Saturday, December 30, 2017

Eventually, ABA Leaks will hit Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) hard with all the intellectual prowess we can muster when we do an official review of their main professional ethics position paper, their so-called "Right to Effective Behavioral Treatment."

Eventually, ABA Leaks will hit Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) hard with all the intellectual prowess we can muster when we do an official, lengthier review of their main professional ethics position paper, their so-called "Right to Effective Behavioral Treatment." This statement unconstitutionally downplays the Right to Self-Determination as granted to legally incapacitated people in the USA by the New Jersey Supreme Court in the Matter of MR, which was a landmark civil rights decision for actually autistic people and otherwise disabled children and adults. Other courts across the nation have been citing MR M.R. in their more recent human rights of disabled persons' decisions.

The abstract to the original statement says this: 
We propose that individuals who are recipients or potential recipients of treatment designed to change their behavior have the right to a therapeutic environment, services whose overriding goal is personal welfare, treatment by a competent behavior analyst, programs that teach functional skills, behavioral assessment and ongoing evaluation, and the most effective treatment procedures available.
So when they talk about our "welfare," take special note of what they specifically exclude, namely, the right to decide for ourselves what is in our own best interest, what WE say is good for our own welfare. We have little right to Self-Determination in ABA "treatment." Everyone else but the actual recipient decides almost all of this. And we are the main stakeholders in the consequences of our own behaviors, almost entirely silenced under ABA manipulations of our environments.

We've looked at this so-called Rights document's original authorship. It seems nothing less than a statement to support ABA's so-called last resort "aversion therapy" by some of their most prominent advocates of skin shock. The UN calls this torture. When all else fails, ABA will punish in order to get their way. Yet punishment is not necessary. Or else they will even combine punishment with reinforcement even before using it as a last resort. This is what they are defending in their position statement. Without punishment, they believe they're at a loss of control.

This is supposed to be our right? We've got to let them control all aspects of our environment in order to let ABA gain our obedience and submission so they can parade their "success stories and statistics" out into the media with their false and misleading disseminations and tout their skills to parents whom they love to panic over new autism diagnosis.

ABAers frighten parents by saying, "What if he 'elopes,' if he runs away to a child molester?  Why he might gouge out his own eyeballs in self-injury. If you don't hire me, this can really happen. We don't want to have to report your neglect to child protective services. They could take him away from you."

So ABA's original statement in support of ABA's last resort behavior controlling punishers, such as facial water spray, lemon juice into the mouth, electric skin shock, forced ammonia inhaling, slapping, pinching, extinction, time out seclusion, restraint, overcorrection, etc., began as a report in a couple of their academic journals with big electric skin shocking names such as Van Houten, Iwata, and Lovaas.

The lead author Ronald van Houten still sits on JRC's Board of Directors today. This is their "effective treatment":

Andre McCollins had a right to this "treatment"? The Association for Behavior Analysis International, which today maintains ABA's "Right to Effective Behavioral Intervention" statement, officially "approves" this shock as being "aligned" with their "mission," year after year, even after actually autistic advocates have demanded that they stop approving it. 

The way the emancipated autistic adult community sees it is this. What they are saying in their ethics statement amounts to the following: 
When your parents or guardians sign the "informed consent to ABA treatment" documents and guarantee reimbursement for our services, you have the right for us solve your behavior problems, coercively, whether or not your behaviors are harmful, whether  or not you agree with our judgments about your behavior, and whether you like it or not.
We reply, "Since when does anyone need information in order to say, 'No,' to abusers?"

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Is Applied Behavior Analysis a profession or not? There have been allegations of fraud and abuse against Kelle Wood Rich, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, CEO of the Central Texas Autism Center, yet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board still lets her practice.

Kelle (Wood) Rich, M.Ed., BCBA, Founder/CEO, Central Texas Autism Center


If you are unfamiliar with how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) works, please see Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.


When people such as the courageous, frustrated father speaking in the videos seen below compare us to a cancer, we autistic people take offense. Different is great. Autism is beautiful. Progress is not possible without people like us. Conformity is boring and unproductive. We do not need a cure. We simply have a different operating system. We run the computer industry. We are poised to revolutionize global communication by virtue of our blunt, direct speech.

However, take note of Mr. Kipling Oren who recorded the following phone "call with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) legal team about Kelle Wood Rich's fraud and abuse." Oren provides YouTube with evidence that she had previously made the false claim that she has held a PhD Doctorate degree in her public LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, however ABA Leaks sees that today, December 9, 2017, Rich no longer says on her LinkedIn page that she has a PhD. Our search with the University of Texas Registrar does not retrieve her name as having any kind of degree from there. Her LinkedIn just says she had "post-Masters degree coursework" there. In addition, Rice (August 10, 2016) reported that Texas Child Protective services were also investigating Ms. Rich for making repeating demands of Oren's son while he was upset and then she used multiple adults to pin him down to the floor and restrain him.

So we at ABA Leaks join Oren who is asking: If these allegations of fraud and abuse are true, then why does the BACB allow her to practice as a BCBA today? Where are the ABA standards? Is ABA a profession or not?

See also Altieri (November 21, 2015). "Here's why ABA is a profiteering pseudoscience cult."


Oren (May 15, 2017a) wrote on his YouTube channel:

My frustrating call with the BACB's legal team. BACB is actively involved in covering up BCBA Kelle Wood Rich's ... abuse and fraud. Kelle Wood Rich is the owner and president of the Central Texas Autism Center. 


