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Altieri (first published April 29, 2017). Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has a Terrible Timeline it will never publish and here it is. This report includes works of the "CounterControllers" to the ABA Controllers.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) always only paints a rosy picture of itself. It completely disregards the emerging body of anecdotal evidence against its cruel and unusually coercive and punitive methods, as it misjudges physically harmless atypical behaviors as its "problems of social importance," such as autistic body rocking, hand flapping, and lack of eye contact, as "deviant and stereotypical behaviors," and then it proceeds to "treat" them with doggie treat morsels when we're hungry and any manner of what they call "aversion therapy," including forced ammonia inhalations and extremely painful electric skin shock. Any bona fide scientific system would not deny such crucial, self-reported evidence against its major practices. ABA, therefore, is a pseudoscience that masquerades as a science, which, incidentally, loves to point the finger at cognitive psychology and call that a pseudoscience under the tradition of ABA's high priest, atheist B. F. Skinner, who lambasted what he called "mentalism's fictional explanations of the self-determined, free-will causes of behavior which interfered with the right investigations into the true causes of our responses, the deterministic interaction of the human and non-human organisms with our environments." The preceding quote was a paraphrase of Skinner's actual language found throughout his literature in places such as his (1953/2014) book, Science and Human Behavior.

ABA Leaks has just begun this timeline project. We intend to generate, collect, and place all the reports of ABA-induced trauma for all of ABA to study here in this timeline. If they continue to dismiss them, and not include them in their academic and official analyses, then we then reach out to health insurance companies, to insurance regulators, and to federal and state prosecutors who can then decide whether or not to pursue ABA institutions who have probably been lobbying our elected officials to have ABA insurance reimbursement coverage of their many hours of expensive and intensive, yet ineffective, we claim, interventions, a coverage which the ABA industry has acquired in many USA states.

This, we shall ask law enforcement, has been a major insurance fraud and a massive waste of taxpayer money, as there are non-ABA humane ways to support autistics. ABA claims it helps, falsely, as so we Counter-Controllers conclude after more than ten years of inquiry and investigation and direct experience withe the Controllers. It is important to note here, that we are not criminal attorneys, so we do not know if this is, in fact, a legal insurance fraud, but there's nothing stopping us from asking the prosecutors to make this decision, right? Stay tuned to this page as we mount upon the timeline more reports and videos of actual ABA in practice as well as survivor reports and PTSD victim reports.

ABA Leaks seeks more voluntary contributors and researchers to assist here with this task, please. You will protect the next generation of potential ABA victims, your peers in your group, as we see it. You can be anonymous or not, depending on your desire. You will join the newest baby of movements in the disabled world: the Counter-Controllers to the ABA Controllers. It is incredibly exciting to be involved at this birthing.

If ABA were only about gentle teaching of skills, we'd have no problem with it, as one Counter-Controller and leading JRC skin shock opponent, Chris Stargazer, astutely pointed out. It is not much more than submission training under its attempt to wrestle obedience from independent-minded children and break us of our will, like animal trainers at the circus do.

We have come to know them in depth. To our surprise, as ABA Leaks started this blog in 2007 with the hopes of finding a wealth of opponents to punishment, which Skinner consistently warned the world against. To our dismay, we discovered that not only did ABA completely support punitive techniques, apparently against the Skinner doctrine, but then we retrieved documents that showed Skinner's true colors.

Now we see Skinner only opposed punishment against his typically "well-behaving normal" peers. He was the leader of the movement to shock, torture, and punish any manner of person whom ABA deemed to be "abnormal," including transgendered, gay, autistic, mentally ill, intellectually disabled, senior citizens, inner city youth, and so on and so forth. Should ABA move to punish a healthy adult, that was only with their own power to quit the study.

When ABA punishes a disabled child, that child is not allowed to say "no" to horrific abuse. ABA will claim the child has no wherewithal to give informed consent. "Only the parents can approve or disapprove our behavior plans." What kind of lesson is this to teach a victim? It's wrong to stand up to an abuser?

That's why this blogger offers Reward and Consent (R+C) Cognitive Behavioral Teaching (CBT) as an ethical alternative to highly unethical ABA. In somewhat behavioral terms, we justify and explain how to gain the dual consent of parent and child to cognitive behavioral interventions, which is like speaking a foreign language to ABA should you talk to them about it.


Parents, ask an autistic adult how to help your autistic child with no ABA, please. Barring that, if you insist on ABA, watch and videotape it all, especially Day One of submission training. Ask yourself, would you like it if ABA did that to you? If your child resists, verbally or non-verbally, that means to "stop it now." Fire them on the spot and find a good way to help them. Otherwise, we know, as we are autistic adults, your children will grow up resenting you for allowing such abuse and for hiring them and paying for it. Besides, what a huge waste of your hard-earned, out-of-pocket money. Even if you have insurance, you've got deductibles and co-pays hand over so they can line their ABA pockets.

ABA will want you in a panic over a new diagnosis. Then will even say or imply that they will report you to child protective services if you do not hire them. They use wandering, head-banging, skin-biting, eye-gouging and aggression in their favor to rope you in. However, one of them, who leads the breakaway non-ABA, non-punitive Positive Behavior Support (PBS) profession, Gary LaVigna, BCBA, co-authored the following commentary.

A life-threatening crisis is no opportunity for ABA's behavioral interventions. It is a time for crisis management, which takes on a different set of skills, such as de-escalation, as-gentle-as-possible take downs, and non-mechanical, non-strap, hand-to-hand restraint, but foremost it requires de-escalation and prevention, by professionals trained with these skills. ABA is more about treatment after problems emerge than it is about preventing problems from occurring in the first place and ABA's extremely coercive methods often provoke the very same aggression and escape from their asinine demands that they claim to "treat effectively." ABA will escalate the situation when that is the worst thing to do.


July 11, 2017 update, this section.

Pro-ABA critics have called this timeline "biased." Please note. ABA asks for no money to disseminate these facts. ABA does not listen to us. Its leaders will not return our phone calls any more. ABA is a major industry. It looks like multi-billions of dollars in insurance company, parents, and school district reimbursements. ABA "dissemination" groups and academic journals crank out tens of thousands of rosy posts and articles about how "effective" they are supposed to be. This timeline is the closest thing to an academic journal the CounterControllers have to counter the manipulative, coercive ABA propaganda machine. Is the Terrible ABA Timeline one-sided? Of course, it is. Is it biased? No it's not.

This timeline comes directly from our personal experiences as well as from nothing but facts and the conclusions we reach from them. We document all facts and cite the sources with links where our readers can verify them all for themselves.

Remember. Never believe anything an ABAer claims is true in her brag sheets. [Edit note: An ABA Controller is usually a woman, so I often, but not always, use just the "she" pronoun for them, instead of the cumbersome "he or she" or the confusing, grammatically-incorrect singular "they." DA.]

Look at how the Eagleton School said wonderful things about itself in January, 2016. Two weeks later Eagleton's sh*t hit the ABA fan. Massachusetts investigators invaded their "bucolic" Western Massachusetts campus and shut them down. The state charged 16 of their staffers with various kinds of criminal abuse against their grade 5-12, all-boy, mostly autistic and other kinds of childhood and teenage victims.

Fay (April 8, 2016). Eagleton School shutting down after losing license. Five former employees facing charges in connection with alleged abuse. [They did ABA on autistic boys.]

