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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has a terrible timeline it will never publish and here it is.


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Stafford (May 17, 2017). ADAPT goes to FDA to take on Judge Rotenberg Center.

Altieri (April 19, 2017). ABA Leaks catches ABA's bad behavior red-handed. Two massive ABA networks fight. Dude calls it a "hostile takeover." Ha!

Altieri (April 17, 2017). ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called ABA.

Altieri (April 17, 2017). She's speaking again. Jennifer Msumba, ABA skin shock torture victim, reports on her trauma, yet ABA refuses to listen.

Altieri (April 15, 2017). As unbelievable as it sounds, ABA Leaks concludes, beyond a reasonable doubt, that ABA is a direct cause of their well-known extremely painful electric skin shock "treatment" now as we speak on gay victims of the newly-reported Russian concentration camps, the likes of which the world has never seen since Adolph Hitler's mid-Twentieth-Century, white-supremacy, neurotypical, scientifically-genocidal Nazi Party rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, sterilized, and annihilated 6,000,000 gays, disabled people, and all the others.

Altieri (April 15, 2017). ABA Leaks finds that the best way to educate autistic and disabled children is to home school them in groups with other home schooling families with absolutely no cruel and unusually coercive ABA behavior modifications.

Kandaswamy and Altieri (April 9, 2017). The Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience said, "The time has come to stop forcing (ABA) on the autistic child."

Altieri (April 6, 2017). Did the Executive Director of Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of ABA extremely painful electric skin shock torture lie to the IRS about possible racial discrimination?

Altieri (March 18, 2017). ABA did it to gays. They still do it to autistics. We call it false behavioral conversion therapy. It causes us Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), indisputably.

Altieri (March 11, 2017). B. F. Skinner's Utopian dream of a planet-wide, mass-scale, Plato's behavior modification Republic, as dictated, not by a philosopher king, as Plato planned, but by an elite class of his wolf-in-sheep-clothes Behavior Analyst followers, is materializing.

Dawson (February 24, 2017). ABA leaders again welcome the Judge Rotenberg Center's egregious practices ABAI symposium complete with BACB credits.

Altieri (February 20, 2017). B. F. Skinner made scientific discoveries, but Sigmund Freud did not, according to a reading of Karl Popper, philosopher of science. Nevertheless, Skinner was cruel, in subtle ways.

Altieri (February 20, 2017). J. Edgar Hoover, our Dad, and I are the worst of the rotten apples.

Altieri (February 17, 2017). News from 2016 to 2017 shows precisely how violent a place is Canton, Massachusetts' ABA Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric ABA skin shock.

Msumba (February 16, 2017). What are my nightmares about? The Judge Rotenberg Center (ABA's JRC).

Altieri (February 16, 2017). The seventh death with Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture was an unborn baby, allegedly.

Altieri (February 7, 2017). Who runs Disability Scoop? Why do they support the skin shock torturers, the pseudoscience cult known as ABA?

Altieri (January 28, 2017). Here's a review of pro-ABA Temple Grandin's (1984): "My experiences as an autistic child and review of selected literature."

Altieri (January 28, 2017). A monkey falls off the monkey bars to become a proud schizophrenic.

Altieri (January 27, 2017). A harmless schizophrenic man with paranoia in remission sees Donald Trump's rambling CIA speech and calls him a dangerous, provocative, grandiose, paranoid sociopath with religious pathology.

Altieri (January 24, 2017). Aktion Mensch defunds ABA programs in Germany.

Altieri (January 21, 2017). Houston, we have a problem. Dick Malott, "aversive therapy" guru, said he'd painfully skin shock autistics for body rocking.

Msumba (Dec 31, 2016). My life inside the Judge Rotenberg Center (ABA's JRC). Skin shock aversives. What it was like.

Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.

Altieri (November 13, 2016). Is sociopath Trump as pathologically paranoid as I was? Did HE hack the vote he insisted Clinton "rigged?"

Altieri (November 8, 2016). Dear Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs): Skin shock yourselves instead of autistic people and stop calling us "deviants," you control freaks!

Altieri (October 15, 2016). ABA behavior controllers claw their way into the USA National Ass. of School Psychologists (NASP) which calls Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric skin shock ABA torture "good company" at its annual conventions.

Oakdown and Altieri (September 26, 2016). Autistic Cassandra Oakdown, 19, reports forced behavior modification normality with buckets of cold water splashed in their face.