Oren (May 15, 2017b) said,
Ms. Rich's history includes multiple abuse and fraud claims. Ms. Rich has been caught faking a Ph.D. from the University of Texas for 12 years. This video demonstrates Ms. Rich's academic fraud. To date, Dr. James Carr, BCBA-D, CEO of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, has refused to take action against Ms. Rich.


See also Rice (August 10, 2016). Child Protective Services investigates alleged abuse at Lake Pointe Elementary School in Texas.

The investigation took place in response to a complaint filed by parent Kipling Oren, who says the school district violated a 7-year-old student’s behavioral intervention plan when Rich repeatedly asked the student to write his name on a piece of paper while the student began to have a meltdown. The student, who has been identified by his father as falling somewhere on the autism spectrum and suffers from epileptic seizures, has “cool down” methods described in his behavioral intervention plan, such as moving him to a “safe spot” away from classmates, according to the complaint. Oren says that since the incident took place, the student has suffered more and longer seizures due to the amount of stress the student suffered on March 12, 2015. “Ms. Rich continued to repeat the same demand while (the student) became a serious threat of harm to self,” Oren’s updated complaint filed with the TEA reads. “Ms. Rich continued to repeat the same demand while she utilized multiple adults to pinion (the student) to the floor and physically restrain him.”


I produced this video as part of a complaint that I filed with the BACB. Kelle Wood Rich is a "behavior analyst" with a history of child-abuse claims, one of which settled with a large payment to the victim (a 10-year-old special-needs child). Ms. Rich holds no health care license issued by the state, and is not supervised by anyone who holds a healthcare license (such as a doctor or psychiatrist). Ms. Rich owns the Central Texas Autism Center (CTAC) in Austin, Texas. This video demonstrates that Ms. Rich has falsified her academic credentials in a flagrant manner for over a decade. After having been caught, Ms. Rich revised her public profiles and no longer claims to have obtained a Ph.D. Ms. Rich continues to operate in the public schools despite her past bad acts. To date, Dr. James Carr, BCBA-D, CEO of the BACB, has refused to take action against Ms. Rich.


Oren (May 19, 2017) said, "Are you considering using the Central Texas Autism Center? Beware!"

If you are considering utilizing the services of the Central Texas Autism Center for your special-needs child, do your due diligence. I would suggest that you ask Kelle Wood Rich [CEO and Owner of CTAC] to provide you a copy of the First Amended Complaint in the case, P.R. v. Central Texas Autism Center [Case No. D-1GN-08-003644, Travis County, Texas]. This was an abuse and fraud claim brought against the Central Texas Autism Center. [It settled with a large payment to the 8-year-old victim.] I would also suggest that you ask Ms. Rich to provide to you a copy of her Ph.D. [degree] from the University of Texas. Until recently, in an effort to solicit business, Ms. Rich represented to the world that she had obtained a Ph.D. from UT. Mysteriously, she has taken this claim down, after having been hit with two separate complaints issued to the BACB, the certifying body that oversees her BCBA status. I would also suggest that you look at other videos associated with my name. Good luck. And God bless you.

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Altieri (first published April 29, 2017). ABA has a Terrible Timeline it will never publish and here it is. This report includes works of the "CounterControllers" to the ABA Controllers.

Altieri (May 1, 2017). A Clockwork Orange in Denver. International ABA convention "approves" Canton, Massachusetts' extremely painful electric skin "shock therapy" after autistic advocates told them year after year to stop "approving" this torture. Is all ABA Empathy Disabled?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The "most positive" thing that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has to offer is artificial praise ("conditioned praise") paired with doggie treat bribes ("food reinforcement") after the Controllers have starved ("effectively deprived of food") actually autistic, 18-month-old toddlers.

The "most positive" thing that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has to offer is artificial praise ("conditioned praise") paired with doggie treat bribes ("food reinforcement") after the Controllers have starved ("effectively deprived of food") actually autistic, 18-month-old toddlers.

Otherwise, they're addicted to so-called "aversion therapy," which includes abuses such as slapping faceswater in faces, lemon in mouths, and extremely painful electric skin shock.


We are ABA Leaks of Facebook and we lead the baby of all new disability movements, the Counter-Controllers to the ABA Controllers. Dr. Frankenstein has created his monster and we are it!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

CNN Anderson Cooper report: Kirk Murphy, the survivor of UCLA's Applied Behavior Analysis "Sissy Boy Experiment," committed suicide.

A survivor of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) "Gay Conversion Therapy" from the 1974 eventually committed suicide. The chief researcher, Rekers, said it is "unscientific" to conclude that he killed himself due to what he and O. Ivar Lovaas did to him with their "Sissy Boy Experiment." In the end, according to Anderson Cooper of CNN, a gay escort said Rekers gave him "sexual massages" in sex. Rekers denied it. (See Bullock and Thorp (May 6, 2010). "George Rekers is a homosexual, escort says.")

According to Cooper, the boy's real name was Kirk Andrew Murphy. Rekers and Lovaas (1974) called him Kraig to conceal his identity in "Behavioral treatment of deviant sex-role behaviors in a male child," Vol. 7, Issue 2, pp. 173-190, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. They later said he had a "Sissy Boy Syndrome." They coerced him with the typical ABA poker chip token economy. The red chip for so-called "feminine behavior" resulted in beatings from his father. His mother said his father gave him "welts" on is body. Rekers and Lovaas claimed they effectively took away his effeminate behaviors.

Thirty years later his mother called it "murder." His brother said, "The only thing they did was they destroyed our brother. They took him away from us." His mother remembers "welts up and down his back and on his buttocks." She said that if one man causes the death of another, it is "murder."

