Friday, January 15, 2016

Guest poet Olivia Astrid Âû: "Time for a game of quiet hands."

Time for a Game of Quiet Hands

Olivia Astrid Âû

The therapist held young Karl's hands
Until he had stopped flapping them.
The game lasted for 40 hours that week
Grabbing them harder and harder until Karl had learned to stop.
The tears that floored the room was a Reminder to the therapist that Karl had a lot More training to Do before he was "Normal."
Time for a game of table readiness.
The therapist laid Karl's favourite food on The dining table.
The game was simple, ask for your Favourite Food nicely.
Successes And Karl could eat, Fail and Karl Would be Sprayed with.
The therapist knows he cannot Talk and Therefore cannot win.
Another night Of tears for poor Karl.
Time for a game of Social skills"
The therapist placed Karl in a different room With different children.
All of them were expected to talk and make Eye-contact.
Karl Couldn't and therefore had his "privileges" Taken from him.
The therapist made an Example of Karl in Front of the other children.
They all lived in fear under her regime.
One day, Karl learnt the rules of all these Games.
They are no winners, you just obey! Submission was the only way of getting out. The makaton Symbols on the wall will Remind him to "Conform at any cost!"
Karl's parents are happy to hear about his Progress.
He can now talk, give eye contact And stop stimming.
The occasion is Celebrated by all including Pavlov, who is Laughing in his grave!
Many years have passed and Karl is now a Broken man.
He was passed for many years as a Neurotypical member of society with no help For the higher Functioning label.
The Events keep playing on repeat setting in His Head and the scars and bruises across His Body Reminding him he had no autonomy Over his mind and body.
In his mind he had no choice but to take that All important Stairway.
Now, he is in the Garden of Acceptance.
Karl Can now live out the old days before Treatment.
He can now flap his arms for as Long as He wishes and play with his toys the way He Wants to.
He will be forever happy Until the end of time.
The therapist is now on trail for unethical Practices against the children she once Treated.
She is close to retirement and with The Overwhelming evidence against her, she Will Spend the rest of her days in care of The State.
The moral to learn from playing quite Hands,
The oppressed will always find their Heaven,
 But the oppressors will always find their hell!

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