Thursday, June 23, 2016

My coconut is the world's leading authority on the ethics of behavioural science, indisputably.

Walt Whitman, Song of Myself, 1:
I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass. My tongue, every atom of my blood, form'd from this soil, this air, Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same, I, now thirty-seven years old (blogger, David Altier(i), 56) in perfect health (all my blood tests normal this month) begin, Hoping to cease not till death. Creeds and schools in abeyance, Retiring back a while sufficed at what they are, but never forgotten, I harbor for good or bad, I permit to speak at every hazard, Nature without check with original energy.
My coconut is the world's leading authority on the ethics of behavior science, indisputably. I am proud of my grandiose delusions, but I am not the crazy one, only the whole WORLD is the crazy one. That is the funny truth about me. Behaviorists have yet to mate my king in the wonderful world of Behavioral Ethics debate chess. They'd rather ostracize me from their groups and ignore me in their feeble attempts to extinguish my verbal behavior about their freaking control-freak job assignments, but I've become the heavyweight champion of the world of Behavioral Ethics, tossing each and every Board Certified Behavior Analy$t (BCBA) who dares to disregard my highly-ethical alternative Cognitive Behavioral teaching method, Reward and Consent, out of my super-hero wrestling ring during their hapless Facebook group attempts to pry my big, bad, debating championship belt off from around my big, bad, meta-professional clown's wrestling bellybutton innie.

Anyone can checkmate them. Just memorize and say this to any of them:
Fact one: Your Applied Behavior Analy$i$ (ABA) pseudo-professional, pseudoscientific cult misjudges the harmless autistic behaviors you call "stereotypy" (body rocking, hand flapping, autistic need for low frequencies of eye contacts) as problem behaviors and tries to coerce them away from what you call their "deviant autistic behavioral repertoires" and to manipulate and mold actual autistic toddlers like ABA's very own clay objects into submissive, obedient neurotypicals. 
Fact two: Your entire ABA pseudo-professional cult supports and is complicit to extremely painful ABA electrical $kin $hock torture contingent upon "noncompliance" and other classes of behavior. 
You say you don't do that? Bah! Then you are complicit to what the United Nations calls ABA/JRC $kin $hock torture. Where is your published statement against ABA/JRC $hock? Unless you do Positive Behavior Support (PBS), like Gary LaVigna, BCBA, does, which is, PBS, in theory, your separate, break-away, gentle, sister profession, then you have no such anti-ABA/JRC-$kin-$hock-statement, guaranteed. 
Besides, your mammoth A$$. for Behavior Analy$i$ International (ABAI) has a non-stop growing history of officially "approving" so-called "effective ABA/JRC $kin-$hock treatments" as being "aligned" with ABAI's "mi$$ion," [their words, not mine] even after the UN did, indeed, call ABA/JRC a place of "torture," and then even after the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) told ABAI to banish JRC from ABAI's annual conventions. Then, this past May, 2016, at its Chicago convention ABAI stated it officially "approved" ABA/JRC once again. 
Therefore, ABA-in-total and ABA/JRC refu$e to listen to actually Autistics Speaking. What makes things much worse is how the parents-of-autistics-group, Auti$m Speak$, is completely behind ABA-in-total and A$ has also supported ABA/JRC.. That's why ABA is the world's worst empathy-disabled cult!
Also say to them:
Plus, unlike PBS theory, which has ruled out your aversive techniques (forced ammonia sniffs, Brian-Iwata-led-$IBI$-shock-helmets, white noise machines, lemon on tongue, facial water spritzes, over-correction$) as unnecessary and therefore unethical, then you are addicted to coercive punishments as your last-resort ABA control-freaks methodology. 
So listen to Jesus: "Do not do unto others what you don't want done unto yourselves." 
$hock your ABA-in-total selves with the highest ABA electric current machine, the ABA GED-4, which the-world's-most-prolific-ABA-in-total-author and ABA/JRC'$-chief-executive-officer-cult-guru-boss-man-Brian-Iwata admitted he never did unto himself as he sat on the FDA-shock-devices-review-panel and spoke against the FDA's ABA-$kin-$hock-device ban. 
So Behavior Analy$t$, unless you are cowards as well as bullie$, why don't you just go ahead and shock yourselves 31 ABA times in a single ABA/JRC day of ABA/JRC abu$e as somebody punishes you for refusing to remove your coat as Glenda "the Good ABA Witch" Crooke$, second ABA Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) Director, and her brainwashed, obedient ABA $taff, allegedly did to poor Andre McCollins! 
So imprison yourselves into the ABA/JRC for ten-full-ABA/JRC-jail-cell-years and listen to the harsh-ABA-jolt-contraption-noises screeching electrical surges onto your arms, legs, and bottocks, and listen to the ABA/JRC-PTSD-provoking-shock-pain-screams of your fellow victims inside the JRC pri$on, where you are not even allowed to talk to your fellow-ABA/JRC-inmate-pseudo-professional-shock-victim-peers about the ABA/JRC facts you are undeniably seeing, hearing, and smelling (burning flesh from shock burns), as Anna Kosovoskaya, heroic ABA/JRC escaping runaway, told David Altier(i), Reward and Consent investigative journalist blogger, is really happening behind those horrible, horrible dorm-room, camera-surveilled "gates."
Also, there could be a high rate of ABA alcoholism among BCBAs, judging from their annual ABA pseudo-convention pictures and all the alcohol companies and beverage Twitter profiles they follow with their ABA Twitter profiles. Hypocrite$! so also feel free to tell them:
Analyze your own ABA-in-total-"problem-behaviors-of-social-importance" and leave those little autistic toddlers alone! Pick on someone your own size, you criminal-ABA/JRC-cruel-and-unusual-puni$hment-big-fat-boy-and-girl-unconstitutional-thugs. Just wait until we ask the Justice Department to reopen your sorry-ass ABA and ABA/JRC cases!

