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As unbelievable as it sounds, ABA Leaks concludes, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a direct cause of their well-known, extremely-painful electric skin shock "treatment" now as we speak on gay victims of the newly-reported Russian concentration camps, the likes of which the world has never seen since Adolph Hitler's mid-Twentieth-Century, white-supremacy, neurotypical, scientifically-genocidal Nazi Party rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, sterilized, and annihilated 6,000,000 gays, autistics, gypsies, disabled human beings, and all the other terrorized victims we've heard spoken of, especially Jews.

Here's Harvard University's cloistered laboratory Professor B. F. Skinner, "Grandfather" of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), pulling a lever and pressing a remote control button to an electric grid floor as he prepares to perform ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock "torture" on one of his lab rats so he can learn how to "effectively" shock the behaviors of any kind of person whom ABA hates for being different, of gays, of autistics, of mostly inner-city black and latino youth from New York City, schizophrenics whom ABA denies their life-blood antipsychotic medicines to see if shocking the hell out of them works better than psychiatric medicine to "cure their inappropriate verbal behavior," and of "emotionally disturbed and intellectually disabled or learning disabled public school children."
ABA Leaks concludes in the post that follows this Skinner caption that ABA is the actual impetus cause of the "shock treatments" in Russia's newly-reported gay concentration camps, the likes of which the world has not witnessed since Adolph Hitler's neurotypical, white supremacist Nazi Party "scientifically and effectively" gassed, sterilized, and exterminated 6,000,000 gays, autistics, schizophrenics, Gypsies, intellectually disabled, epileptics, Jehovah's Witnesses, and of course, Jews. Why? Because "human science" teaches all so-called normal people that being different is bad, exactly as neurotypical ABA teaches the world as it misjudges atypical people by way of its commonplace, highly-unintelligent, highly-unethical popular-norm-of-the-day standard as set in stone in ABA's standard bearers Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1968).

Then ABA tortures them by any means of coercion at their disposal as they say "for their own best interest (BACB ethics code 2.0), because ABA victims have the "Right to Effective Behavioral Treatment." Meanwhile, these innocent people have absolutely no right in ABA to "self-determination," because ABA supposedly knows better than they do regarding what's best for them. What a load of bologna! Self-determination is not only the right thing to allow, ABA must legally allow it now, as well, or else they're gonna be in deep shit down the road when the prosecutors get a good hold of them with their handcuffs and prison cell bars.

However, "self-determination" only exists in three places as a term on the entire website of the Ass. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), which officially "approves" ABA's skin shockers as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mission," even after autistic advocates told them to stop endorsing such torture. When does mention "self-determination," it allows it into their events as a good thing for somebody to advance only twice on the entire, immensely active, mammoth ABAI network website, once by a non-Board-Certified-Behavioral-Analyst (BCBA) special education teacher as a presentation at one of ABAI's annual "Autism Conferences," and then again by a call for research proposals involving such independent autonomy of disabled youth as an "absolute priority" of the USA Department of Education.

The only other time ABAI's website mentions self-determination is it their hypocritical attack against a financially-competitive, non-ABA method called Facilitated Communication (FC). ABAI said, "To date, there is no objective, scientifically sound evidence that FC has any direct therapeutic benefit. The use of FC to 'communicate' entails serious risks, including: 1) Violating the rights of people with disabilities to autonomy, privacy, genuine self-expression, self-determination, [italics added] protection from experimentation without informed consent, and appropriate education and treatment."

The notion of self-determination in ABA victims is inherently anathema to ABA, since the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), under its Fourth Edition Task List item FK-03, requires BCBA's to be able to "explain and behave in accordance with the philosophical assumptions of Behavior Analysis," including "determinism," under the guiding light of  B. F. Skinner's (1971) bestselling book Beyond Freedom and Dignity, his deterministic polemic against free will under complete behavioral control "behaving organisms, homo sapiens included."