These are the terms Eagleton used to promote themselves to unsuspecting parents who would read their marketing ploys and sign the informed consent documents:
Kurt Garivaltis, Admissions Director. Admissions Associate Chad Astore. Grades 5-12. Founded 1977. Eagleton School is a residential psycho-educational treatment center for boys and young, men with, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders, Emotional Disturbances, trauma issues, challenging behavioral problems, and/or learning disabilities. A structured milieu facilitated in an open setting provides socialization, challenges, and opportunities for working toward a positive self-image and reintegration into home and community. Eagleton operates its residential/academic program year round providing intensive education and counseling, and unique experiential and pre-vocational opportunities in a safe, predictable environment. Eagleton School is a residential psycho-educational treatment center for boys and young, men with challenging behavioral problems, developmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, emotional disturbances, trauma issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or learning disabilities. Eagleton School has successfully provided 24 hour residential, educational and therapeutic programming for many generations of adolescent boys during the past 38 years of its existence. The school is nestled on a scenic 46 acre campus within the bucolic Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, in the town of Great Barrington. Services provided to the young men at Eagleton School are focused around the educational, interpersonal, and social growth of each individual student. This has enabled them to return to their home school district and communities with the skills necessary to display positive behaviors, handle the stressors of life on life's terms, and the vocational and academic skills needed to become gainfully employed, productive members of society. Since our inception, the population of Eagleton students has dramatically evolved. Like many older residential treatment facilities, our roots are in the behaviorally disordered, juvenile delinquent population. Approximately twenty years ago, with the addition of the addition of a sophisticated clinical team, Eagleton began to serve a more psychiatric population which included organic mental illness and trauma survivors. In the past decade, the population shifted again, through the explosion of growth with students on the autism spectrum. At this time, approximately 75% of our current population maintains a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum Disorder co-morbid with other diagnoses. Additionally, this year Eagleton broke ground on a state-of-the-art self-contained program servicing the severely autistic young man. Applied Behavior Analysis and intensive staffing augment the structured milieu. [Bold italics added. DA] Eagleton school. (January 19, 2016. Profile last updated. August 9, 2016. Most current web archive date. Private School Review).
ABA refuses to allow its victims the power to dissent. Since when does anyone need full information about the consequences to his or her decisions in order to say to an abuser: "Go away! Leave me alone! Get out of my face!" Yet ABA proceeds with its cruel and unusual, extremely bizarre, "aversion therapy," We ask parents of autistic and disabled children: Would you want to be punished with slaps, pinches, four-point restraints, seclusion, isolation, over-correction, white noise machines, bitter lemon on lips, facial water spray, and extremely painful electric skin shock? What kind of therapy to people want to escape? Why ABA Therapy, of course. But how is that therapy?

The most positive consequence they can use is phony praise paired with tiny bits of candy, e.g. one Skittle per commandment. This is their obedience training intensive drills to autistic children who are easily over-stimulated. They promise to "effectively" make autistic non-autistic, and they fail at this impossible task. Kids may pass as less autistic as they shame them for being different.

ABA tries to make gays non-gay, with the same shock they use on autistics, this time in the Chechnya gay pogrom Putin Russia gay concentration camps, we argue. ABA can shame closeted gays into passing, into marrying women. Then they do anonymous, often unprotected sex in public parks, bathrooms, and porn shop booths. Then ABA, which has no clue about how people feel, says, "Look! See! We did it! We are so effective. We are science!"

Yet ABA, in its superior attitude and power over little children, has a "retarded" level of EIQ, Emotional IQ. It cannot directly observe feelings in others. It cannot count them, mark them on a data sheet, and manipulate them into increased or decreases rates of response. ABA, therefore, is Empathy Disabled, no better or worse. We at ABA Leaks love everyone, even the bullies. ABA knows that to submit to a bully, makes the bullying worse. So we love ABA. We free them from their miserable, victimizing lives. Love won with gay marriage. Love will win when we impeach Trump and his Vice President Pence, whom ABA froths at the mouth over in hopes they can resume their "gay conversion therapy" under his evangelical Christian thumb. Truth will win, sooner or later, when we #CloseTheJRC of extremely painful electric GED skin shock. (This is not ECT. It's supposed to hurt. ECT is not.) Truth will win when proceed to bankrupt ABA, unless they're willing to hear us and negotiate our demands. We want actually autistic adult advocates on all Behavior Change Teams ANS we enforce the right of the child to dissent AND fire the behaviorist AND her institution. AND we promote true, humane therapies and supports, all outside ABA's reach. Remember, ask an autistic adult how to help an autistic child with #NoABA because #ABAisAbuse. We don't demand money for this service, but ABA always does. We're happy to oblige!

Dave Altieri (DA), #ABALeaks Blabbermouth-in-Charge.


In reverse chronological order, here are the works of the ABA CounterControllers along with the Terrible Timeline that the Controllers will never publish in any of their propaganda, guaranteed.

[When issues only print the month and year of a report, a date takes day 1 of the month. When we only know the year, as in a book publication, it becomes January 1 of the given year. Spring issues take March 1, Summer, June 1, Autumn September 1, and Winter, December 1. DA]


Altieri (December 9, 2017). Is ABA a profession or not? There have been allegations of abuse and fraud against Kelle Wood Rich, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, CEO of the Central Texas Autism Center, yet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board still lets her practice.

Altieri (November 25, 2017). CNN Anderson Cooper report: Kirk Murphy, the survivor of UCLA's ABA "Sissy Boy Experiment," committed suicide.

Delahooke (November 12, 2017). A new lens for understanding #behavior problems. "She simply didn’t feel safety in the environment. Her behaviors weren’t symptoms of 'disorder,' per se, but reflections of that lack of safety."

Altieri (October 20, 2017). Here is a brief commentary on Brill (July 19, 2012). Time out vs. time in: What's the difference?

Altieri (September 22, 2017). Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) "Cardgate" scandal is worse than previously reported. Not only do ABA providers and students make fun of autistic people, their song on Soundcloud, "A Good Game of Cards," seems crudely to allude to childhood sexual abuse.

Play a game with me. Tell me why I'm sickie. You're my closest friends. Tell me how the world will end. Friends helping friends, meeting new people, answering questions both easy and hard. There's nothing nicer than playing a good game of cards. At last we can have a debate all about concealing a boner or whipping it out. We'll talk about sex. Makes you spend their time flying. Children on leashes and ? to lions.... Play a game with me. What are my parents are hiding from me? You're my closest friends. Let's be dicks to children. Is that sound a falcon with a cap on its head or is it the fact that my parents are dead? We can find out when we're playing a good game of cards. The game is so peaceful and we're all guilt-free like Oprah when she sobs into Lean Cuisine. It's not gibber jabber. We all feel at ease. Maybe we're born with it. Maybe it's just-B's? Play a game with me. Why do I hurt all over? You're my closest friends. Tell me what war's good for. When you are gone I assure you you're missed. Why don't we all make the penises kiss. There's nothing nicer than playing a good game of cards.

Cards Against Humanity (downloaded September 22, 2017). (An ABA) party game (against actually autistic) for horrible people. Their website says they are located at Cards Against Humanity, 1917 N Elston Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60642.

Freshman year is the perfect time to reinvent your shitty personality. And that's what we've done with the latest edition of Cards Against Humanity. We expanded the game to 600 cards and updated it for 2017 with over 150 incredible new jokes like “Diversity,” “Dick pics,” and “The arrival of the pizza.” We also added some jokes about our dumb asshole president.

ABA Leaks of Facebook (September 15, 2017). We have our first piece of solid evidence to support an astonishing hypothesis, which we back up with a great deal of circumstantial evidence. We now specify our educated guess that Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock "torture" actually tries to practice devil worship sorcery on its autistic and other kinds of victims.

Altieri (September 11, 2017). What to do when an autistic boy flops. Nothing. Case closed. A commentary on Ryan (January 30, 2013). The cost of (ABA) compliance is unreasonable.

Sequenzia (September 6, 2017). ABA providers making fun of autistic people (in Cardgate).

Luterman (September 4, 2017). 'Cardgate' scandal uncovers widespread disrespect of autistic people.

Cards Against Humanity is a game whose own creators describe it as, “a party game for horrible people.” The game has been extremely popular, with several official and unofficial expansion packs available. Recently, a group of behavior analysts decided to get in on the fun by making their own expansion pack. Unfortunately, the result is anything but fun. In fact, it makes light of several abusive practices that are not currently restricted by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, the governing body for Board Certified Behavior Analysts all over the world. “Pinch the nose to release the jaw” isn’t funny when you’re on the receiving end of “feeding therapy” or having ammonia sprayed in your mouth as a punishment for noncompliance. The cards also included multiple references to physical restraint, electric shock, and feces. [Bold italics added. DA]
NOS Magazine reached out to the original poster of the cards, Dr. Amanda Kelly, also known by her blogging moniker “BehaviorBabe.” Dr. Kelly has won multiple awards, including “Advocacy Group of the Year” from Autism Speaks. She also has made multiple videos about ethics and ABA. Dr. Kelly stated that she only posted the cards, and that she did not contribute to their creation. Rather, they were the creation of a group of students. She also stated that she should have looked more closely at the cards and did not review them before posting. When asked for more information on the students, Dr. Kelly stated that she did not know who those students were.

ABA Leaks of Facebook (August 14, 2017). ABA Leaks tentatively conclude that Canton, Massachusetts', about thirty miles from Salem, JRC of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture, indisputably, what all ABA "approves," year after year, indisputably, practices dark, cruel, malevolent, murderous, sorcery.

