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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has a terrible timeline it will never publish and here it is.


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Altieri (April 19, 2017): ABA Leaks catches ABA's bad behavior red-handed. Two massive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) networks fight. Dude calls it a "hostile takeover." Ha!

Altieri (April 17, 2017): ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Altieri (April 17, 2017): She's speaking again! Jennifer Msumba, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) skin shock torture victim, reports on her trauma, yet ABA refuses to listen.

Altieri (April 15, 2017): As unbelievable as it sounds, ABA Leaks concludes, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a direct cause of their well-known extremely painful electric skin shock "treatment" now as we speak on gay victims of the newly-reported Russian concentration camps, the likes of which the world has never seen since Adolph Hitler's mid-Twentieth-Century, white-supremacy, neurotypical, scientifically-genocidal Nazi Party rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, sterilized, and annihilated 6,000,000 gays, disabled people, and all the others.

Altieri (April 15, 2017): ABA Leaks finds that the best way to educate autistic and disabled children is to home school them in groups with other home schooling families with absolutely no cruel and unusually coercive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) behavioral modifications.

Kandaswamy and Altieri (April 9, 2017): The Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience said, "The time has come to stop forcing (Applied Behavior Analysis) (ABA) on the autistic child."

Altieri (April 6, 2017): Did the Executive Director of Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) extremely painful electric skin shock "torture" lie to the IRS about possible racial discrimination?

Altieri (March 18, 2017): Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) did it to gays. They still do it to autistics. We call it false behavioral conversion therapy. It causes us Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), indisputably.

Altieri (March 11, 2017): B. F. Skinner's Utopian dream of a planet-wide, mass-scale, Plato's behavior modification Republic, as dictated, not by a philosopher king, as Plato planned, but by an elite class of his wolf-in-sheep-clothes Behavior Analyst followers, is materializing.

Dawson (February 24, 2017): ABA leaders again welcome the Judge Rotenberg Center's egregious practices ABAI symposium complete with BACB credits.

Altieri (February 20, 2017): B. F. Skinner made scientific discoveries, but Sigmund Freud did not, according to a reading of Karl Popper, philosopher of science. Nevertheless, Skinner was cruel, in subtle ways.

Altieri (February 20, 2017): J. Edgar Hoover, our Dad, and I are the worst of the rotten apples.

Altieri (February 17, 2017): News from 2016 to 2017 shows precisely how violent a place is Canton, Massachusetts' Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric ABA skin shock.

Msumba (February 16, 2017): What are my nightmares about? The Judge Rotenberg Center (ABA's JRC):

Altieri (February 16, 2017): The seventh death with Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock "torture" was an unborn baby, allegedly.

Altieri (February 7, 2017): Who runs Disability Scoop? Why do they support the skin shock "torturers," the pseudoscience cult known as Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)?

Altieri (January 28, 2017): Here's a review of pro-ABA, hot-air-motor-mouth Temple Grandin's (1984): "My experiences as an autistic child and review of selected literature." He or she knows zilch about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Altieri (January 28, 2017): Here's my autobiography embellished into a coconut shell: A monkey falls off the monkey bars to become a proud schizophrenic.

Altieri (January 27, 2017): A harmless schizophrenic man with paranoia in remission sees Donald Trump's rambling CIA speech and calls him a dangerous, provocative, grandiose, paranoid sociopath with religious pathology.

Altieri (January 24, 2017): Here's some great happy news from Germany. A generous lottery group, Aktion Mensch, defunds Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) programs.

Altieri (January 21, 2017): Houston: We have a problem. The Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) "aversive therapy" guru Dick Malott told me he'd painfully skin shock us autistics who rock our bodies.

Msumba (Dec 31, 2016): My life inside the Judge Rotenberg Center (ABA's JRC). Skin shock aversives. What it was like:

Altieri (November 24, 2016): An actually autistic man defines and explains Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA).

Altieri (November 13, 2016): Is sociopath Trump as pathologically paranoid as I was? Did HE hack the vote he insisted Clinton "rigged?"

Altieri (November 8, 2016): Dear Board Certified Behavioural Analysts (BCBAs): Skin shock yourselves instead of autistic people and stop calling us "deviants," you control freaks!

Altieri (October 15, 2016): Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) behavior controllers claw their way into the USA National Ass. of School Psychologists (NASP) which calls Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric skin shock ABA "torture" "good company" at its annual conventions.

Oakdown and Altieri (September 26, 2016): Autistic Cassandra Oakdown, 19, reports forced behavioral modification normality with buckets of cold water splashed in their face.

Altieri (August 29, 2016): The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Injustice anywhere [Israel over Palestine] is a threat to justice everywhere [to us actually autistic and us actually schizophrenic people]."

Altieri (August 11, 2016): The Journal of Absurd Behavioral Analysis (JABA 2,1) asks, "Would you punish yourself for slouching with the electromechanical noisy garment apparatus or with the toilet bowl plunger perched on your head inside the pick-it-up-by-yourself operant?"

Altieri (August 10, 2016): Judge Rotenberg Center's (JRC's) Executive Director Crookes told the FDA she put Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) skin shock device electrodes on her clients' buttocks.