Before that Lovaas put a young autistic girl barefoot on a UCLA electric grid floor torture lab. (See Grant, 1965, in Life Magazine. "Screams, slaps and love. A surprising, shocking treatment helps far-gone mental cripples.")


This is what ABA still does to its actually autistic victims today. We call it camouflaging the autism. A gay man can pretend he's straight and marry a woman. He lives a lie. He lives in the closet, concealing his true identity. He's not happy. That is exactly what ABA never stopped doing to the autistic community. We can pass as "normal," but we live a lie and struggle in shame to hide our ausome autism from the domineering neurotypical world. Profiteering ABA is the leading bully network against us.


Actually autistic researcher Michelle Dawson (January 18, 2004) covered this subject in "The Misbehavior of Behaviorists." This is THE landmark, groundbreaking Behavioral Ethics paper which she penned from the point of view of the truly autistic community, of ABA's direct victims, the true voice of autism speaking, not our parents who have no clue how it feels to be subjected to ABA's "autism or gay conversion therapies."
Dawson said:
In the 1970's, researchers at UCLA authored peer-reviewed articles about the first successes of their program for transforming the inadequate and inappropriate behaviours of young children. This behaviour intervention was considered essential for many reasons: the children's disordered behaviours caused emotional distress in their parents; the behaviours were disruptive and judged unacceptable by society and the children's peers; the behaviours also displaced the proper functioning of these children, who were said to be suffering; and intervention at the earliest possible sign of deviant behaviours was necessary since the prognosis for adolescence and adulthood was notoriously poor and treatment later in life was known to be futile.
This project, like many others at the time, was generously funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The principal investigator, that is the person whose name brought in the funding, was Dr. Lovaas. This comprehensive and intensive behaviour intervention used the principles of operant conditioning to displace maladaptive behaviours, which were punished, with more desirable behaviours, which were rewarded. The most effective punishment was found to be spanking or hitting the children.
The reported success of this intervention was unqualified. People seeing videos of one of the children before and after treatment described him as "two different boys"; he now looked and acted like any other boy. The goal of creating children "indistinguishable" from their peers was apparently achieved. The reports of this success generated controversy, requiring Dr. Lovaas and the other researchers involved to defend their project and its results.
The UCLA project described above was the Feminine Boy Project. Its immediate goal was to replace feminine behaviours (e.g., "maternal nurturance" and playing with girls) with masculine behaviours (e.g., playing with a toy submachine gun and rough-housing with boys) in gender-role-deviant young boys. Its workhorse was Dr. Lovaas' student, the young researcher George A. Rekers. And prominent among its long-term goals was preventing homosexuality.
The role of societal intolerance in choosing target behaviours was mentioned in one of the Rekers/Lovaas studies. The authors concluded that it is more realistic to change those hurt by intolerance than to change the intolerant behaviours of society. This position is known to be short-sighted and to extrapolate badly, as many dissenters noticed.
In fact, ethics-based dissent, including from the late ABA pioneer (and defender of Dr. Lovaas' work in autism) Donald M. Baer, dominated the considerable criticism generated by this project. Everyone noticed that a project presuming to transform the nature of unconsenting clients through behaviour interventions must be challenged as to its ethics. Criticisms of the FBP's choice of good-male/bad-female behaviours were plentiful. The participation of interested parties, such as transsexuals, homosexuals, transvestites, and feminists was argued to be essential in project decision-making. The impoverishment of society through the eradication of a variety of behaviours and what those possessing them may contribute was mentioned. The assumption that non-heterosexuals are dysfunctional and miserable as adolescents and adults was severely questioned.
Critics barely touched on the issue of aversives, and did not split hairs over data points; instead they highlighted the problem of to whom therapists are responsible. Who do they serve: the client, or the client's parents, or society and its values, or themselves and their own values?
Dr. Rekers, Dr. Lovaas, and some others responded with their own ethics: "Once parents and professionals have concluded that a boy has a gender disturbance, a therapist cannot ethically refuse to treat the child." Dr. Rekers, with two others, added in another defense: "If a parent brings a child to a psychologist and asks that the possibility of homosexual development be prevented, is this not an ethically and professionally proper goal for the psychologist?" Defending his work with Dr. Lovaas, Dr. Rekers also used the rationales that homosexual behaviour was (in California, at the time) illegal, and that he shared the same Christian values as the parents involved.
This and Dr. Rekers' great volume of similar work revealed that his principles were fundamentalist, rather than scientific. He objected to homosexuality being removed from the DSM, and proposed it be returned there. He expressed incredulity and indignation that those having the pathology of homosexuality had any say in its classification and treatment.
The two FBP successes reported in Rekers/Lovaas case studies were found to be bisexual on follow-up. One of these successes had attempted suicide at age 18, after his first homosexual encounter.
When I described the FBP to Dr. Gresham, he stated that such a project would not, by his standards, pass ethical review.
For some time the FBP ran concurrently at UCLA with what later became known as the Young Autism Project. While Dr. Lovaas, whose FBP NIMH funding terminated in 1976, has wisely distanced himself from the former, the latter has made him a legend. So the problem is not that apparently successful behaviour interventions, and those like Dr. Lovaas who develop and implement them, are immune to ethical challenges from behaviourists and others. As demonstrated in Auton, the problem is that Dr. Rekers-style intolerance of autistics is the unexceptional norm: it is community standards, it is de rigor, it resembles--see Dr. Maurice's "Let Me Hear Your Voice"--religion.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

If forced psychiatry ever tries false imprisonment and abuse on you, as they really did do to me, for two weeks, starting August 19, 2017, then set off the alarms. THAT is an emergency crisis against YOU! I did. I have no regrets.

