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ABA Leaks wires, through Atlantic Ocean floor optic cable lines, the United Kingdom CounterControllers against the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Controllers about British Caudwell Children's offensive "Locked in for Autism" campaign. Caudwell funds ABA.

[Edit note. July 17, 2017 about 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, New York City time. Victory in Great Britain for actually autistic people speaking. Tesco listens! ABA never does. Gives Caudwell Children, ABA fundraiser, the boot from its mall. Just like ABA banishes us from its Facebook groups.]

[BUYcott Tesco! DA]


ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. If you don't know it well from the autistic perspective, see Altieri (November 24, 2016). "An actually autistic man defines and explains Applied Behavior Analysis."

We at ABA Leaks know ABA inside out from seven B. F. Skinner books, all marked up and outlined and analyzed cover to cover, some three times over. We know ABA Grampz better than almost any of them can ever wet dream about. We know the so-called science and its discoveries to its ethics, and not their horribly flawed ethics code in the Behavior Analysis Certification Board which does not sanction its Board Certified Behavior Analysts sitting on the board of directors of the worst of the worst of them, the Rotenberg skin shock abusers. We tell it like nobody else can, until other autistic savants follow us, surpass us, and then turn ABA upon ABA, like the worst of all Dr. Frankenstein nightmares we so happen to be! Ha ha!

We reply to ABA behavioral conditioning: Just because physics creates the atom bomb, that doesn't mean we have to use it. To ABA behavior control is a way of life. Furthermore, since ABA refuses to listen and acknowledge our work, not only our work at ABA Leaks, but of the entire emancipated autistic adult community who had ABA who are in complete consensus that #ABAisAbuse, to our knowledge, without exception, Temple Grandin included, aversive hot air mouth, who got the mods from her mother, not an ABA therapist, at a tender young toddler age that nobody can honestly recollect. In other words, Grandin, profiteer, didn't have the ABA she claims she had.

ABA, has no clue as to the harm is causes, one hundred year back in time, because ABA punishes dissent from within its ranks, and blocks it opponents out of its social media groups. They do this to us. And we know the dissenters. ABA is a profiteering cult. ABA is big business. ABA does ABA to parents. ABA does ABA to insurance companies who do not want to pay them. ABA does ABA on itself. ABA does ABA to elected representatives. ABA is entering mass-scale insurance fraud territory as is continues to deny the reports of ABA-provoked Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, an emerging body of actually autistic-led narrative and investigative blog report anecdotal evidence. ABA is a false science, which we explain below. ABA has a Terrible Timeline it will never publish and here it is. Read it and weep "dissemination" propaganda groups!

So therefore, ask an autistic adult how to help an autistic child with no ABA. Only we know how it feels to be autistic and beautiful and victimized by the domineering typicals, who are in for a big surprise as autistics rise in Neurodiversity, the young, but well-established movement, and now with us, the CounterControllers against the Controllers, the baby of all disability stirrings, at the moment.

Autistics are blunt. That is one of our greatest strengths. And with it comes our uncanny sense of empathy as well our knack in bullshit detection. Get over it, ABA! You can't stop us when we're free from you! As much as you lunatics believe you have absolute power over us, every team of typicals needs an atypical on board, and the good ones are hearing us speak all over the planet, despite the half-witted attempts of ABA to censor us when we obey their internet group rules, of courser, which we do, undeniably so. They usually don't even say why when we ask them to be specific, and then the few who do are full of doublespeak bologna.


Anna Kosovkaya, self-portrait. From Russia as a little girl with love to the USA, in order for ABA to torture her in and around Canton, Massachusetts, where she could not even tell her fellow inmates anything about the screams she witnessed of ABA skin shock coupled with immobilizing ABA special technology, four point restraint, ankles and wrists, "on the board." Anna is a true hero to all actually autistic. She has the guts to speak! She wants to stop them because she loves her peers. She escaped Judge Rotenberg Center ABA skin shockers, whom the UN called "torturers," and lived to tell the happy ending. At least seven deaths have occurred throughout JRC's fraught history. Yet the Ass. for Behavioural Analysis International will not stop "approving" JRC, after we tell them, year after year, to stop approving this sadistic manipulation. This proves that these money leeches will not listen to actual autistics speaking. See more at the bottom of this post.


