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There's an FBI file on atheist Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) founder Skinner's trip to Russia. Russia is now a gigantic ABA country. It has only one skill, utterly inhumane coercion of people with less power. Extreme pain ABA electroshock "torturers" live by Salem, Massachusetts.

[Updating July 31, 2017. DA]
The "data" is in. Each and every Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) pseudo-professional cult member completely supports or is complicit to ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock "torture." Establishing argument: ABA is different from Positive Behavior Support (PBS), despite some overlap. PBS rules out ABA punitive techniques as unnecessary and therefore unethical. However, PBS does punish in practice, despite its theoretical claims that it doesn't. Altieri (June 28, 2016)
No scientific system always only paints a rosy picture of itself. Atom Bomb physics never does this. Phoney ABA scientists abuse autistics, simply because we're different and ABA is a money leech. Hypocrite Skinner, ABA high priest, was quick to call cognitive psychology a pseudoscience of "mentalism." Skinner did discover operant conditioning. So what! This false system does not correct its errors. Peer review is nothing more than peer pressure submission to the old guard orthodoxy of homosexual and autism skin shocks, according to how they shocked their lab rats.

ABA: Shock yourselves, for decades at a time, each and every last one of you, exactly as your eldest detainee at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of Canton, Massachusetts and surrounding areas still endures! You claim you are positive! Bullocks!

ABA is a cult. It punishes its own dissenters and it does anything it can to silence, attack, and ignore its critics on the internet. It is ineffective. It fails at both gay and autism conversion therapy. It uses by-any-means-necessary force to subdue defenseless autistic children as young as age one. ABA promises parents it can cure autism. Autism is not a disease. Board Certified Behavior Analysts must assume the existence of Determinism, that freedom is an illusion. (Behav. Anal. Cert. Bd., 4th Ed. Task List, FK-03, pg. 9. Determinism.)

ABA will not examine the emerging body of anecdotal evidence self-reports about the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder it provokes. Once again, this pseudoscience is entering mass scale insurance fraud territory should it continue in its reckless path. ABA Leaks notifies ABAI, B. F. Skinner Foundation, BACB, and all its lesser, pseudo-academic entities with this post, once again. They all support torture!

ABA Controllers, We are the CounterControllers. We demand that you must listen to real Autistics Speaking! That is only step one!

Autism $peaks is parents in bed with ABA and we despise that alliance. A$ is not an autism organization. We do Red Instead of its Light It Up Blue. We reject autism awareness. Big deal. People are aware! So they panic and hire a BCBA. We require autism appreciation. Autism is beautiful!

It all started when Pavlov (1926) knifed holes in his imprisoned dogs' cheeks. He collected their drool through the slit. He recorded his readings of the drippy wet vile. He made them salivate to meat and a metronome. Then withheld he the meat and maintained the tone. This forced them to leak drippy dog lick fluid to the tone alone, sans horse meat, or whatever animal he had butchered.

See more at Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.


Nowadays, BehaviorBabe of Facebook pairs herself with food before she coerces. This how she gets people to like her, no doubt. She conditions herself to automatically become a positive reinforcer, as Pavlov did his to his poor canines.

She led Kelly et al. (2015) who wrote: "Effects of presession pairing on the challenging behavior and academic responding of children with autism." Our BehaviorBabe is a stimulus we can aptly name Skittles®. After all, her customers ate "edibles." And they say WE autistics have behavior "problems of social importance." Ha!
For correct responses, the experimenter provided positive social praise (e.g., ‘That’s right’ and ‘Way to go’) and a round, yellow token. Once participants obtained five tokens, the experimenter paused the timer and allowed them to exchange for a moderately preferred item. After consumption of the edible [bold italic added] or 30s with tangibles, the experimenter removed the item, restarted the timer, and presented the next instruction. For incorrect responses, the experimenter stated ‘That’s not right, let’s try this together’, re-presented the instruction, and modeled the correct response. For Ariel, the experimenter held up a picture card, stated the word ‘sun’, sounded out the word ‘s-uh-n’, and then placed the corresponding letter tiles in the correct order. For Jonah and Suzanna, the experimenter held up the flashcard and wrote and stated aloud the steps for solving the equation. The participants imitated the model and did not receive a token. (Kelly et al., 2015, pp. 144-145
Incidentally, ABA Leaks has obtained secret KGB files. We know for a fact that Pavlov drooled to his assistants when his lovely Russian helpers handled the dogs with care, unlike how he sliced into their faces with his surgeon's scalpel. Well they had pet dogs. They were upset. So they quit. The next thing we know Pavlov salivated out of his wide-open mouth at the sight of poor, defenseless, female dogs. Not a single, solitary human breast in his sight!


