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With several movie scenes included from Brad Pitt's Troy, ABA Leaks posts, "Canton, Massachusetts Judge Rotenberg Center Achilles' heel vulnerability is the Truth about its extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock torture."

[I updated this July 29, 2017. DA]

The most powerful half man, half God hero of Homer's Iliad and other Ancient Greek and Roman tales was Achilles. In this art, we see how hIs mother, the Goddess Thetis, shielded his body with the magical powers of the river Styx, the border between Earth and Hades, the underground eternity for most Ancient souls. See she holds him upside my his heel tendons. This is his one and only vulnerability, untouched by the water. From here we get the name "Achilles' heel." And we say at ABA Leaks, Applied Behavior Analysis Judge Rotenberg Center of extremely painful electric skin shock torture. They are full of lies. Hence the Truth will slam their gates for once and for all, as the survivors and former staffers emerge and speak, slowly but surely, one at a time.

Paris kills Achilles with an arrow to his heel.

Centuries before Western democracy came to see the light of day in Ancient Greece, strongman Achilles would eventually fall.


And so with Truth, under words of survivors speaking out in the slowly-emerging body of anecdotal evidence self-reports, the whistleblow heroes, we will slam the gates shut. We never stopped slinging arrows at their heel of big lies. We aim bankrupt the Canton, Massachusetts Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) electric skin shock torture, by any and all legal and ethical means possible. Practice makes perfect. We're approaching the target with each and every shot!


As soon as possible, please contact President Trump and your Congressional representatives for your state district, one in the House and two in the Senate, and politely ask them to urge the FDA to finish its ban on Applied Behavior Analysis' extremely painful electric skin shock devices at the Judge Rotenberg Center in and around Canton, Massachusetts. This will be a big help from each individual who calls. It only takes a little while. Here is how to reach them. For more information, see the section on the FDA's proposed ban below. They call them Electrical Stimulation Devices (ESDs).


What is ABA?

Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.


What is JRC's ABA skin shock device all about?

Lydia X. Z. Brown (July 29, 2017, Dave Altier access date). JRC living archive.

FDA (April 22, 2016). FDA proposes ban on electrical stimulation devices intended to treat self-injurious or aggressive behavior.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced a proposal to ban ESDs used for self-injurious or aggressive behavior because they present an unreasonable and substantial risk to public health that cannot be corrected or eliminated through changes to the labeling.
The FDA calls the only one in use now in U.S. Electrical Stimulation Devices. The FDA's description of JRC's ESD is incomplete.

Davies (August 9, 2014). Prisoners of the apparatus. The JRC.

Shocks have been used at JRC for an incredibly wide variety of behaviors. Although JRC claims that the intention is to stop self-harming or violent behaviors, it also has shocked students for many other things, including: involuntary body movements, waving hands, blocking out sound overstimulation by putting their fingers in their ears, wrapping their foot around the leg of their chair, tensing up their body or fingers, not answering staff quickly enough (xxx), screaming while being shocked, closing their eyes for more than 15 seconds, reacting in fear to other students being shocked, standing up, asking to use the bathroom, raising their hand (Miller), popping their own pimple, leaving a supervised area without asking, swearing, saying “no” (Ahern and Rosenthal 13), stopping work for more than 10 seconds, interrupting others, nagging, whispering, slouching, tearing up paper, and attempting to remove electrodes from their skin (Ahern and Rosenthal 20-21). Additionally, students are shocked for having 5 verbal behaviors in an hour. These behaviors can include talking to oneself, clearing one’s throat, crying, laughing, humming, repeating oneself, or “inappropriate tone of voice” (xxx). A former JRC teacher recalled how “one girl, who was blind, deaf, and non-verbal was moaning and rocking. Her moaning was like a cry. The staff shocked her for moaning. Turned out she had a broken tooth. Another child had an accident in the bathroom and was shocked” (Ahern and Rosenthal 3). The behaviors that JRC considers punishable by shocking are also discovered by surveillance footage, with shocks then administered after the fact. Shock has even been used as a threat to pressure students to say positive things about JRC in front of the state legislature (Berrington). Non-speaking students tend to be subjected to shock the most, and are the ones who often have a more difficult time speaking up about their abuse (xxx).

Who is ABA Leaks?

We are ABA Leaks of Facebook.

Altieri (July 19, 2017). Here's the list of exactly who we are. Read it and weep, Controllers. We are the proudly-identified CounterControllers. That's what ABA calls us. We own the label, what used to be a "bad word," as did the "Queers." Ha!


Why does ABA Leaks consistently post hard and tough against ABA and its skin shock?

Altieri (July 28, 2017). Electric skin shock torture is essential "science" in all Experimental Behavior Analysis and Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA Leaks believes all lab rat Skinner Boxes have electric grid floors.


Who are ABA's skin shock survivors? Who is a former staff whistleblower? Whose mother sued JRC officials on behalf of her "terrorized" son?