Dear Better Ways Than ABA Facebook page allies:

Are you following the "Not Locked in" campaign led by actually autistic advocates in the U. K. against ABA-funder Caudwell Children's offensive and highly-stigmatizing "Locked in for Autism" fundraising campaign? They set up a glass box in some kind of a shopping mall and wanted to put someone inside the box to represent an autistic person boxed inside the so-called "torturous life of autism."

So as you can see, we're hitting them hard in Twitter and they eventually promised yesterday that they will hear actually autistic people's opposition. We at ABA Leaks doubt they will fulfill their promise. They even said they have included the actually autistic voice. This sounds like a bold-faced lie, unless of course, they've talking about autistic children or teenagers under the power of ABA and pro-ABA parents, not yet emancipated, and obviously not free to speak about their true feelings about ABA coercions. ABA loves to parade this kind of autistic victim and claim how "effective" they can be for the next "family affected by the cancer of autism." So Caudwell will behave in typical ABA fashion, pretend to ignore us (extinction of verbal behavior) and when they fail at that, and since they can never defeat us in ethics debate, we also predict they'll lash out like a cornered animal in an ABA-animal-training three-ring-circus cage that backs itself into its own illogical and immoral B. F. Skinnerian determinism (no free will) ABA corner. That's exactly what they've done to us in social media since 2007 when this blog began. We have today 210,775 hits here since 2007. The Controllers read our work more than anyone else. We don't know exactly who they are, but when we were allowed to post in their Facebook and Reddit groups before they banned us, well we knew they came from their groups. As much as they wish they can, they cannot keep us off their Twitter hashtags, #ABAtherapy, #ABAchat, #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis, and they can't stop us from tweeting #NoABA because #ABAisAbuse so #CloseTheJRC of #ABA #skinShock #torturePsychology. A #BehaviorAnalysis #BCBA of @BACB_Inc should know better than to help #punishmentRunAmok, but alas, they're addicted to #aversionTherapy which is an oxymoron, a contradiction of terms, since there is no such thing as a therapist whom we want to escape and avoid.

Caudwell funds ABA. Autistics despise ABA, as we know them best, as we are their victims. We have told them this. As I said, they pretend to "extinguish our verbal behavior," miserably and ineffectively, as they yell at each other when some of them yell at us, instead of "properly and scientifically ignoring our problem behaviors." They call us "CounterControllers" and this is, according to them, "a very bad way to behave." Therefore, we proudly call this movement CounterControl, as gays owned the once-derogatory word "queer" and turned it into a positive thing, quite effectively.

See Altieri (January 24, 2017) for news on the first and greatest CounterControl victory to date. "Aktion Mensch defunds Applied Behavior Analysis programs in Germany."

ABA needs parents in a panic. They've called us "deviants" for 100 years. If parents are frightened of autism, at diagnosis, they are highly likely to hire Applied Behavior Analysis under its false promise of effectively "normalizing the deviants." They say, "We can stop them from gouging their eyes out. You better hire us or else your child will "elope" (run away from them). This is their subtle threat. Implied, ABA says, "We'll report your neglect to child protective services who might take them away from you if you don't realize your children have the "The right to effective behavioral treatment" a document by Von Houten et al. (1988) which is nothing else but an outcry by some of the most infamous inventors, users, and supporters of ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock. See Von Houten here on the Board of Directors of whom the UN calls "torturers." Méndez (2013, p. 85), the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said,

Therefore and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of the JRC (Judge Rotenberg Center) subjected to Level III Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards.

They fail at making autistics non-autistic. But they can force us to live the lie that we're not so autistic, just as a gay man can marry  a woman and then make anonymous sex in a gay porn bookstore booth where nobody but other married homosexual can see them in action. What a miserable life.

ABA also failed when they shocked gays, promising to make us non-gay, putting penises in mercury-filled tubes, (Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis post-1969 Stonewall gay rebellion, pre-American Psychological Association mid-'70's delisting gay as an illness. See here for the free .pdf download of Barlow et al. (1970). A mechanical strain gauge for recording penile circumference change.