It was a long series of events triggered by an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) couple who threatened me into self-defense mode. I was never dangerous a day in my life. They knew I was not dangerous. My team outside forced psychiatry told them so the first time the Neptune Police brought me in for no good reason. The second time the police kidnapped me on behalf of the hospital administrators who didn't like how I wrote on their Facebook page about the sexual and violent abuse they did to me the first time. Then Dr. Geller and company screened me into his lock up at Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) from Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC) into his false imprisonment lockup for two weeks of false of more abuses and deprivation of the sun and more. JSUMC had stripped me naked to put me into their stigma scrubs, what the so-called "normal" people do not have to wear. Then they shackled me, denied me water and food, put me in a hot, sweaty seclusion room, shot me up with needles, scratched my leg, tied me down at ankles and wrists shackle restraints that cut my wrists and left bruises at my ankles. They denied this 58 year old man the bathroom, who peed in his pants. Nurse Ratched poked me with a needle then, too, to punish this, and I told her I will take it by mouth. This right was denied. So their needles were an assault on my body, both ass and arm. She even covered up the "patient rights" poster on the wall as I read it out loud and said, "I am a man. Stop laughing and smiling, nurses station. I am not here for your entertainment, sadists. Remember the Nuremberg Trials? You are complicit to tortures or coopering. Carrying-out-orders was no Nazi excuse at Nuremberg." And I have custodial staff and other patients as sympathising witnesses.
[November 14, 2017. Edit note. I have begun to put this behind me. It will be a long process as we go on the offensive by all legal and ethical means possible. I went to the Long Branch Police Department yesterday and reported the crimes and the fire hazard, some of them, which emanated from Monmouth Medical. This is only the beginning of the crimes report, as the worst of them came from Neptune's Jersey Shore University Medical Center with the cooperation of the Neptune Police Department. I am advised by a county sheriff officer that to bypass Neptune I need to go to the county prosecutor in that case, which is still in process. I am Dave Altieri of Facebook. I never complain to Facebook about a friend request if we have not met in person and you send me one.]

I took a needle in my buttocks for it even though I said I'll take it in my mouth instead. Another of my rights were denied me at that point. I have no regret for doing so. A Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, New Jersey, USA nurse threatened to tie me down and needle me. Well he carried out his threat, but he didn't tie me down. His staff told me to turn for the shot, which I did without resisting, even though it was an assault on my private area.

He was mad at me when I simply told him my roommate was "a full grown man" when this Filipino-looking nurse told him or asked him to "go pee pee," which is an exact quote of what he said to my roommate.

My roommate from the hospital lock up ward is 27,  a sweetheart, and a new friend. I am autistic also. He was a mostly nonverbal autistic and I am the one who properly diagnosed him. They said he didn't speak English. "Stupid shrinks." He was Haitian and nonverbal of English. He answered my questions perfectly. I figured it out because he was stimming in our room, flushing the toilet repetitively. I told him I liked the sound of waterfalls, which I do, so I thanked him. It really did sound nice to me.

Well as soon as Nurse Ratched the Second threatened me as I just described above, I stood up out of my bed and marched over to the fire exit mid-ward at the elevator down and out and banged on the door.

We were locked from within! What happens if there's a fire and all staff is incapacitated. Patients die. That's what. Fire gear was all locked up, too. That was the Long Branch, New Jersey, USA, Monmouth Medical Center lock up psychiatry ward with Dr. Geller in charge. But I did set off the alarm. The next few days there were a series of alarm tests. My action here in self-defense of a real emergency threat against my personal private space may have be one of the reasons they eventually let me out instead of sending me to the state for years of inescapable institutionalization, for no good reason at all, of course.

Not only am I never dangerous, I actually save lives. If you know me well, or know my case, you can see why I am not now, nor have I ever been dangerous, as they claimed, falsely, and knowing perfectly well, it seems, that I was not dangerous, which is a necessary condition, legally, to lock anyone up psychiatrically in New Jersey, and if you know my serious work, you know I lead a team of investigators against Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) torture and deaths at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts near Salem. We are ABA Leaks of Facebook.

See, for example, Altieri (February 16, 2017). The seventh death with Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture was an unborn baby of a seventeen-year-old girl, according to the Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission. This is JRC's current and second director Mrs. Glenda "the Good Witch" Crookes.

It was an ABA couple in Asbury Park who threatened me and set me into self-defense mode which set off this whole drama in my life starting August 19, 2017. See also Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.

This .gif is adapted from a scene in the #ABAisAbuse movie, A Clockwork Orange.

Well my roommate's psychiatric involuntary lock-up nurse carried out his threat against me, BUT since I was in charge of the "prison," as so I really was, metaphorically speaking only, like the gang leader in charge of the prison, with nurses my fans as I started organizing them into a union, as the art therapist helped me paint a pig nose out of the paper pill cup, and I wore it in the ward as I told Dr. Geller he had a beautiful nose, and as one cool overnight staffer called my roomie my "bodyguard," which is really how he was to me there, towel on his head, his hand on my shoulder, as we walked the floor, me in front. As I took the shot as that one overnight staff fan of mine said to me, "You gotta turn." I did not resist. Later I thanked my fan for helping me take it with dignity that morning. My personal female nurse would soon take a temporary appointment demotion. She said, as the Asian looking nurse inserted his needle into my rear end, "He's the best we ever had," meaning me. It felt like a rape and that is how I am treating it. 

