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Mr. Kip Oren, newest ABA Leaks investigator, asked if Applied Behavior Analysis is, indeed, a profession. There have been allegations of fraud and abuse against Kelle Wood Rich, CEO of the Central Texas Autism Center, yet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board still lets her practice.

Kelle (Wood) Rich, M.Ed., BCBA, Founder/CEO, Central Texas Autism Center


If you are unfamiliar with how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) works, please see Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.


When people such as the courageous, frustrated father speaking in the videos seen below compare us to a cancer, we autistic people take offense. Different is great. Autism is beautiful. Progress is not possible without people like us. Conformity is boring and unproductive. We do not need a cure. We simply have a different operating system. We run the computer industry. We are poised to revolutionize global communication by virtue of our blunt, direct speech.

However, take note of Mr. Kipling Oren, who recorded the following phone "call with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) legal team about the "fraud and abuse" of Kelle Wood Rich, BCBA.

Oren provides YouTube with evidence that she had previously made the false claim that she has held a PhD Doctorate degree in her public LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, however ABA Leaks sees that today, December 9, 2017, Rich no longer says on her LinkedIn page that she has a PhD. Our search with the University of Texas Registrar does not retrieve her name as having any kind of degree from there. Her LinkedIn just says she had "post-Masters degree coursework" there. In addition, Rice (August 10, 2016) reported that Texas Child Protective services were also investigating Ms. Rich for making repeating demands of Oren's son while he was upset and then she used multiple adults to pin him down to the floor and restrain him.

So we at ABA Leaks join Oren who is asking: If these allegations of fraud and abuse are true, then why does the BACB allow her to practice as a BCBA today? Where are the ABA standards? Is ABA a profession or not?


Oren (May 15, 2017a) wrote on his YouTube channel:

My frustrating call with the BACB's legal team. BACB is actively involved in covering up BCBA Kelle Wood Rich's ... abuse and fraud. Kelle Wood Rich is the owner and president of the Central Texas Autism Center. 


Oren (May 15, 2017b) said,
Ms. Rich's history includes multiple abuse and fraud claims. Ms. Rich has been caught faking a Ph.D. from the University of Texas for 12 years. This video demonstrates Ms. Rich's academic fraud. To date, Dr. James Carr, BCBA-D, CEO of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, has refused to take action against Ms. Rich.


See also Rice (August 10, 2016). Child Protective Services investigates alleged abuse at Lake Pointe Elementary School in Texas.

The investigation took place in response to a complaint filed by parent Kipling Oren, who says the school district violated a 7-year-old student’s behavioral intervention plan when Rich repeatedly asked the student to write his name on a piece of paper while the student began to have a meltdown. The student, who has been identified by his father as falling somewhere on the autism spectrum and suffers from epileptic seizures, has “cool down” methods described in his behavioral intervention plan, such as moving him to a “safe spot” away from classmates, according to the complaint. Oren says that since the incident took place, the student has suffered more and longer seizures due to the amount of stress the student suffered on March 12, 2015. “Ms. Rich continued to repeat the same demand while (the student) became a serious threat of harm to self,” Oren’s updated complaint filed with the TEA reads. “Ms. Rich continued to repeat the same demand while she utilized multiple adults to pinion (the student) to the floor and physically restrain him.”


I produced this video as part of a complaint that I filed with the BACB. Kelle Wood Rich is a "behavior analyst" with a history of child-abuse claims, one of which settled with a large payment to the victim (a 10-year-old special-needs child). Ms. Rich holds no health care license issued by the state, and is not supervised by anyone who holds a healthcare license (such as a doctor or psychiatrist). Ms. Rich owns the Central Texas Autism Center (CTAC) in Austin, Texas. This video demonstrates that Ms. Rich has falsified her academic credentials in a flagrant manner for over a decade. After having been caught, Ms. Rich revised her public profiles and no longer claims to have obtained a Ph.D. Ms. Rich continues to operate in the public schools despite her past bad acts. To date, Dr. James Carr, BCBA-D, CEO of the BACB, has refused to take action against Ms. Rich.


Oren (May 19, 2017) said, "Are you considering using the Central Texas Autism Center? Beware!"

If you are considering utilizing the services of the Central Texas Autism Center for your special-needs child, do your due diligence. I would suggest that you ask Kelle Wood Rich [CEO and Owner of CTAC] to provide you a copy of the First Amended Complaint in the case, P.R. v. Central Texas Autism Center [Case No. D-1GN-08-003644, Travis County, Texas]. This was an abuse and fraud claim brought against the Central Texas Autism Center. [It settled with a large payment to the 8-year-old victim.] I would also suggest that you ask Ms. Rich to provide to you a copy of her Ph.D. [degree] from the University of Texas. Until recently, in an effort to solicit business, Ms. Rich represented to the world that she had obtained a Ph.D. from UT. Mysteriously, she has taken this claim down, after having been hit with two separate complaints issued to the BACB, the certifying body that oversees her BCBA status. I would also suggest that you look at other videos associated with my name. Good luck. And God bless you.

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