Saturday, April 29, 2017

Here's a list of ABA Leaks team members past and present who deserve credit.

(1) The old ABA Leaks before the shakeup: The very gullible Jacob Persico (2016), who went to the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) on behalf of ABA Leaks where he proceeded to kiss her butt on July 9, 2015, which embarrasses the hell out of us; Jay Rosenthal, who also went to JRC for us along with Persico; Christopher Stargazer of Twitter; Anon in the Hague; Evan Anderson, special Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) investigative reporter; and Dusty Jones, BCBA. He was kind of on our team once. Jones as dissident had temporarily quit ABA, but then he returned for the money, no doubt, of course. He had sent us a document to review, which we did. Then he published it and then he pretended we didn't exist. He's become another sheeple of the ABA cult.

(2) The current ABA Leaks them after the shakeup: Alan Michelson of Facebook, Data Professional and researcher extraordinaire, Anon in the Hague of the Netherlands, Pam Zich, FOIA journalist, blogger, and epileptic public school teacher from Virginia who takes a mean selfie with her pet snake hanging around her neck, "Hijo" Anon, @SpacexMckitty of Twitter, and Fenia Tsoka of Facebook who is a non-coercive Speech and Language therapist in Greece.

(3) There's the awesome Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA guitarist Brennan, this blogger's local Bill-and-Ted's-most-excellent-adventure-pal, Whistleblower Higgins of Facebook, fellow proud schizophrenic. We have one personality each and we're rarely dangerous despite the false and wildly exaggerated myths about us. See Altieri, 2013, in truthout. Higgins has no shame in telling the world that he hates it when female nurses at the Rosa Pavilion inpatient unit at Neptune's Jersey Shore University Medical Center, a Meridian bunch of liberal do-gooder thugs, emotionally retarded thugs, that is, peer inside his asshole as he enters the unit so that these pervs can see if he's got drugs, which they never found in his ass after so many times they pried inside with their beady blue psychiatric nurses' eyeballs. They do not do the same for cancer patients at Jersey Shore, those whom they really do addict to heroin-based pain killers, the ones who actually might smuggle an extra supply of heroin in their asses into the hospital, unlike mentally ill people, who are not criminals, nor necessarily drug addicts, though Jersey Shore, who should know this, if they're a so-called "university" hospital, has no clue. It treats us like criminals when we have committed no crimes whatsoever. In addition to ABA, they're another bunch of overbearing Nurse Ratchets and under Higgins' brave, outspoken survivorship, we're onto them now, also! So stay tuned!

(4) We also currently have two up-and-coming ABA-survivor whistleblower reports under attorney advisement as we speak. When they give them the green light, we report their cases.

[Edit note: ABA Leaks seek more whistleblowers. Please speak to us, to others, or on your own, in blog, or otherwise, for our younger peers, so that they can live some day under international "autism appreciation," under no ABA coercions, under the alternative and real supports that the actually autistic community leads or recommends to the loving parents of our younger peers, so that the children grow with no resentment for hiring the controllers. Elder gays brought the young gay marriage. Elder autis shall stop ABA dead in its tracks and bankrupt the whole lot of them Robber Barons and do the right thing for us all.

[We are prepared to wait until hell freezes over to bankrupts ABA and help the humane alternatives thrive, but you watch. ABA is afraid of the truth. That's why you rarely see full-fledged films of ABA from Day One submission trainings when their intent to break the will of their "experimental subjects" under their blind faith in determinism, their denial of freedom as their unproven philosophy, is so obviously coercive. Love won for gays, and truth wins for the ABA victims, always, in the end. DA]

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