[Edit note. I eventually told the Long Branch, New Jersey police that his was an "assault on my rear end." I have an attorney. We are all set to sue. His biggest case was $5,000,000. If I hire him and we sign an agreement, it's on contingency. I pay him nothing. He gets 1/3 and I ge 2/3 in the end. Plus he tells me to report all the crimes to the police and the prosecutors. I have begun the process. I want to do it right. He now has a doctor to speak with me. Note well. We have not yet signed a contract, the attorney and I, so there is nothing definite yet, but it feels like we're going ahead. If this post is deleted or you hear nothing more from me, remember well, I'm moving ahead by all legal and ethical means possible to make sure this stops happening to me and to my peers at the New Jersey Shore, God willing.]

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My attorney has a doctor for me. I'm ecstatic. The shrinks (psychiatrists) might falsely claim I'm manicky again. I never was sick when they captured, imprisoned, and abused me! It looks like we have now planted our lawsuit against Meridian and Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas hospitals upon solid land in New Jersey, United States of America.

Has Asbury Park's street and boardwalk clown got an amazing lawsuit or what? It's an open and shut case, the way I see it.

It's against the Emergency Room (ER) and the Psychiatric Screening Department in Neptune at Meridian's Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and the psychiatric lock-up-prison-ward against innocent and disabled human beings such as me in Long Branch at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas' Monmouth Medical Center.

Has our case just formally or else informally begun? Stay tuned. Keep reading.

(So thinks me assertion yes done, Luke Skywalker! Ha ha. Can psychiatry take a joke or do they call this sick?)

It seems that way to me, that we're on toward "The $99,000.00 Answer."

We have no signed contract, yet, my attorney and I, but it looks like he's taking me on contingency. He's been busy. I just saw him, again, after a long hiatus of mutual absence from each other, no fault to either of us, thank goodness.


Autism friends or so-called "seriously mentally ill people," show your "Autistic and Mad Prides," as we shout it out loud now. We're sick and tired of Abnormal Psychology professors and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Controllers calling us "deviants" in order to scare our parents into hiring them and to stuff their pocketbooks with silver coins and golden trinkets. They are the deviants, not us. They're a loosened pack of "behavior control freaks." They're "the pot calling the kettle black" and they have some big nerve calling us "abnormal" in their dehumanizing ways.

See Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Peers, self-advocates: If you have a case, act quickly. There are time limits. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is "actionable harm," according to what retired Massachusetts state Senator Brian A. Joyce told me on the phone last year. It was Joyce who spoke to me on the phone during my two-week-long, false lock up, which I explain below. Joyce is the best elected representative ever against Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) extremely painful electric skin shock and we at ABA Leaks have been the only network, consistently now for three years, lately leading the charge on the internet against this torture by ABA. The United Nations calls GED skin shock "torture."

This is not the ECT brain shock of forced psychiatry. That's bad enough, but psychiatry does not want to zap and hurt. This is the GED and ABA does indeed want it to hurt, so they can "effectively control" behaviors, often completely harmless-in-themselves behaviors. We know that for a fact, for behaviors such as standing with no permission from the so-called ABA "teachers," or rather, as the self-advocates say, from the ABA prison guards. Fellow autistics, don't let them lie about it. ABA provokes PTSD in us just as much as Forced Psychiatry does.

I've joined "Mad Pride." Join forces, friends, with them. As to the PTSD that ABA causes you to suffer nightmares and horrible memories, stick it to them with a contingency lawyer. Search long and hard and as soon as you can for one. Start with Senator Joyce. He's in Canton, Massachusetts. Where else? Canton is the home of ABA skin shock torture. Ask him if he practices in a nearby state if you are up in New England. Or ask him for a referral elsewhere. My Dad is an attorney. He is a good man. Brian is a good attorney. I know one when I see one. He always spoke to me as though I am a real live human being on the phone with him, unlike how ABA and Forced Psychiatry treat us every single time they deny us the right to dissent from their coercions. I promise you that he did. Please see his Joyce Law Group here. Help us save the next generation of actually autistic children and adults and stick it good to ABA, figuratively speaking, of course, and tell them to "stick it where the sun don't shine," if they did you wrong in any way, please.

This the brave attorney, retired Senator Brian A. Joyce, who is best elected official ever against Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) extremely painful SIBIS and GED (not the ECT) electric skin shock, what two United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Torture called ABA's "torture," while they immobilized their skin shock victim on ABA's four-point restraint board at ankles and wrists. The Emergency Room (ER) at Jersey Shore Medical Center gave me their four-point shackled restraints supposedly "for my benefit" despite my objections, too.  And they stripped me naked because I did not want to go in scrubs, what only psychiatric patients must wear. And they did not inform me about what they were about to do to me, which they're supposed to do. And they didn't let me pee in a bathroom. I'm an older man and I need to pee often. They made me pee in my pants and then they denied me water all through the night and they punished me with another needle and their bondage restraints in a hot sweaty ER room solitary confinement sweaty room all night. The next shift took me out of Nurse Ratched's bondage and torture arrangement. I told her, "I'll take it in my mouth." Every time denied. Barnabus lock-up did not like my setting off the fire alarm as soon as one of their nurses threatened to punish me with bondage and a needle. We he gave me a needle in my ass immediately after I told him I'll take it by mouth. Another right of mine they all denied, as they did time and time again during my two weeks of torture, neglect, dehumanization, sexual body parts exposures, and so on and so forth. See this post, please.

See Davies (August 9, 2014). “Prisoners of the (ABA) apparatus”: The Judge Rotenberg Center.


