Saturday, November 11, 2017

If forced psychiatry ever tries false imprisonment and abuse on you, as they really did do to me, for two weeks, starting August 19, 2017, then set off the alarms. THAT is an emergency crisis against YOU! I did. I have no regrets.

It was a long series of events triggered by an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) couple who threatened me into self-defense mode. I was never dangerous a day in my life. They knew I was not dangerous. My team outside forced psychiatry told them so the first time the Neptune Police brought me in for no good reason. The second time the police kidnapped me on behalf of the hospital administrators who didn't like how I wrote on their Facebook page about the sexual and violent abuse they did to me the first time. Then Dr. Geller and company screened me into his lock up at Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) from Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC) into his false imprisonment lockup for two weeks of false of more abuses and deprivation of the sun and more. JSUMC had stripped me naked to put me into their stigma scrubs, what the so-called "normal" people do not have to wear. Then they shackled me, denied me water and food, put me in a hot, sweaty seclusion room, shot me up with needles, scratched my leg, tied me down at ankles and wrists shackle restraints that cut my wrists and left bruises at my ankles. They denied this 58 year old man the bathroom, who peed in his pants. Nurse Ratched poked me with a needle then, too, to punish this, and I told her I will take it by mouth. This right was denied. So their needles were an assault on my body, both ass and arm. She even covered up the "patient rights" poster on the wall as I read it out loud and said, "I am a man. Stop laughing and smiling, nurses station. I am not here for your entertainment, sadists. Remember the Nuremberg Trials? You are complicit to tortures or coopering. Carrying-out-orders was no Nazi excuse at Nuremberg." And I have custodial staff and other patients as sympathising witnesses.
[November 14, 2017. Edit note. I have begun to put this behind me. It will be a long process as we go on the offensive by all legal and ethical means possible. I went to the Long Branch Police Department yesterday and reported the crimes and the fire hazard, some of them, which emanated from Monmouth Medical. This is only the beginning of the crimes report, as the worst of them came from Neptune's Jersey Shore University Medical Center with the cooperation of the Neptune Police Department. I am advised by a county sheriff officer that to bypass Neptune I need to go to the county prosecutor in that case, which is still in process. I am Dave Altieri of Facebook. I never complain to Facebook about a friend request if we have not met in person and you send me one.]

I took a needle in my buttocks for it even though I said I'll take it in my mouth instead. Another of my rights were denied me at that point. I have no regret for doing so. A Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, New Jersey, USA nurse threatened to tie me down and needle me. Well he carried out his threat, but he didn't tie me down. His staff told me to turn for the shot, which I did without resisting, even though it was an assault on my private area.

He was mad at me when I simply told him my roommate was "a full grown man" when this Filipino-looking nurse told him or asked him to "go pee pee," which is an exact quote of what he said to my roommate.

My roommate from the hospital lock up ward is 27,  a sweetheart, and a new friend. I am autistic also. He was a mostly nonverbal autistic and I am the one who properly diagnosed him. They said he didn't speak English. "Stupid shrinks." He was Haitian and nonverbal of English. He answered my questions perfectly. I figured it out because he was stimming in our room, flushing the toilet repetitively. I told him I liked the sound of waterfalls, which I do, so I thanked him. It really did sound nice to me.

Well as soon as Nurse Ratched the Second threatened me as I just described above, I stood up out of my bed and marched over to the fire exit mid-ward at the elevator down and out and banged on the door.

We were locked from within! What happens if there's a fire and all staff is incapacitated. Patients die. That's what. Fire gear was all locked up, too. That was the Long Branch, New Jersey, USA, Monmouth Medical Center lock up psychiatry ward with Dr. Geller in charge. But I did set off the alarm. The next few days there were a series of alarm tests. My action here in self-defense of a real emergency threat against my personal private space may have be one of the reasons they eventually let me out instead of sending me to the state for years of inescapable institutionalization, for no good reason at all, of course.

Not only am I never dangerous, I actually save lives. If you know me well, or know my case, you can see why I am not now, nor have I ever been dangerous, as they claimed, falsely, and knowing perfectly well, it seems, that I was not dangerous, which is a necessary condition, legally, to lock anyone up psychiatrically in New Jersey, and if you know my serious work, you know I lead a team of investigators against Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) torture and deaths at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts near Salem. We are ABA Leaks of Facebook.

See, for example, Altieri (February 16, 2017). The seventh death with Canton, Massachusetts' Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of extremely painful ABA electric skin shock torture was an unborn baby of a seventeen-year-old girl, according to the Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission. This is JRC's current and second director Mrs. Glenda "the Good Witch" Crookes.

It was an ABA couple in Asbury Park who threatened me and set me into self-defense mode which set off this whole drama in my life starting August 19, 2017. See also Altieri (November 24, 2016). An actually autistic man defines and explains ABA.

This .gif is adapted from a scene in the #ABAisAbuse movie, A Clockwork Orange.

Well my roommate's psychiatric involuntary lock-up nurse carried out his threat against me, BUT since I was in charge of the "prison," as so I really was, metaphorically speaking only, like the gang leader in charge of the prison, with nurses my fans as I started organizing them into a union, as the art therapist helped me paint a pig nose out of the paper pill cup, and I wore it in the ward as I told Dr. Geller he had a beautiful nose, and as one cool overnight staffer called my roomie my "bodyguard," which is really how he was to me there, towel on his head, his hand on my shoulder, as we walked the floor, me in front. As I took the shot as that one overnight staff fan of mine said to me, "You gotta turn." I did not resist. Later I thanked my fan for helping me take it with dignity that morning. My personal female nurse would soon take a temporary appointment demotion. She said, as the Asian looking nurse inserted his needle into my rear end, "He's the best we ever had," meaning me. It felt like a rape and that is how I am treating it. 

[Edit note. I eventually told the Long Branch, New Jersey police that his was an "assault on my rear end." I have an attorney. We are all set to sue. His biggest case was $5,000,000. If I hire him and we sign an agreement, it's on contingency. I pay him nothing. He gets 1/3 and I ge 2/3 in the end. Plus he tells me to report all the crimes to the police and the prosecutors. I have begun the process. I want to do it right. He now has a doctor to speak with me. Note well. We have not yet signed a contract, the attorney and I, so there is nothing definite yet, but it feels like we're going ahead. If this post is deleted or you hear nothing more from me, remember well, I'm moving ahead by all legal and ethical means possible to make sure this stops happening to me and to my peers at the New Jersey Shore, God willing.]

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