Barlow et al. (1970) Fig. 1

Barlow et al. (1970) Fig. 2

Barlow et al. (1970) Fig. 3

See also: Freund, Sedlacer, and Knob (1955). Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 8(3). A simple transducer for mechanical plethysmography of the male genital. Prague, Czechoslovakia. "The method is based on the measurement of volume changes of the male genital while the patient is viewing pictures of possible erotic objects on a screen, in this case photos of nude men, women, and children of either sex."

Was that a bizarre fetish or what? They call people with less power than them  "abnormal," but they're full-fledged lunatics with a superiority complex. Are they not? Electro-mechanical penile circumference recording devices for "deviants" subjected to their cures? Doctor, doctor! Don't! Stop! Don't! Stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Oops!

Behavioural Analysis, both experimental and applied, called "homosexuals" "deviants," equating them with pedophiles, guilting closeted gays into promised "cures," making them look at male nudes, measuring their erections with the mercury-filled "strain gauge tubes," and gradually fading out the gay porn and fading in the straight men's porn, and claiming "success! We're so scientifically effective."

In the journal Behavior Therapy, Quinsey and Bergerson (1976) wrote an article they titled "Instructional control of penile circumference in assessments of sexual preference." Part of their method says "Penile circumference was recorded with a mercury in rubber strain gauge and skin conductance was recorded from the first and second fingers of the left hand with Beckman electrodes (p. 490)." They said to introduce their paper in the abstract:

Few studies have examined instructional control of penile responses (PRs) to visual stimuli within individual subjects in a sexual preference assessment paradigm, although such data are most relevant to an interpretation of PR data obtained from sex offenders' assessments. Previous studies of instructional control suggest that it is easier for subjects to suppress than increase their PRs to visual stimuli. In the present study, five heterosexual males each received four tests of sexual preference in which their PRs to slides that varied in age and sex were measured. At the beginning of the first and fourth sessions, subjects were given neutral instructions whereas on one of the middle two sessions they were instructed to appear as if they preferred male children and on the other as if they preferred female children. Two subjects significantly modified their PRs in accord with instructions by both increasing their responses to the child slides and decreasing their responses to adult females.

It looks like this ABA put themselves more at risk than their victims of their own mercury inhalation poisoning, since they handled the mercury more than their so-called "homosexual pedophiles" did, no doubt, in inventing and setting up their electro-mechanical mercury-filled penis erection measurement tubes. In Scientific American Lite (2008) said,

Elemental, or metal mercury, is found in thermometers. The problem with that is the inhalation of fumes that come off that mercury. Playing with it and ingesting it is not as toxic. That kind of mercury causes significant amounts of neurological damage. As the exposure gets longer, there may be additional changes in the bone marrow that affect the ability to produce blood cells, infertility and problems with heart rhythm.... A lot of this has to do with numbers versus symptoms. Just because you're exposed to a toxin doesn’t mean you get poisoned. You can build up a blood or tissue level but not yet manifest symptoms related to poisoning. Call it a threshold.... If someone is inhaling fumes from elemental mercury, that can show up as an upper respiratory illness, like a flu, at first. They might find they can't concentrate well, have trouble with fine motor control or their perception of smell, eyes or touch. If it was affecting their heart, it could be palpitations or just in general not feeling well. If something is not going well with their blood cells forming, they may have issues similar to anemia, feeling very tired, easy bleeding or bruising. 


Now we at ABA Leaks have argued clearly that the survivors of the Chechnya gay pogrom concentration camps of Russia told the Guardian, a U.K. news service, that they were "treated with shock," punished for being gay, with electrodes, in precisely the same electro-mechanical manner as in the completely-supported-by-ABA Judge Rotenberg Center skin shockers in Canton, Massachusetts, under behavioral consequence operant method, though not an immediate consequence post-behavior, which is more typical of ABA, that behaviorists will do. Now, as we follow group rules, ABA censors not only ban us from their Facebook groups, they more recently banned us from their Reddit groups, typically, without providing coherent reasons or else never saying why.

