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ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

[Ed. note: This post contains the shorter version of this breaking analytical report. A lengthier, fully-cited academic version is here.]

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) never stopped its extremely painful electric skin shock "treatment" against us autistics. ABA did it to gays. They stopped. They're doing it again, in the center of the world's current concentration camps in Chechnya, Russia, so we argue beyond any reasonable doubt to us, the ABA Leaks team of disabled investigators.

ABA is a cult that tries to control behaviors by adding and removing punishers and reinforcers such as forced ammonia inhalations and candy.

They want to shock the autism out of autistics, still. ABA used to try to shock the gayness out of gays. It always failed at both, miserably. They stopped with gays after the American Psychological Association said homosexuality is not a sickness, in the 1970s, so we thought. Now they're doing it again, so it seems!

It's still happening in ABA's Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts. JRC also shocks New York City inner city youth, many more black and latinos than whites, intellectually disabled, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, and schizophrenics. It probably shocks epileptics. Many autistics are also epileptic.

We claim that ABA is a direct cause of the "shock treatment" at the gay concentration camps in Chechnya, Russia, the likes of which the world has never seen done upon gays since Adolph Hitler did it to gays and autistics in the Holocaust. We hope we are wrong. We doubt we are mistaken.

How can we say this?

1) Both ABA's well-known shock and the Russian shock methods are similar electro-mechanically, yet identical in approach.

Chechnya shockers and ABA shockers both use "skin shock" as a form of punishment. Without clear video footage or self-reports, we cannot tell how similar, precisely, are both torture techniques, in terms of so-called "behavioral science" applications we allege they both have probably used. The Guardian said, "One of the men then cranked a handle on a machine to which the clamps were linked with wires, and sent powerful electric shocks through his body." Though ABA reports different kinds of shock devices, the electric charge into the body amounts to the same thing with ABA's current device. Whether or not the Chechen shockers use the precise knowledge base of the Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA's) in not important. If they are not trained BCBA's doing the Russian shock, ABA has set a horrible example for them to follow, undeniably. Therefore, ABA is a cause in the new Russian shock torture, in a direct cause and effect series of events, whether or not they have been trained directly by the Behavioral Analysis Certification Board programs.

2) Only "ABA Therapy" would call it "shock treatment" and that's what Chechen gays called it in the Guardian. This is a very damning term, for ABA. It points directly to ABA as follows.

There is no other so-called "helping profession" who says it does painful "shock treatment" than ABA. If they were corrections officers or the some other kind of prison guards shocking as though they were using a stun gun, they would not call it "treatment." Furthermore, ABA uses electrodes and the camps use clamps to push the electric charge into the skin. There is no mention of a stun gun in Chechnya. The ECT brain shock of psychiatry "treats" depression and chronic pain. It's not supposed to hurt. ABA admits its shock wouldn't work to "decelerate rates of problem behaviors" without the pain. The camps are clearly not doing psychiatric brain shock.

3) ABA and Chechnya skin shockers are both highly-unethical "torturers."

The U. N. calls this ABA shock "torture." The Guardian reports Chechnya torture. Overwhelmingly, ABA disregards the dissent of its victims. The same goes for concentration camp victims, obviously. ABA Leaks has already established this on our Facebook page and in this blog and in personal dealings with them and observation of their own videos. ABA calls itself "effective." It follows "by any means necessary" faulty ethics and it fails at its goals anyhow. It uses the highly unethical popular-norm-of-the-day standard to misjudge people who are different. It always has with autistics. It seemed to stop with gays. Well it's happening again. They call us all "deviants." Well they're control freaks. They are the pot calling the kettle black, pathological hypocrites who accept no responsibility for their own sadistic behavior and calling their own victims pathological in highly-demeaning methods and language. Both"shock treatments" are identically unethical. Their logic is the same. It goes like this: "We don't like the way they behave, so let's teach them a good lesson and shock the hell out of them."

3) Russia has a long, intimate, and well-established connection with ABA.

ABA Leaks uncovers this Behavioral Analysis Certification Board (BACB) Board Certified Behavioral Analysis (BCBA) course of study at the Moscow Centre of Pedagogy and Psychology.

The FBI has file on B. F. Skinner, who was second to Russian Pavlov in the ABA timeline, as Pavlov and Skinner both discovered different kinds of behavioral conditioning methods. The two operate in conjunction with each other. ABA started with Pavlov in Russia when he trained dogs to salivate to a bells by presenting them with meat and then ringing the bell without meat. Then they salivated just to the bell. Pavlov (1927) cut holes in dog cheeks to collect the saliva and measure it.  Then Skinner (1938) discovered behavior modification by way of consequences to behaviors, whereas Pavlovian conditioning takes place by the simultaneous pairing of stimuli together, for example, turning a neutral stimulus (a bell) into a reinforcer (that signals food may arrive) or a punisher. Furthermore, ABA Leaks found well over ten thousand members in ABA's Russian Facebook groups, including one with ABA involved in prisons.

4) Chechnya skin shockers called them "animals." B. F. Skinner, other founder of ABA, called all his "subjects organisms," as he said he "controlled" behaviors of homo sapiens and other animals.

5) All ABA, either with outright support, or with silent complicity, supports skin shock "torture." See here and here.

6) There have already been many ABA related deaths, though probably unintentional. There are reports of Chechnya gay murders.

7) Hitler's "solution" was scientific. This term describing "shock treatment" in Chechnya smacks of what ABA calls "Human Science."


ABA Leaks has no doubt. We hope we are wrong. The truth will emerge, hopefully, with further investigation. Then we will know for sure exactly how ABA is involved in potentially the next horrific holocaust by the bosom buddy of Donald Trump, Russia's iron fisted, murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.

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