Friday, September 30, 2016

Juicy, public, inner-sanctum autism squabbles. Gee wiz! Popular autistic, Lydia Brown, seemed racist in tone and in word.

Asking fellow Georgetown alum @AutisticHoya (Lydia Brown) to put Anna's escape from the school of skin shock report on Brown's Rotenberg skin shockers page was like pulling teeth. So I'm not Mr. Popular with her posse. She said I was a "demanding white"—online to an audience—over that.

Call me @SchizoAutisticHoya if you will. That's a mild joke, but many a true word is said in jest, as it goes.

Now I just tweeted this: "#ActuallyAutistic: @AutisticHoya calls for "an end to white supremacy." Is she out for non-white supremacy? C'mon!"

Is Brown a s/he or a they?

Brown uses the pronoun "they," which I can explain in a blog post. I use "she" for Brown in Twitter because I'm not going to confuse my Twitter followers with a plural pronoun for a singular person in a Tweet where there's no room to explain, especially when I tell her she does not respect elder experienced authority and when I do, she says "Fuck you!" to me, which proves my point—online to an audience. Heaven forbid! Not that I was a barrelful of laughing hyenas when we spoke in this manner, either, I must concur.

I just started to explain this to a Facebook character named Christine Leaming who was criticizing me on my timeline for tweeting about Lydia with a she pronoun. What kind of power do "they" have over their following? What did all of me just say? It sounds nutty to call one person a they, right? What kind of power does "she" have is not unclear. But what in heaven's name has "they" got to do with one person? I have no problem calling "her or him" a "they" under mutual respect situations, but s/he ain't got that with all of me all...all 86 or 99 of me! We lost count of exactly how many people I am after we got through counting the entire pantheon of Olympian roustabout gods jostling for political positions inside of me. Anyhow, Leaming just blocked me in Facebook over that. Jeez. Guess she didn't want to keep the debate going and capitulated, resigned the debate, knocked over her white King. Checkmate by default!

For some odd reason, many leading autistic blogosphere blabbermouths completely disregard my work—what I do for their benefit. Then they plagiarize it in more than one case, one of which is easy to prove. See paragraph two here.

The thing is I speak of the behavioral facts of life, which they seem to bury their heads in the sand under. That is to say they will deny there is a sun as readily they will deny we go to McDonald's because a burger quenched our hunger there before, so it seems the cognitive-only mentalists will say in defense of a non-physical thing called a mind causing a physical thing, behavior, to occur.

Groucho Marx: "I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member."

But this gang never told me why the actual autistic bigmouths ostracize me in ways the behaviorists do, but they don't boot me out of their Facebook groups as behaviorists do, I must add, without ever explaining specifically why, what many Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) groups did to me when I pulverized them and their damaged egos in Behavioral Ethics debate, which they always lose when you tell them to shut up or else skin shock themselves the same way they skin shock their victims, not just once, but for decades on end.

This set of bru-ha-has convinces me I moderate with reason between two extremes of non-reasonableness over Behavioral Ethics as a subject matter. Autism parents are the club most intrigued with my Tweets and my blog ramblings, as they're the ones potentially wasting their money on cruel ABA coercions when there are true therapies out there specifically excluding ABA and its swath of aversives, buckets of water splashed in an actually autistic behavior modification victim's face, by one account on my blog. It shows me I'm on to something.

Therefore, I'm out to save the world from its punishment run amok, and I see how I'm smack dab on target for this very same reason, by virtue of the moderate-in-the-middle situation I sit my butt upon here.

Well I do have many cool actually autistic friends I love and follow, too, even, but thanks, too, to you, one by one, or several by several, according to your pronouns. Oops. Silly again. I love all, if you know me, too, as there is no use to blame in my scheme of things, Leaming, ABA control freaks, Lydias Q. Browns, all 100 billion of them, indeed. It was two autistics who recognized my contribution to the Neurodiversity Movement over Behavioral Ethics, got to know me, chatted me well, and diagnosed me as true blood and proudly autistic. But let me drop this. Heavens to Betsy now. Let's get on with saving the world under Reward and Consent Cognitive Behavioral Teaching (CBT - ouch!) Method.

A race is a race is a racist myth!

Anyhow, biologically speaking race is a false myth. To peg me, calling me a "demanding white man," which Lydia did, without knowing a single shred of data about me personally from face-to-face experience, was completely unnecessary. It was clearly race-driven, of course, of her verbal behavior, to insert the word "white." Race had nothing to do with my loathsome behavior. Listen. Because this is the kind of talk that is nothing else but a stale relic of eugenics, the wipe-them-all-off-the-planet-because-they're-different illogic of Nazi Germany, as perpetuated by Lydia with their anti-white rhetoric as propped up on a bully pulpit pedestal by her military, as so I opine. C'mon now. Let's get real!

Not only that, race babble is cliche. We can do better than utter nonsense.


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