Altieri (July 14, 2016): Dear FBI bozos and fellow autistic Hoya (Georgetown) leader, Lydia Brown: Let's shape Autism $peak$ (A$$) with Skittles.

Altieri (July 22, 2016): Terri Du Bous, the next emancipated Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) survivor, speaks.

Altieri (June 28, 2016): The "data" is in. Each and every Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) pseudo-professional completely supports or is complicit to ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock "torture." Prerequisite argument: ABA is very different from Positive Behavioural Supports (PBS) despite some overlapping.

Altieri (May 9, 2016): The ARC, formerly the Ass. for Retarded Citizens, promotes abusive Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) programs and barges into autism territory where it does not belong.

Altieri (May 9, 2016): The ARC, formerly the Ass. for Retarded Citizens, promotes abusive Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) programs and barges into autism territory where it does not belong.

Altieri (May 5, 2016): Massachusetts charges Eagleton School staff, which uses Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), with abuse and revokes its license.

Altieri (May 4, 2016): The Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) sends ABA Leaks a database of 410 severe abuse allegations at Rotenberg in a recent ten-year time span, averaging one charge per every ten days.

Altieri (April 23, 2016): Here's Reward and Consent's (R+C's) Cognitive Behavioural Teaching (CBT) amended Serenity Prayer.

Altieri (April 15, 2016): Here's some history, ethics, politics, behavioural analysis, technology, and trends of the new BUYcott consumer movement.

Altieri (April 13, 2016): The Ass. for Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI) officially "approved" extremely painful Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock "torture" once again, after autistic advocates demanded they stop approving it.

Altieri (March 31, 2016): Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is abuse. Reward and Consent's (R+C's) Cognitive-Behavioral Teaching (CBT) method is a viable alternative. It uses dual parent AND child consent.

Altieri (January 22, 2016): [Post-publication-date article title addendum: "I was wrong to praise them":] United Kingdom Positive Behavioural Supports (PBS) advocates shun Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) skin shock pain.

Astrid Âû (January 15, 2016): Game of quiet hands.

Astrid Âû' (January 15, 2016): Compliance and the journey in hell.

Anon Boy, His Anon Mom, and Altieri (January 7, 2016): A smart schoolboy says Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) is bad to him and his friends.

Altieri (December 9, 2015): Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) forces a young boy to play. How ethical/unethical is this?

Altieri (November 21, 2015): Here's why Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is a profiteering pseudoscience cult.

Altieri (November 3, 2015): Aversives-addicted Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) electro-shockers are on trial against Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) non-punishers (theoretically, because PBS punishes in practice).

Altieri (November 3, 2015): Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) skin shock "torturers" offered Applied Behavioral Analysts (ABAs) $85,000+ to work in its 2015 so-called "happy environment."

Altieri (October 12, 2015): The U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture condemns Judge Rotenberg Center's (JRC's) Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) electroshock "torture" of autistics and others.

Altieri (October 9, 2015): Repetitive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) drills prevent autistic learning.

Rae (October 5, 2015): Training by repetition actually prevents learning for those with autism.

Altieri (September 9, 2015): Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is highly unethical.

Altieri (September 4, 2015): Please report the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) electroshock "torture" to Facebook.

Altieri (July 31, 2015): The FDA gives a 24/7 complaint line to ABA Leaks advocates against extremely painful Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock "torture": (800) 891-8295. FDA New England requests more public input into Rotenberg Center's FDA-unapproved electric current levels. July 9, 2015. Canton, Massachusetts. Glenda Crookes Executive Director of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA's) extremely painful electric skin shock torture meets ABA Leaks advocates Persico and Rosenthal and says she still shocks her disabled clients with FDA-uncleared devices.

Altieri (June 23, 2015): Judge Rotenberg Center's Achilles' heel vulnerability is the truth about Applied Behavioral Analysis' (ABA's) electroshock "torture."

Kosovskaya and Altieri (June 11, 2015): Anna Kosovskaya escapes Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock "torture."

Altieri (May 20, 2015): The Ass. for Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI) officially "approves" the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock.

Altieri (May 1, 2015): My one day of electric shock was worse than 36 years of antipsychotics, which I happen to enjoy very much, just as many others like me also appreciate them, according to my psychiatrists, while Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) claims its coercive methods are so much better than medicine, which they ain't, not by a long-shot, if you will only listen to all their victims instead of their biased, multibillion-dollar-operation disseminators.

Altieri (April 6, 2015): A so-called "deviant autistic child" becomes a multibillion dollar benefactor of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Not.

Altieri (April 2, 2015): Hey! Listen up, all you loud-mouth Applied Behavioral Analysts (ABAers). I was ignoring you first. So there. See how you like them apples.

Altieri (March 31, 2015): Is it childhood Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)? No. It's adulthood Unreasonable Demand Disorder (UDD).

Altieri (March 15, 2015): Let's simply BUYcott non-GMO products instead of boycotting GMO.

Altieri (February 26, 2015): B. F. Skinner made costly mistakes in his Behavioral Ethics leadership.

Altieri (February 24, 2015): Please tell New York City Mayor de Blasio to stop Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) electroshock “torture” of disabled people.

Altieri (January 24, 2015): Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) fails again, as always. It won't even acknowledge, let alone accept, a peace offering from an ABA survivor.

