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Applied Behavior Analysis censors run rampant throughout Facebook. April 28, 2017 they banished this Reward and Consent (R+C) blogger from a Russian-speaking, ABA-controlled, parents of autism Facebook group over ABA shock to the Chechen 100 gay concentration camp victims. ABA will never silence (extinguish) its critics' speech (verbal behavior)! Ouch! Look!

Before Skinner (beginning around 1938) discovered Operant Conditioning starving and shocking rats to show how consequences control or influence our subsequent rates of behavior, Russian pig Pavlov cut a hole in his dogs' cheeks to collect their saliva and measure it to discover what ABA also does in cruel ways. ABA pairs its phony praises with morsels of food it shoves into the mouths of underfed children in a desperate attempt to make the kids like them. Communist territory's Pavlov (1927) had previously discovered Classical Conditioning, the simultaneous pairing of the sound of a bell or a metronome with the appearance of meat, gaining saliva, removing the meat, sounding the bell, and gaining saliva under the bell with no meat. (Of course, he's not a typical Russian. They're usually very beautiful and very nice people, unless they become intensely-intervening behavior controllers. Then they're quite unappealing. A bunch of rotten apples they are when they get together in groups.

It's a little-known fact that Professor Ivan Pavlov drooled at the sight of the big-breasted Russian women who were handling his dogs, but then the lovely ladies decided to get away from him or else he might cut into their cheeks with his scalpel to collect their saliva like he did his dogs. Well then he drooled at the sight of his drooling dogs after the women had "eloped," or disappeared from out of his sight, but when the dogs were still stuck there with him, trapped against their will, when he had paired the dogs and the women together in front of his bulging eyes until the nice ladies got away, as I just said thrice, for effect, then in the first phase he had drooled and snorted and rooted his drippy snout in the mud at both the women and the canines simultaneously. Therefore, to conclude this impeccable logic, Pavlov drooled like a pig at his dogs when no humans were present because he was also the very subject of his very own experiment, but only introspectively, as he refused to cut a hole in his own cheek to collect his own saliva in a vile. Behaviorists only hurt others. You won't see them hurting themselves. Anyhow, he was not a human being, though, this Porky Pig, Pavlov el cerdo, and so on and so forth go the ABAers, ad infinitum, and ad nauseam. Incidentally, to "elope" is ABA's term for running away from their nonsense, which is a big "No! No!" to a behaviorist who must always demonstrate complete control or else how does she get paid? They're usually women. Warning, dudes. She's gonna withhold sex to control your behavior scientifically, so get away now while you can, before it's too late, lest you tie the knot. Uh oh! You better not, fellas. I'm warning you. Trust me on this one, or else you're stuck, for good, till death do you part. She's gonna entice you with her seductions, butter you up with sweet talk, and then get you to sign her lawyer's prenuptial agreements. Then your only escape is into a lifetime of laborious drudgery to make ends meet and to pay here alimony payments on behalf of her McMansion mortgage and on behalf of your confused children where they're gonna live without you, at your expense, dudes!

In the long run, punishment, unlike reinforcement, works to the disadvantage of both the punished organism and the punishing agency" (Skinner, 2014/1953, p. 183)
For years, I believed Skinner opposed punishment. See below. As it turns out, he only opposed punishment for so-called normal people, such as him and his control freak pals. What a bullshit artist was  Burrhus F. Skinner! He had me fooled all throughout ten full years of intense research into his work and that of his sheeple, until the disabled Rutgers librarian scanned a damning Skinner article that showed his true colors, rotten to the core.


The posts down here below are what ABA cannot silence, not even in Russia and Ukraine, as it fails miserably again with their "dissemination Special Interest Groups (SIGs)" or rather, their "propaganda SIGs."

Here's Josh Pritchard bragging about his "global dissemination of behavior analysis current research (retrieved April 28, 2017)." He banished me from his autism ABA Facebook group, as I recall, with no explanation whatsoever, as they can never tell me what I said that was such a big sin, as they block me from even their own rank and file ABAers all over the planet. That's fine. As much as they try, they can't keep us off their Twitter hashtags. Ha! Pritchard told me in an email that Reward and Consent is "trite," his word, not mine, but then when I asked him to read the blog, he said, "I wouldn't know where to begin." So he, as ABA always does, misjudges my verbal behavior, as in neurotypical of the bunch (who drink excessively at their events, so you can see in their Facebook pics. Talk about nuts.) Look! He's on the Board of Directors of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA skin shock, what two United Nations Special Torture Rapporteurs have called "torture."

It's funny. I began my investigation with this blog in 2007 after having read much Skinner, who warned the world against coercive punishment. Then I learned that, despite Skinner's warnings against punitive techniques, ABA fully supported punitive techniques, as they hit them upon me all over the internet as I tried to tell them their guru opposed punishment, so he claimed, while they told me punishment is necessary, despite Skinner. Meanwhile, ABA continued its cruel and unusually coercive ways upon all their other victims of their formal programs, while telling unwitting, panicky parents how positive they are. ABA needs panicky parents. Calm parents don't hire them. Calm parents dig deep to do their homework. Then calm parents learn how ABA survivors are speaking. Calm parents listen to actual autistics who alone know best how to help their autistic children, obviously, under common sense epistemology, study of knowledge, how we know best what we experience ourselves. Case closed.

Then I was completely dismayed to realize that Skinner fully supported punishment, as long as the victim was disabled or autistic. He opposed punishment for his neurotypical peers and allies, and nobody else. What a hypocrite! He was on the Board of Editors of their flagship Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) 1(1) when these "brilliant scientists" shocked the hell out of a young autistic girl for climbing on the precious family furniture, instead of taking her to a gym. What did they call her? A deviant. (Risley, 1968). That's what ABA calls everyone else who is different, deviants, except for those lunatics. Besides "effective science," "deviant" is their most profitable word. That's why ABA Leaks can call them "control freaks" and get away with it. Anyhow, so then a disabled librarian at Rutgers University scanned this damning Skinner document (Deitz, 1985) and sent it to us at ABA Leaks, where Skinner praised the founder of the skin shock "torture" school, as he began his plans to shock, as he was slapping, pinching, and forcing ammonia inhalations on them.
The Judge Rotenberg Center was established by Matthew Israel in 1971, as the Behavior Research Institute (BRI). During college, Matthew Israel had studied the behaviorist ideas of B.F. Skinner, and then began trying these ideas out on children, first on a 3-year-old child. This convinced Israel that he should start a school, so he founded the BRI, first in Providence, Rhode Island; in 1976, he opened another branch of BRI in Van Nuys, California. The institute began as a school whose students were mainly autistic people and people with intellectual disabilities. “Treatment” at the school consisted of many different forms of punishment, including spraying children in the face with water, forcing them to smell ammonia, pinching them, slapping them, subjecting them to painful muscle squeezes, spanking them, forcing them to put hot peppers on their tongues, and forcing them to wear a “white-noise helmet” that emitted static. (Davies, 2014 from Gonnerman, 2007).
Skinner depended on ABA dissemination, the before and after videos, while never seeing the ABA abuse in action. Skinner said Israel was a man of "courage" to take on such difficult cases. Bullshit! (We autistics are direct. This is one of our strengths that ABA hopes to squelch. Good luck, control freaks!)

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