Every Skinner rat torture box now has an electric grid floor. As we defeat them with shock, we knock them down in their most fundamentally "convenient" last resort punishment, electricity, what the U. N. calls ABA "torture." Now look at ABA Facebook groups in Russian language. There are well over 20,000 of them. This includes an ABA group attached to Russian prisons. Now if ABA were not involved in this Chechnya torture, the likes of which the gay community has not seen since Adolph Hitler's scientific annihilation of 6,000,000 human beings, in order to improve the species, as ABA promises to wipe out autism one behavior at a time, beautiful, intelligent, autism, well if this were not ABA, I would be astounded. It all started with Pavlov classical conditioning pairing stimuli together to control response, circa 1915, pre-Skinner operant conditioning, coercion-by-consequence, 1938 book form first published with his Behavior of Organisms, rat boxes. Pavlov made them salivate to meat and a metronome and with his removal of the meat, they drooled at the sound. How did he measure their saliva? He cut surgical holes in their cheeks. ABA has tortured animals and people ever since. ABA has seen this argument in Reddit. They remove us from their groups and call this a "conspiracy theory."

Experimental Behavior Analysis monkey torture

Skinner Box pigeon electric grid floor

Caged B. F. Skinner lab pigeons play ping pong, which Skinner used to prove he can shape people's behaviors just like he did to animals, though we have "Verbal Behavior" he said he and his peon sheeple following could control.

B. F. Skinner World War II scheme. Pigeon in a Pelican. Let the bird peck the screen and pinpoint where to drop the bomb, helpless bird included. The military probably called him crackers. They told him to go take a hike. He sent an ABA expedition to Soviet Union Russia and the FBI had a file on the atheist non-patriot who wrote the New York Times bestseller "Beyond Freedom and Dignity." It's a good thing the FBI kept tabs on this man. He denied the existence of freedom, in his rather weak philosophical argument. Here is my reply. Altieri (September 30, 2014). "Some history and consequence to the dialectical (logically opposing) notions of absolute and relative freedoms."


Incidentally, when Pavlov's dogs salivated to the meat, Pavlov salivated to the sight of his Russian female dog handlers. Then when they quit working for the pervert, then he salivated to dogs after his lovely ladies had split the scene for good.


Now they call us deviants, as I said. Yet behavior control is their way of life. So who is deviant, us or them? We try to escape and avoid these so-called therapists. Some therapy! And they all depend on last-resort "aversion therapy," despite their false denials to the contrary.

They divorce quickly and often, no doubt. We should study this. They drink too much, as their profile pictures make this abundantly clear. They have some nerve misjudging our behaviors and profiteering off us! They dismiss our efforts to teach them about the ABA-provoked PTSD-trauma reports emerging in autism blog. They sometimes call such anecdotal evidence non-science, yet I took research methods coursework as requirement to gain my teaching certifications in Seton Hall's Masters program in Secondary Ed, before I won my New Jersey Teacher of the Handicapped paper, after I graduated from Georgetown. This is fully bona fide scientific evidence, I stake my reputation on it. It's called anecdotal self-report. It is "data" that ABA completely disregards.


No science only paints a rosy picture of itself. That's what they ALWAYS do. So we conclude ABA is a pseudo-science that masquerades as science as it accuses some real sciences of being false science, as B. F. Skinner did when he lambasted cognitive science, which had then overthrown behavioural dominance of psychology departments, much under Linguist-then Noam Chomsky's "Review of Skinner's Verbal Behavior," at Skinner's acceptance speech of the American Psychological Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Skinner often attacked cognitivism's support of the notion of mind with his term "mentalism." He argued that such thought psychology was wrong because he said it was a naïve and false explanation of the true cause of behavior, the interaction of the organism's genetic history with "its" environment. We human lab rats are determined in Skinner Boxes under the power of the behaviorists, whose only skill is coercing the behavioral submission of people with less power by people with more power, those who control every single consequence, reinforcers and punishers, at their disposal.

Children want to say, "Mommy, Daddy, make them go away." But parents see them passing as more normal. A torturous way to live a lie, as gays do the same when they marry women until the learn pride. ABA claims success. False! Autism Pride Day emerges. ABA hates that. It shall send them to the poor house, sooner or later, we promise. We're prepared to wait until hell freezes over to send them all there.