Çevik (August 11, 2017). How my nonspeaking autistic son taught me YouTube speak.

Urban Nomad, "Actually Autistic" (July 26, 2017) tweet:

Cotter (June 24, 2017). Massachusetts finds abuse, seeks changes at Judge Rotenberg Center of Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) extremely painful electric skin shock, what the U.N. calls ABA's "torture." It all takes place near Salem, Boston, and Cambridge in and around Canton.

Altieri (June 6, 2017). This is the Leviticus loophole, the gay men's ticket to heaven, straight out of Jersey Pride in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA, first Sunday, June, 2017 (including a passage on Reward and Consent's Behavioral Ethics, the ABA Leaks Cognitive Behavioral Teaching methodology).

Altieri (May 29, 2017). Humpty Dumpty sat in the stall....

Altieri (May 27, 2017). It's late Friday night, early Saturday morning. ABA is convening in Denver, drunk, no doubt. Who are they do misjudge others?

Altieri (May 23, 2017). Behavior Babe, get out your pen and oppose ABA torture in one of your academic journals, immediately, please, for the sake of your own conscience, Dr. Amanda Kelly, Mrs. or Mr. Popular, self-described "ethical" Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Stafford (May 17, 2017). ADAPT goes to FDA to take on the Judge Rotenberg Center skin shockers

Altieri (May 13, 2017). B. F. Skinner, high priest of ABA, generally opposed coercive punishment, but only for whom he called "normal" people, while he favored extremely painful electric skin shock, "ABA aversives therapy" torture, for whom he would call "abnormal deviants."

Altieri (May 1, 2017). Denver. May 25-29, 2017. The Association for Behavior Analysis International annual convention officially "approves" extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture once again, after autistic advocates have told them year after year they must stop approving it. Is all ABA deaf, dumb, and blind?

Adams (April 25, 2017). Why hasn't the FDA passed its ban on the "medical device" used at the Massachusetts facility that shocks students with disabilities?

Altieri (April 19, 2017). ABA Leaks catches ABA's bad behavior red-handed. Two massive ABA networks fight. Dude calls it a "hostile takeover." Ha!

Altieri (April 17, 2017). ABA Leaks concludes that a direct cause of the "shock treatment" in Chechnya's gay concentration camps is the pseudoscience cult called ABA.

Altieri (April 17, 2017). She's speaking again. Jennifer Msumba, ABA skin shock torture victim, reports on her trauma, yet ABA refuses to listen.

Altieri (April 15, 2017). As unbelievable as it sounds, ABA Leaks concludes, beyond a reasonable doubt, that ABA is a direct cause of their well-known extremely painful electric skin shock "treatment" now as we speak on gay victims of the newly-reported Russian concentration camps, the likes of which the world has never seen since Adolph Hitler's mid-Twentieth-Century, white-supremacy, neurotypical, scientifically-genocidal Nazi Party rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, sterilized, and annihilated 6,000,000 gays, disabled people, and all the others.

Altieri (April 15, 2017). ABA Leaks finds that the best way to educate autistic and disabled children is to home school them in groups with other home schooling families with absolutely no cruel and unusually coercive ABA behavior modifications.

Kandaswamy and Altieri (April 9, 2017). The Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience said, "The time has come to stop forcing ABA on the autistic child."

Altieri (April 6, 2017). Did the Executive Director of Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture lie to the IRS about her institution's racial discrimination?

Rowlands (April 1, 20170. People with autism have the right to autonomy, too.

ABA doesn't allow freedom because #ABAisAbuse. #NoABA. These are our hashtags in Twitter. B. F. Skinner said there is no such thing as freedom and ABA insists on controlling all consequences to behavior when parents sign up their children. If children object, ABA says, "They are not informed." Since when does a child need information in order to say "no" to an abuser?

Altieri (March 18, 2017). ABA did it to gays. They still do it to autistics. We call it false behavioral conversion therapy. It causes us Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, indisputably.

Altieri (March 11, 2017). B. F. Skinner's Utopian dream of a planet-wide, mass-scale, Plato's behavior modification Republic, as dictated, not by a philosopher king, as Plato planned, but by an elite class of his wolf-in-sheep's-clothes Behavior Analyst followers, is materializing.

Roark (March 10, 2017). U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General report. The Defense Health Agency improperly paid for autism-related (Applied Behavior Analysis) services to selected companies in the TRICARE South Region.

Dawson (February 24, 2017). ABA leaders again welcome the Judge Rotenberg Center's egregious practices Association for Behavior Analysis symposium complete with Behavior Analyst Certification Board credits.

Altieri (February 20, 2017). B. F. Skinner made scientific discoveries, but Sigmund Freud did not, according to a reading of Karl Popper, philosopher of science. Nevertheless, Skinner was cruel.

Altieri (February 20, 2017). J. Edgar Hoover, our Dad, and I are the worst of the rotten apples.

Altieri (February 17, 2017). News from 2016 to 2017 shows precisely how violent a place is Canton, Massachusetts' ABA Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric ABA skin shock.

Msumba (February 16, 2017). What are my nightmares about? The Judge Rotenberg Center.

Altieri (February 16, 2017). The seventh death with Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture was an unborn baby, according to the Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission.

Altieri (February 7, 2017). Who runs Disability Scoop? Why do they support the skin shock torturers, the pseudoscience cult known as ABA?

Altieri (January 28, 2017). Here's a review of pro-ABA Temple Grandin's (1984): "My experiences as an autistic child and review of selected literature."

Altieri (January 28, 2017). A monkey falls off the monkey bars to become a proud schizophrenic.

Altieri (January 27, 2017). A harmless schizophrenic man with paranoia in remission sees Donald Trump's rambling CIA speech and calls him a dangerous, provocative, grandiose, paranoid sociopath with religious pathology.

Altieri (January 24, 2017). Aktion Mensch defunds ABA programs in Germany.

Altieri (January 21, 2017). Houston, we have a problem. Dick Malott, "aversive therapy" guru, said he'd painfully skin shock autistics for body rocking.

Unumb (January 1, 2017). Autism $peak$ self-funded employer tool kit. [Edit note. Attorney for A$$ teaches parents how to lobby for ABA reimbursement insurance coverage. DA]


Msumba (Dec 31, 2016). My life inside the Judge Rotenberg Center. Skin shock aversives. What it was like.

Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.

Altieri (November 13, 2016). Is sociopath Trump as pathologically paranoid as I was? Did HE hack the vote he insisted Clinton "rigged?"

Altieri (November 8, 2016). Dear Board Certified Behavior Analysts: Skin shock yourselves instead of autistic people and stop calling us "deviants," you control freaks!

Altieri (October 15, 2016). ABA behavior controllers claw their way into the USA's National Association of School Psychologists which calls Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric skin shock ABA torture "good company" at its annual conventions.

Oakdown and Altieri (September 26, 2016). Autistic Cassandra Oakdown, 19, reports forced behavior modification normality with buckets of cold water splashed in their face.

Des Roches Rosa (September 22, 2016). How "autism warrior parents" harm autistic kids.
Your autistic kids depend on you, but if you're not autistic, then you have to learn how to be the parent they need, and autistic people's perspectives can help you tremendously. So do your best to absorb how autistic people of all abilities think and perceive the world. If people describe your child with labels like "low functioning" or "high functioning," tell them why autistic activist Amy Sequenzia, who types to communicate, considers those terms useless. If professionals insist that your non-speaking child must do speech therapy and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), tell them how focusing solely on those approaches prevented Ido Kedar from getting appropriate communication and education options until he was a teenager. If your child prefers to talk by repeating what other people say, quote Amythest Schaber on why echolalia is a functional communication strategy. If you are told that you're in denial about your kids' challenges by accepting autism, refer them to Ruti Regan on why accepting being disabled is not the same as liking every aspect of being disabled."
Altieri (August 29, 2016). The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Injustice anywhere [Israel over Palestine] is a threat to justice everywhere [to us actually autistic and us actually schizophrenic people]."

Altieri (August 11, 2016). The Journal of Absurd Behavior Analysis (2,1) asks, "Would you punish yourself for slouching with the electro-mechanical noisy garment apparatus or with the toilet bowl plunger perched on your head inside the pick-it-up-by-yourself operant?"

Altieri (August 10, 2016). Judge Rotenberg Center's Executive Director Crookes told the FDA she put skin shock device electrodes on her clients' buttocks.

