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Houston: We have a problem. Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) guru Dick Malott told me he'd skin shock us autistics who rock their bodies.

BF Skinner Box Experimental Behavioral Analysis food-deprived (most likely) rat pressing lever for pellets of grain standing on electric grid floor used to analyze how to skin shock human beings such as gays in the 1960s and 1970s and still us autistics

What harm body rocking? This autistic self-stimulation physically hurts nobody.

According to Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) skin shock promoter and textbook author Dick Malott, body rock is so bad it needs extreme punishment, what the United Nations calls "torture." (Méndez, 2013, p. 85)

Malott is a member of the Board of Directors of the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of ABA electroshock pain.

Applied Behavioural Analysis is a so-called "science" that adds and removes appetitive and aversive stimuli and events in order to control behaviors, typically autistic behaviors that cause nobody any real physical harm. For example, they will spray water in the face to try to eliminate hand-flapping and other so-called "stereotypical autistic behaviors," which we need to do in order to soothe ourselves under the stress and trauma that ABA provokes in us with its completely-coercive control. See, for example, Wynne (2008).

Experimental and Applied Behavior Analysis combined is not THE science of behavior as it often demands we say it is. ABA is merely a cruel, pseudo-scientific set of behavior control models. There are non-ABA behavioral methods that are truly scientific and highly ethical alternatives to ABA. See, for example, my Reward and (dual parent AND child) Consent Cognitive Behavioral (R+C) teaching method in Altier(i) (March 31, 2016).

An editor of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis admitted to me in email that ABA has never systematically figured out how to properly judge the behaviors it slates for "acceleration or deceleration to extinction as good or bad or right or wrong behaviors. Yet is was autistic brilliance that created identity-first language arguing you already know we're people so we're not persons with autism. "We're autistics and we're damned proud of being different, so go away and leave us alone, ABA!"

ABA calls us autistic deviants, and yet they appear to have very severe control issues themselves. So who are the deviants here? I ask you.

Parents, unfortunately, typically neither observe nor videotape these trauma-provoking sessions, especially noteworthy on Day One of the power struggles between child and so-called "therapist" when training is most obviously nothing more than a submission and control session. Their children grow up resenting them for hiring them.

ABA calls its current "skin shock" device the GED, the Graduated Electronic (behavior rate) Decelerator. The ECT "brain shock" of psychiatry is not supposed to hurt, but ABA says the GED would not be "effective" if it were not so terribly painful. Matthew Israel himself, JRC founder "Dr. Hurt," has called its shocks "very painful." GED IS NOT ECT.


The author of this Reward and Consent blog called Dick Malott on the telephone December 24, 2016. I told him that the FDA sent our ABA Leaks team member Pam Zich (2016) a document where JRC Director Glenda Crookes (2012, p. 2, par. 3) admitted to the FDA that her company puts skin shock electrodes on her victims' upper buttocks. See also Altier(i) (August 10, 2016). For more on ABA Leaks, see Altier(i) (April 13, 2016).

Anyhow, Dr. Malott is one rare behavior analyst who has the decency to take my phone calls, so he's not a bad man. The groupthink of this pseudoscience cult causes him to behave immorally along with the rest of his gang of thugs. I believe they are delusional and they really believe they are helping us even though they clearly do not listen to the actually autistic NeuroDiversity Movement which is up in arms against ABA all throughout our blogosphere.

So I asked Dick why does she shock the asses. He said they do move them around.

JRC is on record more than once denying that skin shock causes burns. For example, when Jacob Persico and Jay Rosenthal met Crookes last year in a meeting Malott and I arranged, Persico showed Crookes a photo of her "client" Andre McCollins' marked up arm, a photo his mother Cheryl McCollins has publicly shared, Crookes denied the marks came from her electrodes. Jacob told me Glenda told him and Jay that her staff caused those marks with her ABA restraint devices and not by her GED devices. This is not at all credible to me.

Andre McCollins'
damaged arm. This is a result of what Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) so-called "ethics experts" call "The Right to Effective Treatment." 

I speculated with Malott that the skin is probably so marked up all over the rest of body that they need to invade private areas. He did not comment. What else would explain why they go onto the ass?

I asked him if he felt the shock. He said he has. I asked him if he voluntarily felt the most powerful device, the GED-4. He said he didn't know if it was GED-4 or some other shocker, which is hard to believe.

I asked him why he promotes shock. He said, "If they're gouging out their eyes -"

I replied, "Well I agree intervention is needed then," (but in a Positive Behavioral Support manner, as described in Lavigna and Donnellan (1986), not by ABA's punitive rat-training ways of torture, I should have added, but didn't.)

That's the typical ABA marketing ploy. They admit much less frequently that they skin shock to noncompliance and classroom disruption. In FDA Neurological Devices Panel Transcript (pp. 144-45) JRC spokesman Blenkush admits to shocking out of seat behavior. See also Dawson (2009) who first exposed to the World Wide Web that JRC founder Israel presented a symposium to his ABA peers at Maria Malott's big fat network she calls the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) which Rotenberg's Israel entitled: "The use of contingent skin shock in treating behaviors other than aggression and self-abuse."

ABA dissident Dusty Jones told me that Maria is Dick's divorcée. Now that is no surprise.

Dick Malott center. Maria Malott right. Old picture.

So I asked Malott: "What about autistic body rocking?" He said he would shock it. I asked him why. He said, and I paraphrase, "To help them function better in society later on in life."

I replied, "Did you ever think about teaching our age peers to accept our differences rather than shocking us?" He had no answer.

Then I said, "What about consent? What about dissent? Couldn't you even ask these adults and children if they want to receive your shock abuse?"

Then I hung up on him without saying good bye.


Here Dick Malott says to his students: "Boobs are eyeball magnets for men's eyeballs, all men." Does he sound like Donald Trump?

Boobs Blog Part I from Dick Malott on Vimeo.

Old Dick Malott, BCBA used to carry the title Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), but he's currently listed here as just Dick Malott without it. (Retrieved January 21, 2017). I'll ask him why he's listed without his old title the next time we chat, if he'll ever take my call again. Lol.


Afterthought. Denouement.

ABA gives its opponents the label "counter-controllers." Then it says we're bad people because we oppose them. Nope! That's the pot calling the kettle black. ABA is bad. Duh!

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