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Behavior Babe, get out your pen and oppose Applied Behavior Analysis torture in one of your academic journals, immediately, please, for the sake of your own conscience, Dr. Amanda Kelly, Mrs. or Mr. Popular, self-described "ethical" Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

"Fill in the blanks. Top two most "liked" posts will receive a FREE BehaviorBabe button!"

Amanda Kelly et al. (2105, p. 137), also known as BehaviorBabe, said that "the relationship between an instructor and a student is established when the instructor is consistently paired with the delivery of reinforcers." This is how she or he gets her or his food-deprived experimental autistic subjects to like her or him. S/he makes sure s/he's standing right next to them whom s/he's cornered in their chairs while they're licking the lollypops she or he alone permits them to suck, let's imagine, which wouldn't surprise us a bit if that's what really happens. So then when they finish eating, they're supposed to adore her or his very presence even when s/he stops bribing them.

Incidentally, that's exactly how Pavlov (1927) got his dogs to salivate to a bell. He ripped a hole in their cheeks to collect and measure their drippings. He paired the bell with meat, under which they salivated, and then presented the bell to the dogs absent the meat. So then they drooled to the ring of his previously-neutral, now-conditioned, ding-a-ling-a-ling excitable stimulus tone.

Here's an exclusive ABA Leaks tidbit of data. It's a little known fact that Pavlov salivated to the smell of his dog handlers, his big-breasted Russian women who quit as soon as they saw him peering and snorting at them. So then he salivated to the scent of his dogs when he was stuck in his laboratory feeding them himself, without the babes.

Pavlov, his dog, and his big-breasted, dog-handling, Russian-communist BehaviorBabe who quit as soon as she saw him drooling at her out the side of his mouth, which caused him to drool at the sight of his dogs after she had left him for good, as in your typically pathetic ABA Controller-couple alcoholic failed marriage.

So anyhow, getting back to Dr. Amanda Kelly, BCBA-D. This major ABA disseminator and Hawaiian ABA insurance coverage public policy lobbyist describes her or his mission as "ethical advocate for accurate application and dissemination of behavior analysis."

Now this young whippersnapper novice on the ABA scene, which is chock-full-of old-time skin-shock farts such as Pennypacker, Iwata, and Dick and Maria Malott, who tortured each other so much over the years that they both ground and gnashed their teeth during their divorce proceedings until the judge told them to keep their jaws wide open or else he would put them in jail for the night for a bitter taste of their own "aversion therapy" medicine, according to our exclusive ABA Leaks Eyewitness News Team investigative probate court hidden spy cameras, which we had also planted deep inside their Oahu honeymoon suite many eons ago, now this up-and-coming MoralityBabe, according to Google and Google Scholar search results retrieved May 23, 2017, this young lady, who deems herself to be some kind of an Behavioral Ethics figure, she or he has never once published a public statement against the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock, whom two United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Torture have called ABA people who "torture" (Novak, May 11, 2010 and M√©ndez, 2013, p. 85).

Now the BehaviorBabe-a-Roo says, "If the inclusion of aversives is warranted by the behavior, all parties must be in full agreement," which according to ABA must be a false statement, because she or he ought to know that punishers are things we avoid and escape, so as much as you can delude yourselves into thinking we do, well we autistics ain't gonna agree to your cruel and unusual punishments, your forced ammonia sniffs, or your facial water sprays, for example, according to your very own demented ABA logic. Would you let us do that to you? You won't even barely talk to us when we're free from you all. Got it? Duh!

So Kelly uses the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) ethics code as her or his authority in defense of aversives. BACB, however, excludes the typical disabled or autistic childhood direct recipient of ABA coercions as a representative party to the agreement. The code uses Orwellian doublespeak to dance around the fact that it disregards the dissent of its program recipients when the parents sign the informed consent documents. In other words, ABA credentials teaches autistics and others that it's wrong to say no to an abuser.