In the meantime, BACB's task list requires BCBA's to know how to perform and understand exactly ten skills and concepts involving the word "punish." BCBA's must know ABA's intricate, complex, and intimately detailed "aversion therapy technologies," so that it can always torture as its ultimate method of behavioral control and submission training, wether they feel like doing it or not.

Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) urgent appeal to the U. N. Special Rapporteur on Torture ABA skin shock report cover photo of a young boy restrained face-down on a four-point ABA restraint board attached to an ABA Cover electric shock device. See MDRI (2010, .pdf pg. 2).

ABA skin shockers restrained this boy at his "waist, arms, chest, groin and feet in (an ABA) isolation room." See MDRI (2010, .pdf pg. 2)

Leg cuffs ABA used to restrain children in chairs while they "effectively treated" them with extremely painful electric ABA skin shock "torture." See MDRI (2010, .pdf pg. 2).... Méndez (2013, p. 85), the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, concluded from the MDRI appeal to him "Therefore and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of the JRC (Judge Rotenberg Center) subjected to Level III (ABA "aversion therapy") Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards." Torture is not therapy, however. It never was and never will be no matter what kinds of words ABA chooses to brag about their own work, so they can make a lot of money doing so.

Altieri (March 18, 2017) posted that "ABA did it to gays. They still do it to autistics. We call it false behavioral conversion therapy. It causes us Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), indisputably." He then updated the post April 7 with this introductory editorial news item: "USA President Donald Trump's bosom buddy Putin has now opened the first concentration camp for gays since the days of Adolph Hitler. Goble (April 7, 2017)."

After then-ABA-Leaks-members Jay Rosenthal and Jacob Persico had met ABA's Glenda Crookes in Canton, Massachusetts on July 9, 2015 to ask her about her Judge Rotenberg Center's (JRC's) extremely painful ABA electric skin shock "torture," Rosenthal sent Altieri this New York Education Department data sheet about JRC's New York students' disability demographics by way of their official special education classifications. It shows that in the 2011/2012 school year New York State sent JRC 100 students with 91 going out from the New York City's school district, costing the city's taxpayers $30,000,000 per year.

Crookes told Altieri over the phone, ca. 2015, as he they arranged for Persico and Rosenthal to meet her, that New York sends her many so-called "juvenile delinquents" who have been released to her skin shock institution from juvenile detention centers. She also told him that she has one client from New Jersey. See why Altieri dropped Persico from the ABA Leaks team in the FDA Skin Shock ban section about him below, which comprises a new and confusing flurry of activity posted on the FDAs skin shock ban proposal Docket which took place April 11, 2017.

ABA Leaks, under Altieri's lead, showed in previous "Reward and Consent" blog posts about cruel and unusually coercive "ABA therapy" is still being done in Canton, Massachusetts upon gays, autistics, schizophrenics, intellectually disabled people, and New York City juvenile delinquents released from juvenile detention centers in New York and that ABA used to skin shock gays for being gay when it measure the erection by way of calculating "penile circumference" of gays by putting their penises inside poisonous mercury-filled electromechanical gauge devices in order to measure their arousals while they looked at male nude pictures, got them erect, and faded in female nudes as they faded out males. This was supposed to cure them. They also shocked the hell out of them simply for being gay.

Needless to say, ABA has a long, drawn-out history of abusive treatments whereby they caused, yet deny and will not acknowledge the blog reports that they still cause, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is what makes them a pseudoscience that masquerades as a science that accuses non-ABA "treatments" of being pseudoscience. ABA, therefore, is pompous in its false claim that it is "effective science" while it always only paints a rosy picture of itself, unlike physics, a true system of science that doesn't pretend it was not a direct cause of the nuclear bombs that incinerated World War Two to "effectively" save USA soldiers' lives. Being "effective" is nothing to brag about AND ABA fails miserably when it calls itself therapy. Their "aversion therapy" with punishers such as forced ammonia inhalations and white noise machines is no therapy whatsoever. What "therapist" ever presents his or her methods as something people always try to escape and avoid? The entire ABA set of behavioral models is a setup of coercion and obedience training. ABA is a punitive setup from the get go.