Altieri (August 29, 2016). The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Injustice anywhere [Israel over Palestine] is a threat to justice everywhere [to us actually autistic and us actually schizophrenic people]."

Altieri (August 11, 2016). The Journal of Absurd Behavior Analysis (JABA 2,1) asks, "Would you punish yourself for slouching with the electromechanical noisy garment apparatus or with the toilet bowl plunger perched on your head inside the pick-it-up-by-yourself operant?"

Altieri (August 10, 2016). Judge Rotenberg Center's (JRC's) Executive Director Crookes told the FDA she put ABA skin shock device electrodes on her clients' buttocks.

Altieri (July 14, 2016). Dear FBI bozos and fellow autistic Hoya (Georgetown) leader, Lydia Brown: Let's shape Autism $peak$ (A$$) with Skittles.

Altieri (July 22, 2016). Terri Du Bous, the next emancipated ABA Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) survivor, speaks.

Altieri (June 28, 2016). The "data" is in. Each and every ABA pseudo-professional completely supports or is complicit to ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock torture. Prerequisite argument: ABA is very different from Positive Behavior Support (PBS) despite some overlapping.

Altieri (May 9, 2016). The ARC, formerly the Ass. for Retarded Citizens, promotes abusive ABA programs and barges into autism territory where it does not belong.

Altieri (May 5, 2016). Massachusetts charges Eagleton School staff, which uses ABA, with abuse and revokes its license.

Altieri (May 4, 2016). The Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) sends ABA Leaks a database of 410 severe abuse allegations at Rotenberg in a recent ten-year time span, averaging one charge per every ten days.

Altieri (April 23, 2016). Here's Reward and Consent's (R+C's) Cognitive Behavioral Teaching (CBT) amended Serenity Prayer.

Altieri (April 15, 2016). Here's some history, ethics, politics, behavior analysis, technology, and trends of the new BUYcott consumer movement.

Altieri (April 13, 2016). The Ass. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) officially "approved" extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture once again, after autistic advocates demanded they stop approving it.

Altieri (March 31, 2016). ABA is abuse. Reward and Consent's (R+C's) Cognitive Behavioral Teaching (CBT) method is a viable alternative. It uses dual parent AND child consent.

Altieri (January 22, 2016). [Post-publication-date article title addendum: "I was wrong to praise them."] United Kingdom Positive Behavior Support (PBS) advocates shun ABA skin shock pain.

Astrid Âû (January 15, 2016). Game of quiet hands.

Astrid Âû' (January 15, 2016). Compliance and the journey in hell.

Anon Boy, His Anon Mom, and Altieri (January 7, 2016). A smart schoolboy says Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is bad to him and his friends.

Altieri (December 9, 2015). ABA forces a young boy to play. How ethical is this?

Altieri (November 21, 2015). Here's why ABA is a profiteering pseudoscience cult.

Altieri (November 3, 2015). Aversives-addicted ABA electro-shockers are on trial against Positive Behavior Support (PBS) non-punishers (theoretically, because PBS punishes in practice).

Altieri (November 3, 2015). Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) skin shock torturers offered ABAers $85,000+ to work in its 2015 so-called "happy environment."

Altieri (October 12, 2015). The U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture condemns Judge Rotenberg Center's (JRC's) ABA electroshock torture of autistics and others.

Altieri (October 9, 2015). Repetitive ABA drills prevent autistic learning.

Rae (October 5, 2015). Training by repetition actually prevents learning for those with autism.

Altieri (September 9, 2015). ABA is highly unethical.

Altieri (September 4, 2015). Please report the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of ABA electroshock torture to Facebook.

Altieri (July 31, 2015). The FDA gives a 24/7 complaint line to ABA Leaks advocates against extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture: (800) 891-8295. FDA New England requests more public input into Rotenberg Center's FDA-unapproved electric current levels. July 9, 2015. Canton, Massachusetts. Glenda Crookes Executive Director of ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock torture meets ABA Leaks advocates Persico and Rosenthal and says she still shocks her disabled clients with FDA-uncleared devices.

Altieri (June 23, 2015). Judge Rotenberg Center's Achilles' heel vulnerability is the truth about ABA's electroshock torture.

Kosovskaya and Altieri (June 11, 2015). Anna Kosovskaya escapes Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture.

Altieri (May 20, 2015). The Ass. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) officially "approves" the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock.

