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Independence Day. July 4, 2017. Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA. Applied Behavior Analysis freedom-hating ABA Controller threatens freedom-loving ABA CounterController.

[Edit note. I had too much fun writing this all thought the night July 4 - 5, until now, Google Blogger's click button "publish" time, 7:20 a. m. Can't wait to share it in Twitter and Facebook. Here goes! I'll add all the supporting documentation, pictures, and horrible ABA in action videos to all the facts I state herein below. Drafting? It never stops and you can't count the drafts. Save in blogger is automatic and a few times per minute. DA]

I had the unpleasant misfortune to meet a self-admitted "ABA therapy" thug. HE approached ME as I was doing my performance art singing street clown act. I wore around my neck a sign that said "ask an autistic adult how to support an autistic child with no Applied Behavior Analysis." Well he only saw the word autistic and he didn't see the No ABA part on the bottom of the sign. So he came up to me all smiles, nicey-nicey, lovely, and pleasant.

He said, "I do ABA therapy."  He assumed he had a pro-ABA sucker on his hands.

I said, "Read the sign." Aspies are blunt. We tell it like it is. No beating around the bush. This is one thing that makes us so great. An experiment said we're keenly skilled at bullshit detection, so we belong on every team.

He knew then and there he was in a fix he couldn't solve so delicately when he saw the "No ABA" part of the laminated black magic marker sign strung round my neck below my red Walgreens nose and the UPS parcel post box I wore on top of my head, Fashion Hack line. "Send in the Clowns" playing on Beats Pill; the standing-room-only fireworks crowd; toilet bowl plunger hat, the Journal of Absurd Behavior Analysis (JABA) experimental slouch detection slouch punishment device. Plunger automatically falls off head contingent upon slouching and delivers an immediate and automatic punishment. I gotta pick it up and put it back on my head again. Add the shocking pink stuffed animal Mr. Bubbles, plush to the touch, whom I was hugging, who clung to me.

Not with a flurry of candy treats paired with his phony praises, this guy couldn't positive-only modify or extinguish my verbal behavior if his life depended upon it. So what did he do? He knew he could not out-debate me. He did what they always do when they pin themselves into an inescapable ethics debate corner. Debate chess. One move checkmate. No matter what he says. He's white. He goes first. We reply. Do it to yourself. His king is kaput. Tip it right over now. He shouted as he moved white-pawn-to-white-king-four. He lashed out with a threat to call the police on me, for no good reason, so I can argue, easily, and legally, though I ain't no attorney. So I let the cops decide. Ha!

I inquired into ABA skin shock with him. Black-pawn-to-black-king-four. "Where's your published statement against your ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock torture?" This is a favorite line to play. It could teach them a good lesson, a bitter pill they hate to swallow, for their own empathy-disabled benefit. But alas. We're "inferior" to them. Their experimental subjects. They never listen to us.

So he interrupted. White-kingside-rook-pawn-to-king's-rook-three. "Go away," he said. I repeated my question. Pushed a pawn to square three to support pawn at four. He said it again. "Go away! You're harassing me." He wasn't thinking ahead with that one.

In other words, he threatened to call the police on me if I did not shut my mouth and depart the scene. Remember, HE came up to ME and HE started the talking. He's an ABA Controller.

I'm a leader of the CounterControllers, except for Michelle Dawson, whom I follow, even though she pretends I don't exist, also, as my tweets go to her unanswered back to me. Well. In fairness to the first and greatest founding Behavioral Ethics guru outside of the highly unethical ABAers, who are a bunch of amateurs in this arena, she does talk to me in email. Dawson wrote "The Misbehavior of the Behaviorists," the original classic in the field.

But I know Skinner better than all of them, perhaps even Dawson, and I'm in Georgetown University Kennedy Institute of Ethics with "Self-determination of people with disabilities." Kudos to the great Dawson, cognitive scientist, who's expressed high distaste in email over the behavioral portion of my Highly Ethical and Cognitive Behaviorism. It's not only ethical to recognize and not block our autonomy, it's also now the legal thing to do, thanks to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

ABA has no clue about Disability Studies coursework, since all they study is behavior control, the loons! They wouldn't know how to accommodate an autistic child by teaching his or her peers how to love our different mannerisms, our unique and beautiful traits. ABA wouldn't know the Americans with Disabilities Act if it were the Holy Bible and it fell from the sky and dropped on top of their brick heads.

