Friday, September 22, 2017

ABA Leaks finds Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) "Cardgate" scandal is worse than previously reported. Not only do ABA providers and students make fun of autistic people, their song on Soundcloud, "A Good Game of Cards," seems to allude to childhood sexual abuse, crudely.

Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) "Cardgate" image alludes to The Occult. For coverage of ABA and sorcery see our ABA Leaks page in Facebook.


First see Luterman (September 4, 2017). "Cardgate" scandal uncovers widespread disrespect of autistic people by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers.

Then see Sequenzia (September 6, 2017). ABA providers making fun of autistic people.


Cards Against Humanity LLC.


Your dumb questions. Is there an official Cards Against Humanity theme song? Of course there is. It's called "A Good Game of Cards" and it was written and recorded by our friends, The Doubleclicks. You can download the song as a DRM-free Mp3.

[Alert: alludes to child sex abuse.] 

Play a game with me. Tell me why I'm sickie. You're my closest friends. Tell me how the world will end. Friends helping friends, meeting new people, answering questions both easy and hard. There's nothing nicer than playing a good game of cards. At last we can have a debate all about concealing a boner or whipping it out. We'll talk about sex. Makes you spend their time flying. Children on leashes and ¿? to lions.... Play a game with me. What are my parents hiding from me? You're my closest friends. Let's be dicks to children. Is that sound a falcon with a cap on its head or is it the fact that my parents are dead? We can find out when we're playing a good game of cards. The game is so peaceful and we're all guilt-free like Oprah when she sobs into Lean Cuisine. It's not gibber jabber. We all feel at ease. Maybe we're born with it. Maybe it's just-B's? Play a game with me. Why do I hurt all over? You're my closest friends. Tell me what war's good for. When you are gone I assure you you're missed. Why don't we all make the penises kiss. There's nothing nicer than playing a good game of cards.


Here is the new version of Cards Against Humanity's incomplete set of cards.


Scelzo (August 31, 2017). Cards Against Humanity is back with a whole new deck to destroy your next party.

Cards Against Humanity — the dirtier version of Apples To Apples — has been ruining friendships since 2011. But now the game is back with a whole new fresh deck in case your "What's that smell?" answers were getting a little stale. According the game's new "back to school"- themed website, the Cards Against Humanity 2.0 deck is now 600 cards filled with over 150 new jokes updated for 2017, some of which include "Diversity," "Dick pics," and "The arrival of pizza."


Murphy (March 11, 2015). Finally, you can play Cards Against Humanity online (the old version.)


Here's the Cards Against Humanity Wiki

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