Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here's why I may quit arbitrary, capricious, punitive Facebook terms-enforcer Zuckerberg and turn to Google Plus and Reddit.

Facebook enforces its terms of service with arbitrary, capricious, and highly unintelligent punishments of its own paying customers, such as me, who did nothing wrong, no less!

Facebook tells me I may not post outside my own timeline to its member groups until January 6. What a wonderful way to wish me a Merry Facebook Christmas on December 23, 2015. Just by publishing this post to my Facebook friends and anyone else who cares to read it, I feel better. I only get upset with bullies when I don't like the way I manage their bullying behaviors.

Here is the funny post I was sharing to help people cope with stressful Christmas with a laugh. Those bastards took it down! How many times too many did I post it? Well only Facebook head chief Mark Zuckerberg and God Almighty Him- or Herself know!

I'm so glad we quit the Christmas trees.

The Facebook robot simply demanded I slow it down, but it didn't specify exactly how to do that. In the meanwhile, that child prodigy global tentacle octopus genius is providing me with plenty of extra time to explore the services of its competitors. Then Zuckerberg had the gall to tell me that if I kept on doing it that then its empire would drop me off of Facebook completely.

Well, Mark. I don't have time for your bullshit. I'm busy saving the world from its punishment run amok by the likes of dictators like you inside their own puny, little private realms just like your Facebook! So put your money where your mouth is. When you and your team read this post, then go ahead. Ban me immediately! I dare you! Make my day! The world wide web will read all about it! I have selected bad publicity alone as your consequence for your behavior "problem of social importance," as the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis says so eloquently about troublemakers like you, Zuckerberg!

I've appealed to Facebook. Its nameless leaders are ignoring my appeal. They do not publish their numerical limit on post restrictions. I asked them to tell me the number so as not to over-do it again. I told them they will lose customers by punishing them. Like that's so hard to figure out!

Even children with intellectual disabilities know better than Zuckerberg. They know it's dumb to walk around punishing the people you need for your support, and they are very respectful human beings who also deserve respect and dignity. Zuckerberg, on the other hand, doesn't realize it needs its own customers, so it treats them cruelly, like a monster would, but much worse: this monster is real!

That is not the way to run a business when startups would love to take any of us as a customer, startups who know better than to capriciously punish their own customers with rules they refuse to specify and then publish. I told its machine to go ahead and track me in Blogger, Google Plus, Reddit, and Twitter as I announce Facebook's ludicrous punishments of its own paying customers.

Don't be surprised if I quit Facebook, my true Facebook friends! There are plenty of other places on the net to go and talk about the cruel misuse of punishment by Applied Behavior Analysts as well as all the highly ethical alternatives to punishment I love to talk about, that wide array of alternatives to punishment which the pure Applied Behavior Analysts have no clue over how to perform ethically!

Here is my Google Plus account: Dave Jersey (Safety Pat). I'd love to meet you there! I have used Google's Blogger since 2007. They have never even dreamed of punishing a good Google customer like me.

I would be very inconsistent with my own philosophy if I allowed Facebook to continue bullying me!

I love putting my stuff out in They simply tell you in a very polite manner exactly how many minutes you need to wait until you can repeat a post. I ask my readers: Which is more ethical on this matter, Facebook or Reddit?

Ladies and gentleman, the Facebook lad is too big for its own britches! It bites the hand that feeds it! I don't care how many billion dollar bills it can stuff inside its cowhide wallet!

Leave those cows alone, bitch!

Please excuse me, female dogs. You're as good as us humans, unlike Octopus Fingers. It was just a figure of speech, okay? Bark ten times and wag your tail left, right, left, right when you see me next time if you want me to call it something else. Then I'll comply with your wish. Is that a good doggie deal?

P.S. I'm giving Zuckerberg a taste of its own medicine. It's the same way I manage, from time to time, the highly unethical behavior of those thing-a-ma-jig Board Certified Behavior Analysts who see their victims as nothing but a bag of behaviors to punish and control at will, even so-often cruelly, when their victims don't like it, so the continuing investigation is revealing, since the feelings of another person are technically not data to those knee-jerk-reaction, pure BCBA-robots! We're simply teaching them how to empathize. They will thank us later.