ABA, as in autism, never thinks about telling people to love gays and autistics and to embrace their difference as good things. ABA will always "treat" them for their so-called "inappropriate problem behaviors."

Well ABA Leaks has now determined that ABA is now skin shocking gays once again in the concentration camps in Russia where Donald Trump's bosom buddy Putin is in charge of rounding them up, very likely murdering them, imprisoning them in concentration camps, and "treating" them with electric shock! Walker (April 13, 2017) said in his Guardian article entitled, "Chechens tell of prison beatings and electric shocks in anti-gay purge: ‘They called us animals,' " that
At least once a day, Adam’s captors attached metal clamps to his fingers and toes. One of the men then cranked a handle on a machine to which the clamps were linked with wires, and sent powerful electric shocks through his body. If he managed not to scream, others would join in, beating him with wooden sticks or metal rods. As they tortured him, the men shouted verbal abuse at him for being gay, and demanded to know the names of other gay men he knew in Chechnya. “Sometimes they were trying to get information from me; other times they were just amusing themselves,” he said, speaking about the ordeal he underwent just a month ago with some difficulty.... 
For Adam, it all started with a phone call from a gay friend.“He called me, and in a very calm and normal voice suggested meeting. I’ve known him for a long time, so I didn’t suspect a thing,” said Adam. But when he arrived at the arranged meeting place, he realised it was a set up. There were six people waiting for him, some of them in uniform, and they shouted that they knew he was gay.At first, Adam denied it, but when it became clear the men had read messages he had sent to others, he admitted he was indeed gay. He was put in the back of a van and taken to the detention facility, where the men were locked in a room and slept on concrete floors. “They woke us up at 5am and let us sleep at 1am. Different people would come in and take turns to beat us. Sometimes they brought in other prisoners, who were told we were gay and were also ordered to beat us.”Detainees held in multiple locations have reported similar stories of beatings and electric-shock treatment. 
Why ABA Leaks concludes that this skin shock "treatment" in Russia's gay-roundup concentration centers is undoubtedly ABA so-called "therapy."
We simply connect the dots to all the circumstantial evidence.

1) One only has to look at Walker's (2017) use of the word about the concentration camp's shock "treatment" after he interviewed the gays there in Chechnya. It is only ABA, and no other so-called "helping profession," which claims it can "treat" behaviors with extremely painful electric skin shock. ABA admits that if their Graduated Electronic Decelerators (GEDs) were not so painful that their Electrical Stimulation Devices (ESD's, as the FDA calls them, which has yet to finalize their ban), would not be so "effective," which is ABA's favorite word to use as they "disseminate" their so-called "science of human and nonhuman animal behaviors." And what is ABA trying to "decelerate?" The rate of behavior of all the following physically harmless behaviors.
Shocks have been used at JRC for an incredibly wide variety of behaviors. Although JRC claims that the intention is to stop self-harming or violent behaviors, it also has shocked students for many other things, including: involuntary body movements, waving hands, blocking out sound overstimulation by putting their fingers in their ears, wrapping their foot around the leg of their chair, tensing up their body or fingers, not answering staff quickly enough (xxx), screaming while being shocked, closing their eyes for more than 15 seconds, reacting in fear to other students being shocked, standing up, asking to use the bathroom, raising their hand (Miller), popping their own pimple, leaving a supervised area without asking, swearing, saying “no” (Ahern and Rosenthal 13), stopping work for more than 10 seconds, interrupting others, nagging, whispering, slouching, tearing up paper, and attempting to remove electrodes from their skin (Ahern and Rosenthal 20-21). Additionally, students are shocked for having 5 verbal behaviors in an hour. These behaviors can include talking to oneself, clearing one’s throat, crying, laughing, humming, repeating oneself, or “inappropriate tone of voice” (xxx). A former JRC teacher recalled how “one girl, who was blind, deaf, and non-verbal was moaning and rocking. Her moaning was like a cry. The staff shocked her for moaning. Turned out she had a broken tooth. Another child had an accident in the bathroom and was shocked” (Ahern and Rosenthal 3). The behaviors that JRC considers punishable by shocking are also discovered by surveillance footage, with shocks then administered after the fact. Shock has even been used as a threat to pressure students to say positive things about JRC in front of the state legislature (Berrington). Non-speaking students tend to be subjected to shock the most, and are the ones who often have a more difficult time speaking up about their abuse (xxx). From Davies (2014).
The concentration camps wouldn't call it "treatment" if they weren't trying to shock the gayness out of gays, as ABA used to do, and which they've simply resumed in Chechnya, to teach them a lesson. The only other form of "mental health therapy" that uses electric shock is the ECT of brain shock psychiatry, which is controversial in itself, but brain shock is not supposed to hurt. It "treats" depression. It even treats "chronic pain," allegedly. The stated purpose of ABA's skin shock is behavioral modification by way of one simple, targeted technique, electrical pain.