Altieri (July 22, 2016). Terri Du Bous, the next emancipated Judge Rotenberg Center survivor, speaks.

Altieri (June 28, 2016). The "data" is in. Each and every ABA pseudo-professional completely supports or is complicit to ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock torture. Prerequisite argument: ABA is very different from Positive Behavior Support.

Altieri (May 9, 2016). The ARC, formerly the Association for Retarded Citizens, promotes abusive ABA programs and barges into autism territory where it does not belong.

Altieri (May 5, 2016). Berkshire County. Massachusetts charges Eagleton School staff with abuse and revokes its license. [They did ABA to autistic boys.]

Ropek (May 4, 2016). Nine former employees of Eagleton school for boys with autism charged with abusing students; arrest warrant issued for one. [They did ABA to autistic boys.]

Gentile (May 4, 2016). Nine additional former Eagleton School staffers facing assault charges. [They did ABA to autistic boys.]
This brings to 16 the number of Eagleton employees who have been charged in the case. The residential school for boys with special needs was closed last month following a state-led multi-agency investigation.... A police raid on January 30 triggered the investigation, which, according to state officials, revealed a school-wide pattern of abuse, reportedly over the course of several years....
Four of the defendants charged Monday are from Berkshire County. They are Eric D. Williams, 34, Derek L. Saunders, 42, and Alexis Lopez, 23, all of Pittsfield; and Martin G. Schmidt, Jr., 46, of Lenox. Williams faces one count of assault and battery and assault and battery on a disabled person. Saunders faces the same charges plus assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Schmidt is charged with three counts each of assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Lopez faces six counts each of assault and battery and assault and battery on a disabled person, as well as one count of assault and battery with intent to inflict injury.
Also arraigned were Michael Bell, 44, of Watervliet, N.Y., who was charged with one count each of assault and battery; Justin Senecal, 26, of Palmer, one count each of assault and battery on a disabled person; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery with intent to cause injury.
Darien C. Sinclair, 24, of Albany, N.Y., was charged with three counts each of assault and battery and assault and battery on a disabled person and Christopher O. Welch, 24, of also of Watervliet was charged with one count each of assault and battery and assault and battery on a disabled person.
Isaac H. Harris-El, 41, of Watervliet, was also summonsed but did not appear in court.
He faces the most charges: six counts each of assault and battery and assault and battery on disabled person and one count each of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, attempting to intimidate a victim or witness and assault and battery with intent to cause injury.
All eight defendants pleaded not guilty and were all released on their own recognizance.
Altieri (May 4, 2016). The Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission sends ABA Leaks a database of 410 severe abuse allegations at Rotenberg in a recent ten-year time span, averaging one charge per ten days.

Altieri (April 23, 2016). Here's Reward and Consent's Cognitive Behavioral Teaching amended Serenity Prayer.

Altieri (April 15, 2016) Here's some history, ethics, politics, behavior analysis, technology, and trends of the new BUYcott consumer movement.

Altieri (April 13, 2016). The Association for Behavior Analysis International officially "approved" extremely painful electric skin shock torture once again, after autistic advocates demanded they stop approving it.

Fay (April 8, 2016). Eagleton School shutting down after losing license. Five former employees facing charges in connection with alleged abuse. [They did ABA on autistic boys.]

Altieri (March 31, 2016). ABA is abuse. Reward and Consent's Cognitive Behavioral Teaching method is a viable alternative. It uses dual parent AND child consent.

Fact. January 30, 2016. Berkshire County, Massachusetts. "A police raid at the Eagleton School triggered an investigation, which, according to state officials, revealed a school-wide pattern of abuse, reportedly over the course of several years (Gentile, May 4, 2016)." The state eventually revoked its license. They did ABA to autistic boys.

Altieri (January 22, 2016). United Kingdom Positive Behavior Support advocates shun ABA skin shock pain. [Edit note. Post publication title addendum: "I was wrong to praise them." DA]

Eagleton school. (January 19, 2016. Profile last updated. August 9, 2016. Most current web archive date. Private School Review). [Edit note: Massachusetts revoked Eagleton's license due to allegations of 16 staffers abusing the autistic boys there.
Kurt Garivaltis, Admissions Director. Admissions Associate Chad Astore. Grades 5-12. Founded 1977. Eagleton School is a residential psycho-educational treatment center for boys and young, men with, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders, Emotional Disturbances, trauma issues, challenging behavioral problems, and/or learning disabilities. A structured milieu facilitated in an open setting provides socialization, challenges, and opportunities for working toward a positive self-image and reintegration into home and community. Eagleton operates its residential/academic program year round providing intensive education and counseling, and unique experiential and per-vocational opportunities in a safe, predictable environment. Eagleton School is a residential psycho-educational treatment center for boys and young, men with challenging behavioral problems, developmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, emotional disturbances, trauma issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or learning disabilities. Eagleton School has successfully provided 24 hour residential, educational and therapeutic programming for many generations of adolescent boys during the past 38 years of its existence. The school is nestled on a scenic 46 acre campus within the bucolic Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, in the town of Great Barrington. Services provided to the young men at Eagleton School are focused around the educational, interpersonal, and social growth of each individual student. This has enabled them to return to their home school district and communities with the skills necessary to display positive behaviors, handle the stressors of life on life's terms, and the vocational and academic skills needed to become gainfully employed, productive members of society. Since our inception, the population of Eagleton students has dramatically evolved. Like many older residential treatment facilities, our roots are in the behaviorally disordered, juvenile delinquent population. Approximately 20 years ago, with the addition of the addition of a sophisticated clinical team, Eagleton began to serve a more psychiatric population which included organic mental illness and trauma survivors. In the past decade, the population shifted again, through the explosion of growth with students on the autism spectrum. At this time, approximately 75% of our current population maintains a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum Disorder co-morbid with other diagnoses. Additionally, this year Eagleton broke ground on a state-of-the-art self-contained program servicing the severely autistic young man. Applied Behavior Analysis and intensive staffing augment the structured milieu. [Bold italics added. DA]
Astrid Âû (January 15, 2016). Game of quiet hands.

Astrid Âû' (January 15, 2016). Compliance and the journey in hell.

Anon Boy, His Anon Mom, and Altieri (January 7, 2016). A smart schoolboy says Positive Behavior Support is bad to him and his friends.


Altieri (December 9, 2015). ABA forces a young boy to play. How ethical is this?

Altieri (November 21, 2015). Here's why ABA is a profiteering, pseudo-scientific cult.

Kedar (November 3, 2015). Motor difficulties in severe autism.
When I was a small child I had ABA therapy forty hours a week. I sat at a table and I was asked to demonstrate my understanding of basic concepts by pointing to flashcards arrayed in front of me during drills. My instructors took data regarding whether I pointed to the right card or not. They thought they were collecting data on my receptive understanding of language. They were not. I understood everything, as any other child my age would. The data they were collecting, though they did not know it, actually measured my poor ability at that time to get my hand to touch with accuracy the card I wanted, and did not reflect an accurate measure of how much I understood. My mind might be screaming, "Touch tree! Don’t touch house!" and I would watch, like a spectator, as my hand went to the card my hand, not my brain, wanted. And down in the data book it would be marked that I had not yet mastered the concept of tree. This is the neurological force that needs to be studied.
Altieri (November 3, 2015). Aversives-addicted ABA elector-shockers are on trial against Positive Behavior Support (PBS) non-punishers.

Altieri (November 3, 2015). Judge Rotenberg Center skin shock torturers offered ABAers $85,000+ to work in its "happy environment."

Altieri (October 12, 2015). Two UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture condemn Judge Rotenberg Center's electroshock torture of autistics and others.

Altieri (October 9, 2015). Repetitive ABA drills prevent autistic learning.

Rae (October 5, 2015). Training by repetition actually prevents learning for those with autism.

Altieri (September 9, 2015). ABA is highly unethical.

Altieri (September 4, 2015). Please report the Judge Rotenberg Center of ABA electroshock torture to Facebook.

Altieri (July 31, 2015). The FDA gives a 24/7 complaint line to ABA Leaks advocates against extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture: (800) 891-8295. FDA New England requests more public input into Rotenberg Center's FDA-unapproved electric current levels. July 9, 2015. Canton, Massachusetts. Glenda Crookes Executive Director of ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock torture meets ABA Leaks advocates Persico and Rosenthal and says she still shocks her disabled clients with FDA-uncleared devices.

