Monday, February 26, 2018

It’s time for a constitutional amendment to banish all guns.

In great magnitude, the USA has far more gun violence than any other country in the world. Do we have that much more “mental illness”? Of course not. The answer is not keeping guns away from some people. The only answer is to keep guns away from all people. It’s time for a constitutional amendment to banish them all.

It’s also common sense logic and there’s plenty of anecdotal and academic evidence to support the argument that it’s not psychiatry's seriously diagnosed people who shoot. We contribute very little to the overall rate of gun violence statistics. Walsh, Buchanan, and Fahy (2002) reviewed the relevant literature and concluded that "only a small proportion of societal violence can be attributed to persons with schizophrenia." In their own study in Victoria, Australia Wallace et al. (1998) linked court convictions with a state-wide register of all contacts with public psychiatric services and found "the probability that any given patient with schizophrenia* will commit homicide is tiny."

Then which demographic is mostly responsible for the killings? Angry, drinking gun owners is the only next common-sense logical answer. Are we going include everyone who drinks in the FBI gun check registry? No? Why not? Then before so-called “normal” people point the finger at us, they ought to look in the mirror. I fear for the loved ones of alcoholic gun fanatics.

Without this amendment, then we better get used to the killings. We can put every single person with a diagnosed mental illness on the list and that's not going to do anything.

The media froths at the mouth at every single mass murder here. "If it bleeds, it leads," as the saying goes. That's how they sell commercials. These motor mouth news pundits automatically blame "mental illness" and yet they show no evidence. They interview everyone with an opinion about us. Do they talk to us? Do they ask us how we feel about all their blame game against us? Of course, they don't.

Meanwhile, news outlets give a hell of a lot of attention to these killers. Are they attention-seekers? Well. That is very likely the case. So here's another source of responsibility, all the mainstream media and their audience, liberal and conservative alike, because when copycat killers are involved, it's the stunned, shocked and amazed googly-eyed television viewers who up their ratings. That is how they sell commercials.  I threw my TV set in the garbage, where it belongs. I get all the video I need paying for commercial-free YouTube Red, which is much cheaper than any cable company TV subscription.

There's plenty of room for blame, now, folks. So leave us alone, please, for God's sakes. We are victims of violence, not the other way around. The public is a bully.

After all is said and done, we're simply the scapegoats of the NRA on this stage of the "Debacle at Law," the shameful Second Amendment to the US Constitution, the "right" to carry guns. Without guns, there's no more gun violence, obviously. So it's either Banishment or Prohibiition. We already tried the latter—and that didn't work out too good.



*Schizophrenics have one personality each. That's another myth about us. Most people don't know that, either.



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