Monday, July 4, 2016

Here's how to judge an ally to us actual autistics versus one of our typically clueless parents or of our Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) bully thugs.

First and foremost, and by a landslide, topping my half dozen hats, I am an ethicist. Judging is the name of the game in ethics. There is never a sin in good judgement. The devil lies in the details of misjudgement.

Anyhow, here is how to judge an ally to us actual autistics as opposed to one of our typical clueless bullies. Trust me on this one, folks.

Here is the self-evident premise: Only actual autistics know actual autism. 

All else below follows deductively (automatically-logically) from that premise and from the written and spoken words of leading actual autistics who have spoken clearly and loudly from the mountaintops of the globe, spanning from nation to nation, big and small alike.


1a) If the person says, "Person with autism" and not "autistic,"
1b) Then that person is entirely clueless to the voices of actually autistic advocates speaking.

2a) If the person says,  "Autism awareness" and not "autism acceptance,"
2b) Then this person is also completely clueless about what the advocates say actually autistic children really need and want.

3a) If the person supports, gives an audience to, or hires a non-truly-Positive-Behavior-Support-positive-only-and-completely-informed-PBS-expert, who is instead, therefore, in fact, exclusively and undeniably, when push comes to shove in honest, well-informed Behavioral Ethics debate, a coercive-actually-punishment-addicted-Applied-Behavior-Analyst (ABA),

3b) Then this ABA backer or actual ABA thug is much worse than completely clueless. This is a commonplace brainwashed enemy to autistics who needs loving treatment to break her or him away from ABA completely. This is an empathy-disabled creep, a senseless, unsympathetic, inhumane, selfish, control freak who refuses to listen to actually autistic adult peer advocates who are crying out to their plugged ears on behalf of poor little overstimulated autistic abusees. Such as these are parents of autistics, they exist in non-stop, ABA-manipulated, wildly-exaggerated, panic mode over their perceived horrible family outcomes such as imagined financial ruin, divorce, never-employed and thoroughly-ostracized and institutionalized children as they grow up. The Behavior Analyst is always in completely-selfish-autism-exploitation-for-profit mode. All supporters and actual powerful, domineering, ABA cult-members are torturing abusers, in fact, because we emerge from their so-called "effective treatments, which they actually view as submission training to remove the so-called 'autistic nature: wild, out-of-control, disobedient, deviant dogs or horses' in order to tame the beasts and mold them like behavioral putty into tame, normal, ordinary, common, boring, neurotypical, and ludicrous persons." We arrive, in the end, as worried, bad memory, nightmarish, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), ABA-victims, despite ABA propaganda/dissemination false denials to the contrary as it goes so far as to manipulate the public to support politicians who give them insurance payments to their expensive, wasteful, countless hours of what it calls "ABA Therapy," the oxymoron of the turning millenniums, which means a contradiction of terms.

4a) If the person supports Auti$m $peaks in any way whatsoever in light it up blue or with their trademark autism puzzle pieces, they DO NOT LISTEN to actual autistics speaking who have thoroughly lambasted Auti$m $peaks for its encouragement of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock, which all non-PBS ABA completely supports or allows in complicity, every last one of them down to the very jots and tittles of all their written words. A$ and ABA are thoroughly mutually in cahoots with one another;

4b) Then that person is a torturer of autistics and others as much as ABA is replete completely with skin shock pain Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) Canton, Massachusetts, actually ?corrupt? Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Courtroom judge-rubber-stamped-and-approved, ABA-skin-shock-pain-tortures. Tell them to shock and imprison themselves in Canton!


Such is the truth as I know it to be. I am, indeed, one of their PTSD victims, in fact, as they have ostracized me, and maligned me, and defamed me, without ever telling me directly and precisely what I ever said that was such a big sin to warrant their maltreatment of my behavior! If any of them ever deny they have provoked PTSD in me, then that person is not telling the truth, obviously, as common sense and the first premise above dictates.

Only we autistics know autism, nobody else, ally Steve Silberman, author of New York Times best-seller, Neurotribes, included, of course, obviously, unless he says he is autistic himself.

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