Altieri (October 23, 2014): The Journal of Absurd Behavioral Analysis (JABA 1,1) asks, "How do unclad feet affect floor dirtiness?"

Altieri (October 15, 2014): A seven year inquiry into Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) finds ethics problems of massive proportions.

Altieri (September 30, 2014): The notions of absolute and relative freedom have some history and consequence.

Altieri (September 27, 2014): Cable guy avoids more bumps on the head.

Altieri (September 12, 2014): A new ethics code will bind Behavioral Analysts' behaviors on January 1, 2016.

Miller (April 13, 2014): JRC FDA Petition by Greg Miller:

Altieri (August 20, 2014): The Behavioral Analyst Certification Board (BACB) condones extremely painful Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) skin shock "torture."

Davies (August 9, 2014): “Prisoners of the Apparatus”: The Judge Rotenberg Center.

Msumba and Werner (Aug 5, 2014): Extended interview with Jennifer Msumba:

Altieri (April 23, 2014): How necessary is the analysis of autistic behavior?

Altieri (April 20, 2014): Here's an Easter letter to my family about guardian angels, theory of science, and our wonderful mother, Mrs. Cornelia Altier.

Altieri (May 7, 2013): This is the Behavioral Ethics speech I gave our Mom Cornelia Altier's friends and family at her funeral reception.

Moran (November 29, 2012): Harsh discipline is schools across the country:

Beaudet (April 24, 2012): Rotenberg trial ends with settlement; former student's mom vows to keep fighting:

Beaudet (April 23, 2012): Jury gets Rotenberg case, must decide whether shocks were treatment:

Beaudet (April 20, 2012): JRC expert admits shocks didn't work, but says damage was minimal:

Beaudet (April 19, 2012): Shocked teen was cared for, school says:

Beaudet (April 18, 2012): Gov. Patrick supports shock ban, legislation so far has stalled in House:

Beaudet (April 17, 2012): Restraints needed for safety, doc says:

Beaudet (April 13, 2012): Son not the same since shocks, mom says:

Beaudet (April 12, 2012): Staff at shock school tried to help teen, lawyers say:

Beaudet (April 11, 2012): Shocks given at Rotenberg Center were "harming" autistic teen, expert testifies:

Beaudet (April 10, 2012): Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court:

Beaudet (April 8, 2012): State raised concerns at shock school trial of youth and shocked to start Monday:

Altieri (August 20, 2011): This is how to gain the consent of the recipients of behavioral interventions.

Altieri (August 14, 2011): Here's a history of Applied Behavioral Analysis' (ABA's) operant conditioning experiments on non-disabled adult populations.

Altieri (August 1, 2011): A token economy can change teacher behaviors rather than students?

Altieri (July 18, 2011): Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) punished slouching with noise.

Altieri (July 15, 2011): Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) did its extremely painful electric skin shock to cigarette smokers.

Hinman, Brown (June 30, 2010): UN calls shock treatment at Mass. school 'torture.':

Ahern, Rosenthal (April 30, 2010): Torture not treatment: Electric shock and long-term restraint in the United States on children and adults with disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center: Urgent appeal to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture presented by Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI):

Dawson (May 17, 2009): Saving autistics and the world: Skin shock at the 2009 ABA convention.

Altieri (April 11, 2009): The Guernsey (March 3, 2009) New York Times article that put "Rewards for Students Under a Microscope" presents a worthwhile report of the debate among educators and psychologists on the merits of school incentive systems such as paying children to do good work.

Altieri (July 21, 2008): Why can't we have a marriage of ethics and behavioral sciences?

Altieri (December 27, 2007): In the Matter of M. R. the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that people with disabilities have the legal right to self-determination.

Altieri (March 4, 2007): The first issue of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis (JABA) set the stage for Applied Behavioral Analysis' (ABA's) long-term, highly-unethical behavior.

Altieri (February 6, 2007): Parents, it's okay to reward your children when they do their homework, if that works and they like it.

Altieri (January 19, 2007): B. F. Skinner studied squirrels and ants before he discovered the extinction curve with lab rats.

Altieri (January 19, 2007): Teachers, there's no need for punishment and correction to gain hand-raising during calm, peaceful classroom management.

Altieri (January 18, 2007): Stop retaliation against "bad" behavior. Don't reward it in the first place.

Altieri (January 15, 2007): Here's the problem with punishment.

Dawson (January 18, 2004): The misbehavior of the behaviorists: Ethical challenges to the autism-ABA industry.

Kahn (November 26, 1985): Dr. Hurt: The aversive therapist and his painful record.

Deitz (October 17, 1985): Psychologist B. F. Skinner comes to defense of autistic center leader.

Grant (May 7, 1965): Screams, slaps, and love: A surprising shocking treatment helps far-gone mental cripples.

Breland and Breland (November 1, 1961): The misbehavior of organisms.

Skinner (January 1, 1938): The behavior of organisms.

Here's a list of ABA Leaks team members past and present who deserve credit.


