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Who is ABA Leaks? Here's the list of exactly who we are. Read it and weep, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Controllers. We are the proudly-identified CounterControllers. That's what ABA calls us. We own the label, what used to be a "bad word," as did the "Queers." Ha!

This illustrator calls herself "Ink and Daggers" @MeredithKUltra of Twitter. Follow her there. You will not be disappointed.

Hi, gang!

I'm Dave Altieri​, Blabbermouth-in-Chief of ABA Leaks. We're an informal network of independent investigative, Freedom of Information Act journalists. We analyze the coercive behavior of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, report, and then vet and promote humane, non-ABA alternative therapies and supports. We favor actually autistic-led funded peer support programs most highly.

We are: to start the list of ten. Two Special Education teacher certificants,

1) Virginia, retired, Pam Zich, epileptic, FOIA results including Judge Rotenberg Center Director Crookes letter to FDA to ABALeaks that she puts extremely painful GED skin shock devices on "upper quadrants of student's buttocks; and

2) New Jersey "Teacher of the Handicapped," me, disabled from paid work, independently wealthy, dresses like he's poor, to read who's a creep and who's a good one instantaneously, as blacks can easily. My Dad don't know if they love him or his bread, man! Autistic schizophrenic silly clown performer, Asbury Park, NJ. We each have one personality and we're rarely dangerous, statistically speaking, despite the false and wildly-exaggerated myths about us;

3) Computer specialist, old timer (terms of endearment), long-time-ago victim, Lovaas-era, of ABA misjudged behavior and forced treatment, forced normalization, Alan Michelson, researcher, old time victim of early Lovaas and company, whom we hope can whistleblow past his bad memories one day, PTSD, which ain't easy, which is why there are not millions of reports, pecisely why USA Vietnam vets rarely tell the actual bloody gory combat action horror stories, re-lived nightmares, as ABA provokes trauma, not as extreme ass the Vets', of course, skin shock victims excluded. Alan does document retrieval specialty for ABA Leaks,  self-initiated search reports. He uses the handle ABA Leaks. I use Dave Altieri now, formerly Dave Jersey, but Facebook made me give my real name. ABA complained to Facebook, no doubt. I'm used to this. I block every single one of them off my Facebook. Internationally. Cannot see my posts anywhere and snitch to Facebook and group Admins. Groups happy. No more ABA groups. I refuse to teach them where they can so easily attack me again, and ostracize me thoroughly from their Facebook and Reddit groups, with never a single specific explanation as to exactly what I said wrong. Control Freaks. Beat them easily at their own games. But I love bullies. Do not submit. They thank you later. Save them from their pathetic bullying way of life. Love is an action verb. So I love them! They feel superior, always. That means they have a mental illness. My equals in reality, despite their superiority complex delusions. See? I love all. All love me. Sooner or later. My way! Anyway. Weren't we discussing Michelson? Sorry, pal. Blabbering. Oops. so Alan, the listener, is better than me. Obviously. Wasn't Kramden's wife, Alice the listener, better than her mother, the "BLABBERMOUTH"?

3) Fenia Tsoka​, Speech Language Therapist in Greece, translator of ABA Leaks documents, busy professional, ABA Leaks consultant, shares ten children with a demanding ABAer Occupational Therapist. OT tells her to punish. OT tells parents to punish. Fenia refuses. Brings Mom in. Mom cannot believe she teaches non-aversive. Parents punish addicted. Goes back to Catholic Church: Send the sinner to hell! ABA pseudos infiltrate all professions. She developed her own version of Reward and Consent (R+C), independent from me, dual parent and child consent, reinforcing, non-aversive Cognitive Behavioral instruction and guidance, non-coerced, because even a baby can reject an abuser, informed or not. Dissent and consent are akin to opposite words, e. g., black and white. For all my R+C instruction to date, start with Altieri (April 23, 2016). "Here's Reward and Consent's amended Serenity Prayer." Then follow two relevant post links, one at a time, which I add through the prayer post. Fenia will publish how she does it with thinking, Chomsky innate language, as opposed to Skinner, Verbal Behavior, the listener controls the speaker who becomes the listener who controls the speaker, ad infinitum infinite regress of unfree control of speech, Skinneresque, a la ABA's Verbal Behavior method, "mand" (command, get it, learn mand), tact (name something, produces some kind of reward, learn how to label (or in ABA's case to "mislabel" to use autism shaming person-with-autism, rather than what we want. Identity-first, first Autism Pride Day, 2017. Autism is beautiful. Identity first. Autistics! ABA won't listen to autistics speaking. They're panicked over the Neurodiversity Movement. Now they must contend with the baby of all disability upstarts. Us. The CounterControllers, what the ABA Controllers first called resisters in derogatory terms, what we turn to a gift of a word, as glbt turned "queer" into a nuanced tough version of Gay Liberation, 1969, now modern Gay Rights.