B. F. Skinner (1938), on the other hand, came later. Instead of pairing two things together to condition neutral stimuli, the meat and the bell, Skinner coerced hungry rats' behavior by adding and removing reinforcers and punishers, after his "non-human organisms emitted responses." His lab rodents pulled a lever in his Skinner Box, because he let them eat tiny pieces of grain when they did so. He knew they were hungry because he underfed them and weighed them. (That is why ABA wants a hungry victim to bribe with their doggie treats.) To punish rats in '38 he slapped their wrists. Later on he decided to shock them instead, by adding electric grid floors to his rat chambers. He needed to do this in order to figure out the "most effective" way  skin shock his human organisms into submissive ABA zombies.


Here are a few pictures of Pavlov's and Skinner's sheeple and their ABA detainee victims. Also included are some of the best CounterControllers to the ABA Controllers, including United Nations and Massachusetts governmental investigators into the widespread ABA torture network. Why do so many extreme JRC skin shock pain torturers have long black hair and black clothes? Canton is near Salem, where witches were burned at the stake. How many Board Certified Behavior Analysts are actual Wiccan witches and warlocks?

Wiccans and atheists, we don't misjudge you as necessarily bad. There are evil Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists. And they've all done good. But tell us, please. Is Glenda Crookes one of you? She must give you a terrible name and you do not deserve it. We need to know.



Juan E. Méndez (2013, p. 85)UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said,

Therefore, and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of (ABA's) Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) subjected to Level III Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards.

This is JRC's current Director Mrs. Glenda "the good witch" Crookes. So how did she get her first name and for how many generations has the Crookes family lived around Salem, Massachusetts. Kidding aside, as the saying goes, "Many a true word is said in jest." So is ABA full of Wiccan witches in fact? ABA Leaks investigates.

Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce, Joyce Law Group, Canton, Massachusetts, which happens to be the headquarters of all ABA shock torture, although ABA abuse is rampant all over the world.  

Juan E. Méndez (2013, p. 85)UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said,
Therefore, and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of (ABA's) Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) subjected to Level III Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards. 



Skinner (1945) raised his "Baby in a Box," Ladies Home Journal title. He wrote the article. The magazine gave him this title. That made him very angry.


The FBI has a file on him. Skinner (1983, p. 241). A matter of consequences. Autobiography. Volume 3 of 3.

Skinner wrote to Pei Sung, his Chinese colleague.

In 1961…Pei Sung gave my name to the President of the Chinese Psychological Society, who was working on machine teaching, hoping that I could be invited to speak there. Pei Sung reported that, "We do not see any obstacles standing in the way of obtaining an invitation from this end, but I have been reminded to use caution in this matter in view of the present world situation: the possible consequences of your visit to us on your return to the U.S." At the time I was amused, but later I discovered that the San Francisco Office of the FBI had been following the correspondence "between Tang and Professor B. F. Skinner, a.k.a. ‘Fred.’
Wyatt (2000) wrote:

An agent went to the New York City Public Library. He found four books by Skinner. They were Science and Human Behavior (1953), Walden Two (1948), Schedules of Reinforcement (1957), and Cumulative Record (1959). Whether the agent read all or parts of the books is not stated in the file, nor is the significance, if WYATT 104 any, of the books to the FBI. There was also reference to an unnamed fifth book, most likely the Behavior of Organisms (1938). At the height of the 1961 investigation came an incident that may have intensified the FBI’s suspicions about Skinner. Skinner traveled to Russia. On May 23, 1961 B. F. Skinner was in the Soviet Union, visiting laboratories with other American scientists. He would return on May 31. In a file letter dated a week later, J. Edgar Hoover wrote to White House Special Assistant Kenneth O’Donnell, a special assistant to the president, saying, in effect, that the bureau was continuing to check Skinner’s character, loyalty and the like and that 18 other individuals had been, or would be, contacted for reference material about Skinner.


Skinner (1971) wrote another book he called Beyond Freedom and Dignity. Didn't believe in freedom. Falsely claimed he KNEW ABA could control our behaviors with absolutely no autonomous mind to create our actions. Certified behaviorists must "assume determinism." This philosophy stems from the fact that he was an atheist.

