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ABA Leaks catches their so-called "problem behavior" redhanded. Two massive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) networks vie for industry-wide domination. ABA dude calls it a "hostile takeover." Ha!

The Reverend Jim Jones (2011), who has the highest ranking Board Certified Behavior Analyst-D (PhD) degree possible, reported intensive petty bickering among Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) behavior controllers between the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and the Ass. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

The CEO of the Ass. is now Maria Malott. According to a double agent counterspy which ABA Leaks has planted inside of ABA's inner chamber walls, she divorced the head skin shock torturer Dick Malott. She likes the torture also. Who shocked whom first in their marriage? Apparently infinite regressions of behavior modifications spiral out of control when one manipulator marries another. Who would have thunk it?

Is anyone surprised that the behavior control freaks who call everyone else deviants except for themselves should be fighting, two mammoth groups, one with another? Not us at ABA Leaks. That's for certain. What a laugh! We couldn't imagine a better drama!


Jones (2011) said, "I am not the only person asking this question these days. Even behavior analysts who do not usually pay much attention to the field’s organizational issues and politics are beginning to wonder. In just the last year, the following events have occurred."

  • "A special presentation was held outside of the 2010 ABAI convention in which representatives of three state organizations discussed problems resulting from ABAI’s involvement in their public policy initiatives."

#2 is Maria Malott CEO of ABAI who approves skin shock torture for all of ABAI, and #4, her ex-husband Dick Malott, skin shock torture Dick Malott, who told this Reward and Consent blogger on the phone that Glenda "the good witch" Crooked, skin shock Executive Director, was not so good-looking a gal.

Director of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric ABA skin shock torture Glenda "the Good Witch" Crooked (Oops. Crookes. Keyboard slip of the finger.) This ain't no ECT brain shock of psychiatry. Nope. This is the GED. ABA brags, "If it didn't hurt it wouldn't be so effective." ABA Leaks caught them shocking one another in the middle of their internecine battles. Ouch!

Glenda Crooked who made $370,000 (JRC IRS Form 990 p. 7) one year sets her sights on her next victim, Dorothy of Kansas, who wants to go home and away from the witch.

Andre McCollins, actual Glenda Crookes skin shock victim during ABA's so called "effective science" skin shock. The United Nations calls them torturers

Founder of ABA's JRC of extremely painful electric skin shock torture, B. F. Skinner's Harvard pupil, Dr. Matilda Israel, the most severely psychotic of the bunch, the rottenest apple. Look! He's wearing a bra! The guy's on his actual Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy in his nuthouse of ABA.

  • "Representatives of the field’s experimental interests complained in a letter to the ABAI Executive Council (EC) about excessive attention to practitioner interests by ABAI."

BF Skinner depriving its pigeon of food so it could "effectively" modify his behavior with grain pellets.

B.F Skinner accepted a Lifetime Contribution to Psychology award from the American Psycho. Ass. and told them how stupid they were because they studied thoughts instead of behavior.

Jackie Gleason stars as B. F. Skinner discovering reinforcement of rat behavior telling his wife how he how proud he is of himself.

BF Skinner had two daughters. He raise Debby in a Skinner Box. He did not raise Julie in a Skinner Box. Julie wanted to get inside the box. She was not allowed. Julie ripped open the box and then the girls started fighting.

Deborah Skinner Buzan (2004) wrote, "I was not a lab rat." So. What's the point? We know she was not a rat.

Julie Skinner Vargas (right) said, "Daddy didn't make an 'Heir Crib.' No. No. It's properly called an 'Air Crib.' If Daddy could put Aunt Debbie in box, well then I should put my Lisa and Justine in a box, too. It's only the effective way to be a Mommy. Female organisms! Stop it with those claws! Behave yourselves or else you won't get your pudding and how can you eat any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

Julie and Debbie

Lisa and Justine Vargas Skinner or what-ya-ma-call-it. 

ABAI CEO Maria Malott dominates Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet Jamey Carr CEO of the Behavioral Analysis Certification Boring Board in an extremely painful submission wrestling behavior modification leg squeeze contingent upon Jamey's inappropriate verbal behavior who called Malott a "doorknob." Well Malott had a conniption and then the match began.

  • "The ABAI Executive Council announced that henceforth ABAI would focus on core concerns related to the scientific and scholarly basis of the field. ABAI also withdrew from a two-year negotiation with BACB attempting to resolve differences in their model licensing acts."

Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1968), closeted yet flaming homosexuals, set the popular-norm-of-the-day standard for all ABA as they pronounced "Straight is good! Gay is bad!" and then slapped each other on the butts and then decided to skin shock the hell out of gay men and autistics they promised to cure. Well they failed miserably. And ABA is fighting right now about their horrendous skin shock reputation, yet behind closed doors in the Cone of Silence.

Donny Baer

Monstrose Wolf

Todd "the sadist" Risley (1968) who shocked a small autistic girl for climbing on the precious family furniture instead of taking her out to a gymnastics gym, issue 1 (1) of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA), while B. F. "the sadist" Skinner let it happen. He was on the original JABA Board of Editors, along with O. Ivar "the sadist" Lovaas, who also shocked the hell out of a little autistic girl simply because she was not "normal", as he decided autism would be a real "cash cow" for ABA and all the other ABA clone sheeple followed them. They are a cult. They do not allow public dissent. The Reverend Jim Jones (2011), no doubt, got his butt fried for opening this ABA can of worms for all the world to see.

This is B. F. Skinner preparing to shock the hell out of a rat. He wanted to learn how to effectively shock gays and autistics so he practiced first with rats. Here he is in the Boston Globe praising his emotionally retarded Harvard PhD pupil Matty Israel, the founder of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA skin shock, what all ABA publicly approves, as they fight among their pompous scientific meetings over how to handle their pathetic reputation over skin shock. "Uh oh! Another survivor is speaking and she's unchained! How are we supposed to stop her now?"

  • "An invited panel discussion referring to 'a hostile takeover' by the BACB was scheduled for the 2011 ABAI convention, although its title and participants were subsequently revised."

  • "The president of ABAI resigned in open protest of ABAI governance problems."

The CEO of ABAI said, "Put up your dukes BACB, you greedy mother fuckers!"

Here s/he is again, soon before he resigns. S/he has Multiple Personality Disorders.

  • "A member of the ABAI Practice Board circulated a letter in response to that resignation accusing the BACB of being interested primarily in making money and trying to take over ABAI."

This is what a typical neurotypical ABA board meeting looks like, any of them.

"In an address at an ABA convention many years ago, B. F. Skinner referred to our field with the Shakespearian phrase, 'We happy few…', and we did seem happy then. Now, not so much."

During his speech the CEO of the BACB comrades prepares to throw a shoe at the CEO of BACB comrades at the latest ABAI Convention. Then he said, "Pardon my temper. Here will you accept a glass of cherry Kool-Aid? I have a glass of milk from the bottom of the milk carton. Maybe our drinks will help us calm our big, fat, hardened nerves so we can find an amicable solution to our dispute."


The ABA infighting never stops. The Reverend Jim Jones (2011) wrote a freaking seven page document about all their nonsense!

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