Saturday, January 28, 2017

I fell off the monkey bars and became a proud schizophrenic.

I fell off the monkey bars as a young boy when an encyclopedia salesman was in our house, said Mom. How did that happen? Well I'm too embarrassed to say. Then she told him, "Quick. Look up concussion." He couldn't. She said, "Get out of my house!"

Then J. P. said, "Let's play Chutes and Ladders." I refused.

Then I became a schizophrenic, possibly due to the fall. We have one personality each and we're rarely dangerous, with no thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, false myth-maker, director of Psycho, which is a very bad word to us, as it hurts our feelings, believe it or not, like it or not.

Then I met the autistic Neurodiversity Movement. Then I met Mad Pride. Now I am so happy I'm a schizophrenic who voluntarily takes his meds, which work very well for me.

I'm still a pathetic monkey, when it comes to monkey business.

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