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Judge Rotenberg Center's (JRC's) Achilles' heel vulnerability is the truth about Applied Behavior Analysis' (ABA's) electroshock torture.

Centuries before Western democracy came to see the light of day in Ancient Greece, as I recall the pre-Socratic myth of the greatest of Homeric heroes, after the Greeks sieged Troy, even strongman Achilles would eventually fall.

So it will be when we #CloseTheJRC (Judge Rotenberg Center) through all legal means possible!

When he was born, his mother Thetis, a goddess of water, took the half-man, half-god Achilles and dipped him down into the river Styx, the borderline between Earth and Hades where the departed souls would go. As she dipped him, she held him by his heel and the waters coated around him a layer of protection, everywhere but his heel where it was untouched by Styx.

In the end of the Iliad, he slew the greatest of Trojan warriors, Hector, and dragged his corpse behind his horse-driven chariot back to the Greek encampment. The Greeks would eventually depart Troy with their spoils and head back home in the second and final book of Homer's epic, the Odyssey.

After Homer, in subsequent myth, Achilles was terminated with an arrow shot to his heel.

Now, JRC has any number of legal and public relations vulnerabilities, but it all boils down to one: the truth about what's really happening behind closed doors (Brown, 2016, archive). The advocates are onto them. It has taken some time because they wear a thick suit of armor, not to mention their lobbying funds, their public relations machine, their legal representation, and their alliances with the Ass. for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) (Altier(i), April 13, 2016) and Autism $peaks, who are allied with each other. (Autism Speaks, Resource Guide, search states with "Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).")

The public wants to know what is happening now. Rest assured, the work of the advocates is well underway, both publicly and quietly behind the scenes. Arrows are upon them and they will continue. Our aim is improving! We shall hit the Achilles' heel of the school of electroshock "torture." We are looking for more women and men who can sling up a bow and shoot a good arrow by any legalized and ethical means possible!

JRC will be shut down, sooner or later! It is the only option they will have, since it is much too late to teach them how to behave in a humane manner without "torturing" any more of their clients. Even the United Nations agrees they are "torturing" their "students."

They may not admit this as often, but their JRC founder, who was forced, as I recall, to resign in disgrace after being charged with destroying evidence during an investigation about them, Dr. Israel, former pupil of famous behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner, went to an ABAI convention in 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona and stood proudly before his ABA peers and announced his method for painfully shocking these poor disabled children and adults for refusing to obey a teacher's orders and for making a raucous in "class"! Blog reader, see for yourself, please! Go to Dr. Israel's (2009) symposium abstract entitled "The Use of Contingent Skin Shock in Treating Behaviors Other than Aggression and Self-Abuse."

The advocates need the help of public users of social media groups.

1. To get the latest news on the latest strategies, join the Facebook group, Massachusetts Students United Against the Judge Rotenberg Center, please. The group has been awaiting this announcement of invitation to the public to come see what we are doing, to meet us, and to lead some efforts or to follow some!

2. Also, please see the Twitter hashtag #CloseTheJRC and help us make the tweets in the group go as viral as we can, together! Let's re-tweet the heck out of them!

3. Send the articles out to the Front Page of the Internet, Reddit, as long as we don't spam them with too many repeated articles. Check a subreddit before posting there, please, and make sure a post is relevant to the topic of a reddit.

There are tweets to New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, because the Big Apple spends $30 million a year of taxpayer money to send more youngsters to the "school of shock" than any other school district in the nation, and by a huge majority! Retweet away!

Among other appeals and petitions, there are also tweets to the FDA. One of their panels has recommended to the full FDA to ban the JRC shock device. There has been a report that the stronger GED's have been used by the JRC despite the FDA's warning to tell them to stop using it! And despite a similar warning from New York State, as I recall. So let's retweet to the FDA and get this ban started! See the FDA tweets in the same hashtag #CloseTheJRC.

We are looking for more JRC survivors to help sue the bottom line off their account books and sink them deep down into the red, but the time to sue them is limited, so we need the help of the public to get the word out to more survivors who do not know this.

I know of a case that never involved the JRC. A jury awarded a person six million dollars in the first ever fear of AIDS lawsuit. Someone was stuck by a needle left on railroad property, as I recall. Fear of AIDS was the damage done. Well a higher court lowered the payment substantially on appeal, but let us say to the JRC survivors, I would not be surprised to see a jury award a JRC shock victim ten million dollars if they were to include punitive damages against the school of extremely harsh punishments and penalties! Imagine a jury responding to the real and actual fear of shock, not just an imagined fear of AIDS! JRC at its worst even took knives, as it came out in an investigation from the New York State Education Department, as I recall, and JRC staff threatened a student with the knife, according to his self-report to the state investigation team. The purpose of the knife threat was to provoke him to become aggressive so that they could electroshock him for an aggressive behavior. This was supposed to teach him not to be aggressive. They called this the Behavior Rehearsal Lessons (BRLs). If a jury is ever going to award a plaintiff substantial punitive damages, what about defendant JRC on trial again because of their own barbaric behaviors?

There are other campaigns seen at the hashtag. There are others not yet made public. Be of more cheer, but there is no cause to celebrate. We aim to save the current JRC students, but it cannot happen overnight, as we have learned, sadly.

I feel it happening, however, one pinpointed arrow shot at a time into the under-hides of JRC, and I strongly believe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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