Altieri (June 23, 2015). Judge Rotenberg Center's Achilles' heel vulnerability is the truth about ABA electroshock torture.

Kosovskaya and Altieri (June 11, 2015). From Russia with love. Actually autistic #superhero Anna Kosovskaya escapes Canton, Massachusetts Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis electroshock torture. Her self-reported adventures with interviewer analysis.

Anna Kosovskaya of Facebook.
Altieri (May 20, 2015). The Association for Behavior Analysis International officially "approves" the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock.

Altieri (May 1, 2015). My one day of electric shock was worse than 36 years of anti-psychotics, which I happen to enjoy very much, just as many others like me also appreciate them, according to my psychiatrists, while ABA claims its coercive methods are so much better than medicine, which they ain't, not by a long-shot, if you will only listen to all their victims instead of their biased, multi-billion-dollar-operation disseminators.

Kelly et al. (April 25, 2015). Effects of pre-session pairing on the challenging behavior and academic responding of children with autism. "The relationship between an instructor and a student is established when the instructor is consistently paired with the delivery of reinforcers (p. 137)." [Edit note: This is how Kelly gets her experimental autistic subjects to like her. We can imagine she makes sure she's standing right next to them, cornered in their seats, while they're eating the lollypops she permits them to have, when they're hungry, for ABA knows that food doesn't function as a behavior control tool when we're full. DA]

Kelly said, "Fill in the blanks. Top two most 'liked' posts will receive a FREE BehaviorBabe button!"

Altieri (April 6, 2015). A so-called "deviant autistic child" becomes a multi-billion dollar benefactor of ABA. Not.

Altieri (April 2, 2015). Hey! Listen up, all you loud-mouth ABAers. I was ignoring you first. So there. See how you like them apples.

Altieri (March 31, 2015). Is it childhood Oppositional Defiant Disorder? No. It's adulthood Unreasonable Demand Disorder.

Altieri (March 15, 2015). Let's simply BUYcott non-GMO products instead of boycotting GMO.

Altieri (February 26, 2015). B. F. Skinner made costly mistakes in his Behavioral Ethics leadership.

Altieri (February 24, 2015). Please tell New York City Mayor de Blasio to stop ABA electroshock torture of disabled people.

Altieri (January 24, 2015). ABA fails again, as always. It won't even acknowledge, let alone accept, a peace offering from an ABA survivor.

Altieri (October 23, 2014). The Journal of Absurd Behavior Analysis (1,1) asks, "How do unclad feet affect floor dirtiness?"


Altieri (October 15, 2014). A seven year inquiry into ABA finds ethics problems of massive proportions.

Altieri (September 30, 2014). The notions of absolute and relative freedom have some history and consequence.

Altieri (September 27, 2014). Cable guy avoids more bumps on the head.

Altieri (September 12, 2014). A new ethics code will bind Behavior Analysts' behaviors on January 1, 2016.

Miller (April 13, 2014). Judge Rotenberg Center FDA petition by former skin shocker Greg Miller.

Altieri (August 20, 2014). The Behavior Analyst Certification Board condones extremely painful ABA skin shock torture.

Davies (August 9, 2014). "Prisoners of the apparatus": The Judge Rotenberg Center.

Msumba and Werner (Aug 5, 2014). CBS Evening News extended interview with Jennifer Msumba.

Altieri (April 23, 2014). How necessary is the analysis of autistic behavior?

Altieri (April 20, 2014). Here's an Easter letter to my family about guardian angels, theory of science, and our wonderful mother, Mrs. Cornelia Altieri.

Schaber (February 27, 2014). Ask an autistic #5. What is ABA?
What is the purpose of ABA therapy? Is ABA good for Autistic children? Is there a link between ABA and PTSD? What's the alternative? Answers to all of these questions and more in this episode of Ask an Autistic!... The use of operant conditioning on children, especially on autistic children, is, to me, sickening.... ABA is all about making autistic children look as neurotypical as possible.... ABA therapy is really shallow. Not teaching them how to grow and thrive as an autistic person in a neurotypical world, but to make them look normal. So much ABA therapy focuses on things like table readiness, you know, sitting perfectly still, on not stimming, on behaviors that are just misunderstood, and never at any point in the history of ABA did anybody think to ask an autistic person why they stim, what is going on with them, what they would like to be learning.... Now we're moving in the direction where we're understanding autism better through asking autistic people about it.... Behaviorism really just relies on the observations of neurotypical researchers and doctors.... What may seem simply bothersome or strange looking to you, like hand-flapping, is necessary and an important self-regulation tool to autistic children. Anecdotally, it's quite sad, but the use of consequences and punishment and rewards for "doing it right" in ABA therapy can lead to some severe mental and emotional issues for children who later become mentally and emotionally damaged autistic adults; because what you're teaching children through ABA therapy is that who they are is wrong and bad and that the way that they move is shameful and needs to be changed. See ABA therapy doesn't focus on helping the autistic child, working with their autism. In ABA when you're learning skills like "point to the blue card" or "don't stim," those aren't skills that are going to help an autistic child later on in life.

[Edit note: ABA Leaks agrees with Schaber that the entire history of ABA never once asked autistic people what we think about our own lives, however she is not explaining ABA properly or completely, even though she does grasp the idea of consequence in itself. See Pavlov (1927) and Skinner (1938) editorial comments below. ABA includes both classical and operant conditioning, not just operant, as she says, and the contingencies ABA assesses and manipulates consist of the Antecedents, the Behaviors, and the Consequences (ABCs), not just the consequence manipulations she limits herself to. In addition, when she says that the autistic child is the operant, she misses the boat. The child is the organism or the subject involved in the operant conditioning, which involves the behavioral "operation" of the organism upon the environment though action and then, in turn, the environmental consequences, the addition or removal of appetitive or aversive stimuli and events, affect the child's behavior strength. ABA almost always uses the rate of behavior as the indicator of strength, although, for example, latency, or a quick response post antecedent can indicate more strength than a more delayed reaction. So the notion of the operant is more complex than the equation of the child with the word "operant." However, on the ethical side, and that is much more important than the scientific understanding of ABA, from our perspective, she lambasts ABA and pro-ABA quite effectively, and yet diplomatically in her soft-spoken way. It was wonderful to hear her analysis once again. The TRUTH about ABA will bankrupt them in the end. She finishes with an astute discussion of the PTSD which ABA provokes and denies they provoke, to their own peril, it shall be. DA]


Altieri (May 7, 2013). This is the Behavioral Ethics speech I gave our Mom Cornelia Altieri's friends and family at her funeral reception.

TasiaM (April 12, 2013). Changing the child vs. helping the child. In Life his Way blog, Thriving with Autism blog.

