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B. F. Skinner generally opposed coercive punishment, but only for "normal" people, which is what he called "neurotypical people," who we atypical and proudly-identified autistic folks call everyday people, the so-called "mentally healthy" adults and children.

Skinner was ABA's leader of extremely painful electric skin shock torture upon whom they still call "abnormal autistic deviant human organism experimental subjects." ABA's cruel and unusual Aversion and Shock Therapy device is not the ECT of Psychiatry's brain shock.

In the long run, punishment, unlike reinforcement, works to the disadvantage of both the punished organism and the punishing agency.
But Skinner became an advocate of aversives, nevertheless.

"Israel 'is a very humane man, much concerned about injustice. It takes a brave man to take these cases on. Most people run as far away as possible," said the 81-year-old psychologist, who was Israel's mentor when the younger man earned his Harvard doctorate in 1960. [Skinner] emphasized that Israel 'has not asked me to speak on his behalf.'" (Dietz, 1985). "Skinner said he has seen videotapes of Israel's methods, but has not visited the program, which maintains group homes in southeastern Massachusetts for 67 clients from many states." (Dietz, 1985)

It wasn't until 1989 that Dr. Matthew L. Israel (2000), also known as "Doctor Hurt," bought his first skin shock device from another Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Brian Iwata, narrow-minded one variable at a time simplistic and reductionist, Antecedent, Behavior Consequence (ABC) assessment instigator, who owns their "most prolific author" bragging rights Shabani et al. (2004, p. 237) , and his team's company that invented his SIBIS device.

Iwata (1988) introduced his politics of skin shock paper by saying, "Two years ago Henry Pennypacker, in his presidential address to the Association for Behavior Analysis, used this forum to discuss issues related to the transfer and subsequent adoption of behavioral technology (Pennypacker, 1986)." As of February, 2017, which is before the date that this blogger, Dave Jersey of Facebook, blocked Pennypacker from viewing Jersey's posts in Facebook, Jersey identified Pennypacker as a Facebook friend of Dr. Israel's wife, Judy Weber (Gone Wild, July 4, 2015).

B. F. Skinner and O. Ivar Lovaas, sat on the Board of Editors of their inaugural Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) issue 1 (1), when one of the trio of JABA trend setters of their highly-cited Bear, Wolf, and Risley (1968) "Some current dimensions of ABA," when this trio decided being gay was a bad thing that ABA would then also proceed to skin shock and torture in any manner of perverted scientific manners, Todd Risley (1968) called a young autistic girl a "deviant" and shocked the hell out of her with primitive ABA skin shock devices, simply because she climbed on the "precious" family furniture.

So instead of bolting the bookshelves to the wall, setting her up with backyard monkey bars, and taking her out to a gymnastics class, they decided it would be more profitable for ABA to "treat her effectively" extremely painful ABA electroshock torture. This article is precisely why ABA Leaks makes this claim that Grampz generally opposed coercive punishment, but only for "normal" people, while he defended ABA extremely painful electric skin shock aversive torture.

Grant (1965)reported that Lovaas, the precision technical Discrete Trial Training and Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention inventor, ABA founder O. Ivar Lovaas, speaking in derogatory terms of Pamela, a young autistic girl, when he took off her shoes and forced her to stand barefoot on his UCLA laboratory room and shocked the hell out of her too, in Life Magazine, as he thought it would be clever and profitable to present her as some kind of a circus sideshow freak act in how they photographed and talked about her.

Dr. Israel (2010) reported "JRC first employed skin-shock in 1989-1990." So we do not know if Skinner and Israel plotted together on ABA's skin shock. It seems probable.

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