It says, "Behavior analysts have a responsibility to operate in the best interest of clients. The term client as used here is broadly applicable to whomever behavior analysts provide services, whether an individual person (service recipient), a parent or guardian of a service recipient, an organizational representative, a public or private organization, a firm, or a corporation (Code 2.0).... Behavior analysts’ responsibility is to all parties affected by behavior-analytic services. When multiple parties are involved and could be defined as a client, a hierarchy of parties must be established and communicated from the outset of the defined relationship. Behavior analysts identify and communicate who the primary ultimate beneficiary of services is in any given situation and advocates for his or her best interests (2.02)." So they brag about defending the best interest of the client, but that's utterly incomplete and therefore unacceptable by any well-known standard of ethics.

In the Belmont Report Ryan et al. (April 18, 1979, p. 4) called self-determination and best interests two separate parts of the basic ethical principle they called "Respect for Persons." Then In The Matter of M. R. the New Jersey Supreme Court (1994) ruled that people with disabilities have the legal right to self-determination and it must be balanced with the right have someone look after our best interest if we're less capable. See Altieri (August 20, 2014). So they didn't separate the parts. They recognized that even the highly and legally incapacitated have this right to autonomy.

The right to dissent falls into the right to autonomy. And guess who sits on the bottom of the totem pole in the hierarchy BACB promulgates. The ABA victim, of course. See more about why in Altieri (December 27, 2007) "The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) condones extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) skin shock torture."

The code makes no mention of autonomy nor self-determination. Indeed, atheist ABA high priest guru B. F. Skinner (1971/1976) implied in his bestselling book Beyond Freedom and Dignity that there's no such thing as freedom and free will. In other words, he was a determinist who believed we are not autonomous agents of our own behaviors. He claimed he had the power to control them entirely with manipulations of the environment as it interacts with what he called his human or non-human experimental subject individual case study organisms. See Skinner (1938) and Altieri (September 30, 2014).

Not only that, let's nail the last nail in the coffin with this bit of data about them. Chew on this fact, BehaviorBabe. BACB (Fourth Edition Task List III Fk-3 Determinism) says that their Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) should behave in accordance with their philosophical assumption of determinism, which explains precisely why autistics have no right to dissent from their abuse, as it follows from above. They assume we're not even free to choose our own actions by ourselves and they must behave as though their experimental subjects in the applied settings have no freedoms, even though they defy the law of the land under M. R., they engage in unconstitutionally cruel and unusually bizarre  punishments. And you Controllers call us autistics the deviants? You're the pot calling the kettle black.

Does anyone smell a lawsuit? We do, the proudly-identified CounterControllers do, and it's rosy sweet.


So listen up, EthicsBabe. You don't fool us. You make like you're ignoring us in ABA's typical failed attempt at ignoring ABA Leaks. Never, not since 2007 on this blog, have you ever come close to extinguishing our verbal behavior tacts about your complete and utter nonsense tomfoolery, which we have the power of ethical analysis to pinpoint on you with endurable-strength, fine-tooth, ball-point-pen accuracy. Look! We've got over 201,000 page-views today. Guess who Google Stats tell us is our biggest audience. You! And you pretend to ignore us. Ha! We saw you coming when we post to your Facebook groups, until you banished us out of them simply because we were too good to debate you and we could have caused more dissent in the ranks, which is why you're a pseudoscience cult who only paints a rosy picture of yourselves and who denies crucial data about the trauma you cause us. We know you're gonna read this post, Ms. Kelly, sooner or later. One of your allies will read it and spill the beans to you and then you can't resist, for how can you control for us if you can't read it?

You're a major internet ABA blabbermouth, industrial strength, Amanda. You have a zillion ABA sheeple ears following you in Facebook, Twitter, and on your website. If you ever want to call yourself ethical and hope you really mean it, you will issue a public statement against your skin shock torture, please. That way you can fall asleep without any alcohol to smother your guilt. Am I right about that one, too? Be honest with yourself, lass! Haha. Look! Listen to Andre's screams of pain and cries for help. Imagine this is you! Can you? Do you have a single empathetic bone in your self-proclaimed "ethical" body? Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you and don't do undo others what you don't want done unto you, two sides of the Golden Rule of Ethics coin. Get out our pen and oppose ABA torture in one of your journals, immediately, for the sake of your own conscience, Miss Popular, self-described ethical BehaviorBabe!

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