Skinner (1967) said in one of his autobiographies,

My Grandmother Skinner made sure that I understood the concept of hell by showing me the glowing bed of coals in the parlor stove. In a traveling magician's show I saw a devil complete with horns and barbed tail, and I lay awake all that night in an agony of fear. Miss Graves, though a devout Christian, was liberal. She explained, for example, that one might interpret the miracles in the Bible as figures of speech. Shortly after I reached puberty, I had a mystical experience. I lost a watch, which I had just been given by my family, and I was afraid to go home ("You would lose your head if it were not screwed on"). I took my bicycle and rode up along the river and followed the creek up to our shack. I was miserably unhappy. Suddenly, it occurred to me that happiness and unhappiness must cancel out and that if I were unhappy now I would necessarily be happy later. I was tremendously relieved. The principle came with the force of a revelation. In a mood of intense exaltation I started down along the creek. Halfway to the road, in a nest of dried grass beside the path, lay my watch. I have no explanation; I had certainly "lost" it in town. I took this as a Sign. I hurried home and wrote an account in biblical language and purple ink. (The ink I had made by dissolving the lead from an indelible pencil, and it had an appropriate golden sheen.) No other signs followed, however, and my new testament remained only one chapter in length. Within a year I had gone to Miss Graves to tell her that I no longer believed in God. "I know," she said, "I have been through that myself." But her strategy misfired: I never went through it.


So now we at ABA Leaks tell ABA: Just because we know how to drop a bomb to "effectively" end World War Two and also incinerate Japanese children, that doesn't mean we should. This idea is too "negative" for them to understand. So they marry and divorce. Behavior control issues. And they call us "abnormal deviants," as ABA industry autism money leeches.

Behavior Analyst Certification Board Fourth Edition Task List "assumption" p. 9 item FK-03: "Determinism." Look it up in a dictionary, if you can take a couple minutes away.


Skinner told Reinholt (April 21, 1972) in The New York Times:

I am not too bothered by the fact that the Soviet Union has not been too successful, because their doctrines had a built in kind of blind spot with respect to behavioral analysis. I have been to the Soviet Union and I have seen nothing I would call behavioral science.

If Skinner was not a bold-faced liar here, well then how did Russia morph into the ABA powerhouse it is today. After all, as we've already pointed out, ABA all started with Pavlov's dogs. Perhaps, the real truth is quite the opposite, the USA played second fiddle to the Soviet Union powerhouse when it came to cruel and unusual ABA coercions.


Russian language ABA Facebook groups headcounts as of July 31, 2017.

ABA Professional. 3771 members; two administrators.

Аутизм: Коррекционная работа на основе АВА. Google Translate: Autism: Corrective work based on ABA. 6896; 3.

ABA-терапия: ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ. ABA-Therapy: ANNOUNCEMENTS. 3,542; 1.

Дом Азбуки | ABA-центр в Самаре. House of the alphabet | ABA-Center in Samara. 106; 1.

Аутизм и АВА-терапия. Autism and ABA-therapy. 8,114; 3.

Вебинары. Прикладной анализ поведения (АВА). Webinars. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 3,292; 2.

Аутизм и ABA терапия.КБР, Нальчик. Autism and ABA therapy. CBR, Nalchik. 324; 2.

АВА-центр "Шаг Вперёд." ABA-Center "Step Forward." 1,234; 2.

There's many more. See the next two posts from our blog. ABA has even forced its way inside murderous dictator Putin's Russian prison chambers. Their ABA jailers have a Facebook group! That's one fact that supports our claim that ABA has renewed its skin shock torture of gays, prevalent in the USA throughout the 1960's and 70's. This year ABA skin shock to gays has emerged in the Chechnya concentration camp pogroms! Look next!


Altieri (April 15, 2017). As unbelievable as it sounds, ABA Leaks concludes, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a direct cause of their well-known extremely painful electric skin shock "treatment" now as we speak on gay victims of the newly-reported Russian concentration camps, the likes of which the world has never seen since Adolph Hitler's mid-Twentieth-Century, white-supremacy, neurotypical, scientifically-genocidal Nazi Party rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, sterilized, and annihilated 6,000,000 gays, autistics, disabled people, and all the others.

Altieri (April 17, 2017). ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).


Kelly (aka Facebook page BehaviorBabe) et al. (April 28, 201y5). Effects of pre-session pairing on the challenging behavior and academic responding of children with autism."

These are Amanda Kelly pics from the Denver, Colorado, USA Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

See Altieri (May 1, 2017). Denver. May 25-29, 2017. The Association for Behavior Analysis International annual convention officially "approves" extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock torture once again, after autistic advocates have told them year after year they must stop approving it. Is all ABA deaf, dumb, and blind?


"Get your BehaviorBabe buttons!"

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