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Who runs Disability Scoop? Why do they support the skin shock torturers, the pseudoscience cult known as Applied Behavior Analysis?

[February 9, 2017. Editorial note. Alan Michelson, an actually autistic researcher who volunteers with ABA Leaks, has sent this Reward and Consent blogger an answer to the questions: "Who runs Disability Scoop (DS)?  Whom do the represent?"

[Autistic siblings and parents DO NOT know autism, unless, of course, they are also autistic. They must listen to us if they want to learn how to support us. Epistemology (philosophy of knowing) shows that only autistics truly know autism. Family members have their own agendas about autism and they often, if not usually, conflict with ours. This is Founder Diament. The other DS founder Heasley, according to them, is probably not disabled, autistic, nor does he have any family ties with any disability, or else they probably would have mentioned it.

["Michelle Diament is a seasoned journalist whose work has appeared in People, AARP, The Washington Post Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Gannett News Service. As the sibling of an adult with autism, Diament (italics added) is no stranger to the world of disability issues. She holds a degree in journalism and political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

["Shaun Heasley is a creative problem solver and the idea man behind Disability Scoop. Prior to venturing into the world of new media and online publishing, Heasley worked as an editorial and commercial photographer documenting the inner-workings of the White House in addition to portraits of business leaders and celebrity personalities. His pictures have been published worldwide by Reuters, Forbes, Newsweek, People and Time and in advertising campaigns for major Fortune 500 companies. Heasley holds a degree in visual communication from Ohio University."]


February 7, 2017. Who runs Disability Scoop? Why do they support the skin shock "torturers," the pseudoscience cult known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Disability Scoop claims it is "The Premiere Source for Developmental Disability News." However, it did not cover the new, critical defunding of ABA victory that actually autistic people recently won in January, 2017 in Germany. The Scoop's Stateline journalist Fifield (2016), however, had said, without giving it a second thought, that ABA "has been proven to help children with autism learn new skills, develop good behaviors, and stop bad ones. It is the method known to work best for treating autism, but health insurance doesn’t always cover it."

Who runs Disability Scoop and whom do they represent? Not autistic people. That's for sure. The actually autistic community vehemently opposes ABA for many of the following reasons.


It's indisputably factual that each and every punishment-technology addicted ABA pseudo-professional completely supports or is complicit to ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock "torture."

What is ABA? ABA is not much more than a profiteering pseudoscience cult that uses a coercive set of behavioral demand and control models to do Autism Conversion Therapy (ACT), its version of its own Gay Conversion Therapy (GCT). Both ACT and GCT are completely ineffective. They try to make people pass as non-gay and as non-autistic, an impossible task. They shame them into believing their good for nothing, with senseless demand to stop what ABA calls "stereotypical behaviors," what we call soothing self-stimulation which we find necessary to do during ABA's misjudgmental provocations. They get society to buy into this shaming and waste tax payer dollars on ABA insurance coverage. ABA uses ABA on parents and politicians with its dissemination or rather its propaganda Special Interest Groups in order to get itself paid. ABA used calls gays "deviants" and try to control them with skin shock pain. It never stopped calling autistics deviants and skin shocking them. ABA is not much more than submission training, controlling for obedience to unbending authoritarian demands, all in the name of solving "problems of social importance," usually according to its unintelligent, ineffectual, and highly-unethical popular-norm-of-the-day standard.

ABA misrepresents itself to society as a positive program. The community of actually autistic survivors of ABA agree in consensus. ABA coercion causes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Actually autistic advocates are happy to tell parents what real non-ABA support systems will actually help their autistic children. The Neurodiversity Community thrives online in its social media peer support network. It aims to stop ABA dead in its track in order to promote the truly ethical and effective alternatives. Unsuspecting parents become surprised when they learn that their children have resented them for hiring behavior analysts. They want to know, "Would you let someone make you go hungry in order to manipulate how you behave with doggie treats as a reward and with forced ammonia sniffs as a punishment, Mom and Dad?"


This first image below is one of the threatening memes a much trafficked ABA page promotes in Facebook. The rest are also all ABA pictures.

This is an actual ABA meme from an ABA bully in Facebook. How do you show a bully you love her?. Do not submit to her asinine demands, when you have support and you're safe. Then you free her from her bullying misery. [Edit note: This is why I changed "behavior" to "behavioral" all throughout this blog, though not always, because sometimes it doesn't fit in the context, but now I'm changing them back, because "Behavioral" interferes with good Google Scholar searches with keywords which normally read as "Behavior." Besides, this is petty nonsense. DA]

This is an ABA meme. It is not funny. Look at this Google Scholar search that covers precisely how ABA has prepared to manipulate Congress men and women. They do ABA on them, on insurance companies, and on parents in order to get themselves paid.

Extreme ABA skin shock advocates Dick and Maria Malott, said to be divorced from each other now.

"Observations in our laboratory over the past year or more have revealed the development of extensive gastrointestinal lesions in a series of some 15 monkeys restrained in chairs and subjected to a variety of prolonged behavioral conditioning and/or intracerebral self-stimulation experiments. The behavioral studies focused upon emotional conditioning procedures of the 'fear' or 'anxiety' type, and upon avoidance of noxious electric shocks to the feet. Intracerebral self-stimulation through chronically implanted electrodes involved various limbic system structures. While the program for each animal in this initial series varied considerably, all were subjected to intensive experimental study for at least 2 to 8 weeks. Five control monkeys, subjected only to restraint in the chair for similar periods, however, showed no gastrointestinal complications." (Brady et al., 1958)

The following pictures all come from the Judge Rotenberg Center of ABA's extremely painful electric skin shock, staff and victims included:

JRC Director Glenda "the witch" Crookes
Last but not least, is ABA's "most prolific" author, Brian Iwata, who sat as a non-voting member on the Neurological Devices Panel and told the FDA not to ban ABA skin shock devices which the FDA regulates as Neurological Medical Devices. Obama's FDA proposed a ban on these devices, but Obama let it sit and did nothing to finish the ban. Judas Barack Iscariot! Decades ago, Iwata hatched a plot to get ABA behavior controllers to get parents rather than his peers to lobby for skin shock devices, namely, then his group's invention, the SIBIS, the first skin shock device that Dr. Israel of the Rotenberg Center bought. Why didn't Iwata recuse himself from that panel? Iwata ren a test and claimed his electro-mechanical head blow detecting skin shock delivering device was better than a hockey helmet. He sold the SIBIS, apparently, with the company his team worked with. Why couldn't he make a better helmet? Not enough money in it? See here and here.
ABA does not do the ECT brain shock of Psychiatry. That's not supposed to hurt. ABA intends its shock device to hurt badly or else it would not be so "effective," so it claims. They don't admit it much, but ABA electrifies standing up out of a chair without asking for permission from a so-called "teacher." Others liken them to prison guards. In the FDA Neurological Devices Panel Transcript (pp. 144-45) ABA's spokesman Dr. Blenkush admitted to skin shocking out-of-seat behavior. The United Nations says ABA's skin shock is "torture" (Méndez, 2013, p. 85).

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