Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dear Board Certified Behavioral Analysts: Skin shock yourselves instead of autistic people and stop calling us "deviants," you control freaks!

[Edit note: The content of this blog post comes verbatim from my Facebook, the caption to my main profile pic as of the original date of this post. Please send me a Facebook friend request. I don't complain to the company if we haven't met face to face anywhere. I'm Dave Jersey in Facebook.]

I want to hire a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) so that as soon as he moves to misjudge and modify my behavior after he finishes his analysis of my so-called "deviant" behavior, then I can fire him on the spot, with immense pleasure, a right that every BCBA always denies every "client" victim under his care. He will claim that the autistic child or the "legally incapacitated" adult is not informed and that only our parents or guardians are capable of informed consent to his cruel and unusual treatments.
So ABA always teaches us autistics that it is wrong to say no to someone who tries to control us by depriving us of food to feed us with Skittles as soon as we comply to his asinine demands, someone who sprays us in the face with cold water, puts bitter lemon on our tongue, or skin shocks us with electric pain under ABA's SIBIS and GED stimulation devices, which, unlike psychiatry's ECT brain shock, ABA invents specifically for the purpose of controlling us into submission with severe pain at their Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts. We don't need full information to say to an abuser, "Leave us alone!"
BCBA: shock yourself, you control freak! You're "the subject of abnormal psychology" here, not us! So stick it where the sun don't shine! So there! Take that! Now climb up a tree and act like a nut! Ha!

See also Altieri (June 28, 2016): The "data" is in. All ABA completely supports or is complicit to its own extremely painful ABA electric skin shock.

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