ABA treats "elopement as a problem behavior." It is perfectly normal to want to avoid and escape their asinine rules and demands. There exists a handful of fully-emancipated adults who have spoken to interviewers, advocates, and governmental investigators. Slowly but surely the list is expanding. As Jennifer says in video below, it's not easy to relive these horrible nightmares and memories, but Anna told me in text that she wants to save her friends whom she left behind when she escaped.

Kosovskaya and Altieri (June 11, 2015). Papillon Deux, Butterfly Two, Mariposa Dos, from Russia with love, is Anna Kosovskaya, an actually autistic hero who successfully escaped, for the good of her long-term sanity and survival, from the Canton, Massachusetts JRC of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture. Here are her self-reported adventures and her interviewer's analysis.

She left the Boston area hell-hole for a visit back home to New York City. Mom didn't want her any more. How could she find a man with the troubled child at her ankles? Ann said she wasn't going back. But Mom ratted her out. On the phone she told them to make the trip and take her off her hands once again. So JRC sent their chain-gang stalkers all the way to New York for an abduction. Anna fought back. They chased her around her own bedroom bed, running round in circles. Done! Self-defense!

The bully cowards, panicked, whimpered, and ran away back home without their prisoner, sure to face consequences from the Board of Directors and their director.

What bothered Anna most during here confinement, was that these ABAers confiscated her own sweet smelling soaps that she brought from her real home. JRC staff actually watched her naked as she bathed herself. If they were satisfied as to how she showered her private parts, then she earned her soap. and look at her lovely picture to see why this would disturb anyone so pretty. This is a part of JRC's slick marketing campaign, the illusion about "how we really are even though people say bad things about us." This is Anna's tale of JRC/ABA's so-called "Unparalleled Positive Programming." You can't make this stuff up.


Can ABA get any worse than its Behavior Rehearsal Lessons (BRLs)? ABA provokes "bad behaviors" and then shocks them.

Ahern and Rosenthal (April 4, 2010, pp. 18-19). Torture not treatment. Urgent appeal to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Nowak from Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI). Electric shock and long term restraint in the United States on children and adults with disabilities at the JRC.
One component of treatment at JRC is referred to as the Behavioral Rehearsal Lesson (BRL). Students are restrained and GED administered as the student is forcibly challenged to do the behavior the punishment seeks to eliminate. JRC students are sometimes induced to exhibit a behavior for which they will receive a shock punishment. Students endure surprise mock attacks and threatened stabbings by staff, which compel them to react with aggression, fear or screaming – deemed unacceptable or inappropriate behavior – for which they are subject to more shock for their reactions.
Former students report BRLs as particularly terrifying and some staff describe BRLs as ―difficult to participate in and dramatic to watch.
It was reported by a JRC staff member that one of the BRL episodes involved holding a student's face still while a staff person went for his mouth with a pen or pencil threatening to stab him in the mouth while repeatedly yelling "You want to eat this?" (June 2006 report on JRC by New York State Education Department)
The worst thing ever was the BRLs. They try and make you do a bad behavior and then they punish you. The first time I had a BRL, two guys came in the room and grabbed me – I had no idea what was going on. They held a knife to my throat and I started to scream and I got shocked. I had BRL's three times a week for stuff I didn't even do. It went on for about six months or more. I was in a constant state of paranoia and fear. I never knew if a door opened if I would get one. It was more stress than I could ever imagine. Horror. (MDRI interview with former JRC student.)

Murphy (October 3, 2006). The Village Voice. School of shock.
Sometimes, the student gets shocked for doing precisely what he’s told. In a few cases where a student is suspected of being capable of an extremely dangerous but infrequent behavior, the staff at Rotenberg won’t wait for him to try it. They will exhort him to do it, and then punish him. In these BRLs, staff members will force a student to start a dangerous activity—for a person who likes to cut himself, they might get him to pick up a plastic knife on the table—and then shock him when he does.
Israel and March (April 19, 1994). Patent US 5304211 A. Apparatus for administering electrical aversive stimulus and associated method.

It is another object of this invention to provide an apparatus for administering aversive stimulus which may be used to deter or decelerate undesired present behavior and which may also be used with a behavior rehearsal method (BRL) of treatment.
Israel (ca. 1995). Use of electrical stimulation in behavioral treatment at the JRC.

Exhibit 47 BRLs upon Greg

Exhibit 47 is a chart for self-abuse for Greg, who was one of the students shown in the before-and-after film. We combined the use of BRLs with the use of skin shock when the behavior actually occurred. During the behavioral rehearsal lessons, Greg was physically prompted to engage in the initial phases of a self-injurious act and then given a skin shock. This was done 4 times per day. As never engaged in a full example of a self-abusive act in the eight years he has been with us. The only instances that were consequated naturally (as opposed to being consequated in the course of the lessons) were threats to engage in the behavior or the very beginning phases of the behavior. 


The Trojan War was told by Homer in The Iliad, by Ovid and Statius who covered Achilles' heel, and by Virgil in The Aeneid Book Two, The Final Hours of Troy, where we see the Trojan Horse.