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


(1) The old ABA Leaks before the shakeup: The very gullible Jacob Persico (2016), who went to the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) on behalf of ABA Leaks where he proceeded to kiss her butt on July 9, 2015, which embarrasses the hell out of us; Jay Rosenthal, who also went to JRC for us along with Persico; Christopher Stargazer of Twitter; Anon in the Hague; Evan Anderson, special Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) investigative reporter; and Dusty Jones, BCBA. He was kind of on our team once. Jones as dissident had temporarily quit ABA, but then he returned for the money, no doubt, of course. He had sent us a document to review, which we did. Then he published it and then he pretended we didn't exist. He's become another sheeple of the ABA cult.

(2) The current ABA Leaks them after the shakeup: Alan Michelson of Facebook, Data Professional and researcher extraordinaire, Anon in the Hague of the Netherlands, Pam Zich, FOIA journalist, blogger, and epileptic public school teacher from Virginia who takes a mean selfie with her pet snake hanging around her neck, "Hijo" Anon, @SpacexMckitty of Twitter, and Fenia Tsoka of Facebook who is a non-coercive Speech and Language therapist in Greece.

(3) There's the awesome Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA guitarist Brennan, this blogger's local Bill-and-Ted's-most-excellent-adventure-pal, Whistleblower Higgins of Facebook, fellow proud schizophrenic. We have one personality each and we're rarely dangerous despite the false and wildly exaggerated myths about us. See Altieri, 2013, in truthout. Higgins has no shame in telling the world that he hates it when female nurses at the Rosa Pavilion inpatient unit at Neptune's Jersey Shore University Medical Center, a Meridian bunch of liberal do-gooder thugs, emotionally retarded thugs, that is, peer inside his asshole as he enters the unit so that these pervs can see if he's got drugs, which they never found in his ass after so many times they pried inside with their beady blue psychiatric nurses' eyeballs. They do not do the same for cancer patients at Jersey Shore, those whom they really do addict to heroin-based pain killers, the ones who actually might smuggle an extra supply of heroin in their asses into the hospital, unlike mentally ill people, who are not criminals, nor necessarily drug addicts, though Jersey Shore, who should know this, if they're a so-called "university" hospital, has no clue. It treats us like criminals when we have committed no crimes whatsoever. In addition to ABA, they're another bunch of overbearing Nurse Ratchets and under Higgins' brave, outspoken survivorship, we're onto them now, also! So stay tuned!

(4) We also currently have two up-and-coming ABA-survivor whistleblower reports under attorney advisement as we speak. When they give them the green light, we report their cases.

We seek more whistleblowers. Please speak to us, to others, or on your own, in blog, or otherwise, for our younger peers, so that they can live some day under international "autism appreciation," under no ABA coercions, under the alternative and real supports that the actually autistic community leads or recommends to the loving parents of our younger peers, so that the children grow with no resentment for hiring the controllers. Elder gays brought the young gay marriage. Elder autis shall stop ABA dead in its tracks and bankrupt the whole lot of them Robber Barons and do the right thing for us all.

ABA Leaks is prepared to wait until hell freezes over, but you watch. ABA is afraid of the truth. That's why you rarely see full-fledged films of ABA from Day One submission trainings when their intent to break the will of their "experimental subjects" under their blind faith in determinism, their denial of freedom as their unproven philosophy, is so obviously coercive. Love won for gays, and truth wins for the ABA victims, always, in the end. DA]

Friday, April 28, 2017

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) censors run rampant throughout Facebook. April 28, 2017 they banished this Reward and Consent blogger from a Russian-speaking, ABA-controlled, parents of autism Facebook group over ABA shock to the Chechen 100 gay concentration camp victims. ABA will never silence (extinguish) its critics' speech (verbal behavior)! Ouch! Look!


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


Before Skinner (beginning around 1938) discovered Operant Conditioning starving and shocking rats to show how consequences control or influence our subsequent rates of behavior, Russian pig Pavlov cut a hole in his dogs' cheeks to collect their saliva and measure it to discover what ABA also does in cruel ways. ABA pairs its phony praises with morsels of food it shoves into the mouths of underfed children in a desperate attempt to make the kids like them. Communist territory's Pavlov (1927) had previously discovered Classical Conditioning, the simultaneous pairing of the sound of a bell or a metronome with the appearance of meat, gaining saliva, removing the meat, sounding the bell, and gaining saliva under the bell with no meat. (Of course, he's not a typical Russian. They're usually very beautiful and very nice people, unless they become intensely-intervening behavior controllers. Then they're quite unappealing. A bunch of rotten apples they are when they get together in groups.)

