Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm glad we trashed the Christmas trees.

I'm glad the old fam' has done away with the massively-decorated Christmas trees this year. Every year in the past, without fail, Divine toppled them all and cracked open the ornaments by crushing them with her bedtime slippers and tripped over the garland and got covered in golden strands of tinsel, head to toe, and then with the wires of little red and green light bulbs sending sparks up her spine, she picked up the topmost beacon star Angel Michael and sent him and his crystal angel wings flying across the living room to smash through the panorama window in the midst of another one of our typical family squabbles. Then we all would go to confession and forgive one another until the next December erupted.


[Editing note: It looks like a bad video link. Click it anyhow. It may work. It works for me. DA]


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