we saw immediate surges in our Google Blogger stats. On the contrary, when they ignore us as we reach out to them to try to settle our differences, we judge them as engaging in "rude and unconscionably unethical behavior" whenever they cannot reply to such matters of grave concern to autistic people all over the world.

See Altieri (December 9, 2017). Mr. Kipling Oren, our newest ABA Leaks independent investigator led us to report: Is ABA a profession or not? There have been allegations of fraud and abuse against Kelle Wood Rich, BCBA, CEO of the Central Texas Autism Center, yet the BACB still lets her practice.

See also Kosovskaya and Altieri (June 11, 2015). She's from Russia with love. Anna Kosovskaya, an actually autistic hero, escapes the Canton, Massachusetts Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis electric skin shock torture. Here are her self-reported adventures and her interviewer's analysis.


ABA Leaks has our own dual parent AND child consent Cognitive Behavioral Teaching method in Reward and Consent blog which directly opposes the ABA set of coercion and control true behavioral science models. This pseudoscientific system won't even discuss the PTSD trauma self-reports which they provoke in us. No scientific system always only paints a rosy picture of itself and refuses to do some intellectually honest peer review in their academic journals concerning what their actual victims have say about what they do to them.

Start with this post and follow the links therein. Altieri (April 23, 2016). Here's Reward and Consent's amended Serenity Prayer.


Denouement. ABA aims to control the world.

ABA sets out for distant shores while headquartered at the B. F. Skinner Foundation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA under the leadership of the one daughter he did not raise as a "Baby in a Box," who was his oldest child of two, Julie Vargas, apparent heiress to the powerhouse fortune and all-out propaganda machine.

ABA leaves no land unscathed, from Africa to Mississippi, from Putin's and ABAs Pavlov Dog Russia, to the tropical Philippines, across Australia, throughout AsiaEurope, and North and South America. This industry uses a uncanny, yet parasitic business model, namely to panic the parents of freshly diagnosed autistic children as young as age one with autism horror stories that supposedly they are most qualified to "scientifically and effectively treat for their benefit" (by any means necessary whether or not they like what we do to them.) In fact, ABA says it's "our right" to have them treat us in such a manner. See Appendix II below. "ABA sales pitch. The horrors of autism we can solve. So you better hire me, or else, (the state could take your child from you.)"

So ABA denies the existence of any free will of humanity to autonomously choose our own actions solely as a result of the process of mind (as in Cooper, Heward, and Heron, 2007, p. 5. Determinism) "Scientists presume that the universe, or at least that part of it they intend to probe with the methods of science, is a lawful and orderly place in which all phenomena occur as the result of other events," which international ABA disseminator Amanda N. Kelly quoted from the book authors on her website,

She is a relative newcomer, or even perhaps an outsider to Hawaiians, who lobbies their representatives for pro-ABA legislation. ABA Hawaii actually filed a "class-action suit (accusing) the state of denying (ABA) treatments for autism." In the meanwhile, she encourages other ABAers to move to Hawaii and experience their most incredibly beautiful "climate reinforcements."

ABA uses classical Pavlovian conditioning, pairing themselves with "edibles," in one report, Amanda Kelly (2015, p. 137), to actually condition people like her to become the reinforcing stimuli before the coerced behavior modification interventions commence. He cut holes in restrained dog's cheeks to collect and measure their saliva as he presented meat with a bell, as they salivated, removed the meat and rang the bell, and a miracle, he conditioned the dog to salivate to the bell. In the meanwhile, he salivated to his dog handlers, who then quit. Then HE salivated to the sight of his salivating dogs. Ha ha.

ABA thrives on power and control and it has skills to acquire them without limit, until the emancipated autistic and otherwise disabled adult (ADAPT) CounterControllers of the Neurodiversity Movement arrive on scene.

ABA truly fantasizes about, plots, and has actually built an ominous movement to solve all the world's problems, allegedly, in a B. F. Skinnerian Utopian Republic with them running their oligopoly dictatorship as they, supposedly, the only ones capable to "effectively" plan the "Scientific Design of Culture." The problem, though, is that, ABA denies the existence of freedom and they seek to control all "relevant variables" that "control problems of social importance" WITHOUT the consent of the governed or of their manipulated recipients of their coercions, "aversion therapy," intensive obedience training drills, and forced normalities. ABA started Gay Conversion Therapy and keeps it alive. ABA is nothing more than Autism Conversion Therapy and true autism identify camouflaging to our peers all across the planet. In the meanwhile, they assume there is no such thing as freedom  (BACB 4th Ed. Task List FK-03 Determinism), which is merely a belief they falsely claim to know as dogmatic truth, because Skinner said so. This follows atheist B. F. Skinner's (1974) bestselling book that claimed we should move beyond the democratic notions of freedom and dignity.

Also read about an upcoming ABAI 2018 San Diego poster presentation by JRC staff here.


