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News from 2016 to 2017 shows precisely how violent a place is Canton, Massachusetts' Applied Behavior Analysis Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric skin shock.

News from 2016 to 2017 shows precisely how violent a place is Canton, Massachusetts' Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful electric ABA skin shock.

Norfolk County District Attorney Morrissey (2016) Press Release: Two plead not guilty to beating disabled man in their care (one with a belt).

Cotter (2106): State investigating abuse claims against Judge Rotenberg employees.


[Note to the next two articles: It’s well known in the community of academics that aggression provokes counter-aggression. The Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful ABA skin shock is extremely and harshly aggressive. These victims have no good way to defend themselves, no doubt. They fight, but JRC convinces prosecutors to go after ABA's JRC victims who also become aggressive. Whose aggression is worse? Those who are angry or those who attack the anger they provoke?]

Shepard (2016): Judge Rotenberg Center resident charged with assault in Stoughton.

Shepard (2017): Two Rotenberg Center students charged with assaulting Stoughton staff.


JRC is an ABA institution. This is what ABA calls "effective treatment." See as ABA calls skin shock "effective." 

At its annual conventions for at least the past four years, the Ass. of Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), Maria Malott CEO, continuously and officially has been approving JRC as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mission," even though the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network condemned ABAI for their all out support of skin shock there.

This is ABA's chief international skin shock "torture" supporter Maria Malott's picture:

All ABA so-called "professionals," as long as they are not doing non-aversive Positive Behavior Support (PBS), which is not ABA, which is different from ABA in many ways, all these pseudo-professionals who claim they help people but don't outright support or else are silently complicit to this "torture."

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Méndez (2013, p. 85) called ABA's Rotenberg Center a place of "torture."

JRC Director Crookes (2012, p. 2, par. 3) admitted her people put her skin shock electrodes on her victims' buttocks. The buck stops with the executive in charge as President Harry S. Truman said that the buck stops with the executive in charge.  Her name is Glenda Crookes. She is responsible. This is her picture. You can supposedly write to her at her Linked In profile if you join the service. Please give her a piece of your mind, but don't harass her and don't threaten her with anything that's illegal or unethical.

This is what Malott and Crookes call "the right to effective behavioral treatment." Watch:


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  1. As a retired special needs teacher who decided after 3 days not to continue her internship at Rotenberg's predecessor, BRI, this type of aversive consequence is not only torture, but any observable 'behavior modification' which occurs as a result of shocking, deprivation, or any of the other tortures used, is transient. As soon as the techniques are discontinued, the behaviors return. Applied Behavior Analysis, my foot. This is a systematic sadistic program designed only to make its administrators look like miracle workers, when, in sooth, they are deceitful, self-aggrandizing modern-day monsters. Dr.Israel has much to account for - in this world and in the next - despite what uninformed, desperate parents have been force-fed in terms of treatment and 'cure'. There is a very good reason why this is the only program left in the entire United States which utilizes these barbaric techniques.


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