These pictures show what the ER did to me the first time Neptune's cops kidnapped me for no good reason other than the fact they simply refused to listen to me explain how I was in self-defense mode and not aggressing in any way whatsoever when they put me in Neptune's cop car against my will and despite my non-resisting protestations of what began a long series of cruel and unusual punishment of a man simply because he is a well-known nutty clown AND a highly successful activist against injustice. This is their unconstitutional criminalization of a brain disorder. I have joined forces with Mad Pride. I am now officially aligning our Autism Pride with them, as much as we can at our ABA Leaks page and this blog. Applied Behavior Analysis is cruel and unusual coercion to autistics like me and Forced Psychiatry is the same to serious mentally ill like mine. Mine is in remission. And the hospitals know it. And they pretend it's not. Their diagnoses of me therefore, in my opinion, are intentionally false, as "in remission" should be a part of my label. They cannot lock you up here unless a judge says you are dangerous. I asked my Barabas shrink about that. She said they told a judge I was dangerous and I had a hearing before one due, but they let me out before that date. Cowards. Now "involuntary psychiatric patient" is a stain on my good family's name. Never in my life did I ever refuse psychiatric help. Until now. At last now I see what Mad Pride is all about. I lived it from within, like I never did before. They had no clue they were locking up a well-accomplished investigative journalist blogger team leader of Freedom of Information Act specializing writers.

No hospital gloves? I asked for an HIV screening of the ER guard who scratched me and they stripped me naked and shackled me at both ankles and wrists. Denied again! How stupid could they be?

Well I told the internet about what the ER Nurse Ratched and their magically disappearing junior MD in charge of my did to me, well they decided to tell the Neptune Police Department to re-kidnap me, even after the let me go the first time because my long term psychologist and my voluntary medicine prescribing VNA psychiatric nurse both told them I was not dangerous. So they knew it! And they lied! Why? To punish me for telling the truth in a way they disapproved of, literarily! And the Neptune Sergeant even told me so as I video recorded her intrusion with her Barney Fife regular cop with no warrant into my home to do the hospital's bidding. I asked her why she's taking me out of my home. I was sleeping. She startled me. I should never have answered the door.


Neptune Police Chief and Mayor, if you're reading this, you'll need a warrant from a judge or else you plan to break down my door if you ever try this illegal stunt on me again! I won't resist. I never did at all in any of this long series of events, and you all know that very well, four cops and all the hospital's staff who just did this or let it all happen "Nuremberg Trial fashion," as I warned you all in the ER as I said in your bondage restraints, "I am a man!" And you all laughed and smiled, many of you. And I called you sadistic and I said, "I am Safety Pat the Proud Autistic Schizophrenic Silly Whistleblowing Clown. "We have one personality each and we're rarely dangerous. Psychiatry knows this, refuses to change our diagnostic name, and perpetuates these myths? Why? So they can lock us up and collect my Medicare as they release us when time is up or if we have no insurance. All facts.


Plus (and here's the best part of the news): My new attorney agreed with me! I am now about to formally and officially report the false imprisonment, sex abuse exposures of my body parts, violence, humiliation, and neglect by these hospitals who did not do their legal duty to care for me, to local prosecutors or police departments!

Not only this! I have four of my peer friends who felt same brunt of their tortures, shackles, sex organ exposures, etc.

Stay tuned for a bumpy ride! If you see nothing more from me about this, it means my attorneys have advised me to stop talking. Don't worry. I am going ahead full steam by any and all ethical and legal means possible to make sure they do this no more to my peers, friends, or me.

His biggest case was $5,000,000. I want $10,000,000, but let's see. Can Forced Psychiatry spell "p-u-n-i-t-i-v-e" and "d-a-m-a-g-e-s"? Let's see how a jury feels about "punitive damages." I have all the proof I need. I am not now, nor have I ever been dangerous. They knew it, so it seems. Thy simply punished me because I am whistleblower.

The Neptune Police Sergeant said on videotape, as they forced their way into my home without a warrant to take me away THE SECOND TIME, and I paraphrase, but I have the video file all backed up well, "The Meridian hospital company was concerned about how you wrote about them on their Facebook page."

Well before Dr. Geller of screened me from Jersey Shore into his Monmouth lock-up unit that second time, Jersey Shore's ER had already abused the hell out of me the first time Neptune cops took me there, and I shared the facts in a colorful way in social media, Facebook, Twitter, my Reward and Consent blog with Google's blogger.


How the long series of events started:

It started in Asbury Park, which borders Neptune, where I live. The Asbury Park Police Department has a great reputation and Neptune's has a bad one. Three Asbury cops and a Captain told me that Neptune cops take homeless people off Neptune's streets and drop them off in Asbury.

By the time I got back home to my Ocean Grove section of Neptune that I was simply in self-defense mode after an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) couple threatened me in Asbury Park. And it was my self-defense posture that was supposed to have made me dangerous. Well let me say I did nothing unusual for a beach town on August 19. I have nothing more to say about that. It will come out in the transcripts of the trial.

I had told the couple, which wouldn't leave right away when I told them to leave me alone from where I was singing on Cookman Avenue in front of the Bonney Reed restaurant, about our ABA Leaks' well-supported hypothesis that ABA does real live Occult Magic at the Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful skin shock near Salem, Massachusetts, which has a 500 year history with witchcraft, actual and not actual. (Scroll down our ABA Leaks timeline to see it and then Google "Wicca." ) The male of the Asbury ABA couple then made a devil horn hand sign on his head. I reported it to an Asbury Park Police Department Sergeant and other great cops were there for the report, too.

This is the image we at ABA Leaks found as the lead Twitter picture of an actually self-admitted behaviorist and this is our exclusive ABA Leaks Facebook post about it. It is not believable. When I told the female of the ABA couple that threatened me that I was going to tell the Asbury Park police about their devil horns when I told them about our ABA-does-actual-sorcery-practices-near-Salem-Massachusetts hypothesis, she said, "The cops won't believe you." Well the Asbury Sergeant who took the report was great. He expressed outrage when I told him what she said. They were gone from the bar with the pig over the window on Cookman Avenue where I told her I was telling the cops they threatened me. See in this post for more details on how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is involved in this true story.