4) Beth Freeman​, New Zealand leader of parents with autistic children, worried about ABA intrusions there. ABA is on an evangelical mission of pseudoscience internationally, into impoverished nation-states, also. Global Autism Project. As Spain conquered Aztecs, Incas of Mexican and Peru territory with Columbus. Defeating Native Americans with their sailing ships and fancy uniforms they saw as gods. While they preached Jesus and brought them smallpox they could not resist. In USA murderous genocide of the uncivilized barbarians who must know Jesus so that He will save them from eternal damnation, the naked Indian tribe sinners! Beth is ready to do FOIA for us. She volunteered. I have not yet told her which. It will be a surprise until after we publish the gov docs on ABA abusers. Just like we've already done a few times over on them by way of our FOIA journalist bloggers Zich and Anderson among the ten here. Add Freeman next.

5) Jay Rosenthal, independent from us now. ABA Leaks delegate interviewer of Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric skin shock, what the UN calls ABA "torturers" Director Crooks with Persico, teacher/educator, youth inspiration, rose up in special education school, loved it as family, moved on to teach there, in-school support professional, published psychoanalytical researcher expert, outspoken, courageous public speaker critic of the Troubled Teen Industry;

6) Jacob Persico, independent from us now. ABA Leaks delegate as interviewer Crookes at JRC, Jacob showed her a picture of Andre McCollins abrasions covering his arm, she denied they were skin shock burns, claimed they were wounds from ABA four-point restraint on board immobilized during 31 shocks in one day after refusing to remove coat when it may have been cold, UN calls them "torturers," all ABA lets this happen, each of them, one at a time outright supportive or complicitly unpublished against ABA skin shock, anon from The Hague, Nederland, European autistic group organizer, informal ambassador from The Hague to Germany autistic CounterControllers against the ABA Controllers;

7) Chris Stargazer, independent from us now. autistic, text communication, blog publisher against skin shock, successfully recruits comicon actors and actresses to pose with his #CloseTheJRC, "electric hazard" sign;

8) Evan Anderson, independent from us now. FOIA specializing well-published investigative journalist, retrieved letters Crookes-FDA, spreadsheet 410 terrorizing abuse allegations in a ten year period, one per ten days. including ABA Leaks exclusive finding: JRC death #7 was an unborn baby of a seventeen year-old girl, Massachusetts state government anonymous ABA Leaks anonymous source led Anderson to request spreadsheet from Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission.

9) My home base, active with us now. "Hijo," my Mexican son, 27, birth father in Oaxaca, Mexico, all around support person, happy student, completely consenting, of my Reward and Consent, non-aversives, Cognitive Behavioral Teaching and guidance method, living independent, fully self-supporting, Angel with a broken wing when we met, body building calisthenics athlete, Mexican League high-scoring and assisting soccer forward, sends family money back in his old country to put bread on their tables and a roof over his head, now a victorious lead Angel in Asbury Park, New Jersey!