Anyhow, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Fourth Edition Task list of skills and concepts which all ABA certificants must acquire, or else they're in big trouble with their peer-pressuring peers, requires the bunch of them, lock stock and laughing stock barrel of laughing hyenas, to "assume" the existence of "determinism." This means ABA collectively denies the existence of freedom as an actual phenomenon. We have no autonomy to direct our actions, according to ABA. All that we do it just our genes acting upon the environment which in turn acts upon our organisms. Mind is an explanatory fiction which gets in the way of their total control methodology. And who has the control when it comes to us? Well, in their scheme, they're the boss. They know better. They are normal. And they are science. So ABA Grampz, high priest of the pseudoscience cult, B. F. Skinner, in his bestselling book "Beyond Freedom and Dignity," convinced his ABA sheeple that "deviant abnormal" behavior cannot fall inside the domain of actually autistic and disabled persons' autonomous control.

This guy, who raised his baby daughter Debbie Skinner in a Skinner Box, for the convenience of his wife, took it upon himself to move ABA toward complete planetary control of all humanity, under his plot to "design a scientific control of culture," a Utopian Republic, spelled out in his final chapters of his big fat tome, Science and Human Behavior, as dictated, or course, by the behaviorists. And in his fruitcake fantasyland novel, Walden Two, he made his crew the chieftains of his miniature behavior control picture perfect society.

It was strategic linguist Noam Chomsky who almost singlehandedly dethroned behavioral psychology's mid-twentieth century predominance over all branches of Psychology. His "Review of B. F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior" paved the way for the rise of thinking and the demise of behavior control. Cognitive Psychology still, naturally, gains more respect among Humanist or Democratic Psychology than does Behavioral Psychology. Chomsky nowadays is the thorn in the side of the unyielding USA/Israel U. N. alliance, and to hell with the rest of the world's feelings about Palestine's victims. Good thing he slowed the growth of ABA, but they're on the rise again, all over the world. Snakes and vultures with octopus tentacles of all shapes and sizes and razor sharp gouging bull devil horns sunken tooth points and the eternal burning skin scorch flames of damnation.

To this day, Skinner's legacy is a wild pack of robber baron blood suckers pulling life energy from unsuspecting autism families, loving ones, though they're misguided and impressionable to ABA propagandas. Don't blame the parents, here, actually autistic peers. ABA does ABA on them too.

ABA deems itself to be the big, fat, heavyweight prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner of our "deviant behavior problems of social importance," as they call it in their Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA). I asked their chief editor by what standard do they judge social importance. His email reply. "Gee. Good question. I haven't a clue as to how to answer you. But we'll think about it. Thanks for your question." Well I know what they use. It's obvious to us. ABA uses the popular-norm-of-the-day standard. That's why they've called us deviants all the time, throughout their history. That's precisely why they misjudge behavior.

They tried and failed to make gays non-gay. They got us to pass as straight, marrying women, in-the-closet flamers, hiding out in dark dingy stinking rotten bars, and anonymous, frequent encounters in public toilets, bushes, and porn stores. That's what they did! Still do, too, but less now that we can marry. Well now that we have gay marriage, we'll let the straights marry, but we won't be so bitter and Christian about it as they were to us. The poor wives! Diseased by the men!

ABA still tries and fails to make autistics non-autistic, creating submissive childhood to adult zombies, not yet emancipated, who live the traumatic ABA-provoked lie that they are as normal as can be, that whatever autism they display is a very shameful thing, hiding and suppressing, under which ABA must intervene to suppress, under their forty hours a week, at $85,000 a year, our true flappiness, repeating, echoing, communication by behavior and not necessarily spoken tongues, harmless body rocking ausome identities. We do not have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, folks. In all actuality, we we are very good at controlling our own routines. It's ABA who show the disorder. Control freaks who throw a fit whenever they lose control, as we saw on the Fourth of July. So if anyone else has a disorder, it's the parents who throw away their hard-earned money and enslave themselves in debt their lifelong working lives to pay for this ABA exorbitant rubbish.

Well it's simple to beat ABA in debate! Just tell them to do it to their very own mothers. Do what? These are indisputable facts, what investigative agencies have exposed, what they tell us themselves in their written academia, their "dissemination groups," and their actual torture footage, video clips in YouTube which they think are so marvelous that they share them online for all the world to see, even though some of them say to the others, "Don't post the films that catch us in action! The CounterControllers will use them against us." I actually saw this in their internal Facebook texts.