So ABA sparked the long series of events which ended with my son telling Dr. Geller's people at Monmouth Medical Center to let me out of that ward. Then they did. After two weeks. One guy was out in one day. Why? No insurance. That's why. "Hijo" is my hero. He always was my hero. This time in flying colors!

They had some nerve telling my son I was dangerous. He never believed them. None of my clown fans, family, or friends do either. I tell them the story. My character witnesses all over Asbury Park where I clown in with a permit are all lining up to defend me against their next likely attacks on my humanity and personhood. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT dangerous and that was their false claim to justify my "false imprisonment," which is a felony in the USA, ladies and gentlemen, a serious crime!

So I was not aggressing at all by the time I got to Neptune after those ABAers provoked me. I had called Neptune cops to help me against another set of rowdies. Both my regular psychologist and my psychiatric nurse told the first Jersey Shore screener I am NOT dangerous, so they let me out, and then the next time they sent the cops again to do the bidding of the hospital administration because I was speaking as a free man about them and they didn't appreciate that. Well that's tough, shrinks, the USA is not your psychiatry ward! This is a free country and we have the freedom of speech. Or did you forget that?


Tune in next time, ladies and jellyspoons! Same bat time. Same bat channel, my Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Google Blogger and Google searching friends from all over the world. Special thanks to Indonesia for "liking" our ABA Leaks Facebook page much more than any other country in the world.

My regular Visiting Nurse Association psychiatric nurse summed it all up after I saw her as a free man the second time out. She writes me my meds I have always before taken voluntarily, since 1979, and my illness was then "in remission" and they refused to let me show them that. Well I did show them that. But my Monmouth shrink even told me they even told a judge I was dangerous. And she knew I was in touch with Senator Joyce from within, since they station their lock up guards next to the phones. She even asked me my legal plans. i said, "I take the fifth." Friends from other countries, the "Fifth Amendment" is our right to remain silent under such false and cruel and profiteering accusations such as those I heard from her and her staff to me about me.

She simply said, "They didn't listen to you."

Damn straight they did not listen! They plugged their ears to me. And I have all the proof. And they have no defense, except for a covering up of the evidence, and they better not try that. And they know why they shouldn't. That would be a crime, too.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Facebook is still arbitrary and capricious the way it enforces its Terms of Service (and Reddit does it right.)

Here is arrogant, overly-punitive Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
"In the long run, punishment, unlike reinforcement, works to the disadvantage of both the punished organism and the punishing agency." (B. F. Skinner, 2014/1953, p. 183)
Facebook puts people on suspended activities and blocks them from using certain features. It claims we go "too fast," but it never says how fast is too fast. That is a stupid way to run a business. I told them my next $1,000 ad will go to Google and no more do I buy any Facebook ads. This is no joke. We told them before. It hasn't stopped.

Reddit programmers, on the other hand, are highly-intelligent behaviorally, compared to inept Facebook techies, when it comes to creating a positive community of social media users. B. F. Skinner was right when he said punishment is a bad idea. Skinner was a creep, though, since he supported extremely painful electric Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) skin shock torture, but only to autistics and otherwise disabled people, and exclusively not to his so-called "normal" peers. See Altieri (May 13, 2017).

So Facebook needs a lesson here from Reddit. They simply slow you down so you can't go too fast. Then, of course, there is no punishment in Reddit for "going too fast" as there is in Facebook. Now why didn't Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, ever think of that? Duh!

Our new ABA Leaks one-year, $3.00-per-day, $1,000-total-price Facebook ad is not running as Facebook promised, either. There is a glitch. They have no phone support for paying advertisement purchasers, but Google does. I asked the Facebook community for help. That is where actual Facebook employees sometimes respond, but if you cross them, they punish you there, too.

All they do is spam me with the same bot notification when I ask them to fix the glitch. That, my friends, is a Facebook Terms of Service violation by Facebook itself to its own baffled Facebook users. Now what could possibly happen next? Is Facebook going to block itself from its own features? Ha! Ha!

We get a lot of followers from all over the world with our Facebook ad, however, and we love you all. We now have approximately 17,000 "likes" on our ABA Leaks Facebook page, according to Facebook statistics. So we will keep the ad running for the entire year. It's too bad Facebook doesn't fix the glitch, however. Then we meet and advocate on behalf of many more amazing people. Indonesians are our biggest group of friends.

I'm Dave Altieri of Facebook. I just tweeted all about this in Twitter. Please follow my Twitter in addition to my Facebook. I'm @RewardConsent in Twitter. What I do in Twitter is related, but its also very different from our ABA Leaks Facebook page and my Facebook account.

Then I posted it in two really cool Reddit subreddits covering Facebook topics. Ha! Ha! Facebook has been notified of this Google Blogger post from here at our Reward and Consent blog. They must be loving this one now, my friends, but they'll get over it.

We love everyone, even bullies. We show them our love like this, in non-submission, which is saving them from their bullying lives and the misery they cause themselves with their bullying mannerisms. Sooner or later they all thank us, ABA Controllers included.

Related posts

Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Altieri (first published April 29, 2017). Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has a Terrible Timeline it will never publish and here it is. This report includes works of the "CounterControllers" to the ABA Controllers.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Here's a brief commentary on Brill (July 19, 2012). Time out vs. time in: What's the difference?