When he was born, his mother Thetis, a goddess of water, took the half-man, half-god Achilles and dipped him down into the river Styx, the borderline between Earth and Hades where the departed souls would go. As she dipped him, she held him by his heel and the waters coated around him a layer of protection, everywhere but his heel where it was untouched by Styx.

In the end of the Iliad, he slew the greatest of Trojan warriors, Hector, and dragged his corpse behind his horse-driven chariot back to the Greek encampment. The Greeks would eventually depart Troy with their spoils and head back home in the second and final book of Homer's epic, the Odyssey.

After Homer, in subsequent myth, young Paris at the bow slew Achilles with an arrow to his heel, some bards said poisonous, others did not.


Troy. Scenes in a series.


Now, JRC has any number of legal and public relations vulnerabilities, but it all boils down to one: the truth about what's really happening behind closed doors (Brown, 2016, archive). The advocates are onto them. It has taken some time because they wear a thick suit of armor, not to mention their lobbying funds, their public relations machine, their legal representation, and their alliances with the Ass. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) (Altier(i), April 13, 2016) and Autism $peaks, who are allied with each other. (Autism Speaks, Resource Guide, search states with "Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).")

The public wants to know what is happening now. Rest assured, the work of the advocates is well underway, both publicly and quietly behind the scenes. Arrows are upon them and they will continue. Our aim is improving! We shall hit the Achilles' heel of the school of electroshock "torture." We are looking for more women and men who can sling up a bow and shoot a good arrow by any legalized and ethical means possible!

JRC will be shut down, sooner or later! It is the only option they will have, since it is much too late to teach them how to behave in a humane manner without "torturing" any more of their clients. Even the United Nations agrees they are "torturing" their "students."

They may not admit this as often, but their JRC founder, who was forced, as I recall, to resign in disgrace after being charged with destroying evidence during an investigation about them, Dr. Israel, former pupil of famous behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner, went to an ABAI convention in 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona and stood proudly before his ABA peers and announced his method for painfully shocking these poor disabled children and adults for refusing to obey a teacher's orders and for making a raucous in "class"! Blog reader, see for yourself, please! Go to Dr. Israel's (2009) symposium abstract entitled "The Use of Contingent Skin Shock in Treating Behaviors Other than Aggression and Self-Abuse."

The advocates need the help of public users of social media groups.

1. To get the latest news on the latest strategies, join the Facebook group, Massachusetts Students United Against the Judge Rotenberg Center, please. The group has been awaiting this announcement of invitation to the public to come see what we are doing, to meet us, and to lead some efforts or to follow some!

2. Also, please see the Twitter hashtag #CloseTheJRC and help us make the tweets in the group go as viral as we can, together! Let's re-tweet the heck out of them!

3. Send the articles out to the Front Page of the Internet, Reddit, as long as we don't spam them with too many repeated articles. Check a subreddit before posting there, please, and make sure a post is relevant to the topic of a reddit.

There are tweets to New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, because the Big Apple spends $30 million a year of taxpayer money to send more youngsters to the "school of shock" than any other school district in the nation, and by a huge majority! Retweet away!

Among other appeals and petitions, there are also tweets to the FDA. One of their panels has recommended to the full FDA to ban the JRC shock device. There has been a report that the stronger GED's have been used by the JRC despite the FDA's warning to tell them to stop using it! And despite a similar warning from New York State, as I recall. So let's retweet to the FDA and get this ban started! See the FDA tweets in the same hashtag #CloseTheJRC.

We are looking for more JRC survivors to help sue the bottom line off their account books and sink them deep down into the red, but the time to sue them is limited, so we need the help of the public to get the word out to more survivors who do not know this.

I know of a case that never involved the JRC. A jury awarded a person six million dollars in the first ever fear of AIDS lawsuit. Someone was stuck by a needle left on railroad property, as I recall. Fear of AIDS was the damage done. Well a higher court lowered the payment substantially on appeal, but let us say to the JRC survivors, I would not be surprised to see a jury award a JRC shock victim ten million dollars if they were to include punitive damages against the school of extremely harsh punishments and penalties! Imagine a jury responding to the real and actual fear of shock, not just an imagined fear of AIDS! JRC at its worst even took knives, as it came out in an investigation from the New York State Education Department, as I recall, and JRC staff threatened a student with the knife, according to his self-report to the state investigation team. The purpose of the knife threat was to provoke him to become aggressive so that they could electroshock him for an aggressive behavior. This was supposed to teach him not to be aggressive. They called this the Behavior Rehearsal Lessons (BRLs). If a jury is ever going to award a plaintiff substantial punitive damages, what about defendant JRC on trial again because of their own barbaric behaviors?

There are other campaigns seen at the hashtag. There are others not yet made public. Be of more cheer, but there is no cause to celebrate. We aim to save the current JRC students, but it cannot happen overnight, as we have learned, sadly.

I feel it happening, however, one pinpointed arrow shot at a time into the under-hides of JRC, and I strongly believe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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