They do: Lemon on lips. Facial water spray, like what they do to cats, and the poor circus elephants. White noise machines. Inappropriate touching and tickling when we often do not like that invasion into our own body spaces. Behavior blocking such as their not letting the hands move freely, or pinning the little ones in a chair in a corner, exit blockaded by the big, wide waist of an ethical behavior modifier. "Quiet hands" she demands. Autis need to self-stim to calm ourselves under ABA's overbearing "intensive behavioral interventions." They force eye contact when we hate staring into the dominant, neurotypical, perfectly normal, wretched, ABA therapist, seasick-colored, blue and green eyeballs. They make us submit to intensive, block moving, finger pointing in-seat drills, they shove cookie shreds in our mouths, one morsel per trial, if it's a continuous schedule of reinforcement, when our "motivating operation is food deprivation." They have proved in Skinner's lab rats that food won't accelerate the rate of lever pressing unless Skinner makes them underweight, so he knows their hungry. I'll say it again ABA tell the parents of our young peers not to feed their children soon before the sessions. If they're "satiated," food loses its "reinforcement value." But all we want is for them to go away and to leave us alone. We want to avoid and escape them, if we can, while they "treat us for elopement." They want to create panicky parents by saying or insinuating to them, "Oh if you don't hire us, s/he'll run away and then an abuser will take her or him away and have his way with your child. Why you don't want anyone to report you to child protective services now, do you? So you better let us in to your lives, or else. These doggie treat, clicker training Skittles they dole out one command at time, contingent upon "obedience." They force them to develop lifelong diabetic eating habits, from baby to full-fledged adult. They will make us repeat the correct way if we slip into error. They call this overcorrection. They pinch, require inescapable ammonia inhalation, slap the skin, squeeze muscles until it hurts, snd so on and so forth ad infinitum. This is their "aversion therapy." Google Scholar any of this. It's all in there. They did Behavioral Rehearsal Lessons at JRC. Brandish a knife in a "student's" face to provoke him into aggressive behavior in order to "effectively treat his aggression" by giving him extremely painful electric skin shock when their knife provokes an aggressive response. Google that BRL. And this is the institution that ABA will defend until the day the CounterControllers send them to the poor house. Because ABA is the human science. And science is right. So ABA can't be wrong.

Then what kind of therapy makes innocent people run away from the therapist? Why, that's "ABA therapy," of course. What else could it be?

So indeed I asked this Independence Day baboon to tell me where he published his official statement against ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock torture. None of them have one. A PBSers might. Positive Behavior Support, in true form, is the breakaway from ABA group who rule out ABA aversives as unnecessary and therefore unethical. So while ABA fights ABAer in their two biggest orgs, ABA fights PBS in another set of internecine squabbles. PBS has a "wide array" of nonaversive alternatives to punishment. ABAers know some of them. Not all of them. And while ABA always depends on aversives as its last resort method of control. It even adds aversives and reinforcers together during non-threatening conditions. PBS teaches that a life-threatening situation is NOT an opportunity for behavior modification. It calls for crisis prevention, de-escalation, and emergency, hand over hand, perhaps, gentle take downs, if they can, and holds. This is not ABA. This is crisis management, a different knowledge base and professional set of values and methods. But ABA often claims: "S/he could gouge his own eyes out, so you better hire me." This is a fact.

Many ABAers outright support skin shock torture. So that's why I directed a skin shock question to the fireworks crowd self-identified ABA Therapy loudmouth. Just like all the rest of them, he's complicit to damaging abuse or else he actually "likes" what the UN calls "torture," extremely painful ABA electric skin shock devices, the GED invention of Dr. Israel "Hurt," his USA-patented electro pain behavior rehearsal lesson correctional device.

There is one amazing exception to this universal statement that no ABAer opposed skin shock. It comes from Lovaas himself, to his credit, although he spoke in an ableist, stigmatizing manner, when he did so. He saw the error in his ways and admitted it publicly.

Thirty years earlier, O. Ivar Lovaas, a psychology professor at UCLA, had pioneered the use of slaps and screams and electric jolts to try to normalize the behavior of autistic kids. Life magazine featured his work in a nine-page photo essay in 1965 with the headline, "A surprising, shocking treatment helps far-gone mental cripples." Lovaas eventually abandoned these methods, telling CBS in 1993 that shock was "only a temporary suppression" because patients become inured to the pain. "These people are so used to pain that they can adapt to almost any kind of aversive you give them," he said.