10) My home base, active with us now. He makes my clown movies, for the cause. I'm always clowning in street, everyday shopper, walker, bus rider as silly Looney Tunes clown performer, always for the mission, I report as my fans photograph and film me about three times per hour, often from cars, complete strangers, and tourists to our historic beach resort city of boardwalk licensed mime, magician, portrait artist, musicians. He's Alphabet Soup Dude, my best friend, Mr. Anon, makes me laugh so much I lose control of my bowels. True story. Only he can do this to me. Isn't he cruel to me? Dude assumes ABA Leaks job titles beginning with every letter of the alphabet. He views his entire life in comparison to one TV show or commercial or another. He's an ace collector of rare memorabilia, intact in original packaging. He arranged with our great landlord for me to meet him as soon as the vacancy arrived, next day we signed lease. Ocean Grove rentals. High demand. Shortages of units to lease. Now is heaven. My lucky break. Lakewood, New Jersey 24 years was hellfire. Which is why I'm so happy now, from the valley to the mountaintop, living my life mission come true. To solve #punishmentRunAmok for all humankind. I'm flourishing now as an Arabic garden: It was: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish slumlord busted condos white flight. I stayed 24 years of ghetto hell condo life estate in stupid trust for me. No escape until we pulled my rusted through oil tank. got me my fabulous apartment, after hell living 24 years in Lakewood, NJ ghetto, cameraman, director, comic voice in scene, behind lens, of my character, Safety Pat the Proud Schizophrenic Autistic Silly Whistleblower Clown, Asbury Park, New Jersey licensed public city performer under daily routines, shopping, eating restaurants, sidewalk trips with Time Machine comic gag-loaded push carts, boardwalk coconut head, all for the cause, carrying well photographed and filmed clown laminated black magic marker on all white letter size sheets, landscape and portrait tilt view signs by fans: Close the JRC, #ABAisAbuse; Help Wanted: Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and ask an autistic adult how to help an autistic child with #NoABA; Mission part, step one: To compromise with or else bankrupt ABA by all legal and ethical means necessary necessary preliminary step to  to solve the world's problem of #punishmentRunAmok, because of all people, they should know better, these highly-punitive ABAers who know that conditioning by consequences to behavior is a real phenomenon. Skinner clearly discovered and proved it on lab rats. A+ Harvard scientist. Letter D- in philosophy and ethics has Skinner. ABA makes the mission more difficult. They are so-called science. Data nudging in drones, corporate enterprise, UN special control the poor Africans with behavioral governing. No lie. Skinner (1953) Science and Human Behavior. End chapters. "Design culture with human science. Utopia. His Walden Two novel made global, permanent, with like Sartre's No Exit: Hell is those behavior people. A Clockwork Orange. Pink Floyd The Wall: ABA teacher screams to boys: "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?" ABA Leaks pinnacle dream impossible with ABA in power as it claims it can fix the world with science alone under its dim-witted, stubborn, we must always be right because we alone are THE enlightened ones of the one true behavior science, a religiosity in deed. And damn you all with our scrawny , pathetic determinism as a faith, no freedom exists, coercion ethics. Guess who rules Skinner's planet wide Utopia, according to them all? Yes. Exactly! You know it, too! In Plato's Republic, on top of the peon and soldier castes, ruled the Philosopher King, because only his kind departed the cave of puppet shadows the bondage slave prisoners could only see dancing on the wall of the cave. Only he who emerges to see the perfect Good of SUN. The philosopher, knows not, only grilling inquisition, glimpses the unseen perfect Chair or Good, Plato, him not convinced of his own thought fantasy, what all down to earth imperfect chairs can only dream of becoming, not even knowing what's the ideal Chair in the sky, metaphysics, above and beyond the physical realm.

Anyhow that was Plato's Republic society structure. Castes. Dictated by only he who knows. Then Philosopher King. Dead Skinner's sheeple have a delusional Republic. Design of culture with the Atom Bomb to human action. Why must they drop it? The Skinner Republic is ruled by them! The ABA oligopoly. See twitter hashtags #nudging. UN's #behavioralinsights, #BehavioralEconomics.

In this global abuse by way of coercive punishment, allegedly scientific and operating under the extremely flawed pseudo-professional "ethics code" of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board who have blocked me off their Twitter profiles and Facebook account and refuse to return my phone calls to explain why they behave in such a highly unintelligent, censorship, cruel manner toward me, an autistic leader who knows B. F. Skinner better than most of them can ever dream of accomplishing.

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