Friday, October 14, 2011

Consumers boycott and BUYcott businesses and governmental entities for good causes.

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On October 4, 2011 Cone Communications, A Public Relations and Marketing Agency, released the Global Corporate Responsiblity Opportunity Study. It says,
"Consumers across the globe want to shop with a conscience. Most say, if given the opportunity, they would buy a product that has an environmental benefit (94%) or one that is attached to a cause (93%). And a staggering number (76% and 65%, respectively) report they have actually done just that in the past 12 months.... Companies in both developed and developing countries are recognizing  the competitive differentiation in not only behaving more responsibly, but also in communicating those positive business practices to consumers.... Just as many people (93%) are prepared to boycott a company for irresponsibility. More than half (56%) report they already have."
Are corporations doing enough? Which ones are the most responsible? I welcome your comments.

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