Our visitor to Asbury Park will have to be anonymous. I don't know the colors of his glaring, angry, beady little inside the egg-white window to his mind. I didn't want to see them. I didn't look. I usually don't. That's how I like it.

We've asked them to stop it, the non-PBS ABAers. We have given them a way to save face over their pathetic skin shock reputation. We told them to invite us in to their conventions so we can debate and present against ABA. They told us to join them, pay membership does, and apply to do a "scientific only" presentation. That's the only way they could let us communicate with them there. I replied, "You ban us from your ABAI Facebook group without specifying why and now you're telling us to pay you money to join your group and you won't let us give you a non-science ethics presentation. You should roll out the red carpet to us."

Yes. ABA does not have a single published statement specifically opposing the JRC, whom the U. N. calls "torturers." But many defend them. Their mammoth Association for Behavior Analysis International, year after year, officially "approves" JRC because they're "aligned" with ABAI's "mission." This is their words, not ours. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and ABA Leaks keep demanding the ABAI stop approving this torture. They won't even talk to us, return or calls, or emails any more.

The GED is not psychiatry's so-called "depression treatment brain shock ECT." ECT is not supposed to hurt. But ABA claims it would not be so "effective" if it were not so painful.

They refuse to listen to actual autistics. Then they complain to one another about how bad a reputation they have.
Oh dear. May the baby box guru forbid! If we can only convince the uneducated public how 'scientifically effective' we are, then we could take over and control the entire planet, for their own benefit. WE alone can design and control this accidentally controlled collective sampling of Homo sapiens organisms. Why do they doubt us? The Peons!
You can see them lament their ineffective propaganda machine condition this on so-called ethics expert, on the big, wide, girth and mirth, "BehaviorBabe's" Facebook page. (My problem is I can't keep the chubby chasers away, since big is beautiful. Enough said.)

So anyway, getting back to Beady-Eyed Loudmouth, the loser who threatened to rat me out as I was about to embarrass him in debate where the public could hear. I went away to pull my next maneuver. My queen took his king with this one. I inoculated myself from a false harassment complaint. I simply walked away from him as he said I harassed him, so that's not harassment when I do as he says, to leave him be. To escape from him as he so ordered or else he'd report me. Then I proceeded, away from him, to report this false accusation to a professional group of Asbury Park police officers that lovely, happy-in-the- end evening. Now it's done. Should it ever come up, I'm covered, perhaps, so it seems. I treated him with a taste of his own medicine. Of course he didn't like it. They never do. Case closed. So I don't want to identify him or her in blog. It's a free speech versus petty nonsense closed file now.

Back to skin shock. It's critical to all ABA. I don't care if they don't shock in the UK if there really are any laws against it. Wake up England CounterControllers! We hit them globally over skin shock. This is their most basic and their most reported and analyzed form of torture, the most basic and over-used aversive in their animal control "science." It is their ultimate ultimate method of control. It's convenient, powerful, and technological. When you know their shit, you know shock is their baby. They would collapse to give her up.

Your common "Skinner Box" rat torture experimental chamber doles out pieces of grain as reward and adds inescapable electric grid floor paw shock to punish these poor helpless mammals. That's their thing! That's their way! When we defeat them on shock, and get it banned from their attack on people, we will win a major CounterControl victory. It will be a major public relations boon for us and bane for them. ABA's all out defense of shock has them so cornered that when the FDA finishes the shock ban it proposed, then ABA will not be able to recover. Sooner or later they topple. The house of cards collapses from within. So we hope and pray, those of who do pray, the FDA will finish analyzing their large skin shock public commentary docket and publish its ban in the Federal Register. So call your Senators and Congressional reps. Tell them to tell the FDA to finish the shock ban they proposed, please. ABA Leaks has uncovered death number seven at JRC in its history. Six were known. The Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission tells us and give us the file that show JRC death seven was an unborn baby of a seventeen-year-old girl. Why did ABA let that delicate, vulnerable mother with child coming soon stay inside that horribly violent institution of terror?

