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ABA Leaks finds the best way to educate autistic and disabled children is to homeschool them in groups with other homeschooling families with absolutely no cruel and unusually coercive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) behavioral modifications.

NAACP reports on the "School to Prison Pipeline."

Dear parents of actually autistic children and parents of other children with disabilities,

ABA Leaks finds that the best way to educate your children is to home school them in groups with other home schooling families with absolutely no cruel and unusually coercive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) behavior modifications. Powerful, self-interested, special interest group forces, such as the teacher's unions and the ABA lobby, have corrupted the school systems to the detriment of your children.

Inclusion or mainstreaming into regular education classes is a bad idea, unless, of course, your verbal or nonverbal children clearly tell you that they want to join the commonplace classrooms, either in words or in enthusiastic action, by showing no resistance and going happily off to school, because speech and behavior is all communication, and ABA does not realize that.

Furthermore, ABA has an uncanny ability to use its propaganda machine and its lobbying teams to force teachers, administrators, school psychologists, and boards of education to do ABA and to hire Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) so they can profit by forcing their will upon your children in the more-restrictive, less-mainstreamed special education resource rooms, self-contained classrooms, and special education schools with their residential settings.

In other words, ABA not only modifies your children's behaviors. Everybody is their target, including unwitting politicians and judges who do their bidding, unknown to them how harmful it is, who force unwilling insurance companies to pay ABA's exorbitantly-priced, up to $175/hour in $80,000 annual salaries, long hours, up to forty per week, of harmfully intensecoercive interventions upon small, defenseless children and then older children and adults, from age one and upwards. This is an incredible waste of taxpayer and insurance industry money.

Anyhow, emancipated adult survivors of ABA's cruel and unusual behavior modifications are reporting heavy stigma coming out of the schools. ABA Leaks has two new ABA survivor reports to publish about this, but not until after their attorneys advise them when to publish their anecdotal-evidence self-reports of ABA induce Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is sufficient cause to sue ABA, according to an attorney who is consulting with ABA Leaks, as long as victims initiate their lawsuits before the statutes of time limitations expire.

This signifies nothing less than real-life, adult-led, system-wide discrimination, abuse, and neglect upon your innocent children as they treat their different ways of behaving as though they were criminals, even calling in the police to handcuff them and take them away and staffing schools with cops as security guards, as ABA Leaks founder, disabled special education New Jersey certificated teacher David Altieri, witnessed in a Brick, New Jersey, USA high school around 1990.

In other words, and for example, when school administrators and child study teams send the much-smaller-than-normal special education buses to your homes to pick up your atypical children, then the neurotypical children call your children "retards" and other bad names. The schools often let this happen because they are the cause of such cruelty. The children follow the adult lead this way because grown-ups are the root cause of all bullying.

They label them "special needs children." ABA Leaks, on the other hand, claims that the truly needy ones are the adults who own a pathetic need to feel like they are "helping the helpless," when, indeed and in fact, they are causing and worsening problems. It's the actual schools who are helpless, so fire them, please, for the benefit of your children, for our younger peers, as actually autistic and epileptic adult investigators, journalists, and researchers who staff ABA Leak say, all of whom are unpaid, unlike ABA and teachers, of course, who are obviously biased for reasons of money in favor of what they do for a living. So don't listen to what they say. Watch them in action instead, face to face, or record them, if that's legal for you to do. There's a parent-led movement that's advocating for cameras in special education classrooms. ABA Leaks is okay with this as long as all the children in class are also okay with it.

Teachers, therefore, are thugs. If they don't punish "misbehavior" in the name of "good classroom discipline," then the principal fires them. Red Bank Catholic High School (RBC), where Altieri taught Business Law, Accounting, and Economics in the mid-1980s, according to people on the streets of Red Bank, New Jersey who spoke with Altieri April 12, 2017, never stopped "managing" classes with its "demerit system," whereby accumulated punishment points, because of infractions such as wearing the wrong pants or a dress that hung too high, culminates in after-school detention or actual, permanent expulsion from school, which RBC did to Altieri's 1970s best friend J. P. "Jay Keith Christian" Orzechowski, a severe stutterer, now deceased, while David studied at Lincroft's extremely-homophobic all-boys high school, Christian Brothers Academy (CBA), where he had to listen to other boys mocking one straight boy every single day, calling him a "faggot" and such, a boy with nice feminine features who also had some kind of a physical impediment from exercising "perfectly" in gym class. So what? He was a genius, top of all Calculus performers, always scoring 100 and more with Brother Christian's extra credit tests. Not once did any teacher at CBA ever defend this poor boy in front of Altieri. He had the highest grade point average in the class of '77. Principal Brother Peter Manion chose the basketball star to win the graduating class' valedictorian honor instead. "Uh oh! He might exit with a bang and tell everyone how he feels in the middle of his graduation day speech," Brother Peter probably thought. How could they be so cruel?!

