Saturday, March 11, 2017

B. F. Skinner's Utopian dream of a planet-wide, mass-scale, Plato's behavior modification Republic, as dictated, not by a philosopher king, as Plato planned, but by an elite class of his wolf-in-sheep's-clothes Behavior Analyst followers, is materializing.

B. F. Skinner with lab rat on electric grid floor. His group of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) followers would later "advance" to apply extremely painful electric skin shock on autistic people and others based on what Skinner's team "learned" about skin shocking animals experimentally.

B. F. Skinner's Utopian dream of a planet-wide, mass-scale, Plato's behavior modification Republic, as dictated, not by a philosopher king, as Plato planned, but by an elite class of his wolf-in-sheep-clothes Behavior Analyst followers, is materializing.

The profiteering pseudoscientific cult called ABA aims to create a worldwide behavioral utopia akin to Plato's Republic, except instead of a dictatorship by a philosopher king, an oligopoly of so-called "behavior modification scientists" would rule.

The main founder of ABA, Harvard University professor B. F. Skinner, laid out the plan in his 1948 utopian novel Walden Two, especially in his 1953 nonfiction book Science and Human Behavior, and in his 1973 determinist philosophy best seller Beyond Freedom and Dignity.

Skinner (1953, Ch. 28 "Designing a Culture," p. 428) said,
We can best understand the cultural designer, not by guessing at his goals or asking him to guess at them for us, but by studying the earlier environmental events which have led him to advocate a cultural change. If he is basing a given proposal upon scientific experiments, we want to know how closely the experimental and practical situations correspond.
Today we see his pinnacle dream taking shape. The United Nations has a "Behavioral Insights" network which uses behavioral data to "nudge" behaviors of groups of people all over the world, en masse, without the consent of the governed, no doubt.

ABA typically disregards the dissent of the autistic recipients of its cruel, unusual, and trauma-provoking coercive "treatments." ABA forces us to inhale ammonia, to listen to noxious white noise machines, and to feel extremely painful ABA electric skin shock. When we are hungry, ABA demands we follow its commands as it typically dangles diabetic-habit-forming sugary doggie treats in front of us and lets us eat them only when we obey the "effective applied scientists." It calls us "deviants" and misjudges harmless autistic behaviors such as body rocking and hand flapping as "challenging behaviors of a stereotypical nature" and slates them for its "decelerated behavior rates." However, self-stimulation soothes us during the trauma that ABA causes us to experience.

For more information, see the Twitter hashtags: #behavioralInsights#bigData, and #nudging.

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