It's a little known fact that Professor Ivan Pavlov drooled at the sight of the big-breasted Russian women who were handling his dogs, but then the lovely ladies decided to get away from him or else he might cut into their cheeks with his scalpel to collect their saliva like he did his dogs. Well then he drooled at the sight of his drooling dogs after the women had "eloped," or disappeared from out of his sight, but when the dogs were still stuck there with him, trapped against their will, when he had paired the dogs and the women together in front of his bulging eyes until the nice ladies got away, as I just said thrice, for effect, then in the first phase he had drooled and snorted and rooted his drippy snout in the mud at both the women and the canines simultaneously. Therefore, to conclude this impeccable logic, Pavlov drooled like a pig at his dogs when no humans were present because he was also the very subject of his very own experiment, but only introspectively, as he refused to cut a hole in his own cheek to collect his own saliva in a vile. Behavioralists only hurt others. You won't see them hurting themselves. Anyhow, he was not a human being, though, this Porky Pig, Pavlov el cerdo, and so on and so forth go the ABAers, ad infinitum and ad nauseam. Incidentally, to "elope" is ABA's term for running away from their nonsense, which is a big "No! No!" to a behaviorist who must always demonstrate complete control or else how does she get paid? They're usually women. Warning, dudes. She's gonna withhold sex to control your behavior scientifically, so get away now while you can, before it's too late, lest you tie the knot. Uh oh! You better not, fellas. I'm warning you. Trust me on this one, or else you're stuck, for good, till death do you part. She's gonna entice you with her seductions, butter you up with sweet talk, and then get you to sign her lawyer's prenuptial agreements. Then your only escape is into a lifetime of laborious drudgery to make ends meat and to pay here alimony payments on behalf of her McMansion mortgage and on behalf of your confused children where they're gonna live without you, at your expense, dudes!

In the long run, punishment, unlike reinforcement, works to the disadvantage of both the punished organism and the punishing agency" (Skinner, 2014/1953, p. 183)
For years, I believed Skinner opposed punishment. See below. As it turns out, he only opposed punishment for so-called normal people, such as him and his control freak pals. What a bullshit artist was Burrhus F. Skinner! He had me fooled all throughout ten full years of intense research into his work and that of his sheeple, until the disabled Rutgers librarian scanned a damning Skinner article that showed his true colors, rotten to the core.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) censors flourish in Facebook. April 28, 2017 they banished this Reward and Consent blogger from a Russian-speaking, ABA-controlled, parents of autism Facebook group. ABA will never silence (extinguish) its critics speech (verbal behavior)! Ouch!


The posts down here below are what ABA cannot silence, not even in Russia and the Ukraine, as it fails miserably again with their "dissemination Special Interest Groups (SIGs)" or rather, their "propaganda SIGs."

Here's Josh Pritchard bragging about his "global dissemination of behavior analysis current research (retrieved April 28, 2017)." He banished me from his autism ABA Facebook group, as I recall, with no explanation whatsoever, as they can never tell me what I said that was such a big sin, as they block me from even their own rank and file ABAers all over the planet. That's fine. As much as they try, they can't keep us off their Twitter hashtags. Ha! Pritchard told me in email that Reward and Consent is "trite," his word, not mine, but then when I asked him to read the blog, he said, "I wouldn't know where to begin." So he, as ABA always does, misjudges my verbal behavior, as in neurotypical of the bunch (who drink excessively at their events, so you can see in their Facebook pics. Talk about nuts.) Look! He's on the Board of Directors of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA skin shock, what two United Nations Special Torture Rapporteurs have called "torture."

It's funny. I began my investigation with this blog in 2007 after having read much Skinner, who warned the world against coercive punishment. Then I learned that, despite Skinner's warnings against punitive techniques, ABA fully supported punitive techniques, as they hit them upon me all over the internet as I tried to tell them their guru opposed punishment, so he claimed, while they told me punishment is necessary, despite Skinner. Meanwhile, ABA continued its cruel and unusually coercive ways upon all their other victims of their formal programs, while telling unwitting, panicky parents how positive they are. ABA needs panicky parents. Calm parents don't hire them. Calm parents dig deep to do their homework. Then calm parents learn how ABA survivors are speaking. Calm parents listen to actual autistics who alone know best how to help their autistic children, obviously, under common sense epistemology, study of knowledge, how we know best what we experience ourselves. Case closed.

Then I was completely dismayed to realize that Skinner fully supported punishment, as long as the victim was disabled or autistic. He opposed punishment for his neurotypical peers and allies, and nobody else. What a hypocrite! He was on the Board of Editors of their flagship Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) 1(1) when these "brilliant scientists" shocked the hell out of a young autistic girl for climbing on the precious family furniture, instead of taking her to a gym. What did they call her? A deviant. (Risley, 1968). That's what ABA calls everyone else who is different, deviants, except for those lunatics. Besides "effective science," "deviant" is their most profitable word. That's why ABA Leaks can call them "control freaks" and get away with it. Anyhow, so then a disabled librarian at Rutgers University scanned this damning Skinner document (Deitz, 1985) and sent it to us at ABA Leaks, where Skinner praised the founder of the skin shock "torture" school, as he began his plans to shock, as he was slapping, pinching, and forcing ammonia inhalations on them.
The Judge Rotenberg Center was established by Matthew Israel in 1971, as the Behavior Research Institute (BRI). During college, Matthew Israel had studied the behaviorist ideas of B.F. Skinner, and then began trying these ideas out on children, first on a 3-year-old child. This convinced Israel that he should start a school, so he founded the BRI, first in Providence, Rhode Island; in 1976, he opened another branch of BRI in Van Nuys, California. The institute began as a school whose students were mainly autistic people and people with intellectual disabilities. “Treatment” at the school consisted of many different forms of punishment, including spraying children in the face with water, forcing them to smell ammonia, pinching them, slapping them, subjecting them to painful muscle squeezes, spanking them, forcing them to put hot peppers on their tongues, and forcing them to wear a “white-noise helmet” that emitted static. (Davies, 2014 from Gonnerman, 2007).

