Monday, July 10, 2017

Des Roches Rosa (September 22, 2016). How "autism warrior parents" harm autistic kids.

Des Roches Rosa (September 22, 2016). How "autism warrior parents" harm autistic kids.
Your autistic kids depend on you, but if you're not autistic, then you have to learn how to be the parent they need, and autistic people's perspectives can help you tremendously. So do your best to absorb how autistic people of all abilities think and perceive the world. If people describe your child with labels like "low functioning" or "high functioning," tell them why autistic activist Amy Sequenzia, who types to communicate, considers those terms useless. If professionals insist that your non-speaking child must do speech therapy and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), tell them how focusing solely on those approaches prevented Ido Kedar from getting appropriate communication and education options until he was a teenager. If your child prefers to talk by repeating what other people say, quote Amythest Schaber on why echolalia is a functional communication strategy. If you are told that you're in denial about your kids' challenges by accepting autism, refer them to Ruti Regan on why accepting being disabled is not the same as liking every aspect of being disabled.

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