Saturday, May 27, 2017

It's late Friday night, early Saturday morning. Applied Behavior Analysis is convening in Denver, drunk, no doubt. Who are they do misjudge others?

It's getting late. It's Friday night, early Saturday morning, as of the publication of this post. The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) annual convention in Denver is well underway.

Maria Malott, CEO of ABAI, has officially "approved" her ex-husband Dick Malott's and Glenda "the good witch" Crookes' Rotenberg center of extremely painful electric skin shock torture once again as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mission," Miss Malott's words, since she's in charge and the buck stops with her. Right? The U. N. specifically calls this ABA "torture." He's a Rotenberg board member and Crookes is the executive in charge.

They're drinking now. Many will be inebriated soon, no doubt, judging from their countless Facebook profile pictures going back in time with the drinks in their hands. Anyone can check this. Just who the hell does #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis think they are to misjudge the behaviors of us #actuallyAutistic and #disabled people?

They ought to torture all the alcoholics among them to get them to stop their "challenging behaviors of social importance" in order to cure them of their alcoholic behaviors. This is the truth about them, but, of course, tongue in cheek, yet many a true word is said in jest. ABA Leaks wishes nobody to suffer what they inflict, not even them, because we can empathize, unlike them, as they cannot see our feelings, so they're not "data" in ABA!

They cannot ABA the drunkenness out of ABAers; they can't ABA the gayness out of gays, yet they tried and failed at that; and they cannot ABA the autism out of us autistics, yet they try and fail at that; but boy do they get rich using our parents' hard-earned money; and yes, though they often have USA ABA insurance coverage now, our folks have to throw much of their own money, co-pays and deductibles, away to those #BCBA rip-off con artists. They typically demand forty hours a week per child of intense interventions. We're trying to tell them not to overstimulate our poor autistic childhood and toddler peers, but they won't even talk to us! Nonsense!


As an afterthought, we know alcoholism is a problem, and we all have all kinds of addictions, and the alcohol industry is much to blame, so we don't misjudge heavy drinkers either, we hope. They and we have disabilities. We're all equal, including ABA, the empathy disabled.

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