Skinner depended on ABA dissemination, the before and after videos, while never seeing the ABA abuse in action. Skinner said Israel was a man of "courage" to take on such difficult cases. Bullshit! (We autistics are direct. This is one of our strengths that ABA hopes to squelch. Good luck, control freaks!)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ABA Leaks catches ABA's bad behavior red-handed. Two massive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) networks fight. Dude calls it a "hostile takeover." Ha!


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


The Reverend Jim Jones (2011), who has the highest ranking Board Certified Behavioral Analyst-D (PhD) degree possible, reported intensive petty bickering among Applied Behavioral Analy$i$ (ABA) behavior controllers between the Behavioral Analy$t Certification Board (BACB) and the A$$. for Behavioral Analy$i$ International (ABAI).

The CEO of the Ass. is now Maria Malott. According to a double agent counter-spy which ABA Leaks has planted inside of ABA's inner chamber walls, she divorced the head skin shock torturer Dick Malott. She likes the torture also. Who shocked whom first in their marriage? Apparently infinite regressions of behavioral modifications spiral out of control when one manipulator marries another. Who would have thunk it?

Is anyone surprised that the behavior control freaks who call everyone else deviants except for themselves should be fighting, two mammoth groups, one with another? Not us at ABA Leaks. That's for certain. What a laugh! We couldn't imagine a better drama!


Jones (2011) said, "I am not the only person asking this question these days. Even behavioral analysts who do not usually pay much attention to the field’s organizational issues and politics are beginning to wonder. In just the last year, the following events have occurred."

  • "A special presentation was held outside of the 2010 Association for Behavioral Analy$i$ International (ABAI) convention in which representatives of three state organizations discussed problems resulting from ABAI’s involvement in their public policy initiatives."

#2 is Maria Malott CEO of the A$$. for Behavioral Analy$i$ International who approves skin shock torture for all of ABAI, and #4, her ex-husband Dick Malott, skin shock torture Dick Malott, who told this Reward and Consent blogger on the phone that Glenda "the good witch" Crooked, skin shock Executive Director, was not so good-looking a gal.

Director of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric ABA skin shock torture Glenda "the Good Witch" Crooked (Oops. Crookes. Keyboard slip of the finger.) This ain't no ECT brain shock of psychiatry. Nope. This is the GED. ABA brags, "If it didn't hurt it wouldn't be so effective." ABA Leaks caught them shocking one another in the middle of their internecine battles. Ouch!

Glenda Crooked who made $370,000 (JRC IRS Form 990 p. 7) one year sets her sights on her next victim, Dorothy of Kansas, who wants to go home and away from the witch.

Andre McCollins, actual Glenda Crookes skin shock victim during ABA's so called "effective science" skin shock. The United Nations calls them torturers

Founder of ABA's JRC of extremely painful electric skin shock torture, B. F. Skinner's Harvard pupil, Dr. Matilda Israel, the most severely psychotic of the bunch, the rottenest apple. Look! He's wearing a bra! The guy's on his actual Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy in his nuthouse of ABA.

  • "Representatives of the field’s experimental interests complained in a letter to the ABAI Executive Council (EC) about excessive attention to practitioner interests by ABAI."

BF Skinner depriving its pigeon of food so it could "effectively" modify his behavior with grain pellets.

B.F Skinner accepted a Lifetime Contribution to Psychology award from the American Pscyho. Ass. and told them how stupid they were because they studied thoughts instead of behavior.

Jackie Gleason stars as B. F. Skinner discovering reinforcement of rat behavior telling his wife how he how proud he is of himself.

BF Skinner had two daughters. He raise Debby in a Skinner Box. He did not raise Julie in a Skinner Box. Julie wanted to get inside the box. She was not allowed. Julie ripped open the box and then the girls started fighting.

Deborah Skinner Buzan (2004) wrote, "I was not a lab rat."

Julie Skinner Vargas (right) said, "Daddy didn't make an 'Heir Crib.' No. No. It's properly called an 'Air Crib.' If Daddy could put Aunt Debbie in box, well then I should put my Lisa and Justine in a box, too. It's only the effective way to be a Mommy. Female organisms! Stop it with those claws! Behave yourselves or else you won't get your pudding and how can you eat any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

Julie and Debbie

Lisa and Justine Vargas Skinner or what-ya-ma-call-it. 

Ass. for Behavioral Analysis International CEO Maria Malott dominates Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet Jamey Carr CEO of the Behavioral Analysis Certification Boring Board in an extremely painful submission wrestling behavior modification leg squeeze contingent upon Jamey's inappropriate verbal behavior who called Malott a "doorknob." Well Malott had a conniption and then the match began.

  • "The ABAI Executive Council announced that henceforth ABAI would focus on core concerns related to the scientific and scholarly basis of the field. ABAI also withdrew from a two-year negotiation with the Behavioral Analy$t Certification Board, Inc. (BACB) attempting to resolve differences in their model licensing acts."

Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1968), closeted yet flaming homosexuals, set the popular-norm-of-the-day standard for all ABA as they pronounced "Straight is good! Gay is bad!" and then slapped each other on the butts and then decided to skin shock the hell out of gay men and autistics they promised to cure. Well they failed miserably. And ABA is fighting right now about their horrendous skin shock reputation, yet behind closed doors in the Cone of Silence.

Donny Baer

Monstrose Wolf

Todd "the sadist" Risley (1968) who shocked a small autistic girl for climbing on the precious family furniture instead of taking her out to a gymnastics gym, issue 1 (1) of the J. of Applied Behavioral Analy$i$, while B. F. "the sadist" Skinner let it happen. He was on the original JABA Board of Editors, along with O. Ivar "the sadist" Lovaas, who also shocked the hell out of a little autistic girl simply because she was not "normal", as he decided autism would be a real "cash cow" for ABA and all the other ABA clone sheeple followed them. They are a cult. They do not allow public dissent. The Reverend Jim Jones (2011), no doubt, got his butt fried for opening this ABA can of worms for all the world to see.

This is BF Skinner preparing to shock the hell out of a rat. He wanted to learn how to effectively shock gays and autistics so he practiced first with rats. Here he is in the Boston Globe praising his emotionally retarded Harvard PhD pupil Matty Israel, the founder of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA skin shock, what all ABA publicly approves, as they fight among their pompous scientific meetings over how to handle their pathetic reputation over skin shock. "Uh oh! Another survivor is speaking and she's unchained! How are we supposed to stop her now?"

  • "An invited panel discussion referring to 'a hostile takeover' by the BACB was scheduled for the 2011 ABAI convention, although its title and participants were subsequently revised."

  • "The president of ABAI resigned in open protest of ABAI governance problems."

The President of the A$$. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) said, "Put up your dukes Behavioral Analy$t Certification Board (BACB), you greedy mother fuckers!"

Here he is again, soon before he resigns. He has Multiple Personality Disorder.

  • "A member of the ABAI Practice Board circulated a letter in response to that resignation accusing the BACB of being interested primarily in making money and trying to take over ABAI."

This is what a typical neurotypical ABA board meeting looks like, any of them.

"In an address at an ABA convention many years ago, B. F. Skinner referred to our field with the Shakespearian phrase, 'We happy few…', and we did seem happy then. Now, not so much."

During his speech the CEO of the BACB comrades prepares to throw a shoe at the CEO of BACB comrades at the latest ABAI Convention. Then he said, "Pardon my temper. Here will you accept a glass of cherry Kool-Aid? I have a glass of milk from the bottom of the milk carton. Maybe our drinks will help us calm our big, fat, hardened nerves so we can find an amicable solution to our dispute."


The ABA infighting never stops. The Reverend Jim Jones (2011) wrote a freaking seven page document about all their nonsense!

Monday, April 17, 2017

She's speaking again! Jennifer Msumba, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) skin shock torture victim, reports on her trauma, yet ABA refuses to listen.


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


Jennifer Msumba, surprisingly, is speaking again about it. She gives ABA an earful, and ABA does not listen. She's been quiet, publicly, for a while, for good reason, probably, as she had been suing them. She sounds great. She deserves an immense medal for her courage to speak out again.

She is a victim of severe Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) torture. Msumba (December 31, 2016) said she has nightmares every single day because of ABA's Judge Rotenberg Center skin shockers.

This is clear anecdotal self-reported evidence of ABA-provoked Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), yet ABA institutions will not listen.

She calls her next video: "What are my nightmares about? The Judge Rotenberg Center." ABAers, we know you read these posts. Be advised. Here, Msumba (February 16, 2107) shows she is not afraid to name the names of her abusers and talk straight at them. She's amazing and heroic! She explains precisely what they did to her. This time she "pinpoints" their behaviors, instead of the other way around. ABA, it's time for your karma as more survivors speak! We are turning to attorneys to stop you by all legal and ethical means necessary.

Maria Malott, CEO, of the Ass. for Behavioral Analysis International will not return phone calls by David Altieri, ABA Leaks founder, about her ABAI's official approval the the ABA skin shockers. Neither will the Behavioral Analyst Certification Board (BACB) return his phone calls about the presence of their Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs) in the JRC staff and board. BACB has blocked Altieri in Twitter. ABAI has banished him from their ABAI Facebook group. Malott never told him what he said that was such a big sin, even though he asked her to explain it by way of email.

Maria Malott, CEO of the Ass. for Behavioral Analysis International is a major, major skin shock "torture" advocate.

ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).


Please "like" our ABA Leaks Facebook page where the truth about ABA will shut them down as we teach parents of our young autistic peers about autistic-led and autistic-approved alternatives to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) doggie-treat-bribes and facial-water-spray obedience trainings.


[Ed. note: This post contains the shorter version of this breaking analytical report. A lengthier, fully-cited academic version is here.]

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) never stopped its extremely painful electric skin shock "treatment" against us autistics. ABA did it to gays. They stopped. They're doing it again, in the center of the world's current concentration camps in Chechnya, Russia, so we argue beyond any reasonable doubt to us, the ABA Leaks team of disabled investigators.

ABA is a cult that tries to control behaviors by adding and removing punishers and reinforcers such as forced ammonia inhalations and candy.