Brill (July 19, 2012). Time-out vs. time-in: What's the difference?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) would say that time-ins which empathize with the child during upsetting moments "ineffectively attend to problem behavior. Therefore, time-ins reinforce bad behaviors inappropriately." However, Brill describes ABA-style time-out as inhumane and gives us this humane alternative to ABA's dog biscuit "treatments."

Monday, October 2, 2017

An ode to a Mom can bring you repose.

Prayers in her shrine are gifts of Fifi, to hang on a tree, Mexicana de La Senda.

May you always have your Guardian Angel to guide you, protect you, defend you, to bump that demon flat off the shoulder opposed, to bring stars, as to come and go in a shimmy of light, to sprinkle remnants, a collectible spritz of gilded sparkles trailed, tailed off the roundabout comet of all the Aeons combined, upon which she lights in a wisp, and up she rides, harp, pluck, harpoons, love dust to cross your ways, and wipe away the tears, when you least expect her.

Your powerful Mom takes her place, the one who gained utmost glory down here as passing Form , as head honcho Ma'am of our oldtime St. Benedict's Church, the great ladies of love, the "Happy Hookers," the bosses of the good parish back then, with our altar girls in 1972, from Fr. Anderson, long before any other church did a female Catholic lead, anywhere else we knew. She, Mom, for decades gave them the Beach House at Holgate, the southernmost point of Long Beach Island, New Jersey, to powwow and watch the sunrise at the ocean's gate, husbands not allowed.

And then she suffered sudden misfortune of the greatest earthly loss, the death of her boy, drinking, driving, age 14. Robby and Richard smacked a tree. Richard survived and waxed poetic about pain. Brotherly head on the wheel, the coma, the plug pulling; and her part from her man, the only love she ever loved in a passion, never to replace; then four coronaries, one on the doctor's hatching block, the "so-called" family friend physician who had the gall to tell her, "Cornelia, you're lucky I was there when you had your attack during my surgery on you;" the transplant, the prednisone, fourteen years of Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, from the "medicine," and then Meridian Red Bank Riverview Hospital's germ that did her in at last, as the nursing staff badmouthed Mom right in front of her ears, called her "already dead," and then she told me how sad they make her feel on her last day alive; and then she died, slowly, one organ at a time, as we all were there to witness The Greatest of Greats we ever knew passing at peace. We holding her hand through to the yonder.

She kisses your St. Valentine's lips, reappears in Monarch butterfly, as you plan your lawsuit over your rated X and rated R head shrinks of steel manner last month. And you weep.

So then you fade, "Good night, my dear boy," as whispers come tooth fairy bliss, into the wild phantasmagoria of deep slumber, unfathomable and wondrous ebony dark, but for one silver shard nightlight minimal bulb, soft as pillow fluff, as she brings haste, to chase away the unspeakables, cruel, cruel confinement profiteers, the masquerade ball of do-good sour-puss, my spoilings of late, my loves of this Hope.

So leave it up to Mom to solve, to Riddle unpack, she of broken wing, now Lording above, on wind she soars now, ever wide of breast, as you navigate well, under her care, which never runs dry.

Now go ahead, boy. Sob! You need it now.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) "Cardgate" scandal is worse than previously reported. Not only do ABA providers and students make fun of autistic people, their song on Soundcloud, "A Good Game of Cards," seems to allude to childhood sexual abuse, crudely.

Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) "Cardgate" image alludes to The Occult. For coverage of ABA and sorcery see our ABA Leaks page in Facebook.


First see Luterman (September 4, 2017). "Cardgate" scandal uncovers widespread disrespect of autistic people by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers.

Then see Sequenzia (September 6, 2017). ABA providers making fun of autistic people.


Cards Against Humanity LLC.


Your dumb questions. Is there an official Cards Against Humanity theme song? Of course there is. It's called "A Good Game of Cards" and it was written and recorded by our friends, The Doubleclicks. You can download the song as a DRM-free Mp3.

[Alert: alludes to child sex abuse.] 

Play a game with me. Tell me why I'm sickie. You're my closest friends. Tell me how the world will end. Friends helping friends, meeting new people, answering questions both easy and hard. There's nothing nicer than playing a good game of cards. At last we can have a debate all about concealing a boner or whipping it out. We'll talk about sex. Makes you spend their time flying. Children on leashes and ¿? to lions.... Play a game with me. What are my parents hiding from me? You're my closest friends. Let's be dicks to children. Is that sound a falcon with a cap on its head or is it the fact that my parents are dead? We can find out when we're playing a good game of cards. The game is so peaceful and we're all guilt-free like Oprah when she sobs into Lean Cuisine. It's not gibber jabber. We all feel at ease. Maybe we're born with it. Maybe it's just-B's? Play a game with me. Why do I hurt all over? You're my closest friends. Tell me what war's good for. When you are gone I assure you you're missed. Why don't we all make the penises kiss. There's nothing nicer than playing a good game of cards.


Here is the new version of Cards Against Humanity's incomplete set of cards.


Scelzo (August 31, 2017). Cards Against Humanity is back with a whole new deck to destroy your next party.

Cards Against Humanity — the dirtier version of Apples To Apples — has been ruining friendships since 2011. But now the game is back with a whole new fresh deck in case your "What's that smell?" answers were getting a little stale. According the game's new "back to school"- themed website, the Cards Against Humanity 2.0 deck is now 600 cards filled with over 150 new jokes updated for 2017, some of which include "Diversity," "Dick pics," and "The arrival of pizza."


Murphy (March 11, 2015). Finally, you can play Cards Against Humanity online (the old version.)


Here's the Cards Against Humanity Wiki

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