Appendix I

ABA Leaks Exclusive Report

A Tale of Two Skin Shockers: "Old Dick Malott, BCBA," vs. "New Dick Malott, non-BCBA," so it seems. What happened to the credential?

Dick Malott, former BCBA, apparently

On a related note, see also Altieri (February 28, 2018). Non-vocal of speech, actually-autistic blogger Amy Sequenzia (April 12, 2016) proposed to our peer group "every time we talk about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we also say Autistic Conversion Therapy. Gay Conversion Therapy has a bad reputation. Both 'treatments' (tortures) have the same root." See also Altieri (April 17, 2017). ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called ABA. And see Altieri (March 18, 2017). ABA did it to gays. They still do it to autistics. We call it false behavioral conversion therapy. It causes us Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), indisputably.

Dick Malott is Maria Malott's ex-husband, according to a phone call between Dusty Jones, BCBA, (circa 2014) and ABA Leaks founder Dave Altieri, Master of Arts in Teaching. If Jones is right, then to what extent is ABA a nepotism? He sits on JRC's Board of Directors now, apparently without a BCBA credential. In his "Old Dick Malott" website, he had been a BCBA, but not any more, apparently, if JRC's website is accurate. How did that happen? He's a well-published, highly cited, popular professor from Western Michigan University. The next part of his biography surprised us. How could he speak and broadcast over the internet such inappropriate behavior for a college professor. His behavior analysis of human sexuality requires a trigger alert for our sensitive blog readers. Then we proceed to publish our incomplete transcript of the video in question which we have on file. And the joke goes like this. "Who shocked whom first to set the Malott divorce wheels in spin?"

We have no idea if his classroom Vimeo "boob" lecture taken down has anything to do with his BCBA paper. But it makes one wonder more about what could have happened. Right?

Trigger alert. Skip reading these block quotes if necessary. His language in the video transcript severely objectifies women in a sexual manner as he frequently says, "Boobs." The entire video takes about 16 minutes. Eventually, we'll transcribe and publish it all at blog in text format, barring legal advice to the contrary, but we won't release the video to the public. Thankfully, it has been removed from Vimeo, though we know not why.

DickMalott.com (July 16, 2010). Notes From A Radical Behaviorist: Boobs Blog Part I.
Today I'd like to de the Boob Blog Part One. Boobs are eyeball magnets for men's eyeballs, ALL MEN [caps added. DA], your grandfather, (women laugh) your Daddy, your brother, and your sons to be. And as anyone who denies it lying. So you probably don't want to ask your grandfather. You probably don't want to put him in that situation of having to be a liar. Does size matter? Yes, but what's impressive not as much, I mean, as you might think. She could be like an anemic 12-year-old boy scout (man laughs), and dressed in a coat and the eyeball magnetism (Dick makes a hiss or whistle sound) and what's interesting is, well there's several things that's interesting about this, is that men will kind of go out of their way. You know you're in the library, you walk down an aisle, oops, "there's some boobs," you get oop; you walk down two or three more times, cause there's some boobs. 
So I'm. And again, this is universal and I'm really impressed with the extent to which the site, brief, brief sight of clothed boobs, teeny tiny boobs, is a powerful reinforcer in the sense that it will control a lot of kind of minimal male behavior. I mean the male is not going to pay you know twenty dollars to see some boobs going down the street in a coat. Maybe naked. (Uncomfortable classroom laughs, it seems now). But the just kind of and you know and they practice of course covert glancing and they try not to be too overt.
And in terms of boobs versus butts, boobs win every time. Uhh. And it's not that butts may not you know visual, you know, certainly, legs way down the hierarchy.
But what fascinates me even more is this not only applies to Grandpa and Daddy and your brother. It applies to your little prepubescent brother. I don't know. They still do have National Geographic Magazine. Uhh. Do they do boob shots every 100, or every excuse me, or every 330 pages of the lovely native maiden international habitat? (Man vocalizes.) No. 
No one can say. I remember as a, you know, 4th grade looking through my Aunt Pearl's National Geographics desperately searching for a boob shot, pre pre pubescent. And again I share this with you knowing that I'm representative. Some nods from (camera spans the students) the male students in the class. These particular male students, however, I'm not, you know I could say all sorts of things and they would ... (voluminous man's laughter drown's Malott's voice here), that's. I won't take that as a necessarily  representative sample of males.
The question is: Why? Why are boobs such a powerful visual reinforcer? 
And, again, when I say "powerful," you know, versus a ahh a fudge sundae, no. Probably not, on a VI Schedule* for boobs versus fudge sundae. Fudge sundae is gonna, if it's got enough whip cream, it's gonna certainly win. But it's that kind of, kind of, always working, you walk, you walk up and down the aisle a couple times for a boob shot.
Why? Why is it such a powerful reinforcer?
Yes. (He calls on young man and camera turns to him as he says:) "Because you're not supposed to be like seeing it, like I feel like if the Middle Eastern guys would be like looking through a magazine, they'd be like, 'Oh my God. Look at that girl's upper lip. It's so hot,' because you know they're looking at the full face veils. They're not supposed to see it. So like that's their porno. "Look at that girl's shoulder, man. That's so hot."
Malott replies: Yeah, I think. I think that there's a lot to that. Uhh. The best reinforcer is the forbidden reinforcer. If Mommy says, "Hey, I don't want you to eat that." You know damn well that's gonna be—(man laughs and drowns Dick's voice here). Umm. Umm. I suspect that's not the whole story. I think that that could be a chunk. Uhh. Yeah. Does somebody else have something? Yeah.
(Camera spans across about five tables gathered together in the center of plain white walled classroom with about 10 students, mostly young ladies, sitting somewhat immobile and expressionless except for one young lady who says:)
[End transcript. It's incomplete, for now.]