2a) ABA uses two methods of conditioning. Operant conditioning modifies patterns of behaviors with consequences, by adding and removing punishers and reinforcers, such as forced ammonia inhalations and candy. B. F. Skinner (1938), the grandfather of ABA, learned that he could modify the rate of behavior of hungry lab rats by feeding them little pellets of grain as they were pulling down on a lever. First he smacked their paws to punish them (1938). Then he added electric grid floors to the Skinner Boxes so he could analyze how rats reacted to shock so that he could "effectively" skin shock autistic people and others. He put his daughter Debby since day one of her birth in a Skinner Box, which he called an "Air Crib" which others have called an "Heir Conditioner," which Ladies Home Journal called "Baby in a Box." Skinner (1945)

Rat in Skinner's Box on top of an electric grid floor.

Rat in Skinner Box stepping over electric grid floor for ABA to analyze in order to learn how to most "effectively and scientifically skin shock ABA's human subjects," as Skinner called them.

Debby Skinner in the B. F. Skinner Box image in the Ladies' Home Journal "Baby in a Box" article (Skinner, 1945)

Then O. Ivar Lovaas, the father of ABA, started the ABA tradition in 1965 by skin shocking "Pamela" a nine-year-old autistic girl, just because she was different. Lovaas painted her image in Life Magazine as though she were some kind of circus side show freak act, who performed a "macabre pantomime...closeted in their private bedlams," but it seems to be more accurate to say that ABA are the true "behavior control freaks," if they want to play that game. ABA has been calling autistics "deviants" ever since.

In the very beginning of ABA as it moves from rats to disabled people, ABA wants its victims to look like deviants so that it can panic parents into believing the worst outcome for their children unless they hire them, which is a huge, profiteering industry of highly-paid ABAers. Other investigators into Russia's concentration camps who follow the money will find ABA skin shockers getting paid, no doubt.

Pamela, nine-years-old, autistic, getting shocked standing barefoot on ABA father O. Ivar Lovaas' UCLA electric grid floor behavior modification laboratory.

ABA father O. Ivar Lovaas hold Pamela, autistic, nine-years-old, in his 1965 UCLA ABA lab where he "treated" her with extremely painful ABA skin shock "torture." Autistics often dislike touch. Pamela appears distressed by him. She stands barefoot. This is a humiliating posture. Lovaas appears sadistic throughout the Life Magazine article about Pam and him. It begins by saying, "Enraged bellows at the boy, then a sharp slap in the face" of one of the three autistic boys Life misrepresents as faces in an "appalling gallery of madness." Lovaas allowed this language, no doubt. He probably liked it, knowing that ABA's "cash cow" autism only profits when parents are in a panic and hire ABAers. Lovaas made his mint torturing autistics.
ABA Leaks has already demonstrated and documented that the complete, international, network-wide pseudo-professional support and complicity to skin shock, even after the United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Torture called ABA skin shock at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) torture, and even after the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network demanded that the ABAI stop its public statements of how it officially "approves" JRS as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mission," ABAI's CEO Maria Malott did it again! Her ex-husband, according to an ABA Leaks source, popular Dick Malott, textbook author, college professor, "aversive therapy" advocate,  and old-time ABA historical figure, sits on the Board of Directors of the JRC. One would assume that ABA, therefore, since Skinner came from Massachusetts Harvard University and that since he praised the work of his Harvard pupil, Matthew Israel, founder of JRC, that ABA comes from the United States. Think again. It arrived here from Russia.