Altieri (May 1, 2015). My one day of electric shock was worse than 36 years of antipsychotics, which I happen to enjoy very much, just as many others like me also appreciate them, according to my psychiatrists, while ABA claims its coercive methods are so much better than medicine, which they ain't, not by a long-shot, if you will only listen to all their victims instead of their biased, multibillion-dollar-operation disseminators.

Altieri (April 6, 2015). A so-called "deviant autistic child" becomes a multibillion dollar benefactor of ABA. Not.

Altieri (April 2, 2015). Hey! Listen up, all you loud-mouth ABAers. I was ignoring you first. So there. See how you like them apples.

Altieri (March 31, 2015). Is it childhood Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)? No. It's adulthood Unreasonable Demand Disorder (UDD).

Altieri (March 15, 2015). Let's simply BUYcott non-GMO products instead of boycotting GMO.

Altieri (February 26, 2015). B. F. Skinner made costly mistakes in his Behavioral Ethics leadership.

Altieri (February 24, 2015). Please tell New York City Mayor de Blasio to stop ABA electroshock torture of disabled people.

Altieri (January 24, 2015). ABA fails again, as always. It won't even acknowledge, let alone accept, a peace offering from an ABA survivor.

Altieri (October 23, 2014). The Journal of Absurd Behavior Analysis (JABA 1,1) asks, "How do unclad feet affect floor dirtiness?"

Altieri (October 15, 2014). A seven year inquiry into ABA finds ethics problems of massive proportions.

Altieri (September 30, 2014). The notions of absolute and relative freedom have some history and consequence.

Altieri (September 27, 2014). Cable guy avoids more bumps on the head.

Altieri (September 12, 2014). A new ethics code will bind Behavior Analysts' behaviors on January 1, 2016.

Miller (April 13, 2014). JRC FDA Petition by Greg Miller.

Altieri (August 20, 2014). The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) condones extremely painful ABA skin shock torture.

Davies (August 9, 2014). “Prisoners of the Apparatus”: The Judge Rotenberg Center.

Wyatt et al. (August 7, 2012). Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, Inc. private special education school program review. Report of findings.

Msumba and Werner (Aug 5, 2014). Extended interview with Jennifer Msumba.

Altieri (April 23, 2014). How necessary is the analysis of autistic behavior?

Altieri (April 20, 2014). Here's an Easter letter to my family about guardian angels, theory of science, and our wonderful mother, Mrs. Cornelia Altier.

Altieri (May 7, 2013). This is the Behavioral Ethics speech I gave our Mom Cornelia Altier's friends and family at her funeral reception.

Moran (November 29, 2012). Harsh discipline is schools across the country.

Beaudet (April 24, 2012). Rotenberg trial ends with settlement; former student's mom vows to keep fighting.

Beaudet (April 23, 2012). Jury gets Rotenberg case, must decide whether shocks were treatment.

Beaudet (April 20, 2012). JRC expert admits shocks didn't work, but says damage was minimal.

Beaudet (April 19, 2012). Shocked teen was cared for, school says.

Beaudet (April 18, 2012). Gov. Patrick supports shock ban, legislation so far has stalled in House.

Beaudet (April 17, 2012). Restraints needed for safety, doc says.

Beaudet (April 13, 2012). Son not the same since shocks, mom says.

Beaudet (April 12, 2012). Staff at shock school tried to help teen, lawyers say.

Beaudet (April 11, 2012). Shocks given at Rotenberg Center were "harming" autistic teen, expert testifies.

Beaudet (April 10, 2012). Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court.

Beaudet (April 8, 2012). State raised concerns at shock school trial of youth and shocked to start Monday.

Altieri (August 20, 2011). This is how to gain the consent of the recipients of behavioral interventions.

Altieri (August 14, 2011). Here's a history of ABA's operant conditioning experiments on non-disabled adult populations.

Altieri (August 1, 2011). A token economy can change teacher behaviors rather than students?

Altieri (July 18, 2011). ABA punished slouching with noise.

Altieri (July 15, 2011). ABA did its extremely painful electric skin shock to cigarette smokers.

Hinman, Brown (June 30, 2010). The U. N. calls shock treatment at Mass. school torture.

Ahern, Rosenthal (April 30, 2010). Torture not treatment: Electric shock and long-term restraint in the United States on children and adults with disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center: Urgent appeal to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture presented by Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI).

Dawson (May 17, 2009). Saving autistics and the world: Skin shock at the 2009 ABA convention.