[Edit note: Cleverly, Tasia doesn't call any of the misguided "therapies" s/he criticizes "ABA therapy," which is an oxymoron anyway, a contradiction of terms, since therapy is not something that demands, which ABA always does. It even "treats for escape" from their asinine "demands." Of course, s/he's describing a list of more than one so-called "therapies," by practitioners whom we at ABA Leaks call pseudo-professionals, in accordance with how s/he pens this excellent post. Besides, ABA bully behavior Controllers constantly pretend to ignore us, their proudly-identified CounterControllers, to a fault. They still refuse to include ABA-provoked trauma reports in their so-called "data," as far as we know, which is why they're clearly a pseudoscience. Anyhow, read in block quotes below how well Tasia, an autism parent, accepts young people's non-verbal autism and eagerly learns, a bit at a time, how their actions communicate, which is a method ABA sometimes knows exists, yet still argues against, quite ineffectively, of course, even though non-punitive Positive Behavior Support (PBS) leaders LaVigna, BCBA, and Donnellan (1986) tried to teach highly-punitive ABA how behavior is communication, but to no avail. ABA won't even listen to them, so it seems, when push comes to shove between the two conflicting groups, ABA and PBS. See here how they differ and battle. See Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) CEO Jim Carr (2002) claim non-punitive PBS is a part of highly-punitive ABA. Then he lambasts PBS as a bunch of troublemakers anyway. Of all people, Carr cites Ronald van Houghton, board member of the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric skin shock. Click this paragraph's link to read it all. Tasia tells her autism mother and father peers how to accept autism nonverbal ways of communicating and then turn to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to advocate to systems-wide accommodations for the autistic way. On the other hand, ABA Leaks has found that the Behavior Analyst Certification Board never requires and college coursework in Disability Studies, so they no very little about the "reasonable accommodations" the ADA requires of them all, but to no avail, of course, once again. Since ABA is all about coercion into normalcy and obedience trainings, electric grid floor Skinner Box lab rat torture and Doggie style, diabetic eating habit, candy morsels paired with clickers. DA]
Something I keep in mind when considering therapies and the like: do I want this for my child, or do I want this for others? Life skills benefit the child and can be taught without any implication that the child is "lesser" for not having them. Social skills are another story and that’s where acceptance comes more into play. Example: autistic kids are often not allowed to stim. Stimming (flapping, rocking, pacing, fidgeting) is an important tool for self-regulation. Stopping his stims does not benefit the child in any way; in fact, it hurts him and is counter-productive. (Self-injurious stims are another matter, but those can be redirected instead of suppressed.)
But conventional thinking says that stimming is bad so they try to make it go away. Why is it bad? Because it makes other people uncomfortable. This is what most social therapies are about: teaching the autistic child to behave in such a way that makes everyone else feel comfortable. Teaching him to do and say and even think the “right” things. (Yes, social training does actually tell them what they should be thinking.)
This is the sort of thing that the acceptance movement protests. Autism has its own culture and assuming positive intent is central to it. While my autistic friends are direct and blunt, and they really can’t be any other way, they are generally not hurtful. It’s my responsibility to not read emotion into their words that isn’t there. Acceptance means that I take them as they are, rather than insisting that they change the way they talk to me. It means I don’t tell them to stop flapping because it’s distracting; instead I find my own ways to stay focused (and it works great that in autistic culture, I can look away without being called rude!). It means I understand that they are working hard every day to process the world and I don’t ask them to work even harder just to make me feel comfortable. Actually, as long as I am accepting, I feel perfectly comfortable. Of course we all want to maximize our kids’ potential. When we work toward that goal with acceptance, we see autism as simply a part of who they are, not something to be trained out of them.
Méndez (March 12, 2013). United Nations. General Assembly. Human Rights Council. Twenty-second session. Agenda item three. Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development. Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of punishment.
Therefore and in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the Special Rapporteur determines that the rights of the students of the JRC (Judge Rotenberg Center) subjected to Level III Aversive Interventions by means of electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the UN Convention against Torture and other international standards (p. 85).

Ryan (January 30, 2013). The cost of (ABA) compliance is unreasonable.


Moran (November 29, 2012). Harsh discipline is schools across the country.

Wyatt et al. (August 7, 2012). Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Judge Rotenberg Center, private special education school program review. Report of findings.

Anon (August 2, 2012). Kagan and Anon (August 2, 2012). Spiegel interview with Jerome Kagan. What about tutoring instead of pills?

Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan is one of the world's leading experts in child development. In a Spiegel interview, he offers a scathing critique of the mental-health establishment and pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of incorrectly classifying millions as mentally ill out of self-interest and greed.
[This applies to ABA because it depends upon diagnoses from Psychiatry to bill insurance companies for its fees. Taxpayers often foot the ABA bill. DA]

Brill (July 19, 2012). Time out vs. time in: What's the difference?

Cat (May 27, 2012). The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) and the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) protest with the Seattle Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN).

Beaudet (April 24, 2012). Rotenberg trial ends with settlement; former student's mom vows to keep fighting.

Beaudet (April 23, 2012). Jury gets Rotenberg case, must decide whether shocks were treatment.

Beaudet (April 20, 2012). JRC expert admits shocks didn't work, but says damage was minimal.

Beaudet (April 19, 2012). Shocked teen was cared for, school says.

Beaudet (April 18, 2012). Gov. Patrick supports shock ban, legislation so far has stalled in House.

Beaudet (April 17, 2012). Restraints needed for safety, doc says.

Beaudet (April 13, 2012). Son not the same since shocks, Mom says.

Beaudet (April 12, 2012). Staff at shock school tried to help teen, lawyers say.

Beaudet (April 11, 2012). Shocks given at Rotenberg Center were "harming" autistic teen, expert testifies.

Beaudet (April 10, 2012). Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court.

Beaudet (April 8, 2012). State raised concerns at shock school trial of youth and shocked to start Monday.


Altieri (August 20, 2011). This is how to gain the consent of the recipients of behavioral interventions.

Altieri (August 14, 2011). Here's a history of ABA's operant conditioning experiments on non-disabled adult populations.

Altieri (August 1, 2011). A token economy can change teacher behaviors rather than students?

Altieri (July 18, 2011). ABA punished slouching with noise.

Altieri (July 15, 2011). ABA did its extremely painful electric skin shock to cigarette smokers.


Hinman, Brown (June 30, 2010). The UN calls shock treatment at Massachusetts school torture.

Ahern, Rosenthal (April 30, 2010). Torture not treatment: Electric shock and long-term restraint in the United States on children and adults with disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center: Urgent appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture presented by Mental Disability Rights International.


Dawson (May 17, 2009). Saving autistics and the world: Skin shock at the 2009 ABA convention.

Altieri (April 11, 2009). The Guernsey (March 3, 2009) New York Times article that put "Rewards for Students Under a Microscope" presents a worthwhile report of the debate among educators and psychologists on the merits of school incentive systems such as paying children to do good work.

Dawson (January 26, 2009). The origins of ABA-based autism interventions.


Altieri (July 21, 2008). Why can't we have a marriage of ethics and behavioral sciences?


Altieri (December 27, 2007). In the Matter of M. R. the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that people with disabilities have the legal right to self-determination.

Bobitech et al. (March 3, 2007). Massachusetts Department of Education: Judge Rotenberg Educational Center: Private special education school program review. Report of findings.

Altieri (March 4, 2007). The first issue of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) set the stage for ABA's long-term, highly-unethical behavior.

Altieri (February 6, 2007). Parents, it's okay to reward your children when they do their homework, if that works and they like it.

Altieri (January 19, 2007). B. F. Skinner studied squirrels and ants before he discovered the extinction curve with lab rats.

Altieri (January 19, 2007). Teachers, there's no need for punishment and correction to gain hand-raising during calm, peaceful classroom management.

Altieri (January 18, 2007). Stop retaliation against "bad" behavior. Don't reward it in the first place.

Altieri (January 15, 2007). Here's the problem with punishment.


Dawson (January 18, 2004). The misbehavior of the behaviorists: Ethical challenges to the autism-ABA industry.


King, King (December 24, 1999). An open letter to families considering Intensive Behavioral Therapy for their child with autism. Part 1. [Wayback machine date.]

King, King (December 24, 1999). An open letter to families considering Intensive Behavioral Therapy for their child with autism. Part 1. [Authors named.]

King, King (December 24, 1999). An open letter to families considering Intensive Behavioral Therapy for their child with autism. Part 2. [Wayback machine date.]

King, King (December 24, 1999). An open letter to families considering Intensive Behavioral Therapy for their child with autism. Part 2. [Authors named.]