Anyhow, that's enough pathetic ABA/JRC nonsense ranting for the time being . Let's get on with how I am preventing our planet-wide atom bomb self-destruction. On the landing page right-hand-introductory-column to my blog I explain exactly how I am saving the world from its addiction to #punishmentRunAmok. We all punish. Even me, and I am usually wrong when I do, but I teach exactly how we will ethically undue coercive techniques and torture systems just in time to save the species to explore the galaxies before we annihilate ourselves on Earth. Then after we colonize outer space, if we blow up the Earth, the species survives.

Follow this scene pic by pic:

I stand on the shoulders of often-unethical, highly-flawed B.F. Skinner who discovered operant conditioning and reported it in his first book "Behavior of Organisms" (1938).

To #CloseTheJRC (see Twitter) Judge Rotenberg Center of #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis (see Twitter) extremely painful electric skin shock as completely bolstered by the entire ABA profession, despite its false denials, even after the United Nations called them torturers, is only step one.

When we do close founder Dr. Israel Hurt's Canton, Massachusetts JRC, and we will, our team will use the event as a major publicity tool to spread the word about my Reward and Consent, Cognitive-Behavioral, highly-ethical teaching method, the viable alternative to the cruel, unusual, coercive, phony-praising and inappropriate tickling, punitive, misjudgemental behavior modificationpseudoscience-control-freak cult.

My founded organizations: 1) ABA Leaks (disabled and independent Freedom-of-Information-Act journalists and other volunteers still investigating ABA's multi-million dollar Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) operation and finding horrendous results, much worse than we ever expected, abuse allegations, 410, one per ten days over ten years, sexual, shock burns, electrodes to buttocks, etc.); 2) the spin-off group I founded, TPI Leaks (Troubled Persons Industry); and later, as yet uninitiated: 3) OPRAH - Occupy #PunishmentRunAmok Happily - will live on after me. OPRAH's mission is to gain for the USA and the United Nations culture-wide, non-coercive, yet positively-reinforced constitutional amendments and declarations saying, "Society uses punishment only as a last resort," and then eventually the second one will say, "In order to prevent humanity's nuclear self-annihilation, societies shall fade themselves away from their addictions to punishment and fade in governance completely by the reward and consensus of the all the governed, babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, incapacitated adults, current pursuit-of-happiness humanely-treated prisoners, and former prisoners, all of the above groups especially included, while banishing explosive weapons, guns, the prison-for-profit industry, military-industrial statehood, and coercive international borders. We also ban and provide positive-only alternative remedies to any senseless, unreasonable slaughter of all cellular, insect, plant, and non-human animal life, without punishing the slaughterers, including those who take away the lives of any and all fetuses and/or unborn babies."

I will not see the rise of ethical positive-reinforcers over coercive ABA-style aversives in my lifetime. Nobody living today will. To label change as-slow-as-a-snail is an extreme understatement.

Therefore, I have willed my mummy to my Ocean Grove apartment museum. We'll have to charge an entrance fee to keep the lines from winding all around the New Jersey Shore, the tri-City beach town octopus lines with expansive snake tentacles, and to pay the rent to my landlord. I am donating my penus-and-bladder-release-pipe-contraption to science. I hate to disappoint my fan base here, but my urine flows up the shaft as it dribbles out. It's a miracle, ladies and gentle-memes! My Vitamin-B-yellowy-water defies gravity! I must do my scientific duty and release my fabulous plumbing device to Georgetown University's medical school and Lauinger Library so my fellow Hoya professors and medical residents can analyze its rather abnormal leaky behavior. Sorry about that, Chief.

Control Agent 56, signing off - and let Agent 13 out of the mailbox, Chief, and forget the cone of silence. Zigfried of Chaos has had it bugged all the time. You can't get away from The Claw, either.

My name is not "The Craw." It's "The Craw." Stop calling me "The Craw," before I scratch you one!

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