*[A VI Schedule signifies Variable Intervals of time across a schedule of reinforcers. So, for example, within a varying range of time spans, perhaps averaging once every four hours while awake, a meal reinforces (strengthens) the "responses we emit" just before we eat so that the likelihood we repeat that kind of behavior before meals probably increases over time. Skinner showed this with rats in his Skinner Boxes. Note. They were underfed. He needed the Establishing Operation of Food Deprivation. Otherwise, if in Satiation, food has no reinforcer value. This is why we believe ABA uses food with hungry children, or else they use diabetic, addictive, obesity sugary morsels at each intensive trial during obedience training drills, assuming sugar reinforces well fed children, and not just the underfed as "treated" between meals. DA]
This probably offends many women and it offends me. He claimed "all men" look with interest at breasts. I am 100% gay. Dick is completely wrong about us. I am not interested in breasts. I never was. A single exception contradicts a universal assertion in Aristotle's logic. Of course, I'm not the only one. [DA]


This Reward and Consent blog author is yours truly, Dave Altieri, another Georgetown University alum autistic Hoya. Lydia X. Z. Brown is the original and well-deserved owner of the title "Autistic Hoya." Brown, law student last we checked, is a brilliant essayist who first introduced me to the Neurodiversity Movement as I stumble clicked into her work about five years ago.

Moreover, even Lydia recognizes that we all stand tall on the shoulders of the giant and foremost authority on Behavioral Ethics, autistic researcher and cognitive scientist, Michelle Dawson (2004) who penned "The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists." She also testified against national ABA insurance coverage in front of Canada's Supreme Court.

See Dawson (2005). An autistic victory. The true meaning of the Auton Decision.

We can also turn the clock off ABA insurance coverage in the USA. It now covers federal agencies and, by now, probably all 50 states. Have heart. We shall overcome in due time, though probably not in my lifetime. I'm 58 and health. Happily, I feel victim to a vast international panoply of chubby chasing admirers. Our ABA Leaks team firmly believes that, not only does Love win in the end over Spite and Coercion, so does Truth over Obfuscation, always, inevitably, after the struggle subsides and we make peace with our former bullies.


Appendix Two. ABA's slick scare-tactic marketing schemes.

This is common. AppliedBehaviorAnalysisEdu.org (downloaded April 14, 2018) implies it can solve all theses problems. We interpret a subtle threat to parents, namely, without coming out and saying it, they could be saying, indirectly, "Hire us, or else, you lose your children to the state authorities."

  • Death by drowning,
  • Provide barricades needed to prevent wandering into the hands of abductors,
  • Restrict "access to faucets with hot water, fountains, drainage ditches, livestock watering tubs, or bathtubs. Something that may seem harmless – like a kitchen faucet – could prove to be a source of burns for your child,"
  • ABA comes to the rescue to stop "disturbing, self-destructive behaviors like head-banging or biting and scratching themselves,"
  • ABA "tried and tested techniques" can solve issues that occur when an the deviant autistic causes a sibling "neurotypical child ... stomping and screaming,"
  • It can sufficiently restrict a curious child from "elopement," which "has led to may deaths in the autism community." "A twelve-year-old boy with autism in Orange County, California wandered from his home and was struck and killed by a truck. Another by a "train." ABA will teach parents to use "double-keyed deadbolt on access doors" for "wandering adolescents," (We call it taking a walk.)
  • Without us, your will live a lifetime of "violent outbursts."
  • They said, "Research has found that they are less capable of determining whether a person can be trusted or not based on evaluating facial expressions. The ability to read a person’s intentions by looking at their face is a kind of intuitive judgment that is intrinsic to neurotypical children, but without it, kids on the spectrum are often incapable of determining whether or not a person they meet intends them harm. Of course, the person at the door is likely just a neighbor saying hello, but that’s not a risk you want to take."
  • In other words, what this could very well signify is ABA's threat to the panicky parents of our very young autistic peers upon early diagnosis. "Hire me to intervene, or else a child molester can attack him. There is no telling who can report you for neglect. The state could enter your home and remove your child from your custody, " as this feels as though this is their not-so-subtle implied message.

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