They want to shock the autism out of autistics, still. ABA used to try to shock the gayness out of gays. It always failed at both, miserably. They stopped with gays after the American Psychological Association said homosexuality is not a sickness, in the 1970s, so we thought. Now they're doing it again, so it seems!

It's still happening in ABA's Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts. JRC also shocks New York City inner city youth, many more black and latinos than whites, intellectually disabled, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, and schizophrenics. It probably shocks epileptics. Many autistics are also epileptic.

We claim that ABA is a direct cause of the "shock treatment" at the gay concentration camps in Chechnya, Russia, the likes of which the world has never seen done upon gays since Adolph Hitler did it to gays and autistics in the Holocaust. We hope we are wrong. We doubt we are mistaken.

How can we say this?

1) Both ABA's well-known shock and the Russian shock methods are similar electro-mechanically, yet identical in approach.

Chechnya shockers and ABA shockers both use "skin shock" as a form of punishment. Without clear video footage or self-reports, we cannot tell how similar, precisely, are both torture techniques, in terms of so-called "behavioral science" applications we allege they both have probably used. The Guardian said, "One of the men then cranked a handle on a machine to which the clamps were linked with wires, and sent powerful electric shocks through his body." Though ABA reports different kinds of shock devices, the electric charge into the body amounts to the same thing with ABA's current device. Whether or not the Chechen shockers use the precise knowledge base of the Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA's) in not important. If they are not trained BCBA's doing the Russian shock, ABA has set a horrible example for them to follow, undeniably. Therefore, ABA is a cause in the new Russian shock torture, in a direct cause and effect series of events, whether or not they have been trained directly by the Behavioral Analysis Certification Board programs.

2) Only "ABA Therapy" would call it "shock treatment" and that's what Chechen gays called it in the Guardian. This is a very damning term, for ABA. It points directly to ABA as follows.

There is no other so-called "helping profession" who says it does painful "shock treatment" than ABA. If they were corrections officers or the some other kind of prison guards shocking as though they were using a stun gun, they would not call it "treatment." Furthermore, ABA uses electrodes and the camps use clamps to push the electric charge into the skin. There is no mention of a stun gun in Chechnya. The ECT brain shock of psychiatry "treats" depression and chronic pain. It's not supposed to hurt. ABA admits its shock wouldn't work to "decelerate rates of problem behaviors" without the pain. The camps are clearly not doing psychiatric brain shock.

3) ABA and Chechnya skin shockers are both highly-unethical "torturers."

The U. N. calls this ABA shock "torture." The Guardian reports Chechnya torture. Overwhelmingly, ABA disregards the dissent of its victims. The same goes for concentration camp victims, obviously. ABA Leaks has already established this on our Facebook page and in this blog and in personal dealings with them and observation of their own videos. ABA calls itself "effective." It follows "by any means necessary" faulty ethics and it fails at its goals anyhow. It uses the highly unethical popular-norm-of-the-day standard to misjudge people who are different. It always has with autistics. It seemed to stop with gays. Well it's happening again. They call us all "deviants." Well they're control freaks. They are the pot calling the kettle black, pathological hypocrites who accept no responsibility for their own sadistic behavior and calling their own victims pathological in highly-demeaning methods and language. Both"shock treatments" are identically unethical. Their logic is the same. It goes like this: "We don't like the way they behave, so let's teach them a good lesson and shock the hell out of them."

3) Russia has a long, intimate, and well-established connection with ABA.

ABA Leaks uncovers this Behavioral Analysis Certification Board (BACB) Board Certified Behavioral Analysis (BCBA) course of study at the Moscow Centre of Pedagogy and Psychology.

The FBI has file on B. F. Skinner, who was second to Russian Pavlov in the ABA timeline, as Pavlov and Skinner both discovered different kinds of behavioral conditioning methods. The two operate in conjunction with each other. ABA started with Pavlov in Russia when he trained dogs to salivate to a bells by presenting them with meat and then ringing the bell without meat. Then they salivated just to the bell. Pavlov (1927) cut holes in dog cheeks to collect the saliva and measure it.  Then Skinner (1938) discovered behavior modification by way of consequences to behaviors, whereas Pavlovian conditioning takes place by the simultaneous pairing of stimuli together, for example, turning a neutral stimulus (a bell) into a reinforcer (that signals food may arrive) or a punisher. Furthermore, ABA Leaks found well over ten thousand members in ABA's Russian Facebook groups, including one with ABA involved in prisons.

4) Chechnya skin shockers called them "animals." B. F. Skinner, other founder of ABA, called all his "subjects organisms," as he said he "controlled" behaviors of homo sapiens and other animals.

5) All ABA, either with outright support, or with silent complicity, supports skin shock "torture." See here and here.

6) There have already been many ABA related deaths, though probably unintentional. There are reports of Chechnya gay murders.

7) Hitler's "solution" was scientific. This term describing "shock treatment" in Chechnya smacks of what ABA calls "Human Science."


ABA Leaks has no doubt. We hope we are wrong. The truth will emerge, hopefully, with further investigation. Then we will know for sure exactly how ABA is involved in potentially the next horrific holocaust by the bosom buddy of Donald Trump, Russia's iron fisted, murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.

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