In other words, schools and their ruling board members engage in the crime of false imprisonment, so it seems, thought we're not attorneys. They also cause institutionalized rejection and ostracism of disabled children from their peer groups. How would that make you feel if it happened to you, parents?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a stupid, let alone harmful, way to run a couple of so-called "loving Christian" schools. It always has been unintelligent, and it always will be, to rule in such a manner.

There are many humane alternatives versus the inhumane, so-called "ABA therapy," which is not therapeutic in any sense of the word.

There are humane alternatives to pseudo-professional ABA done by true professionals who actually respect your children as persons, inside and out, rather than treating them exclusively like bundles of "behavioral data sheets they claim is the truth as they display them scientifically as behavioral lines or curves on algebraic x-y axis charts to prove how effective they are" at creating obedient, submissive children and disabled adults, whereupon ABA cannot directly observe their feelings, so they're not data to manipulate and technically to ABA, their feelings don't count.

Here is a data collection behavior sheet from the major ABA disseminator known as  "Behavior Babe."

Here is classical ABA orthodoxy of various B. F. Skinner schedules of reinforcement, "the independent variables which cause changes in the dependent variable, the rate of response as shown by the lines where each pip on the line shows the delivery of grain to the hungry or underweight bird, what he discovered with lab pigeons and which ABA applies to your children, as though they were just as intelligent and helpless as his captured lab animals, rats included.

Below in the next video is non-ABA floor time. Note the authentic laughter and happiness between the girl and her therapist. Her mother assures ABA Leaks that this floor time is not ABA. The girl has the power to walk away and move to a different room if she is not enjoying herself. If she had let her mom know, in words or in deeds, that she did not like the therapist, well the Mom would fire her, as she should. This is dual consent in action. ABA will not allow childhood dissent. They always claim in arguments with ABA Leaks founder David Altieri that children and legally incapacitated adults are not fully informed as to the consequences of their actions, so the parents' "informed consent giving them permission to intervene," where "aversion therapy" is always their last resort method of control is all they need to force their way into the lives of their victims. In other words, in end, ABA teaches very young, very small boys and girls that "it's always bad to say 'no' to an abuser."

Here in the next video you see two adults ganging up on a small autistic girl as ABA forces her to say "Mama" for the first time after losing her free spirit in a power struggle with two menacing "ABA Therapists" who say to her, "We can't let you win." The girl will never enjoy saying your name, Autism Mom. Here you can see precisely how ABA is not therapy. "ABA Therapy," therefore, is an oxymoron, a contradiction of terms.

Please watch how she does it. It is pure ABA. The lead ABAer clutches a simple piece of candy tightly clenched in her hand and dangles it out before the hungry, food-deprived toddler until she gets her way, compliance and submission. ABA teaches this young girl that she may not say "no" to what looks like horrible abuse.

Time and time again we see that ABA is not much more cruel and unusual coercion and punishment, unconstitutional in the USA, so we hope it turns out.

Positive Behavior Support, (PBS) according to ABA Leaks, is not ABA. Furthermore, PBS excludes punishment only in theory, but not in action. See here and here.

Therefore, parents, ask an autistic adult how to support your autistic children in lieu of ABA. Non-coercive alternatives to always-coercive ABA can include actually autistic peer support and peer mentoringfloor time, and the dual parent and child consent Cognitive Behavioral Teaching (CBT) method by this blog author called Reward and Consent (R+C). Dual consent as a practice is not exclusive to R+C, however, because floor time, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other kinds of supports may use it, depending on the therapists and teachers involved, as they all should.

I remain yours truly,

Dave Jersey

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