Anon (December 24, 1999). Black and blue, restraint marks, nightmares, depression.
Our child was enrolled in an Applied Behavioral Analysis program at our local University. He started when he was three and a half. The psychologist said he could cure him in two years then he would go to regular elementary school. Little did we know we were starting the nightmare of his and our lives. Our child was subjected to hours of pointless tasks for the next three years. We were duped into believing that ABA was the only road to recovery for children with autism. So we kept him there.... All in the name of research.
Anon (December 24, 1999). Forced to stand for however long.
By the second month of his so-called kindergarten we were told our son needed a Behavior Management Plan. We were alright with that, except that the reason for this plan was due to him refusing to take naps. This was a sore spot with us because we had already requested numerous times that our hyperactive child not be forced to take naps. This would interfere with his bedtime which would in turn effected his behavior during the school day.... Their idea of basket hold was putting the child in a cushioned chair with a teacher or aide behind the chair with their arms around my son's chest and holding him that way.... She would put the papers he was to do on his desk, tell him to do his work, and walk away. He would then be punished if he didn't get all of his work done by having his chair removed and forced to stand for however long the teacher thought was sufficient. I know this because I have walked in the classroom and seen it myself with not only my child, but others as well.... We also began to notice our son was fighting us every morning when it was time to get ready for school. Added on top of this, was his constant refusal to go to school. He consistently told us "NO" all the way to school every morning. This behavior was starting to worry us because he was so adamant about it. We also noticed that there were no more notes coming home from the teacher saying how he did that day or even what he did each day. The color coded behavior charts begun at the beginning of the year also ceased to exist. If we didn't go inside and pump the teacher for information, we never knew how things were going.... One time in particular I walked in and found him sitting in the "timeout cave" crying. When I asked what he did to be put in time out I was told he wouldn't do his work and was being fussy. As soon as the teacher let him get up he came running to me putting my hand over his ear and kept saying "OUCH". It was not hard to understand that his ear was hurting. You could also tell by just touching the child that he was running a fever. I informed this so-called teacher and the aide that he was burning up and he was complaining of his ear and all they had to say was "Well, they never thought about that!". I have told them on many occasions that if our son became a problem or was ill to just call me. I was always home, I am a stay-at-home mom. But I never once received one phone call from that place, but yet arrived many times to find my child ill.... She told us that every one of these "takedowns" were done because our son would not lay down for nap time, something we had vehemently protested to from the very beginning. If you haven't noticed by now, the parents' wishes and desires for how their children are treated and taught do NOT matter to the staff or administration at this school.... The teachers and aides also would take the kids food and throw it away for insignificant reasons such as they wanted to eat their dessert first or they would not keep their napkins in their laps while eating (the principal's pet peeve). Now this too explained our son's behavior when he would come home and eat everything he could find. The child was starving and he was not the only child behaving this way at the school. We find it hard to believe that these are acceptable teaching/punishment methods for disabled children.
Anon (December 24, 1999). Now she cries uncontrollably.
My daughter is 11. A loving, warm, non-verbal child, with autism. She also has what I now firmly believe is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following a year of intense discrete trials and restraints [ABA]. She has been wrapped in a blanket and forced to carry the blanket with her throughout her schooling. She has been basket hold restrained, and placed in a prone take-down 2 person restraint in order to allow a consultant to determine if the classroom staff could do the move on a child her size. She has been forced to 'work through tantrums' hand over hand, and finally was basket hold restrained and forced to work through a 'tantrum' by a strange male consultant. Now she is hysterical and cries uncontrollably whenever she goes near the school. This morning she 'went off' upon being coaxed out of bed, and refused to leave her room. Why is she somehow considered less human because of her disability? Why do the protections afforded other children under the law not apply to her? Why did I let any of this happen? What part of 'help me' did none of us understand? Thank you for being here, and I pray the message is heard.
Anon (December 24, 1999). Our real nightmare: extinction.
Why is an autistic child treated like they do not have any emotions? Trying mechanically to break them out of their world? ... At 5 years old we placed our son in a very behaviorally based autistic program. This is where our real nightmare began. Our son underwent a year and a half of abusive treatment emotionally and physically. Our son was taught by discrete trials. He began exhibiting self injurious behaviors. He was made to repeat a task over and over again when he clearly couldn't and did not want to do the tasks. He would scream, hit himself in the head, bite himself and complete the task all at the same time. The professionals told my husband and I that if we addressed this behavior he would end up in a head helmet and restraints and be completely uncontrollable. They spoke of the treatment of "extinction." A "Lovaas" based treatment that helped many children. The torture continued. The staff of the school would count how many times my son hit himself in a day and their only goal was for him to complete the task and not to let him get any attention for the noncompliance.... One day it finally hit us and we marched in the school and let everyone know exactly how we felt. Some of the staff were in tears. Some denied any wrong doing. Needless to say, we removed Anthony from the school. It took 3 months of sitting with Anthony at a table while he screamed any time we even tried to play with him or do anything school related. He was so abused and traumatized. We sat and sat with him. He had no trust left. We tried another school where we put in his IEP that he was not allowed to hit himself. The staff failed again by forcing him to do things that he was uncomfortable with and instead of letting him hit himself they would restrain him, telling me that they couldn't control him. My son has been home schooled for 9 months by a wonderful teacher. I don't think we will ever put Anthony back in a school again. He is severely traumatized by what happened to him. He has made so much progress. He lives with the trauma but is so very happy now. He has not injured himself in 9 months.
South African Mom (December 24, 1999). There are wonderful, caring professionals and caregivers in all societies. We need their testimonies against abusive colleagues to help protect our children.
From the very beginning we felt uncomfortable with its cold, clinical atmosphere. Autism was never discussed with us, nor any of the bizarre methods of punishment openly used. Our consent to use it was never requested, nor given. When we queried it, we were assured that it was internationally approved Behavior Modification techniques. When we requested them to stop its use with our son, we were ignored. Our refusal to re-enforce it at home earned us the label of difficult, uncooperative parents. Our ignorance and trust were violated at the time when we were emotionally not able to retaliate hard enough. The following punishment was not only used as a last resort to curb violence or aggression, but for any minor or insignificant transgression. The behavior of the autistic child was continually targeted instead of the child 's inability to communicate. My son was even restrained on the floor when he was ill. His teacher's response was that sick children also needed to behave. Another teacher kindly assured me that these methods would have devastating psychological effects on a normal child, but that autistic children suffered no such side effects. Floor restraints used can last for up to 3 hours. Children are held face down with their arms pinned behind their backs, or they are laid down on their backs with their arms pinned above their heads. In both instances they are straddled by at least one, but sometimes more, staff members. This position is maintained until the child calms down and complies.... Children are tied to their chairs for refusing to sit or when they are becoming very hyperactive. Whilst I sympathize with staff who sometimes need to cope without the necessary Aides, I believe that authorities need expert advice on its use and need to provide more human resources. I have often seen children tied down in chairs for hours. Sometimes they simply walk with the chair still tied to them. A witness told me that her son's hands were even tied behind his back, while he was tied to a chair, to force him to lick a lollipop. She has since removed her son from the school.... Cold showers were suggested to me as a means of potty training my son, which I obviously refused to do. Cold showers are used to punish children who wet or soil themselves, or for those who smear feces. It is also used to subdue difficult behavior. We once witnessed a hysterical 10-year old boy being carried to the hostel by two male staff members for a cold shower to calm him down. The school principal states in a letter to the Human Rights Commission that "the staff has to clean up the mess" and that there is no point in rewarding a child with a nice warm shower. He accuses us of having no empathy with the situation.... There are wonderful, caring professionals and caregivers in all societies. We need their testimonies against abusive colleagues to help protect our children. It will never stop as long as colleagues protect one another instead of the disabled person placed in their care by trusting but ignorant parents. It is not only a violation of our children's rights, but also of ours. My son was placed with a new teacher at the beginning of 1999. His behavior has improved so much. He is once again calm and happy and has made other progress as well. A simple thank you to this teacher hardly seems adequate.
Anon (December 24, 1999). This caused our daughter to go catatonic.
The next year of school our daughter was given [ABA] Discrete Trial Training [DTT] for a whole year. She was isolated all day doing this and made to do things over and over again. She would become violent and I would have to go to the school to get her. She was taught things that a young preschool child would be taught not a 14 year old at the time. (My daughter was taught her ABC's when she finished 5th grade work and received A's from being mainstreamed.) This finally caused our daughter to go catatonic on us and stay in a depression that lasted over 5 months. (A severe depression that with our support she came out of).
Anon (December 24, 1999). Tied to a chair.
Now, try to imagine my shock when I arrived at my daughter's preschool class to pick her up after school and was informed by her teachers that they had restrained her in a chair because she wouldn't cooperate with their requests. The chair was pointed out to me. It was a wooden, high back chair, no padding, with approximately six or eight belt-like straps strategically placed for restraining.... She pulled my daughter off my leg and walked away with her screaming and grabbing for me. I reluctantly left, but I figured this teacher has been doing this for years and probably knows what she is talking about. I could hear my daughter's screams continuing as I left the school. Those screams still haunt me.... At the end of the day I couldn't wait to pick my daughter up, afraid that she cried the whole time she was there. But when I arrived, she was scribbling on some paper and seemed very content. I thought, maybe I had just overreacted. The teacher told me that each day would get easier for my daughter, this type of reaction was normal. Things didn't get easier. Each day progressively got worse. My daughter's behaviors at home became more aggressive and violent. Her sleep pattern was completely off. I brought my concerns up to her teacher. The teacher's response was, "Well, maybe there are problems at home, because your daughter doesn't act that way here."... The reports that I was getting from the teacher and the school staff didn't meet up to what we knew about our daughter. They said that she would play with the other children. We knew that wasn't true. They said that she was interacting and taking turns during their circle time. Again we knew our child well enough to know that was absolutely false. We started to get reports from the teacher and teacher's aide, that they had to restrain my daughter because of her behaviors. At that point I assumed that they were using a professionally approved restraint method. I didn't think to ask. That's my fault. My daughter started to wet her pants at school. (She had never wet her pants before). I was told that she was wetting her pants when the speech therapist tried to work with her. It got to the point that we knew every time the speech therapist worked with her. She came home with wet pants. I asked the teacher why she was wetting her pants every time the speech therapist worked with my daughter. I was told that the therapist had to restrain her because she wouldn't do what she was asked. This continued and I started becoming more aggressive and wanting answers. I asked them to change the therapists techniques. They told me to just send more clothes. One day I went to pick my daughter up after school, and again her pants were wet. I told the teacher that this was getting out of hand. My daughter had started wetting her pants at home now, and her behaviors were becoming out of control. I will never forget this one.... The teacher looked at me and said, "I was told by the Director of Special Ed, that they need a copy of your child's adoption records to prove that the adoption is final." (I had never told the teacher that my children were adopted. That we kept to ourselves for the privacy of my children). I told her that adoption records were court sealed documents and I would be damned if they ever saw a copy of them. Things from there just got worse. My daughter came home home one day throwing up playground pebbles and had more then a handful in her pants. They had been there awhile, because they had rubbed her raw. The school's response. "We can't watch what every child puts in their mouth or pants when they are on the playground."
Anon, Anon (December 24, 1999). Total personality change.
After going over (ABA) ABC sheets meant for his doctor I found that they had been restraining him since November.... The school had also video taped our son without our permission. I was able to obtain the tapes one of which is edited. In it you can see the aide digging her fingers into the pressure points on his shoulders, holding him in a chair. After an edited area on the tape you can see our son exhibiting extreme anxiety--to a degree we have never seen before.... We are trying to find a pro bono lawyer to represent us in hearing.... The reason for the response from our son is the teacher's, principal's, etc., unreasonable insistence of total control and compliance. When they would try to force him to do the discrete trials and ABA, he would respond and eventually it became any time they tried to get him to do anything.
Bowden (December 24, 1999). Multiple bruises on her body.
Abbie began to come home from school with multiple bruises on her body, red rashes on her face and scratches and cuts. Her home health aide nurse documented all of this.... Right now I am trying to figure out what exactly the teacher was doing in the videos. Many people think it was some sort of version of something called ABA. According to my research there may be some link to this and the use of restraints. The teacher in question and the Special Needs Director said this program and what they were doing with my child has a link to a well-known school that is considered an expert in the field of ABA.