Altieri (April 11, 2009). The Guernsey (March 3, 2009) New York Times article that put "Rewards for Students Under a Microscope" presents a worthwhile report of the debate among educators and psychologists on the merits of school incentive systems such as paying children to do good work.

Dawson (January 26, 2009). The origins of ABA-based autism interventions.

Altieri (July 21, 2008). Why can't we have a marriage of ethics and behavioral sciences?

Altieri (December 27, 2007). In the Matter of M. R. the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that people with disabilities have the legal right to self-determination.

Bobitech et al. (March 3, 2007). Massachusetts Department of Education: Judge Rotenberg Educational Center: Private special education school program review. Report of findings.

Altieri (March 4, 2007). The first issue of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) set the stage for ABA's long-term, highly-unethical behavior.

Altieri (February 6, 2007). Parents, it's okay to reward your children when they do their homework, if that works and they like it.

Altieri (January 19, 2007). B. F. Skinner studied squirrels and ants before he discovered the extinction curve with lab rats.

Altieri (January 19, 2007). Teachers, there's no need for punishment and correction to gain hand-raising during calm, peaceful classroom management.

Altieri (January 18, 2007). Stop retaliation against "bad" behavior. Don't reward it in the first place.

Altieri (January 15, 2007). Here's the problem with punishment.

Dawson (January 18, 2004). The misbehavior of the behaviorists: Ethical challenges to the autism-ABA industry.

Chung (March 3, 1994). Eye to eye with Connie Chung. Segments on the Behavior Research Institute which uses non traditional means to treat behavior problems in children.

Chung (March 3, 1994) in Ahern, Rosenthal (2010 pp. cover, i, iii). JRC "child face-down on a four-point restraint board attached to electric shock device."

Chung (March 3, 1994) in Ahern, Rosenthal (2010 pp. i, iii). JRC "child restrained at waist, arms, chest, groin, and feet in isolation room."

Chung (March 3, 1994) in Ahern, Rosenthal (2010 pp. i, iii). JRC's "leg cuffs used to restrain children in chairs."

Israel, Marsh (April 19, 1994). Patent. Apparatus for administering electrical aversive stimulus and associated method.

Kahn (November 26, 1985). Dr. Hurt. The aversive therapist and his painful record.

Deitz (October 17, 1985). Psychologist B. F. Skinner comes to defense of autistic center leader.

Rekers, Lovaas (June 1, 1974). Behavioral treatment of deviant sex-role behaviors in a male child.

Kircher, Pear, Martin (September 1, 1971). Shock as punishment in a picture-naming task with retarded children.

Bear, Wolf, Risley (March 1, 1968). Some current dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA Leaks abstract: Set the technological standards for the ABA era to come. Cited in 3192 academic papers (as of May 21, 2017). Explicitly valued heterosexuality, thus implicitly devaluing homosexuality (p. 96).

Risley (March 1, 1968). The effects and side effects of punishing the autistic behaviors of a deviant child. ABA Leaks abstract: ABA trend-setter from Baer, Wolf, Risley (1968) skin shocked "subject S, a six-year old girl who was hyperactive and exhibited bizarre behaviors" because she climbed on the family furniture. In lieu of torture, he could have bolted the bookshelf to the wall, removed it from the home, put monkey bars on the property, and train her to be a gymnast. Instead humane treatment, he deemed her climbing up the precious family furniture to be a "problem of social importance" and claimed he had successfully and effectively treated the problem. There is no followup report on this case to see if he really did keep her off the furniture over the long-term. This is typical of ABA articles which do single-subject, short-term case studies, claim success, and then that's the end of the report. ABA Leaks would like to meet actual survivors of any of ABA's academic studies to see how they felt about the attempted behavior modifications and to learn how their stories really did turn out. We conducted one more interview recently but decided to wait on the blog report because the victim has contacted an attorney to see about suing the institution that tortured him. Altieri (May 21, 2017).

Grant (May 7, 1965). Screams, slaps, and love. A surprising shocking treatment helps far-gone mental cripples.

Breland and Breland (November 1, 1961). The misbehavior of organisms.

Fuller (October 1, 1949). Operant conditioning of a vegetative human organism.

Skinner (January 1, 1938). The behavior of organisms.

Pavlov (January 1, 1927). Conditioned reflexes. An investigation of the physiological activity of the cerebral cortex.

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