Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here's why I may quit arbitrary, capricious, punitive Facebook terms-enforcer Zuckerberg and turn to Google Plus and Reddit.

Facebook enforces its terms of service with arbitrary, capricious, and highly unintelligent punishments of its own paying customers, such as me, who did nothing wrong, no less!

Facebook tells me I may not post outside my own timeline to its member groups until January 6. What a wonderful way to wish me a Merry Facebook Christmas on December 23, 2015. Just by publishing this post to my Facebook friends and anyone else who cares to read it, I feel better. I only get upset with bullies when I don't like the way I manage their bullying behaviors.

Here is the funny post I was sharing to help people cope with stressful Christmas with a laugh. Those bastards took it down! How many times too many did I post it? Well only Facebook head chief Mark Zuckerberg and God Almighty Him- or Herself know!

I'm so glad we quit the Christmas trees.

The Facebook robot simply demanded I slow it down, but it didn't specify exactly how to do that. In the meanwhile, that child prodigy global tentacle octopus genius is providing me with plenty of extra time to explore the services of its competitors. Then Zuckerberg had the gall to tell me that if I kept on doing it that then its empire would drop me off of Facebook completely.

Well, Mark. I don't have time for your bullshit. I'm busy saving the world from its punishment run amok by the likes of dictators like you inside their own puny, little private realms just like your Facebook! So put your money where your mouth is. When you and your team read this post, then go ahead. Ban me immediately! I dare you! Make my day! The world wide web will read all about it! I have selected bad publicity alone as your consequence for your behavior "problem of social importance," as the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis says so eloquently about troublemakers like you, Zuckerberg!

I've appealed to Facebook. Its nameless leaders are ignoring my appeal. They do not publish their numerical limit on post restrictions. I asked them to tell me the number so as not to over-do it again. I told them they will lose customers by punishing them. Like that's so hard to figure out!

Even children with intellectual disabilities know better than Zuckerberg. They know it's dumb to walk around punishing the people you need for your support, and they are very respectful human beings who also deserve respect and dignity. Zuckerberg, on the other hand, doesn't realize it needs its own customers, so it treats them cruelly, like a monster would, but much worse: this monster is real!

That is not the way to run a business when startups would love to take any of us as a customer, startups who know better than to capriciously punish their own customers with rules they refuse to specify and then publish. I told its machine to go ahead and track me in Blogger, Google Plus, Reddit, and Twitter as I announce Facebook's ludicrous punishments of its own paying customers.

Don't be surprised if I quit Facebook, my true Facebook friends! There are plenty of other places on the net to go and talk about the cruel misuse of punishment by Applied Behavior Analysts as well as all the highly ethical alternatives to punishment I love to talk about, that wide array of alternatives to punishment which the pure Applied Behavior Analysts have no clue over how to perform ethically!

Here is my Google Plus account: Dave Jersey (Safety Pat). I'd love to meet you there! I have used Google's Blogger since 2007. They have never even dreamed of punishing a good Google customer like me.

I would be very inconsistent with my own philosophy if I allowed Facebook to continue bullying me!

I love putting my stuff out in They simply tell you in a very polite manner exactly how many minutes you need to wait until you can repeat a post. I ask my readers: Which is more ethical on this matter, Facebook or Reddit?

Ladies and gentleman, the Facebook lad is too big for its own britches! It bites the hand that feeds it! I don't care how many billion dollar bills it can stuff inside its cowhide wallet!

Leave those cows alone, bitch!

Please excuse me, female dogs. You're as good as us humans, unlike Octopus Fingers. It was just a figure of speech, okay? Bark ten times and wag your tail left, right, left, right when you see me next time if you want me to call it something else. Then I'll comply with your wish. Is that a good doggie deal?

P.S. I'm giving Zuckerberg a taste of its own medicine. It's the same way I manage, from time to time, the highly unethical behavior of those thing-a-ma-jig Board Certified Behavior Analysts who see their victims as nothing but a bag of behaviors to punish and control at will, even so-often cruelly, when their victims don't like it, so the continuing investigation is revealing, since the feelings of another person are technically not data to those knee-jerk-reaction, pure BCBA-robots! We're simply teaching them how to empathize. They will thank us later.


  1. Facebook comment from Damon Matthew Wise Âû copied, pasted here with his permission:

    I have been blocked and banned by Facebook many times over the least 17 years; the longest was almost ten months for impersonating ... myself with my own election photos - - which are now registered with Wikimedia; I have been three times banned from using my own name, and had to spent a few hundred Euro in getting my 2014 deed-polled registered in the High Court and then twice start process of sending registered notification of legal proceedings against them at both of their Dublin Headquarters and European Operations Centre; I have been banned for periods of several weeks by trying to link family, school-friends, fellow committee and professionals, and synchronizing friends and contacts lists with over 5,000 friends from Yahoo!, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn; I also have hundreds of friend requests of me, and many unconfirmed of mine - which together with re-posting contents between autism related and social rights groups keeps stop getting me able to share content to groups and pages.

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