Here in the next video is a rat in an electric-grid-floor Skinner Box. ABA shows no shock in action animal experiments in their propaganda efforts during their YouTube disseminations. Why? For the same reason Skinner's pupil Matthew Israel fought long and hard to keep any judge from revealing the following shock in action video, but one of them told him, "Forget about it. This one is going viral whether you like it or not. In other words the pseudoscience that masquerades as science only paints a rosy picture of itself, unlike true scientific system like physics which can't hide the nuclear bomb mushroom clouds even if it tried, and they don't bother to hide the truth either. Behind closed door and away from moving picture recordings, ABA shocks the hell out of their lab rats in order to learn how "most effectively" to shock gays, autistics, and whatever else kind of person they hate because they're different from them.

2b) Watch ABA great-grandfather, Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov "treat" his dog as he cuts a hole in his cheek so he can collect and measure his salivary excretions during his classical conditioning discovery, which is now a major component in all ABA coercions.

Before Skinner discovered operant conditioning, Russian physiologist discovered what Skinner eventually called "classical conditioning." Both classical and operant conditioning methods are critical to ABA theory. It was ABA's great-grandfather Pavlov, Skinner's Dad, who cruelly cut a hole in the cheeks of his dogs and made them salivate to the sight of meat. He paired the sight of the meat with a bell, removed the bell, and made them salivate to the bell, therefore, while the meat was nowhere in sight. Before conditioning, the bell was a neutral stimulus. In end the bell became a conditioned stimulus. This is exactly why ABA will praise its victims as they submit to their asinine demands. ABA feeds them little pieces of food upon compliance, when they're hungry, no doubt, because Skinner proved that food will not modify behavior rates when children have been fed, or during what ABA calls "satiation working against the  food deprivation establishing operation necessary, or else food will not increase behavior strength, which they measure through rate of behaviors they record and data sheets and chart as lines and curves on algebraic -x and -y axis graphs. So a so-called "behavior therapist" will pair his or her praise with food delivery. Why? Because he or she wants the child to associate his or her praise with food and with many other preferred unconditioned reinforcers so that their praise, just like money, can gain the power of a "generalized reinforcer," so that this artificial sounding praise, which is intended to manipulate, so it is not real, heart-felt praise. So the voice of the therapist during "subjects obedience" can manipulate the child even when he or she is not hungry, just as we will take money for all things we buy when we're fully fed or when we're starving, regardless of state.

3) The FBI had a file on B. F. Skinner who travelled to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, well before the communist country broke off into smaller countries, with Russia remaining as by far the largest and most dominant state among the smaller, less-powerful former Soviet entities. In Behavior and Social Issues Wyatt (2000, p. 104) said, "At the height of the 1961 investigation came an incident that may have intensified the FBI’s suspicions about Skinner. Skinner traveled to Russia. On May 23, 1961 B. F. Skinner was in the Soviet Union, visiting laboratories with other American scientists. He would return on May 31. In a file letter dated a week later, J. Edgar Hoover wrote to White House Special Assistant Kenneth O’Donnell, a special assistant to the president, saying, in effect, that the bureau was continuing to check Skinner’s character, loyalty and the like and that 18 other individuals had been, or would be, contacted for reference material about Skinner."