Chung (March 3, 1994). Eye to eye with Connie Chung. Segments on the Behavior Research Institute (BRI) which uses non traditional means to treat behavior problems in children. [Edit note: The Judge Rotenberg Center used to be called the BRI. DA]

Chung (March 3, 1994) in Ahern, Rosenthal (2010 pp. cover, i, iii). JRC "child face-down on a four-point restraint board attached to electric shock device."

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Risley (March 1, 1968). The effects and side effects of punishing the autistic behaviors of a deviant child. ABA Leaks abstract. He skin shocked "subject S, a six-year old girl who was hyperactive and exhibited bizarre behaviors" because she climbed on the family furniture.
[Edit note: Risley is the same ABA trend-setter from Baer, Wolf, Risley (1968). In lieu of torture, he could have bolted the bookshelf to the wall, removed it from the home, put monkey bars on the property, and train her to be a gymnast. Instead humane treatment, he deemed her climbing up the precious family furniture to be a "problem of social importance" and claimed he had successfully and effectively treated the problem. There is no followup report on this case to see if he really did keep her off the furniture over the long-term. This is typical of ABA articles which do single-subject, short-term case studies, claim success, and then that's the end of the report. ABA Leaks would like to meet actual survivors of any of ABA's academic studies to see how they felt about the attempted behavior modifications and to learn how their stories really did turn out. DA]


My Grandmother Skinner made sure that I understood the concept of hell by showing me the glowing bed of coals in the parlor stove. In a traveling magician's show I saw a devil complete with horns and barbed tail, and I lay awake all that night in an agony of fear. Miss Graves (a teacher), though a devout Christian, was liberal. She explained, for example, that one might interpret the miracles in the Bible as figures of speech... Within a year I had gone to Miss Graves to tell her that I no longer believed in God. 'I know,' she said, 'I have been through that myself.' But her strategy misfired: I never went through it.
[Edit note: So then why are there so many faithful Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu behavior analysts? ABA Leaks witnesses this in their Facebook and Twitter profiles, by their own admissions. Do they pray on the Sabbath and reject their faith during the work week, as Peter denied he knew Jesus three times as the cock crowed as Jesus predicted he would? The Behavior Analysis Certification Board (Fourth Edition Task List, III, FK-03, Determinism) requires their ABAers to act as though freedom were a delusion, as they must "behave in accordance with the philosophical assumptions of behavior analysis" and follow Skinner's radical behavioral determinism, his stubborn and short-sited denial of the existence of freedom and free will. This stems from his atheism. The notion of free will stems from Catholicism and before. Of course, atheists, agnostics, and Unitarians are justified in arguing that extremists oppose one another's religions and sects while their same-faith moderates are complicit in their silences over their own orthodox fundamentalist hatreds and intolerances, who all say to their foes, we're right and you're wrong, with sabers rattling and battle axes drawn, or else they charge and draw blood, as in the Medieval European battles between Protestants and Catholics and the lopsided war between overpowering Israel and protesting Palestine and as George Bush II (September 17, 2001) declared he was on a "(religious) crusade" against terrorist and issued his preemptive strike on Iraq, who did nothing to provoke us, despite his claims to the contrary. See also Altieri (September 30, 2014) and Skinner (January 1, 1971/1976). DA]


Grant (May 7, 1965). Screams, slaps, and love. A surprising shocking treatment helps far-gone mental cripples.


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Fuller (October 1, 1949). Operant conditioning of a vegetative human organism. [Edit note. This is the first known case of what would become ABA coercions upon people instead of non-human animals. ABA has been calling its so-called "abnormal" victims "deviants," in one way or another, now, from 1949 to 2107, continuously, for precisely 68 years, through the disability rights movements, including the actually autistic led "autism acceptance" and "autism appreciation" "Autism Pride Day and Neurodiversity Movement under "Autism Is Beautiful." We are autistics! We use identity-first language to show how we love ourselves AS autistics. As a man says "I am a man" and not I am a man who shamefully happens to be a man." Yet look. ABA Controllers always push person-first language down our throats. One only look at the calling is individuals or children on the autism spectrum. There's all the proof you need to see that ABA does not listen to autistics speaking! DA]


Skinner (January 1, 1938). The behavior of organisms.
[Edit note: Food deprived rat experiments and paw slaps. Tinkerer Skinner's first book covering his operant conditioning discoveries. The electromechanical "operant conditioning chamber" contained a stylus moving up a pip with each lever press as reinforced with morsel of grain to underweight (hungry) lab rats which drew a behavior curve of response over unit of time on a large sheet of paper mounted on a slowly revolving drum with each lever press triggering the mechanical operation of a food delivery system, while the sound of the system preceded the food. It came to be called the "Skinner box" although he claimed he did not select that name himself.] As opposed to the simultaneous pairing of stimuli in Pavlov's classical conditioning, the Skinner's operant conditioning was sequential. The "organism" operated on the environment which immediately produced a consequence, the independent variable (cause) the addition or subtraction of aversive or appetitive stimuli or events which caused a an increase of decrease in the subsequent rate of behavior, the dependent variable (effect), which he used as a sign of behavior strength under which the entire body, and not just the brain, had learned. This combination of conditioning techniques forms the basis of all ABA as we know it today. However, ABA Leaks argues that just because we know how to drop an atomic bomb, that does not mean that we ought to do it, as so it goes with these behavioral machinations. That's why ABAers are known to divorce quickly. Behavior control is unnecessarily a way of life for them, barren of dignity, freedom, ethics, and decency, like a clock with the hands of clock the hands of the Controllers. DA]


Pavlov (January 1, 1927). Conditioned reflexes. An investigation of the physiological activity of the cerebral cortex.
[Edit note: Russian Pavlov cut holes in dog's cheeks to collect and measure their drippings of saliva. Then he showed them meat and rang a tone or a metronome together. Dogs salivated to the pairing. Then he withdrew the meat and sounded the tone. Dogs salivated to the tone, while it had been a neutral stimulus with relation to saliva, under this classical conditioning, pairing stimuli together to simultaneously gain an effect, subsequently the tone would become the conditioned stimulus. DA]

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