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2011. Profiteering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Pops' Lovaas Center's Dr. Eric Larsson called our beautiful autism a "cancer" ABA "cures" while Minnesota autistics began to wonder. Is ABA a mass-scale health insurance conspiracy to fraud USA's autism families, taxpayers, and insurance companies?

Here's a picture of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) high priest guru Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas, ABA's beloved atheism saint and demonic creator. Grant (May 7, 1965) photographs him in Life Magazine. Pamela is his nine-year-old, harmless, disempowered, innocent hostage autistic girl. He here in when Grant took the pics here to kick off ABA's grand opening with a boom. The massive, international industry of today boasts certificants who must "assume" that there is no such thing as free will. (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Fourth Edition Task List, item FK-03, p. 9, "Determinism") which means freedom is an illusion. Which is always only an unknown belief. So Skinner was delusional promoting behavioral determination while he completely convinced himself that he knew our actions are always physical in cause. We don't have a computer that's bigger than the universe, so we can't collect all the particles and waves in the universe to track them all together in a database, so Skinner (1971) held a false belief. He believed he knew something he could only believe. He was certain he knew the environment and our genes in operation together caused all our actions to occur. This was a bad assumption. Determinism is only an unproved belief. All Board Certified Behavior Analysts must prove to the board that they understand the idea of punish and know how to punish in exactly ten Task List items. Yet ABA often tells parents. "No. WE don't punish. Only THEY punish." He called his bestseller Beyond Freedom and Dignity. Plus he sent a gaggle of ABA geese to ram his discoveries down the throats of Communist enemy Soviet Union Russian autistic lab rat room detainees. So so the ABA Grampz and all his phony Bologna sheeple are unpatriotic under the USA Constitution's Freedoms of Speech; Press; Religions, faiths, non-beliefs, and atheism; from ABA's Cruel and Unusual Punishers; and so on and so forth. The FBI has a Skinner file. They did a great job compiling it, of course.

Seattle Times. Lerner (April 14, 2011):

Now a battle is raging in some areas, including Minnesota, about whether taxpayers and health insurers should be forced to pay for the treatment, known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). At a time when autism diagnoses are soaring nationwide, many parents and professionals insist that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is the best way to help these children live normal lives. Eric Larsson, a Minneapolis psychologist and leading advocate, says ABA is more than just a treatment — it’s a way to rescue children “from the ravages of autism.” He tells parents that nearly half of children can recover if they start ABA soon enough. “They’re coming to us because they want to cure their child,” he said. “Just like you or I would do if we had cancer.” But other autism experts say the benefits of ABA treatment have been blown out of proportion. They say there is scarce evidence that it’s really better than less costly alternatives. “A lot of claims out there are inflated,” said Barbara Luskin, a psychologist with the Autism Society of Minnesota. “Autism is a difference in the way your brain is. You’re not going to cure it.” [Italics, bold, underscore added. DA]
Hegemony is almost complete. State by state, from Hawaii western-most to Alaska northern-most, across the entire eastern seaboard, down to southern-most, where ABA is an ultra-dominant, cross-state-university powerball, to Florida's Key West lowest latitude of the fifty states, not counting global colonies, the compass spot; under the USA military, Medicare, Medicaid; and in spite of justified company insurer protests. ABA puts the entire nation in an experimental fortress. Obviously, for its ever-thickening revenue stream, it panics parents of newly diagnosed autistic babies and toddlers such that it implies: "They'll run away to a child molester unless you make your therapy co-payments on time." So is it a criminal fraud? Only time will tell.

Somebody, please tell these cruel and unusually punitive ABA-industry profiteers to go away and to leave us alone! All emancipated from ABA and pro-ABA parent adult autistic ABA survivors always say this! Well we don't know them all, of course. But ABA Leaks has investigated ABA here in blog since 1997. So far the victims of coercion are unanimous. It's a pure consensus of the entire population we've sampled since then. ABA provokes in us PTSD terrorist nightmares. 

ABA love to put parents in a panic like they'll get the state to take their children. "Oh. They'll run away if you don't pay me. To an autistic toddler child molester. We know you won't let this happen. And they'll gouge out their own eyes. Only we can fix your human organism lab rat experiment."

This fake science accuses cognitive or thought psychology of pseudoscience. How pathetic. 

In social media encounters with ABA Leaks, ABA completely disregards the  undeniable truth about the histories by free adult autistic survivors of ABA-provoked PTSD nightmares with life-long tormented memories. The actually autistic blogosphere has accumulated an emerging body of literature, self-reported bona-fide-research-method according to university Research Methods coursework professors. This is "anecdotal evidence." The "data" about their "problem behaviors," not those they always call their inferior "abnormal deviants from the popular norms of the day." So ABA ain't no real scientific system. ABA is only a set of cruel models they use to manipulate ABA's autism responses money stream.  Physics does not always paint a rosy picture of itself. It made Atom Bombs over Japanese babies to "effectively end World War Two." We know ABA's dissenters. It punishes them. It aims to censor and silence its critics out of social media. ABA, therefore, is the cult of coercion. ABA is the hypocrite of Liberal Arts and Social Studies. It's the blood libel incarnate. It condemns: "YOU are fake science. WE are THE behavior science. Well wipe my ass, B. F. Skinner and Company, Julie Vargas Skinner, bullshit-artist-in-charge! Skinner opposed punishment, indeed, but only for the neurotypicals. Skinner praised and approved torture on autistics, because we can't respond normally to his reinforcers. Well stick a plunger where the sun don't shine, all you sheeple! We beg to differ. And only WE know how you feel. So zip it and get way from our beautiful bodies, all you control freak alcoholic divorcees, lock stock and barrel!

Anyone can ask an autistic adult advocate how to support an autistic child. ABA has no clue about how we feel! It can't observe feelings hidden "under the skin." It cannot control them. They ain't no ABA "datas." Only autistics can show and tell how autism feels. We are unique and amazing to all who get to know us!

ABA cries: "Autistics are not normal. Their stories are not science. They're deviants. Only we do science, one rat at a time, in our electric grid floor Skinner Boxes, all, just like the electric grid floor to Pamala barefoot on Lovaas's UCLA lab room. Look!"

Grant (May 7, 1965). Life Magazine. ABA founder Lovaas is the star in the magazine. "A surprising shocking treatment helps far-gone mental cripples. Screams, slaps, and love. Life's first sentence reads, "Enraged bellows at the boy, then a sharp slap in the face." And then, Life says: 
They have taken on three boys and a girl with a special form of schizophrenia called autism—utterly withdrawn (autistic) children whose minds are sealed against all human contact and whose uncontrolled madness had turned their homes into hells. And, by altering methods of (ABA skin shock to a barefoot floor on a Lovaas electric grid floor lab room) shocking roughness with persistent and loving attention, the researchers have broken through the first barriers.

Grant (1965.) See above. ABA founder Lovaas Life Magazine ABA industry grand opening celebration. He captures Pamela, age nine, lovely autistic girl, holds her against her will. She becomes ABA's first circus side show freak act to push ABA down the throats of our parents. He pulls off her shoes. Brings her into his torture chamber. Shock! Oww! ABA's Skinner lab rat box on a human organism. ABA electrified this prison cell floor! Leave us alone, ABA! Once and for all! Series. 1 of 4. 

2 of 4.

3 of 4.

4 of 4


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