4) A look inside ABA's Russian Facebook groups reveal the massive number of so-called "ABA therapists" currently operating in Russia. Facebook group administrators and invited members are included in the member totals that follow.

ABA Leaks uncovers this Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Board Certified Behavioral Analysis (BCBA) course of study at the Moscow Centre of Pedagogy and Psychology.

As of the date of Facebook group link retrievals on the current date of this "Reward and Consent" blog post, April 15, 2017, by ABA Leaks founder David Altieri, "Аутизм: Коррекционная работа на основе АВА," which Google translates from Russian to English as saying, "Autism: Corrective work based on ABA," which has a .ru URL extension, and .ru stands for Russia, had 6,146 members.

"ABA-терапия: ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ," Russian to English, translation to "ABA-Therapy: ANNOUNCEMENTS," has 3,120 members.

"Дом Азбуки | ABA-центр в Самаре," which in English from Russian is "House of the alphabet | ABA-Center in Samara," Facebook group has 93 members.

"Аутизм и АВА-терапия" in Russian means Autism and ABA-therapy. That Facebook group now has 7,679 members.

"Вебинары. Прикладной анализ поведения (АВА)" is "Webinars. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)" with 2, 930 Russian-based members.

There's also Russian language "Аутизм и ABA терапия.КБР, Нальчик" or "Autism and ABA therapy. CBR, Nalchik" with 287;

"АВА-центр 'Шаг Вперёд' "or "ABA-Center 'Step Forward,' " 1,009;

"АВА-материалы. Интернет-магазин 'Катенок' " or "AVA-materials. Internet-shop 'Katenok,' " 730;

"ABA-терапия: Краснодарский край" or "ABA-therapy: Krasnodar Territory," 99;

"АВА-центр Моя планета" or "ABA Center My Planet," 198;


[Note well, curious readers! Dave Altier(i) (DA)] "Отделение коррекционной помощи и АВА терапии Балашиха" is the "Department of Corrective Care and ABA Therapy Balashikha," 54;

" 'Радуга'-детский Центр АВА-терапии" also " 'Rainbow - a children's center of ABA-therapy," 261;


It all adds up. Simply connect the dots. A place called Balashikha, Russia even does ABA in its prisons, along with 54 Facebook members, so it seems. How many degrees of separation are they from Russia's gay concentration camps? ABA is involved in Russian concentrations camps on gays, what the world has not seen since Adolph Hitler's concentration camps of autistics, gays, intellectually disabled, gypsies and Jews, in the extermination of over 6,000,000 human beings under eugenics and so-called "effective science," which ABA loves to brag about. We can see, therefore, that being effective is absolutely nothing the brag about. "The ends do not justify the means." ABA never gets this. It always operates under the highly-unethical alternative principle: "By any means necessary, do what you have to do to accomplish your goals effectively." Not only that, any gay man or autistic survivor of ABA will tell you, ABA can make you pass as straight or as a non-autistic person, but you will always be gay or autistic. In the end, however, ABA is never effective with autism, either. It simply traumatizes us into living a lie.


Jacob Persico and the confusing new April 11, 2017 flurry of activity on the FDA's proposed ABA/JRC skin shock ban docket.

Incidentally, Altieri told Persico to remove any mention of ABA Leaks from the report because he said Crookes was "great" as Crookes gave herself credit for stopping the very worst of JRC's tortures, so he claimed. ABA Leaks sees nothing great in this. Persico neglected to mention in his report to Crookes that JRC provoked aggressive behaviors during BRL by way of threatening victims with knives and then "treating" the aggression they provoked with shock, so he told Crookes she was "great" because she stopped this.