Historically, after experimental behavior analysis of shock to rats, pigeons, birds, dogs, and monkeys, 1960s Lovaas forced a young autistic girl named Pamela, just because she was different, to walk barefooted upon his electric grid floor UCLA lab room. This happened during the fledgling ABA era of Lovaas and Company's "Feminine Boys Project" homophobic and stone cold "homosexual curing." This was the developing days of loudmouth Daddy of all ABA, O. Ivar Lovaas, founder of intense ABA obedience training and harmful Discrete Trial Training (DTT) coercive, freedom denying senseless, ridiculously repetitive drills. Get them early, young toddlers and babies, since they're too small to defend themselves, easier to control, and they won't remember anything, so they can't tell the prosecutors.

So then, when and if the FDA finishes its skin shock ban, we have in our hands a major, major public relations coup against all Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), as well as their cruel and unusual animal torture experimental equivalent Experimental Behavior Analysis (EBA).

These psuedo-professionals have called their victims "deviants" in their pseudo-scientific, rose-colored journals for one hundred years, ever since Russian Pavlov, 1920s, surgically knifed open some holes in dog cheeks to collect their saliva "scientifically." And in the USA, meanwhile, preliminary behaviorist John Watson, 1920s, tortured, before Skinner, who made Little Baby Boy Albert fear furry rabbits, dogs, and stuffed toy animals by pairing them with loud disturbing noises. Then Skinner (1938) first reported in book form on his behavior control by rat lever-pressing consequences. Then ABA put Skinner's control by reward and punishment coercions onto autistics and others, but especially us, and then on schizophrenics in state hospitals, Anna State Hospital. ABA figured out a a small sample of a music, just a snippet, caused the psychiatric to want to get music reward later, in coercion. Today supermarkets know, from ABA experimentation on wards of the state, that a sample of cheese, there in the store, makes us buy the entire pound of cheese. Did ABA pay its victims anything for for their marketing basis of knowledge, for all the supermarkets in the country to profit off immensely? Of course not! They had no choice! Did they thank them? Of course not! They were fixing their deviants. "Why the schizos at Anna State ought to thank us. Not the other way around. We're the superiors! Those peons!"

ABA still denies us the power to say "no" to their abuse. They could not refuse them. They were "wards of the state." These ABA Controllers have a mighty big control problem and THEY call US the "deviants." It's a behavior control way of life. They drink too much and they divorce in droves. They say "ABA is the force. May the force be with you." I'm not kidding. Look at them memes of popular Behavior Guy and Behavior Man Facebook pages. They do it to their spouses and they admit they're out to control the world. Go look for yourselves, if you doubt me. They dress up as superheroes and threaten anyone who opposes them in their delusional, grandiose comic character images with pro-ABA text (memes).

It would be funny were they not so vicious and profiteering and parasitic and misjudgmental. They shocked gays and autistics. Gays fought back. Now ABA is likely a direct cause of the "shock treatment" internment camps for gays in the current Chechnya Russia ant-gay pogroms, as we speak. Gays had a temporary hiatus from ABA, but watch them froth and the mouth with their dollar signs over USA Christian evangelical Vice President under Trump, Pence's "gay conversion therapy."

Empathy disabled EIQ-retarded ABAers, however, never stopped skin shocking autistics, schizophrenic, developmentally disabled "slow learners" (with very high "Emotional IQ's" - intellectually disabled), and youth released from juvenile detention. Most JRC skin shock inmates are dark-skinned, according to Massachusetts educational statistics reporting. Many less whites than blacks and latinos get their food deprivation and bondage and shock sadism "treatment" in Canton, Massachusetts. In public photos, ABA's Glenda "the good witch" Crookes, JRC skin shock boss lady near Salem, Massachusetts, in Canton, is dressed up in black clothes with her long black hair, told the IRS, in writing, on her Form 990, public document, that she does not racially discriminate.

Does Crooked hail as a Wiccan witch from Salem, for real? She looks the part. Maybe Dr. Israel, JRC founder first hired her because she's a Glenda. Israel collects Oz art and has an Emerald City and Yellow Brick Road deep inside the confines of his school of no escape, where they can check in, but they can't check out, in true ABA control style.

Well we'll let the IRS check into her report and they can decide for themselves. Do we have any volunteers for ABA Leaks want to write the IRS over this? Remember, folks. Ask an autistic how to help an autistic. Only we know how it feels. They are profiteers. We get no pay to answer your questions. We're happy to do it. We're all over Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Google Hangouts, blogs, and discussion boards. Give us a shout. Ask. We're happy to oblige. Our ABA Leaks investigators, or anyone else.

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