Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Altieri's (August 2, 2017) review of Roark's (March 10) report: The U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General said the Defense Health Agency improperly paid for autism-related (Applied Behavior Analysis) services to selected companies in the TRICARE South Region.

Our ABA Leaks Facebook page editor Alan Michelson sent this file to me today. We guarantee it. You will never see Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) "disseminators" spreading this kind of information, friends. Dave Altieri

Alan Michelson is "Santa and The Force."



Roark (March 10, 2017). U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General report. The Defense Health Agency (DHA) improperly paid for autism-related (Applied Behavior Analysis) services to selected companies in the TRICARE South Region.


Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains Applied Behavior Analysis.


"The DHA made improper payments for ABA services to five ABA companies in the TRICARE South Region. Specifically, the ABA companies billed, and the DHA improperly paid for, ABA services under the following conditions:

  • lack of documentation to support ABA services;
  • misrepresentation of the provider who performed the ABA services;
  • billing for ABA services provided while the beneficiary was napping;
  • billing for two services at the same time;
  • unreliable supporting documentation;
  • billing for services while the beneficiary was not present; and
  • billing for services performed by providers who were not authorized by TRICARE."
"DHA personnel made improper payments because when DHA and contractor personnel selected ABA companies for review, they did not consider that certain indicators may help to identify improper payments, such as a high percentage of claims billed at the ABA supervisor rate, the highest rate. As a result, we project that the DHA improperly paid $1.9 million of the total $3.1 million paid to the five companies for ABA services performed in CY 2015."


Neurodiversity bike helmet.
Neurodiversity. What ABA hates. The money leech calls us "deviants" to panic parents into hiring them to "cure" autistics. This an impossible task. They use a by-any-means-necessary cruel mode of mal-ethics. It's precisely the same pseudoscience promise they made to parents of gay kids. Actually, in fact, we celebrated our first Autism Pride Day this and this has ABA in a fresh panic, because we're stating the obvious and the world is now hearing us, at long last. Autism is Different. Different is Beautiful! ABA is a massive industry. It's line of work? Forced normalizations under dissent of its actual victims, always.

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