I had prepared some questions I wanted to ask Glenda. I asked, “JRC has stopped using the restraint board with the GED; is that correct?” she answered yes. I asked “Have you also stopped using multiple shocks for one behavior?” she answered yes. When I asked, “Has JRC also stopped shocking students for behaviors the student did in the past (such as an earlier time that day)?” she explained that shocks are not given for past behaviors anymore, and that the electric shock must be given within 2 minutes after the behavior. I asked about the “contingent food program” they had, where they used to deprive students of food as punishment. (See: This was my “Portion Program” that I was on.) [Ed. note by Altieri: Jennifer Msumba's ABA food deprivation program link is gone from the internet archives. Apparently, her lawsuit against JRC is still pending. Google retrieves no previous year results about it.] She said they do not do that anymore. She said she is the one that stopped the “contingent food program.” She also tells us she is the one that stopped BRLs (Behavior Rehearsal Lessons, where the student would be forced to act out a bad behavior and then be shocked for doing it. This was to pair the pain of the electric shock with the behavior so they would be conditioned to not act out the behavior anymore.) (For more info about JRC’s BRLs see: Mental Disability Rights International report (archive) pg. 12 of 67 and Strait from the horse’s mouth! The horror of BRLs.) She tells us that she is also the one that stopped the use of the restraint board with the electric shocks. I told her I think these improvements that were made are great. (Persico, 2016, p. 4)

Furthermore, regarding Persico's defense of the ABA skin shockers, in a recent flurry of activity on the FDA's proposed skin shock ban, JRC's attorney credit's him with liking their skin shock in docket commentary. In a rather confusing FDA webpage, the FDA lists JRC's attorney Flammia's (April 7, 2017) letter and "Supplemental Comment" to the FDA, as posted on the docket April 11, 2017, as "Comment Period Closed" with no mention as to whether or not they accepted his comments. However, the FDA flags all the April 11 posted attachments to Flammia's Supplemental Comment with "Comments Not Accepted." Does this mean that the FDA accepted Flammia's attack against Quentin Davies' (2014) "Prisoners of the Apparatus" on the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) blog as non-academic and non-mainstream media, while the FDA rejected Davies astute reply to them and to Flammia concerning his excellent academic credentials? However Davies (November 14, 2016) is Linked In profile webpage snapshot. The FDA's extended commentary period ended July 25, 2016.

Flammia (2017) quoted Altieri's letter to the docket: "FDA officials, we have lives to save. So far, there have been six deaths throughout its history, under its old name, Behavior Research Institute (BRJ), to its current, Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) (Davies, 2014). We trust you will take these six lethal facts into consideration as you finalize your ruling against skin shock aversives.'" Then he said, "The comments excerpted in this section, and others, are unreliable, in part, because they rely on unreliable sources. Compounding this problem is the fact that many such comments cite to unreliable sources in a manner that cloaks the sources with a veneer of authority and credibility. For example, the first comment excerpted in this section cites to "(Davies, 2014)", which is a blog post by Mr. Quentin Davies published on the website of ASAN. Despite the seemingly official citation, it is not an article that has been peer-reviewed and published by a scientific journal, a professional organization, or a national media outlet. Further, the author has no relevant academic background, [italics added] clinical experience, or professional qualifications, and he also lacks any affiliation with any reputable news organization." However, Davies (2016) shows he is Director of the Student Disability Commission for the Associated Students of University of Washington. Why does it look like the FDA will accept Flammia's false and irrelevant criticism of  Davies, but not accept his clear demonstration that Flammia was wrong. And why is the FDA taking so long to issue its final skin shock ban decision?

Anyhow, regarding Persico, Flammia quotes Persico who fails to mention the many minor and harmless behaviors that JRC will administer shock upon. "35) ''The reason so many people are in favor of using the GED at JRC is most likely due to the fact that some students are extremely self-abusive to the point where they could severely damage or even possibly kill themselves. They have such severe issues, and an electric shock is a method that can quickly get someone to stop their behavior, especially behavior that is dangerous to themselves or others." Then Flammia uses Persico to support JRC's torture. "Notably, the commenter does acknowledge the need for contingent skin shock treatment." Needless to say, Altieri released Persico from his ABA Leaks duties as soon as he read his completely unreasonable and exuberant praise of JRC Director Crookes.

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