ABA, at last, is empathy disabled, our equals, as we love our enemies, despite its air of superiority over its victims. All one need to do to beat them in ethics debate is to say, "Do it to yourself, control freak!" And they're done. We love everybody at our autistic and epileptic ABA Leaks' growing network of teachers, researchers, and investigative journalists, and parents of autistic children. We treat ABA with ABA, as we do ABA to these bullies whether they like it or not. We would be asses to try do modify our friends. So we don't, unlike ABAers, which is why they divorce, in droves, naturally, of course, obviously, undoubtedly, as a study will show. To bring the bully out of her miserable bullying ways (it's usually a woman. Poor husband. After the honeymoon and her prenups he signs, she withholds sex scientifically. He either submits, or divorces. Come on, dudes. We're warning you. Get away before the wedding day!) Under negative reinforcement bullying continues as we submit to bully demands. So we do not submit to their asinine demands, as long as we're safe, ethical, legal, and supported well.

If ABA does not respect our demands, and unless and until we hear more from others who opposes ABA, we aim to bankrupt them, by any and all ethical and legal means necessary. There are better ways than ABA, as this group says so well, and does a great job working under the same mission as ours. We also aim to vet and promote non-ABA supports, as you do better than us. We love most-especially peer support.

The demands: 1) Well-paid and well-funded actually autistic advocates on all autistic child and so-called "incapacitated adult" Behavior Change Meetings, Individual Education Plan Meetings, and Individual Habilitation Plan Meetings; and 2) under the voice of the adult autistic advocates, all recipients of a behavior modification, no matter how old or disabled, have the right of dissent from any intervention and the right to fire the interventionist.

Even a baby can resist being fed when s/he's no longer hungry. So can a circus animal try to escape the ABA animal trainer. They need not be informed as to the consequences of his or her decision in order to say "no" to an abuser. ABA simply cannot understand this basic human right. Therefore, #ABAisAbuse, and we proceed accordingly. LOVE won with gay marriage. LOVE is about to impeach Trump and Pence or else force them out. TRUTH will defeat ABA, as more survivors speak out to save the next generation of ABA victims. Come out! Come out! Wherever you are! Speak of your ABA-induced traumas. It's hard. We know. The memories of torture are painful. When you're ready. We need you. They need you more, please. There are heroes among us who have done it.

Witness Anna Kosovskaya, from Russia to the USA with love, where her parents spoiled her as a little girl by begging the baker to open the donut shop because she had a temper tantrum. She wound up believing ABA's propaganda over skin shock, that they could take her off her medicine. They forced her to sign away her adulthood independence when she turned 18, signing a document to make her mother her guardian and keep her locked inside this awful Rotenberg institution she felt so badly about. She would escape the ABA skin shock torturers, refusing to go back after a trip back him to New York City. Mom called Rotenberg. They hounded her down in her very own home in the city, from near Boston to New York, and well, read her give us her interview. She says it best, under a happy fairy tale, true story ending, though we have not heard from her in about two years and we hope she's okay. We call it self-defense. I would do exactly the same thing she did. But listen to her trauma, as she cannot shake free in her report, from blaming herself. This is the ultimate goal of an abuser. To make the victim blame herself and hope she never has the guts to relive the horrific memories, and live to tell all the world about  what they did to her. Anna has guts like you wouldn't believe and this is what ABA calls it "challenging problem behavior of social importance." What a story she gave us! Yes. Social importance indeed! She's saving a future generation from ABA as we move to put them out of business, once and for all, by any and all legal and ethical means possible, of course.

Sincerely and fondly,

With love to ALL the CounterControllers in all continents, especially the great United Kingdom teams, of course, despite our squabbles. Haha. You should see how the controllers fight one another! Talk about lunatics!

I remain yours truly, and honored to have known some great British and Scottish leaders, of course,

Dave Altieri, Master of Arts in Teaching

ABA Leaks Blabbermouth-in-Chief, a group of consensus. We investigate and report! We vet and promote humane, non-ABA, alternative supports and therapies.

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  1. Thanks Dave,

    That's one thing we don't learn in school - about what Pavlov really salivated at.

    #NotLockedIn is a terrific campaign. #ABALeaks

    Telling my friend Mihail about the #chechnyatorture.


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