I'm glad we trashed the Christmas trees.

I'm glad the old fam' has done away with the massively-decorated Christmas trees this year. Every year in the past, without fail, Divine toppled them all and cracked open the ornaments by crushing them with her bedtime slippers and tripped over the garland and got covered in golden strands of tinsel, head to toe, and then with the wires of little red and green light bulbs sending sparks up her spine, she picked up the topmost beacon star Angel Michael and sent him and his crystal angel wings flying across the living room to smash through the panorama window in the midst of another one of our typical family squabbles. Then we all would go to confession and forgive one another until the next December erupted.

Friday, December 11, 2015

This is how a psychologist cured my schizophrenia. Not.

So this psychologist in a bar approaches me and says, "Dave, you're kind of funny. You should become a comedian."

So I followed his advice and morphed myself into me: Safety Pat the Proud Schizophrenic Clown! Now I know it's the whole entire world that's mad, mad, mad, mad, mad! I'm not crazy! I'm the only normal one! Case closed! Shred my psychiatrist's health insurance reimbursement documents about his case study of me! Take the shreds and rain my confetti on the very next gay pride clown parade here in Asbury Park, New Jersey!

No more shrinks! Let's fire my Behavior Change Team of eight, a half-dozen overpaid Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) dirty, rotten, egghead scoundrels and my uninformedly-consenting Mommy and Daddy to the behavior change plans they impose upon my coconut brain! My best friend Alphabet Soup Ed can find me a quack to prescribe me medical marijuana as an alternative to antipsychotics! Yeah, that's the ticket. I'm cured, for good and for all! Right?

Watch a typical night of Alphabet Soup Ed filming Safety Pat the Proud Schizophrenic Clown doing a Fran the Pan (Wo)man routine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) forces a young boy to play. How ethical/unethical is this?

[Editorial note, December 16, 2015. Dave Jersey. Thankfully, for the benefit of the boy, it looks like the YouTube owner of this video took it down from where it first appeared. We need not speak harshly of the owners of the video. It appears they have learned from the advocates about some of the erroneous ways of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) are human beings also and we all make mistakes. When we correct them, we deserve to praise ourselves! I issue them commendation to reinforce their ethical behavior as I write this note. They have corrected mistakes in poor judgment, it seems, something we all do from time to time. Fortunately, however, I saved a copy and I put it back up for educational purposes. In order to defend and help protect the boy, I give it the title it deserves: "ABA forces a young boy to play." If he, in any future conference with a parent or guardian or two of his and with me, or when he eventually becomes an emancipated adult, should tell me he wants me to take it down, then I will.]

Trigger alert. This is not a joke. The author of this blog is disturbed every time he watches this video. Readers use discretion. Be prepared to stop the video and take a time out from it.

Please watch this video of actual behavior analysis in action. A friend in the Netherlands just sent it to Dave Jersey @RewardConsent in Twitter messenger December 9, 2015. This blogger is not going to comment with an opinion until after the readers and viewers of this post have an opportunity to comment on it before he does.

It contains footage of Applied Behavior Analysts (ABAs) engaged in intensive interventions with a small boy who has so-called "problem behaviors." Since ABA typically "treats autistic children and adults," or so they say, we can perhaps assume he is an actually autistic lad, though not necessarily, as ABA is done upon all sorts of populations, from ADHD children to seniors with Alzheimer's. (ADHD is short for the demeaning label "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.")

Does anyone else notice that in one part of the video their text actually says he wants to go play at the park, but he actually says he does not want to go?

What is your opinion? How ethical or unethical is this ABA "treatment" of this child? Do you agree more with the proposition: "be effective by any means legal and necessary" or do you agree more with the alternative assertion: "effective ends don't justify questionable means"? Are the end results truly effective?

This blogger already has opinions. You could probably guess them. Whatever position you send, however, Dave will publish it, unless, of course, anyone tries to insult anybody's character with offensive personal remarks of anybody in particular, which is never anticipated in this blog, as it only happened once -- by someone who described himself as a behaviorist -- and the remark was not published.

So please scroll down and post a comment about this video in the box below:

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