March 28, 2014

Obama to Youth: "Yes We Can (But I Won't)." They're Getting It.

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More young voters are wise to Obama now. His slogan was really "yes we can (but I won't)" and it looks like they've figured it out. Gallop Polls show that more 18-to 29-year-olds have a Democratic affiliation than Republican, but 5% have been leaving the party since his first Presidential election year. (Jones, 2014 and Grier 2014). How many broken promises have influenced this trend?

Ask the young Dream Act immigrants how they feel about the "Deporter-in-Chief" (Dwyer, 2012) and his unkept promise to introduce comprehensive immigration reform in his first year (Politifact, 2010).

Ask the young Wall Street Occupiers to ask their Pakistani friends and parents of the 160 dead Pakistani drone-attack children (Woods, 2011) if he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize (See Solomon, 2013), which they gave him too soon for stumping about peace before he would show his true foreign policy colors (See Feehery, 2009).

Ask the children of the smart phone age and ask the whistle-blower of NSA secrets, thirty-year-old Edward Joseph Snowden (2014), when was Obama going to reveal the NSA collection of "hundreds of millions of e-mail address books, hundreds of billions of cellphone location records and trillions of domestic call logs" (Gellman, 2013). "On his first day in office, President Barack Obama pledged to hold himself to 'a new standard of openness' (Wogan, 2012)."

Ask the teenage mothers of poverty-stricken babies if Obama, run away to farm country from D.C, cried, "Yes we can," while his pen stroked the line on the Farm Bill papers granting a $7 billion increase mostly to wealthy farmers and cutting $8.7 billion from food stamp beneficiaries. (See Dayen, 2014, Resnikoff, 2014, Tomson, 2014, (Michigan Farm Bureau, 2012) and (Rogers, 2014) .

He can't blame Republicans. A promise that somebody else can block is inauthentic and other false promises are entirely his responsibility. For example, U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff (2014) wrote, "Why have no high level executives been prosecuted" for the great recession? Attorney General Holder reports to the President, not to the Congress (The cabinet, 2014), so if they do it again, future investigators should hold him accountable. And why didn't he just crumple that Farm Bill and stash it in his pocket? Only the President can veto a bill.

It's not that the public hasn't pressed him to keep his promises. Goldberg (2014) said online petitioners to the White House have collected more than 100,000 signatures at least two hundred times.

"Yes we can" was a pretense, a slick marketing campaign that misled the entire country. Once in office he would dismiss the general needs of the ninety-nine percent who elected him and comply with the demands of his major constituents, such as the 11,470 contributors of over $5000 to his reelection campaign (, 2012) or the four hundred wealthiest Americans who Senator Sanders (2010) warned could be governing the nation as an "oligarchy." Eley and Grey (2009) reported that "Wall Street insiders...comprise a cabinet and White House team that is filled with multimillionaires." The Alliance for Justice (Broadening the Bench, 2014) reported, "71% of President Obama’s (judicial) district court nominees have practiced with primarily corporate or business clients."

Mike Papantonio (2014) said on his radio show that the power elites are permitting the public to take minimal benefits so they don't suffer too much, organize, and then take back government, which they will do someday nevertheless, before they starve, when the enlightened twenty-somethings Move to Amend (2013) the Constitution to end .

Incidentally, youngsters are onto the corporations as well as their official-in-charge, President Barack Obama. Thankfully, teen smoking has declined significantly in the past couple years (Michigan agricultural facts, 2013), but multinational cigarette manufacturers, knowing they killed and lying about them, used to spike them with optimal amounts of addictive nicotine and market them with cartoon characters on the boxes (Frommer 2012 and Joe Camel Ads, retrieved 2014 from Now we know they can resist the pernicious influence of excessive greed.

Perhaps the wealthy class controls the Republicans even more. Are young voters turning to the Green Party? Gallop (2014) didn't say. Only 2% more have a Republican affiliation during the 5% Democratic decline since Obama's first win.

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